BH (QT) 56 – The Emperor (6)

Chapter Fifty-Six – The Emperor (6)

Yan Jing Ze cheerfully gave medicine to Chu Ting Xiu, who was lying on the bed with a red face, and told him to lie down and rest, while he went to the imperial study.

Chu Ting Xiu hired a great scholar to teach him and his lessons could not be stopped for a day.

What’s more, at this moment, his heart was racing, he wanted to do something…

If he stays with Chu Ting Xiu, he is afraid that he will hurt him.

When Yan Jing Ze went to the Imperial Study, the teacher Chu Ting Xiu had hired for him was already waiting.

As a military official, Chu Ting Xiu didn’t know much about the civil officials, so it took a lot of effort to get the master to hire a famous teacher.

The teachers he hired, two of whom were renowned scholars of the dynasty, and one of whom had been a teacher of the late emperor, would take turns teaching Yan Jing Ze. In addition, Chu Ting Xiu invited a very learned scholar whom he knew from his warfare days, and his military advisor, to come with him to teach Yan Jing Ze.

Of course, the two great scholars had official positions and were legitimate imperial teachers, while the two in the back, on the other hand, were just accompanying the original master on the pretext of studying with him. They were sent to the palace with no rest, but whenever the original owner had a class, they were always there to accompany him.

Among these four, the great scholar who had taught the late emperor was quite old, and he was very sympathetic to the original owner, so he was very attentive in teaching.

Chu Ting Xiu invited a scholar and Chu Ting Xiu’s military advisor, both of whom were repeatedly instructed by Chu Ting Xiu. They were humble people, to enter the palace was already a great grace, and they were also respectful to the original owner.

There was another great scholar… Grand Tutor Yang, was from a noble family, extremely knowledgeable, and had no faction behind him. When the Empress Dowager was still around, he not only resigned, but also wrote an article scolding the Empress Dowager. He was a righteous man.

But it was this Grand Tutor Yang who despised the original owner.

For someone like Grand Tutor Yang who dared to confront the Empress Dowager at a time when she was as powerful as ever, his temper was naturally not small. When he resigned from his post to teach at the academy, he taught only the brightest students.

Although the original owner was smart, he was timid and did not dare to express his opinion, so he was naturally displeased.

And today is the lesson of this Grand Tutor Yang.

Perhaps because of his dissatisfaction with the original master, Grand Tutor Yang’s lecture today was extremely perfunctory. He only let a child beside him to read the history book to Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze listened to the child’s voice and flipped through the pages, memorizing all the contents in his heart.

In the history books, all the records are straightforward, but if you think about it carefully, you can see a lot.

While recalling what the original owner had learned over the past year, Yan Jing Ze read the book and absorbed it, calming his heart.

Chu Ting Xiu was deeply committed to him and he could not let Chu Ting Xiu be wronged. And to be free of suffering, you need to be in a position of power.

Nowadays, Chu Ting Xiu’s power and position is not low, but it is still not enough, at least those civil officials in the court do not take Chu Ting Xiu seriously.

Not to mention the big family clans led by the Ping King.

If people knew about his relationship with Chu Ting Xiu, Chu Ting Xiu would certainly take the blame…

“Your Majesty, are you listening?” Grand Tutor Yang suddenly asked, his tone not so good.

The original owner had to deal with the Empress Dowager for many years, which made him develop the habit of listening carefully when others spoke.

Let’s say that Chu Ting Xiu’s military advisor told him some minor folk trivia, but he didn’t care about it at all, nor did he care to hear about it, but when he did listen, he would look at the military advisor attentively, and from time to time he would agree… One would think that he listened very seriously and the military advisor was very moved.

Later on, when Chu Ting Xiu was eliminated by the original owner, the military counselor incredulously came to confront the original owner and was finally stabbed to death by a man beside the original owner!

In short, the original owner was usually very good at pretending in front of these teachers, but today, Yan Jing Ze didn’t act like how the original owner was when pretending to be listening carefully.

Grand Tutor Yang was already dissatisfied with this student, and was naturally unhappy at this time. The emperor, he’s afraid, will have to apologize again, without any imperial majesty.

“I am listening.” However, Yan Jing raised his eyes and looked at Grand Tutor Yang and did not stand up in a panic to apologize as usual.

Grand Tutor Yang tried to refrain from snorting, “Your Majesty, who was the Prime Minister during the reign of Emperor Zhuang Wen?”

