BH (QT) 49 – The Star (10 – End)

Chapter Forty-Nine – The Star (10 – End)

Ji Cheng Xiu would think so for a reason.

    One of the reasons is that Yan Jing Ze has been acting like a bit of a love brain lately.

    In the variety show “Dream Back to the Ancient Times”, he has his own reasons for showing affection to Yin Jing Ze. He wants to see Yan Jing’s reaction and then he’ll decide whether to give up or move on.

    As a result, Yan Jing Ze… directly told other guests that they were in love and even flirted with him during the live broadcast.

    Not to mention recently, Yan Jing Ze has retired from the entertainment industry and stays at home every day to stick to him, as if his love is bigger than the sky.

    The second reason… In fact, these days, he has been entangled in the matter of why Yan Jing Ze wants to hack himself.

He hoped that it was true that Yan Jing Ze loved him and that there was a good reason why Yan Jing Ze did what he did.

    In fact, he is also a bit of a love brain.

    Ji Cheng Xiu looked at Yan Jing Ze seriously.

    Yan Jing Ze had the feeling that no matter what he said, Ji Cheng Xiu would believe it.

    Obviously, Ji Cheng Xiu hopes that is true.

    Yan Jing Ze hugged him: “I’ve liked you for a long time. That time my agent gave me your room card, so I went into your room and tried to seduce you, but you were too drunk to do anything, so I decided not to waste the opportunity and pretended to sleep with you. But at that time, I was proud and arrogant, and was afraid that you would break up with me if you found out that we didn’t do anything, so I didn’t dare to get too close to you, and I always wanted to be more famous than you, so I changed my company. I’ve been working hard for the last three years, and I’m getting famous, and I’m earning more, and I’m worthy of you now. But I find my company a bit of a mess, and my agent is no good either… I’m even more afraid to get close to you for fear of getting you into trouble, and I’ve only recently decided to quit so I’m finally not tied down.”

When Yan Jing Ze was talking, Ji Cheng Xiu kept looking at him with soft eyes.

    Yan Jing Ze kissed his eyes: “It’s my fault for hacking you… I thought you wouldn’t know it, and it’s the kind of thing where if I hack you first, then no one else would say anything about you.”

    Ji Cheng Xiu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and couldn’t resist kissing Yan Jing Ze again.

    “So, can I move into your room?” Yan Jing Ze asked again.

    Of course it is possible.

    Ji Cheng Ziu really doesn’t care about top and bottom positions.

But the next morning, lying on his bed and letting Yan Jing Ze give him the medicine, he still felt a little embarrassed, and also had an opinion about the company that had just terminated his contract with Yan Jing Ze.

    Had it not been for this company, he and Yan Jing Ze would not have been delayed for three years.

    When Ji Cheng Xiu hated Yan Jing Ze’s former company, some people in that company also hated Yan Jing Ze.

    When they signed Yan Jing Ze, Yan Jing Ze was already a small star, and it was actually luck that Yan Jing Ze became popular afterwards.

The entertainment industry is like this, small stars rely on support, big stars rely on luck and fate, and Yan Jing Ze is someone with good fate and luck.

    It’s rare to encounter someone with a good fate. The company naturally wants to make more money with Yan Jing Ze. Before, Yan Jing Ze wanted to open a personal studio, they were very unhappy.

    Who is willing to give up such a cash cow?

    If Yan Jing Ze obediently renews his company’s contract, they will not do anything to him. After all, many people will go downhill after getting something that shouldn’t be touched.

    But Yan Jing Ze wants to terminate the contract.

    Certain people in the company were already thinking of passing on some spiked cigarettes or something to Yan Jing Ze so that he could continue to make money for them and also get money from Yan Jing Ze’s hands.

    As a result… Yan Jing Ze actually said to the media that he would quit the entertainment industry!

    Whether it was Luo Cheng, Yan Jing Ze’s agent, or some company executives, they were caught off guard by Yan Jing Ze’s actions.

After that, Yan Jing Ze first hid and disappeared, then reappeared and asked the company to terminate his contract…

They had no time to do anything to Yan Jing Ze.

    They didn’t dare to do anything… Yan Jing Ze had to quit the entertainment circle, what should they do if they acted on him and were reported by him?

