BH (QT) 47 – the Star (8)

Chapter Forty-Seven – The Star (8)

“What happened before was all a misunderstanding, Dad, we’re fine,” Ji Cheng Xiu said to his father. He was willing to believe in Yan Jing Ze’s previous explanation, although it didn’t make sense.

    “If your relationship is really good, why did he let his agent say you have unspoken rules?” Father Ji asked.

    “What unspoken rules?” Yan Jing Ze was taken aback.

    “Your agent revealed to someone today that three years ago, it was Ji Cheng Xiu who took a liking to you and pressured you, that’s why you changed companies, and that the reason you acted that way in ‘Dream Back to the Ancient Times’ was because of coercion,” Father Ji said with a cold face.

    Yan Jing Ze had already turned on the phone and saw the news: “I didn’t know about this before…” He was wrongly accused! He had been recording the show today and he had no time to read the news on the Internet. On the way back, he went to make out with Ji Cheng Xiu again… Cough!

    “Then what’s this about you hacking Cheng Xiu online?” Father Ji asked.

    “Dad…” Ji Cheng Xiu wanted to help Yan Jing Ze explain, and Yan Jing Ze said: “I just want to come out!”

    Father Ji: “…”

    Yan Jing Ze is now feeling extremely fortunate that when he faced the media before, he directly said that he wanted to quit the entertainment industry, otherwise, Ji Cheng Xiu would have broken up with him now!

    Moreover, Father Ji also knew about Ji Cheng Xiu’s affairs… Yan Jing Ze remembered the fate of the original owner in the original historical trajectory.

After Ji Cheng Xiu’s death, the original owner’s career began to plummet and, in the end, he lost his reputation when his pornographic photos were exposed… If nothing else, it should be Father Ji’s doing.

Thinking about it, it’s impossible for Father Ji not to take revenge for his son’s unexplained death.

    “Who comes out of the closet like this?” Father Ji laughed angrily.

    “There was an accident, and I was pitted!” Yan Jing Ze smiled at Father Ji: “You see, I was trying my best to make up for it the other day.”

    “You’re inconsistent in what you do, and I don’t know what you’re trying to do!” Father Ji said, and yet, he couldn’t help but follow the thoughts of Yan Jing Ze.

Could it be that Yan Jing Ze took a photo to come out of the closet in the first place and his agent found out about it, and then his agent moved his hands and feet to use that photo to hack his son?

    “In short, I am sincere about Cheng Xiu,” Yan Jing Ze said seriously.

    Ji Cheng Xiu also said: “Dad, let’s talk about this later, let Jing Ze take a rest.” If you can’t explain this thing, don’t explain it for now.

    Father Ji said: “You still protect him… Forget it, I don’t care about your business!”

    After Father Ji said that he didn’t care, he really left.

His son is in his thirties and has his own ideas, he doesn’t need to be in charge of everything.

    After Father Ji left, Yan Jing Ze immediately showed his loyalty: “Cheng Xiu, I really like you.”

    “I know, I really like you too.” Ji Cheng Xiu asked, “What do you want to eat? I’ll do it.” They have not eaten today.

    “I…” Yan Jing Ze wanted to say ‘I’ll do it’ but the words didn’t leave his mouth, and he swallowed them back into his stomach.

    The original owner can’t cook, so… neither can he.

    He must find a chance to learn in the future!

Ji Cheng Xiu doesn’t spend much time at home, so the family didn’t hire a housekeeper, but his assistant would come to clean up the room and also buy the ingredients to put in the refrigerator.

Well, not the assistant who was bribed by the original owner, but the other one.

When Yan Jing Ze followed Ji Cheng Xiu into the kitchen, he saw that Ji Cheng Xiu had already started to prepare the meal, and was very skilled.

    “Cheng Xiu, you are awesome, you can do everything! The vegetables are cut really well!” Yan Jing Ze had nothing to contribute.

    Ji Cheng Xiu: “…” He just cut it casually.