The child had previously read the biography of Emperor Zhuang Wen.

Yan Jing Ze leaned back, threw the book he was holding onto the table, opened his mouth, and recited word for word the ‘Biography of Emperor Zhuang Wen’ that the child had read before.

Grand Tutor Yang was stunned.

At this time, many books had to be memorized, but this kind of history book, with dozens or hundreds of volumes, was hardly memorized!

He loved to read history books, which he had read dozens of times, but he could not memorize them.

His Majesty… can recite it?

After reciting it, Yan Jing Ze looked at Grand Tutor Yang and smiled gently: “Does Grand Tutor Yang think that I have escaped so many assassinations and survived under the Empress Dowager because of my cowardice?”

This appearance of Yan Jing Ze, who looks so laid-back, puts great pressure on people.

Grand Tutor Yang’s pupils shrank.

The first time he saw His Majesty before him was in front of the coffin of the late Emperor.

At that time, in the presence of many ministers, the Empress Dowager called His Majesty and King Ping before her and asked, “How shall you be emperor?”

His Majesty, who was several months older than the second prince, answered first, ending up with two strands of tears, coupled with weeping and coughing. After being stared at by the Empress Dowager for a long time, he actually cried out.

At that time, they all felt that this son was not fit to be an emperor.

After switching to King Ping, King Ping spilled out a lot of words, and finally said: “This grandson will listen to the Imperial Grandmother’s advice.”

At the time, they all admired King Ping, but the Empress Dowager laughed and sent preparations to have His Majesty enthroned for a high-sounding reason – to establish the oldest, not the youngest.

At the time, it looked as if he couldn’t be saved, and then he was really squeezed to death by the Empress Dowager. Even though Chu Ting Xiu helped him deal with the Empress Dowager, he still repeatedly made a fool of himself in front of people.

Grand Tutor Yang was displeased with him from the bottom of his heart.

But at this moment, he suddenly felt that he might have misjudged His Majesty!

He can even memorize a history book word for word, is he really ignorant?

He can get Chu Ting Xiu to help him deal with the Empress Dowager, is he really useless?

It was his performance in front of the late emperor’s coffin many years ago… He probably saw what the empress dowager was thinking and made that appearance on purpose.

In the end, it was he who became emperor, wasn’t it?

The more he thought about it, the more he realized that this was the case, and he broke out in a cold sweat.

How dare he underestimate His Majesty, who is so deep-hearted!

“Grand Tutor Yang, continue your lecture.” Yan Jing Ze laughed lightly, sat up straight and asked: “Duan Ye, a Confucian elder, had no other power or strategy, and was forbidden to do anything, and the group of subordinates take orders without authorization; he believed in divination and witchcraft, so he lost… Grand Tutor, explain to me about this paragraph.”

He could understand the history book in general, but what he didn’t understand, he needed someone to explain.

Although Grand Tutor Yang did not like the original owner before, but the original owner is the emperor, he also did not dare to be too rude. Now that he feels that his words are deep and thoughtful, he dare not offend him.

He carefully explained, and then realized that His Majesty not only learns everything, but also never forgets anything.

It is true that there are intelligent people in this world who never forget what they read, but there was none who can memorize by reading it once. His Majesty, however, was different. He had read thousands of words of difficult and incomprehensible writing once, and was able to memorize them all.

If he has such skills, how can his knowledge be inferior?

Grand Tutor Yang used to be a bit proud of himself, but now he has lost his pride.

Those who were shocked were not only Grand Tutor Yang, but also Chu Ting Xiu’s military advisor, and the scholar whom Chu Ting Xiu had found.

The military counselor followed Chu Ting Xiu to the north and south, the four books and five sutras may not be fully memorized, but has read countless miscellaneous books. He also understood the life of the people and was well versed in the ways of the world, and the scholar was more or less like him.

They were not disrespectful to His Majesty, but they were actually sympathetic to His Majesty and felt sorry for Him, being raised by the Empress Dowager.

But now, looking at the Emperor… The Empress Dowager was wrong!

The way they looked at him changed, and military counselor was even a little worried about the general – did he know His Majesty’s true face?

Just as they were thinking this, they saw Chu Ting Xiu coming.

The reason why Chu Ting Xiu has a fever is because he didn’t take care of his injuries last night, and he only wore his coat and rode in the cold wind, and he even took a cold shower at home. But the reason why he fainted was because of his emotional stress.

