BH (QT) 48 – The Star (9)

Chapter Forty-Eight – The Star (9)

Although TV stations will also broadcast it, most young people now watch variety shows on online video platforms.

    After all, there are no advertisements on the online video platform, and you can still post comments and communicate with people.

    At this moment, the third issue of “Dream Back to the Ancient Times” was just launched on the platform, and many people immediately watched it.

    The first thing the show started to broadcast was the scene when the guests arrived one by one.

    Yan Jing Ze and Luo Cheng came together. Seeing the two arriving together, some of their CP fans stood up tenaciously: “Long live Jing Cheng!”

A few months ago, Yan Jing Ze always mentioned Luo Cheng, so much so that many people felt that the two of them have a good relationship, CP powder also came from this.

    However, CP fans just saw the first hint of it and got excited, the next minute… Yan Jing Ze started to sleep.

    This is the charm of editing.

At that time, Yan Jing Ze actually talked to Luo Cheng for a while, so if the show edited the whole thing, it would have made it look like they were on good terms.

    But the program team cut them all off.

Therefore, in the eyes of the audience, the relationship between Yan Jing Ze and Luo Cheng is just so-so, and what’s more, Yan Jing Ze falls asleep.

    “Wake up!” The barrage flicked: “You are recording a show!”

At this time, the director received a call from Ji Cheng Xiu and learned that Ji Cheng Xiu had a car accident and would be late for the video.

    Audience: Ji Cheng Xiu is a bit unlucky!

The scene changed and Ji Cheng Xiu came in through the door.

    And Yan Jing Ze, who was still asleep before, was already full of energy and walked directly towards Ji Cheng Xiu…

    Yan Jing Ze gave the show money and used most of his belongings to become one of the investors in this show.

And now that he’s retiring from the entertainment industry, the heat is really high, and the heat has something to do with Ji Cheng Xiu… The program team has kept all the clips of him and Ji Cheng Xiu!

    The first episode of the program ended when everyone lay in the pit in pitch darkness.

    But there is really a lot of content in it.

    “Before, Yan Jing Ze’s agent said that Yan Jing Ze was being coerced… Is this like being coerced?”

    “If Yan Jing Ze’s acting skill is this good, he can laugh so happily after being coerced, I’d already be a fan of his.”

    “Yan Jing Ze and Ji Cheng Xiu have a strong sense of CP! I support!”

    “The two of them even slept! They slept!”


There are all kinds of comments online, and CP fans have even grown instantly.

    The program team edited the clips with strong sense of CP for Yan Jing Ze and Ji Cheng Xiu.

Another pair with CP feelings, Jiang Qingqing and Hao Mei, they are two weak chickens ‘Hua Mulan’ who rely on each other, also very interesting to watch.

    Even Ma Hong Xing and Luo Cheng have not been forgotten.

    Although they didn’t make many appearances, Ma Hong Xing has been trying hard to be noticeable. As for Luo Cheng… the program team specially edited some scenes of him watching other people alone, so there was a large ‘distressed Luo Cheng’ on the Internet.

    The audience felt that Luo Cheng was too miserable. He was fed dog food by dog men and dog women, and he was not as aggressive as Ma Hong Xing, so he can only stay alone…

    Each guest has their own fan base, and Yan Jing Ze has done a lot of self-destructing recently. It’s logical to say that he should have fewer fans but this is not the case at all…

    Most of the people who watch the show are passers-by, and passers-by are basically directed at Yan Jing Ze.

    They want to see what the last show that Yan Jing Ze filmed before leaving the entertainment circle was like.

    “Yan Jing Ze is really handsome, and I am a little fan of him.”

    “So why did he quit the entertainment industry?”

    “It can be seen that he is really close to that Ji Cheng Xiu…”

    “Is Yan Jing Ze following him? Is he and that Ji Cheng Xiu together?”

    “Hahahahaha! This variety show is so interesting!”


Passers-by think this variety show is very beautiful, and CP fans… they are already yelling excitedly.

    “The two men certainly have an affair!”

    “Did Yan Jing Ze quit the entertainment industry for love?”

“It must be for love!” 

“To be honest, I did not like Yan Jing Ze before, but now I suddenly like him.”

    “Did Yan Jing Ze see Ji Cheng Xiu’s previous kiss photos and learn about Ji Cheng Xiu’s sexuality, so he went after him to participate in the same variety show?”

    “Maybe the one who kissed Ji Cheng Xiu was Yan Jing Ze!”


    As everyone was talking, someone suddenly said, “I recommend a UP master named Jing Xiu Liang Yuan. The CP video she edited is so good!”

    CP fans saw this and went to see it.

    Yan Jing Ze, as the first person to edit a video for this pair of CP, became popular!

    At the same time, more and more people have noticed Ji Cheng Xiu.

    “I used to really like this character! It turned out to be Ji Cheng Xiu!”

“In this one video, Ji Cheng Xiu changed into several looks, all of them in perfect balance, his acting is too good, right?”

    “Fuck! Suddenly, I discovered Ji Cheng Xiu’s face!”

    “I just went to Baidu, Ji Cheng Xiu actually won a best actor award! It was just six or seven years ago and I was completely unaware of it before.”

    “I have always known Ji Cheng Xiu. His acting skills are really good, but he is very low-key.”


    Yan Jing Ze didn’t read the news on the Internet. He lay at home for two more days, then got dressed and went to the company.

    His contract has expired and he is going to terminate it.

These days, he’s actually been contacted by the company, but he just ignores it and hides out at home until this moment, when he takes his lawyer to the office.