Yan Jing Ze said he liked him. He wanted to believe it, but reason always told him it was impossible… Ji Cheng Xiu thought for a while, grabbed Yan Jing Ze next to him, and kissed him again.

    Then he was kissed by Yan Jing Ze… and his knees went weak.

    Yan Jing Ze is like this, it doesn’t look like he dislikes him.

    Ji Cheng Xiu used a lot of willpower to push Yan Jing Ze away: “I’m going to cook.” With that said, he also pushed Yan Jing Ze out of the kitchen.

    Yan Jing Ze didn’t go in the kitchen again, lest he couldn’t control himself.

    More importantly, his silent phone is constantly vibrating…

    There must be many people looking for him at this moment.

    Nowadays, many people are indeed looking for Yan Jing Ze, not only that, but the Internet has already turned a lot of noise.

Over the years, there are not one or two stars who have been scolded online, but despite being scolded, they are still active and making money as usual.

    Even some celebrities, the more they are scolded, the more they become popular, and the more money they make.

    Although Yan Jing Ze was hacked this time, although it looks serious, it is not difficult to solve it.

There was no need to hack Ji Cheng Xiu, they can just say that Yan Jing Ze simply admired Ji Cheng Xiu. It’s fine to make a joke during the live broadcast and then contact the show to take care of the edited version afterwards and edit out the ambiguity between the two.

    As a result… they didn’t know what was going on with Yan Jing Ze, he suddenly said that he would quit the entertainment circle.

    The navy who received the money and scolded Yan Jing Ze are dumbfounded—they often help people to hype up, or hack people, but they have never pushed people out of the entertainment circle… This is the first time, right?

Those who have always disliked Yan Jing Ze, and saw someone hacking Yan Jing Ze and following the trend of hacking him were also stunned—Yan Jing really wants to quit the entertainment circle? Did they push a popular star out of the entertainment circle?

    As for the fans of Yan Jing Ze, it is even more difficult to accept this.

    Some disappointed fans who quit, and some regret that they said they would…

    Of course, more people do not believe that Yan Jing Ze will really quit the entertainment circle.

    “He’s just talking nonsense and acting pathetic, isn’t he?”

“I don’t believe that Yan Jing Ze is really willing to quit the entertainment industry.”

“He’ll definitely be back in a few days at the request of his fans.”


All kinds of news, everything.

    Yan Jing Ze ignored them all.

    Anyway, it was the original owner who is getting scolded.

However, he does feel a bit sorry for his fans.

    While Ji Cheng Xiu was cooking, Yan Jing Ze composed a handwritten letter of apology to his fans, took pictures and posted them online. Adding that he wanted to quit the entertainment circle for personal reasons and had nothing to do with other people.

    As soon as he sent this post, there were immediately many comments, many of which were negative. Yan Jing Ze thought about it and set the comment permission to only allow comments from people he followed.

    Then, after Ji Cheng Xiu put the food on the table, he took a picture of the food and posted it: “Rest begins and enjoy the home-cooked food.”

After sending it, he turned off his phone and started eating.

    People on the Internet: “???” We are all eating the big melons about you quitting the entertainment circle, we’ve all forgotten to cook, and you’ve gone to dinner so calmly?

Ji Cheng Xiu’s cooking was average, but this was Ji Cheng Xiu’s cooking!

Yan Jing Ze, on the other hand, ate the whole thing with honor, and offered to wash the dishes as well.

    Ji Cheng Xiu did not refuse, but went into the kitchen together with Yan Jing Ze: “There’s a dishwasher, you just need to put the bowl in.” 

While Yan Jing Ze was putting the bowl in the dishwasher, Ji Cheng Xiu said: “If you need to, you can sign with another company.”

    “No, I really want to quit the entertainment industry.” Yan Jing Ze said: “I want to do something else.”

It was hard for Ji Cheng Xiu to believe it, and no one on the internet wanted to believe it either, but Yan Jing Ze… he really was determined to quit the entertainment industry.

    For the next half month, he didn’t leave the house, but kept posting three meals a day on Weibo every day.