Now that he has taken the medicine and slept, he is fine and is thinking of His Majesty.

In the past, he wouldn’t have dared to do anything even if he missed him, but it’s not the same now that they’re telling each other their feelings.

His Majesty’s interest in him may only be momentary, and in a few years’ time, he will naturally establish a queen and a concubine… He cannot waste time.

Chu Ting Xiu came directly to the place where Yan Jing Ze attended class.

Chu Ting Xiu had a lot of things to deal with in the past and didn’t come over much. Today, he was pleased to see Grand Tutor Yang lecturing very seriously, but he was unable to remove his eyes when he saw His Majesty listening to the lesson very seriously.

His Majesty’s appearance in class was really good-looking, he doesn’t know how many times more beautiful than before yesterday.

“Ai Qing, how is your health?” Yan Jing Ze saw Chu Ting Xiu.

“It’s fine.” Chu Ting Xiu was a little uncomfortable when he heard Yan Jing Ze ask about his health: “Your Majesty, I have something else to do, so I will leave first.”

“Would you like to attend the class with me, Ai Qing?” Yan Jing Ze asked. What Chu Ting Xiu is going to be busy with should be political affairs, so there is no hurry.

Chu Ting Xiu needs to rest now.

General Chu is very busy, so they don’t think he will come to the class? As everyone was thinking this, they heard Chu Ting Xiu say, “Alright.”

Yan Jing Ze immediately asked someone to move a chair, and also asked someone to prepare a mat to put on it, and then asked someone to bring tea and snacks.

Grand Tutor Yang and the others: His Majesty’s care and concern for General Chu is extraordinary! No wonder General Chu has been so loyal to him, since His Majesty is so courteous.

In the past, Chu Ting Xiu would have had to excuse himself, but today he didn’t. The chair was placed next to Yan Jing Ze.

Naturally, he sat down and saw that the ink in the inkstone in front of Yan Jing Ze was gone, so he added a little water and grinded it up.

Grand Tutor Yang and the others: General Chu grinded the ink for His Majesty himself… His Majesty is so good at getting General Chu to treat him this way!

In a short time, the lesson was over.

Yan Jing Ze got up and smilingly looked at Grand Tutor Yang: “Grand Tutor Yang, you should be clear on what you can say and what you can’t say.”

Although Grand Tutor Yang despised the original owner, he was not a member of the King Ping’s party, which is why he did what he did today.

Grand Tutor Yang’s body stiffened and agreed.

Only then did Yan Jing Ze leave with Chu Ting Xiu.

The Yan Jing Ze yesterday and today are very different from before, but Chu Ting Xiu doesn’t feel that there is anything wrong, but rather has the feeling that this is how His Majesty should have been.

It was already late, so Yan Jing Ze took Chu Ting Xiu to have lunch.

Even if you have to deal with politics, you can’t do it on an empty stomach.

Previously, even if the two shared the same table, it was a huge table, sitting face to face, but now Yan Jing Ze sat beside Chu Ting Xiu and served the dishes with great earnestness.

“Your Majesty, the courtier will do it…” Chu Ting Xiu wanted to refuse.

“I love putting food on your plate!” Yan Jing Ze said, and gave a little more to Chu Ting Xiu.

“The courtier… can’t finish it.” Chu Ting Xiu was embarrassed.

“I’ll eat it if you can’t finish it,” Yan Jing Ze then said.

Chu Ting Xiu’s heart trembled.

The two of them now look like an ordinary couple.

Thinking of ‘husband and wife’, Chu Tingxiu suddenly remembered his sister’s pouch.

He didn’t want his sister’s pouch to be held by his majesty.

“Your Majesty, the courtier left a pouch behind yesterday…”

Yan Jing Ze’s face turned pale: “I forgot to ask… Whose bag is that? You even keep it close to your body!” He didn’t dare ask because he felt guilty, but now… the food in front of him only had the taste of vinegar.

Chu Ting Xiu realized that he had misunderstood: “My sister asked me to give that to His Majesty.”

Yan Jing Ze: “…”

“Your Majesty… I would like to take it back to her.”

Yan Jing Ze is embarrassed. “I thought it was from some lady… It was the purse that made me angry, so I cut your clothes, and then I treated you like that.”

Chu Ting Xiu: “…” Should he be grateful to his sister?

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