BH (QT) 55 – The Emperor (5)

Chapter Fifty-Five – The Emperor (5)

The original owner hated the Buddhist scriptures, did not want to see them, and had no Buddhist scriptures with him. But in the Buddhist temple where the Empress Dowager was imprisoned, all the Buddhist scriptures were available.

After Wang Zhong found various Buddhist scriptures for Yan Jing Ze, Yan Jing Ze memorized the characters according to those scriptures for two hours, until Wang Zhong reminded him that it was time to prepare for the morning court.

Every first day and fifteenth day of the first month of the Great Qi Dynasty, there would be a grand imperial assembly with elaborate formalities including an extraordinary filial ceremony, a formal dining hall, a smoke-burning ceremony, and an incense burning ceremony. All officials in the capital, from the ninth rank and above, are required to attend.

However, during the regular morning court, only officials of the fifth rank and above could attend, and the court was held on the next day.

Yesterday there was no court meeting, but today there is.

The morning court of the Great Qi Dynasty began at dawn. When Yan Jing Ze finished his breakfast, he thought of something. He asked Wang Zhong to prepare chicken porridge and various kinds of snacks, and also to prepare some medicine for the wound.

Wang Zhong took the order and left.

As he watched the old eunuch walk away, Yan Jing Ze felt a little guilty. The original owner did not trust outsiders, so he always squeezed Wang Zhong, who was not young anymore and still could not get a good rest.

He still needs to train up all kinds of staff quickly.

The time was almost up, and Yan Jing Ze went to the palace according to the original owner’s memory. Officials in the court were already waiting, as soon as he entered, they all bowed down.

Those kneeling in front were Chu Ting Xiu, King Ping, and Prime Minister Cui Xun.

Among them, Chu Ting Xiu was the tallest and most imposing, wearing a dress worn by military generals to court, and was remarkably heroic and handsome.

King Ping was a little shorter, slightly chubby, and seemed to be a very easy person to get along with, but as to what was in his mind, no one knows.

As for the Prime Minister Cui Xun, he was an old man about the same age as Wang Zhong. He was already a prominent figure during the reign of Emperor Taizu and has been standing for decades, with his own way of doing things, which is to just do things and never take sides.

Yan Jing Ze’s eyes swept over Ping Wang and Cui Xun, and finally settled on Chu Ting Xiu’s body.

On Chu Ting Xiu’s neck, there was a wound.

He had been as careful as possible last night not to leave any conspicuous marks on Chu Ting Xiu’s neck, so it was easy to cover them up, and they might even have disappeared overnight. But he didn’t expect Chu Ting Xiu to cover them directly.

Yan Jing Ze’s heart ached with pain and guilt.

After the salutations of the officials, the government was discussed.

During the Empress Dowager’s time, the original owner was ‘unwell’ and never attended the usual small court assemblies, except for the first and fifteenth day of the first lunar month and various festivals, or large court assemblies to reward generals.

However, all the great court assemblies do not actually discuss political affairs, so the original owner did not learn what he should have learned. When he finally came to court without the Empress Dowager, he was ignorant of political affairs.

At that time, there were the remnants of the Zhou clan and the King Ping party… The original owner lost his face a few times.

After that, the original master did not dare to speak freely in the court, and only let Chu Ting Xiu deal with various affairs. Even though Chu Ting Xiu encouraged the original master and no matter how much he tried, the original master refused to try to make decisions by himself.

It was his own decision, but after a long time, the original owner felt that Chu Ting Xiu had seized power…

But this situation is good for Yan Jing Ze, who doesn’t have to talk, he just sits on the dragon chair and looks down on everyone.

There were not many officials of the fifth rank or above in the capital of Qi Dynasty, and the original owner knew them all. Yan Jing Ze looked at them once, and remembered them all, and then watched Chu Ting Xiu while listening to the proceedings.

Chu Ting Xiu appeared to be uncomfortable.

After returning to his home in the early hours of this morning, Chu Ting Xiu drew water from a well to rinse himself off, and then took out a calligraphy post to copy it. It took dozens of pages of large letters to calm his mind.

Last night’s battle had injured him a bit, but this small injury was nothing to him after years of fighting in the battlefield, so he attended the court meeting as usual.

He wanted to see His Majesty.

Moreover, in his absence, His Majesty may be wronged.

As a result, His Majesty was even looking at him.

Chu Ting Xiu tried not to look at the man in the dragon chair and collected his mind to deal with the ministers, but there was always a time when he needed to consult the emperor.