It’s all done for him by Ji Cheng Xiu! Well, later, some of the dishes were made by him.

    Those netizens who were angry, puzzled, and just wanted to see a good show, watched Yan Jing Ze. They felt that Yan Jing Ze was just pretending to be calm, but when Yan Jing Ze punctually posted his three meals every day, for half a month. Breakfast are still served at 7 o’clock in the morning…

    Netizens: “…”

    So, Yan Jing Ze decided to become an online celebrity by posting food after making enough money in the entertainment industry?

Or does he think he’s too tired to be in the entertainment industry and wants to live a healthy life of early to bed and early to rise?

    Fans of Yan Jing Ze were also dumbfounded.

When they first heard that he was retiring from the entertainment industry, they were angry and anxious. They were afraid that there would be no news about Yan Jing Ze in the future. As a result…

    Yan Jing Ze stopped taking selfies and posted food instead?

    The point is these foods, they look homemade, and they’re not beautiful!

There were no relevant comments on these posts, but there were still many responses.

    “Brother, post a selfie!”

    “Brother, these don’t look delicious!”

    “Brother, do you really want to quit the entertainment industry?”

    “Brother, can I see you in the future?”


    Yan Jing Ze is in a good mood, he replied to them one by one: “I’ll take a few selfies and post them if they look good.”

    “These are delicious! Don’t say I don’t make good food!”

    “I really want to quit the entertainment industry and stop filming.”

    “Of course you can see me, I will post a selfie later!”


After replying, Yan Jing Ze sent a selfie.

    Fans: Although the photography skills are not good, but very handsome nonetheless!

    Yan Jing Ze never went out, and Ji Cheng Xiu stayed at home.

    He has just finished directing a film and has no other work for the time being. He only needs to edit the film, because the investment of the film itself is not high, and the editing is mainly done by himself, so he can work from home.

    The two lived under one roof, and their life was the same as that of an old couple. The only problem was that they slept in separate rooms.

    Ji Cheng Xiu took the initiative to mention sleeping together a long time ago, and hinted several times, but Yan Jing Ze refused all the time, and he never mentioned it again.

    As for Yan Jing Ze…

He felt that he had just crossed over and going straight to ‘that’ is a bit too fast. He preferred to fall in love first.

So these days, when Ji Cheng Xiu was doing the editing, Yan Jing Ze was right there with him.

    The original owner doesn’t understand editing, but Yan Jing Ze learns very fast no matter what he learns. After Ji Cheng Xiu taught him, he learned it, and the editing is excellent!

    Not only that, but other aspects of knowledge, he also learned quickly, and even remembered.

    Ji Cheng Xiu suddenly felt that it was a waste of talent to be an actor!

    But it would be a waste of his face to put him to another job…

    Yan Jing Ze didn’t know what Ji Cheng Xiu thought. After learning how to edit, Yan Jing Ze began to find time to edit the videos of Ji Cheng Xiu and himself.

    There are still many movies and TV series that Ji Cheng Xiu has filmed. Some of them were even popular many years ago, however, he only played supporting roles… Yan Jing Ze took out those dramas and found the movies and TV shows he had acted and started editing CP videos.

    Since the live broadcast, there have been CP fans of him and Ji Cheng Xiu on the Internet, but the number is not large… Now he’s decided to carry the CP flag of himself and Ji Cheng Xiu.

    On the other hand, Yan Jing Ze registered an account called “Jing Xiu Liang Yuan” and put a clip of his and Ji Cheng Xiu’s sad and beautiful love on the Internet on the same day.

    At this time, the third issue of “Dream Back to the Ancient Times”, in which he and Ji Cheng Xiu were guests, was broadcast on TV and the Internet at the same time.

    At the end of the live broadcast, the navy had already completed the work and did not continue to hack him. Recently, he has been too calm, and there are fewer people hacking him.

    But the show “Dream Back to the Ancient Times” is already well known.

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Jing Xiu Liang Yuan – Jing (Ze) (Cheng) Xiu (Happy/Harmonious) Liang (Match/Union) Yuan

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