The people in the company were naturally annoyed, always thinking of finding trouble for Yan Jing Ze.

    Yan Jing Ze left, but his agent did not leave. On the day of the termination of the contract, they called Yan Jing Ze’s agent and asked him for the black material of Yan Jing Ze.

Usually, agents have a little bit of black materials on their hands anyway.

    But Yan Jing Ze’s agent has nothing in his hands… Yan Jing Ze is very careful, especially caring about his own image, and has built himself into a sunny youth for years.

    The only black material of Yan Jing Ze in his hand may be the photo of Yan Jing Ze and Ji Cheng Xiu together.

    This thing is better than nothing… the company directly sold the photos.

    At this time, “Dream Back to the Ancient Times” was broadcasted again.

    The soldiers in the ancient barracks had to deal with many aspects such as clothing, food, shelter, transportation, etc., they had to deal with it themselves, and the necessary exercises cannot be less, it was actually very hard.

    In this episode, there are not only the content of the guests growing vegetables and cooking pig food, but also the content of the guests training, and even the ads inserted forcibly are particularly interesting.

    For example, the program group gave the guests a task to make cloth shoes. When the guests were tossing, the host raised his feet to show them: “You little soldiers, you can only wear cloth shoes. I am different. I have XX brand sneakers!”

For example, after the guests have completed the task hard, the host gave them a bottle of drink: “Your mission is completed very well, and the general is very satisfied. I would like to reward you with a bottle of XX brand orange juice. It tastes delicious and can Supplement vitamins!” Then the guests drank orange juice in their hands, and deliberately showed artificial expressions of intoxication.

    When watching the live broadcast, because the progress is slow, it will actually be a bit boring, the edited version is different, the whole process is high-powered, and there are many contents that are not in the live broadcast!

    Those who originally came purely to look at Yan Jing Ze were finally attracted by this show.

    When they were attracted by the show… they started to like Yan Jing Ze.

    “Yan Jing Ze and Ji Cheng Xiu are so funny, they both rush to work.”

    “At first, Yan Jing Ze refused to feed the pigs. Ji Cheng Xiu said he will do it, but Yan Jing Ze immediately rushed to feed the pigs haha!”

   “The people from anti-Yan Jing Ze said that he likes men, is it true? These two obviously have an affair.”

    “It was naturally true, otherwise why would Yan Jing Ze quit the entertainment circle?”


The CP fans of Yan Jing Ze and Ji Cheng Xiu have become so much more.

In this case, the media exposed the kissing photos of Yan Jing Ze and Ji Cheng Xiu.

    “Emma! Too sweet!”

    “Ahhhh! I can’t believe I’m shipping the real thing!”

“These pictures and the ones of Ji Cheng Xiu before, they’re the same, aren’t they, and their clothes haven’t changed… It’s just that Ji Cheng Xiu’s face was only shown in the previously exposed photos, and now Yan Jing Ze’s face is also exposed.”

    “I was worried before, I was afraid that Ji Cheng Xiu would have other people. Now I feel relieved.”

    “So Yan Jing Ze left the entertainment circle because of this incident? What kind of fairy love is this!”

    “I’m a fan!”

“Yan Jing Ze is quite responsible!”


  Yan Jing Ze had a lot of extreme girlfriend fans in the past, but previously, he had various tosses, these fans fell off the ground pretty much during the live broadcast of variety show.

    Later, his agent released the news and the fans were shaken and wanted to come back, but Yan Jing Ze directly said that he was going to quit the entertainment circle… These fans all ran away.

To this day, the rest of his fans, who watch him post three meals a day, are Buddha-like youngsters.

    Even haters didn’t have the energy to hack him.

    Didn’t they say that he was gay before? Didn’t they all push him out of the entertainment circle? What can they say now?

    Even a group of people began to support Yan Jing Ze, thinking that he was responsible and a real man.

    Yan Jing Ze: “…”

    Companies that want to find trouble for Yan Jing Ze: “…”

    Yan Jing Ze didn’t care about those things, he was happy now.

    If there is no accident, he can double the money he invested in “Dream Back to the Ancient Times”.