When the man in the dragon chair said, “Do as General Chu says,” as they looked at each other, a numbness stretched from Chu Ting Xiu’s tailbone up through his body, making his heart tremble.

Chu Ting Xiu felt like he was going crazy.

He had been thinking about His Majesty before, but his senses were still intact and his mind was clear, but today, it was hard for him to even think.

Chu Ting Xiu was frequently distracted, and today, the ministers in the court found out about the wound on his neck. They all saw it and were surprised but no one dared to ask.

The good news was that although Chu Ting Xiu was a little out of place, all the things that should be discussed were still discussed, and then someone brought up the matter of establishing a queen.

His Majesty is already in his twenties and the establishment of a queen is a matter of urgency.

Yan Jing Ze frowned.

The original owner never had a queen before because he couldn’t find a suitable one. As for him… he was only interested in Chu Ting Xiu.

Yan Jing Ze looked at Chu Ting Xiu.

Chu Ting Xiu straightened and raised his head, and they looked at each other.

But instantly, Chu Ting Xiu lowered his head again.

On the other hand, Yan Jing Ze thought of the man who was advising him to establish a queen yesterday and became irritable.

At this time, Chu Ting Xiu also felt extremely uncomfortable.

He did not want His Majesty to have a queen in his heart.

He had persuaded His Majesty to establish a queen because he was unaware of His Majesty’s interest in him and wanted to do His Majesty a favor.

Yesterday, he advised His Majesty to choose a queen because he thought he was going to die and told himself not to indulge in dreams.

But now… He would never mention it again.

But if His Majesty really wants to establish a queen, he is powerless to stop it.

Chu Ting Xiu lowered his head and did not say a word.

Yan Jing Ze was happy to see him like this, but soon remembered that he had threatened this man yesterday, saying that if he mentioned establishing a queen again, he would make look good.

Perhaps that’s why Chu Ting Xiu didn’t mention the issue of a queen.

Yan Jing Ze was in a bad mood, thought about it, covered his head, and looked uncomfortable.

“Your Majesty, are you not feeling well?” Wang Zhong noticed his appearance, and as soon as he spoke, the ministers looked over at him.

Yan Jing Ze said: “I am not feeling well, today’s court meeting is over.”

After saying that, he let Wang Zhong support him and turned around to leave.

When Chu Ting Xiu saw this, he hurriedly followed up.

King Ping wanted to talk to Chu Ting Xiu, but Chu Ting Xiu walked too fast for him to catch up.

Yan Jing Ze was watching Chu Ting Xiu and slowed his pace when he saw Chu Ting Xiu catching up.

“Your Majesty, where are you unwell?” Chu Ting Xiu asked. Is His Majesty tired from last night?

“I’m not uncomfortable,” Yan Jing Ze said.

At such a time, Chu Ting Xiu still cared about his body. He didn’t know whether to be happy or depressed – Chu Ting Xiu thought of him in every way, so why didn’t he think of himself?

When Chu Ting Xiu stopped talking, Yan Jing Ze said, “Ai Qing, will you eat together with me?”

Chu Ting Xiu immediately thought of what happened during yesterday’s meal, and he was stunned, responding: “Yes, Your Majesty.”

Yan Jing Ze had the chicken porridge and snacks prepared long ago brought up, and asked all the people around him to leave.

He had already eaten before and had no appetite at this time, so he just watched Chu Ting Xiu eat.

Chu Ting Xiu didn’t have any appetite this morning and didn’t eat anything, and now, although he still didn’t have much appetite, this was the food His Majesty had prepared for him… He ate it one bite at a time.

“Ting Xiu, are you feeling unwell?” Yan Jing Ze asked. He was always worried that Chu Ting Xiu would not feel well.

“Your Majesty, the courtier have no major problems,” Chu Ting Xiu answered.

Yan Jing Ze then said, “Can I… give you some medicine? It’s not convenient for you to self-medicate there.”

Chu Ting Xiu was red in the face: “Your Majesty, no!” How can he let His Majesty put him medicine on that place?

Chu Ting Xiu was reluctant to do so, so he talked about something else: “In the future, when no one is around, you can call me Jing Ze.”

How can he call His Majesty by His name? Chu Ting Xiu said: “Your Majesty, this is out of protocol.”