    When Yan Jing Ze got there, his agent was already there.

    This agent who has been with Yan Jing Ze for many years does not understand Yan Jing Ze’s recent behavior: “Yan Jing Ze, are you crazy?!”

    “I’m not crazy, but the closet door cannot be closed,” Yan Jing Ze said.

The agent was stunned before he understood what Yan Jing Ze meant and sneered, “How come I didn’t know you were still a romantic?”

    “You don’t know much,” Yan Jing Ze said.

    There are many messy things in this company, but Yan Jing Ze right now is unable to manage it… Now, it is good for him to get away.

    Someone in the company came to persuade Yan Jing Ze, but Yan Jing Ze did not listen to him. He did not even take a sip of the water that he poured him.

    The original owner has carefully studied the termination of the contract, and Yan Jing Ze has also discussed with the lawyer in detail these days, and the contract was quickly terminated.

    After Yan Jing Ze got the contract termination, he took pictures and posted a Weibo: “I will be free in the future, entertainment circle, goodbye.”

    Many people questioned Yan Jing Ze before, thinking that Yan Jing Ze said that he would quit the entertainment circle, is all fake, but now… it doesn’t look fake at all.

    Yan Jing Ze said so many times that he was leaving the entertainment circle, and it is impossible to continue working in the entertainment circle.

    So… Yan Jing Ze should have really decided to quit.

    Many people couldn’t accept it, but Yan Jing Ze closed the comment again.

    Everyone: “…”

The contract was cancelled, so Yan Jing Ze returned to Ji Cheng Xiu’s house without any worries.

    Then he saw Father Ji whom he hadn’t seen since the last time he saw him.

    Father Ji looked up and down at Yan Jing Ze with a surprised look, and left without saying anything.

    Yan Jing Ze asked Ji Cheng Xiu, “What’s Dad doing here?”

    Ji Cheng Xiu: “Dad?”

    “What’s the relationship between us? Your father is my dad,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Ji Cheng Xiu didn’t know whether to marvel at Yan Jing Ze’s cheekiness, or whether to reprimand him… Well, he ended up doing nothing, and he was actually somehow kind of happy: “My dad’s friend is filming and he’s letting me study there.”

    “I’ll go too,” Yan Jing Ze said without thinking.

Ji Cheng Xiu looked at Yan Jing Ze. Yan Jing Ze is acting very fond of him these days. It even gave him the feeling that Yan Jing Ze loved him dearly, but…

    They have been together for more than three years, and Yan Jing Ze is unwilling to let him touch him.

    These days they have more contact, but it only stops at kissing.

    Ji Cheng Xiu asked directly: “Did you really decide to be with me?”

    “Of course!” Yan Jing Ze did not hesitate.

    “Then you move to my room tonight?” Ji Cheng Xiu looked at Yan Jing Ze. He is already in his thirties, not a teenager, and doesn’t want to talk about a platonic relationship.

He had always wanted to be intimate with Yan Jing Ze.

    Yan Jing Ze’s face showed hesitation.

    This matter… there is another big problem.

    He doesn’t like being below, and he doesn’t know what Ji Cheng Xiu thinks.

    Seeing Yan Jing Ze hesitated, Ji Cheng Xiu took a deep breath: “Just forget it if you don’t want it.”

    “Wait.” Yan Jing said: “There is something I have always wanted to tell you… Promise me you won’t be angry when you hear it.”

    “What?” Ji Cheng Xiu asked, his heart almost stopping.

    Yan Jing Ze is going to say something that will make him angry after hearing it? Does Yan Jing Ze want to say that he actually doesn’t like him?

    “You can’t break up with me either,” Yan Jing Ze said again.

    He has been considering whether to confess or not… Ji Cheng Xiu can even accept him calling Father Ji “Dad”, so he shouldn’t break up with him just because of the ‘Top and Bottom’ problem?

    When Ji Cheng Xiu heard ‘can’t break up’, he was relieved for a while. He was afraid that Yan Jing Ze wanted to break up before: “Yes.”

    Seeing Ji Cheng Xiu agreed, Yan Jing Ze confessed: “In fact, the day I climbed on your bed… Nothing happened between us.”

    Ji Cheng Xiu: “…”

    “You were drunk at the time, cough cough, and couldn’t do anything,” Yan Jing Ze added.

    “So?” Ji Cheng Xiu frowned and looked at Yan Jing Ze. He had given Yan Jing Ze so many resources before and wanted to compensate Yan Jing Ze. As a result… nothing happened that night?

He should be angry at this point for touching porcelain, but he’s not really angry, he’s a little worried that Yan Jing Ze wants to break up.

    Yan Jing Ze, on the other hand, said, “Actually, I’m a top, I can’t quite accept being a bottom, uh…”

    Ji Cheng Xiu’s expression was a little weird.

Yan Jing Ze is a bit guilty. “I have pictures of you kissing me, and now everyone still knows we’re having an affair. You can’t break up with me.”

    “I didn’t want to break up.” Ji Cheng Xiu said: “So that’s why you wouldn’t make out with me for the last three years and avoided me? You sent my picture to help me come out of the closet to force me not to break up with you?”

    Yan Jing Ze: “…” My dear, you think too much!

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Touching / Bumping Porcelain – is the practice of crooks placing ostensibly expensive, fragile items (usually porcelain) in places where they may easily be knocked over, allowing them to collect damages when the items are damaged. (basically just being scammed)

You can watch a scene like this in MOB PSYCHO 100 – LINK 🙂

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