    Not only that, but he also found several good investment projects and planned to invest.

    Being an investor is really much better than being a celebrity. No matter how famous celebrities are, they have to be criticized. Investors are not the same. It’s all about being a provider, isn’t it!

    It’s just that he has little money now.

But you can keep earning more for less money!

    Yan Jing Ze accompanied Ji Cheng Xiu to the crew, and then Ji Cheng Xiu acted as the assistant director to make a film. Yan Jing Ze read and studied next to him, and edited his CP video in his spare time.

Ji Cheng Xiu is roughly older than him, and is especially worried, always afraid that he is thirsty, or hungry, or sunburnt, and brings assistants that he himself does not use.

    Yan Jing Ze eventually became the most leisurely cub of the entire crew.

The director of this crew is very famous and his films are the ones that countless actors would grab their heads for. In the case of popular stars like Yan Jing Ze, he still can’t get in.

    The crew is full of actors who are older than him and have better acting skills. Of course, there may not be more fans than him.

Now, while these actors are being scolded to death by the director, Yan Jing Ze, on the other hand, is lying next to him, watching the movie and eating fruit.

    Everyone in the crew wants to expose Yan Jing Ze’s bad behavior online!

    But Yan Jing Ze is the assistant director’s man whom the director admires very much, and this kind of scoop will not benefit them at all except to add fame to Yan Jing Ze… Everyone can only bear it.

    Endure it, anyway they still like Yan Jing Ze.

    Before, when Yan Jing Ze was particularly popular, they were quite jealous, but now Yan Jing Ze has withdrawn… They looked back and admired Yan Jing Ze’s behavior that he did not choose fame and fortune.

    They are even a little jealous of Ji Cheng Xiu.

    Who doesn’t want someone like Yan Jing Ze who is so handsome and loyal to his partner?

    For Ji Cheng Xiu, Yan Jing Ze left the entertainment circle.

    Ji Cheng Xiu: “…” He is also a little proud!

    By the way, who sent the kissing photo of him and Yan Jing Ze? This needs to be looked into!

    Ji Cheng Xiu found out about Yan Jing Ze’s original company. Not only that, he also found things like controlling stars with drugs that Yan Jing Ze said before.

    Yan Jing Ze did not deceive him, that company did have a lot of problems!

    Fortunately, Yan Jing Ze got away in time.

    But that company also made them lose a lot of time together.

    Now… he must try to get rid of that company!

    Yan Jing Ze is suddenly popular. In fact, there is no background in the circle and no contacts. When he makes money, everyone is supporting him. When he is not popular anymore, no one will pay any attention to him.

    Ji Cheng Xiu is different. He knows a lot of people, and Father Ji has a lot of contacts.

    All kinds of news are collected.

    At the same time, just like the original historical trajectory, the movie directed by Ji Cheng Xiu became popular.

    Because of the gossip with Yan Jing Ze, Ji Cheng Xiu’s previous movies and TV series have been searched, and Ji Cheng Xiu also became popular.

    When he made a movie again, there were many famous actors rushing to come!

    One day a few years later, Yan Jing Ze found that he had finally doubled his tens of millions of fortunes several times. When he was happy, he saw a large number of drug addicts being arrested.

    The original owner… In fact, it was actually about this same time that they were busted for drugs.

    Because of drug abuse and other reasons, the original owner did not terminate the contract with the company. His savings and the money he made later were squandered in a few years. Life was a mess. Even if he  did not die in a car accident, he would not end well.

    He is different now.

    He is now an investor, his boyfriend is a well-known director, and his former ‘colleagues’ now have to call him ‘Gold Master Daddy!’

    Really flattered!

    Thinking of this, Yan Jing Ze saw Ji Cheng Xiu walking towards him: “The sun is so big, would you like to put on some sunscreen?”

    “Yes!” In fact, Yan Jing Ze, who was sitting under the umbrella, took the sunscreen.

    His dear loves his face very much, so he must take good care of it!

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By using the phrase “Buddha-like youngsters,” it claimed that some of those born between 1990 and 1992 have “seen through the vanity of life” and kept a casual and calm mindset toward career and life.

There’s still 1 Extra chap left before this arc ends. 🙂

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