“We slept together and it is also out of protocol,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Chu Ting Xiu: “…”

Seeing that Chu Ting Xiu stopped talking, Yan Jing Ze felt a little guilty again: “Ting Xiu, yesterday’s incident was all my fault.”

This is not the first time that he apologized.

Yesterday, Chu Ting Xiu was so confused that he didn’t know what to do, so he didn’t respond, but when he saw the apology, Chu Ting Xiu said, “Your Majesty, there is no need to apologize. I did so of my own free will.”

Yan Jing Ze was stunned, with surprise in his eyes.

After returning home yesterday, Chu Ting Xiu thought a lot about it.

He didn’t want His Majesty to be sad, but he also didn’t want His Majesty to be dishonored.

If he and His Majesty are honest and sincere and in love, he must not be able to tolerate anyone else around His Majesty.

When other people have money, they all want to have a concubine. So, can His Majesty really not establish a queen? Will the ministers of the court allow His Majesty not to have a queen?

Once His Majesty establish a queen… He was afraid he would want to kill someone.

So, before going to court today, he made the decision to break off relations with His Majesty.

He cannot let His Majesty go astray.

But when he really met His Majesty, he couldn’t let go.

When His Majesty lowered himself and apologized to him, he felt even more cruel.

The heat of the body rushed to the head, and Chu Ting Xiu said, “Your Majesty, the courtier is willing, and my heart desires you.”

Forget it…

He can occupy His Majesty for as long as he wants, and if His Majesty forgets these words in the future, in case he does something irreversible, he should just finish himself off already.

Chu Ting Xiu looked straight at Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze was instantly ecstatic.

It’s also true that Chu Ting Xiu was very enthusiastic yesterday, and was also served by him twice to release, and didn’t see disgust… He should have thought that Chu Ting Xiu had a good feeling for him, too.

Or, it’s a good feeling for the original owner.

In the original historical trajectory, Chu Ting Xiu was even submissively given death.

Thinking about this, Yan Jing Ze wanted to kill the original owner, but also felt that Chu Ting Xiu was a bit stupid.

Why die for a scumbag?

By the way, Chu Ting Xiu liked the original owner, and he should have felt bad, but for some reason he wasn’t sad… It was because he was so much better than the original owner, and he believed that Chu Ting Xiu would like him.

“Ting Xiu…” Yan Jing Ze’s voice was incredibly soft.

He didn’t expect that at this moment, Chu Ting Xiu would fall forward head first into the ground.

Yan Jing Ze: “…” He obviously did not administer the drug today, what is wrong with Chu Ting Xiu?

Chu Ting Xiu had a fever.

Not only did he have a fever, but he was also overthinking. In the midst of great joy and great sorrow, even the strong and powerful general was a little unable to hold on and simply fainted.

Yan Jing Ze asked the Imperial Doctor, who was loyal to him, for some ointment suitable for men’s intercourse.

The Imperial Doctor Hu, who came to take Chu Ting Xiu’s pulse at first, didn’t see anything and thought that he had a cold. But then Yan Jing Ze took the initiative and said…

Dr. Hu almost fell to the ground, shivering with anger and anxiety.

His Majesty is now secure on the throne thanks to General Chu, and to do such a thing to General Chu… His Majesty doesn’t want to be emperor anymore?

And according to His Majesty, he wants to continue to do…

Doctor Hu was shaking nonstop, so Yan Jing Ze could only have him sent back and said, “Doctor Hu, this must not be spread to the public.”

Even without Yan Jing Ze’s words, Dr. Hu knew not to spread the news, but when he arrived at the Imperial Hospital, he sighed again and again.

It didn’t take long for King Ping to learn of his performance.

Did his elder brother beat Chu Ting Xiu again?

What the King of Ping thought was not clear to Yan Jing Ze.

He had the memory of the original owner and knew that there was something wrong with King Ping, but Chu Ting Xiu was still here, and he was not the original owner, who was a coward, and Ping Wang could do nothing but jump up and down, so he was not anxious at all.

It is better to spend time with Chu Ting Xiu if you have this free time.

Yan Jing Ze put the man on the dragon bed again, intending to remove Chu Ting Xiu’s pants and give him the medication.

Only this time, as soon as he moved, Chu Ting Xiu woke up: “Your Majesty!”

“Ai Qing, you lie down and I’ll give you medicine,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“Your Majesty, that dirty place… I’ll do it myself…”

“If you refuse, I will do what I did last night, a few more times,” Yan Jing Ze threatened.

Chu Ting Xiu: “…” Should he refuse?

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