BH (QT) 64 – The Emperor (14)

Chapter Sixty-Four – The Emperor (14)

  Yan Jing Ze gave Chu Ting Xiu the title of Duke but did not withdraw his military power.

    As for him, he was in charge of the civil officials. It would be best if he could find a way to make more money.

    There are a lot of problems in Qi Dynasty, for example, the army has not been able to supply enough food… he does not want to lose his troops.

    After King Ping’s rebellion, things were handled for many days, and finally, King Ping’s charges were settled.

 The Emperor’s fame is a matter of honor and the talks about sibling rivalry is not a good one. King Ping’s Mother’s clan even pleaded hard and offered a lot of benefits… After weighing the pros and cons, Yan Jing Ze did not kill King Ping but imprisoned him.

The Empress Dowager was gone, King Ping had fallen, and there was one-third less officials in the imperial court, but the entire court functioned well without any problems.

Recently, Yan Jing Ze has been doing things with great speed, those officials dare not to eat the vegetarian food, one by one, they are trying their best to perform. But isn’t that just great?

    However, Yan Jing Ze still ordered the establishment of the Academy of Arts and Science in order to recruit scholars and train some young officials.

At this time, more than a month had passed since King Ping’s rebellion.

    During this month, Yan Jing Ze lived an extremely happy life.

    His general stayed in the palace every night!

Although Chu Ting Xiu would go out during the day to deal with the affairs of the Northern Army, he would return to the palace at night and was very enthusiastic every night… He didn’t know that his general was so cold outside and hot inside.

Even Yan Jing is starting to worry that he can’t eat…

There was no need to go to morning court, but Yan Jing Ze got up early in the morning and pulled Chu Ting Xiu up: “Ting Xiu, I’ve decided to start practicing martial arts from today… and you will join me.”

Chu Ting Xiu must have exercised since childhood to have that much energy, so he needs to exercise more too!

    Otherwise… it’s a bit humiliating to be king in bed at night and to walk holding the wall during the day.

    Chu Ting Xiu was stunned before he said, “Your Majesty, it’s hard to practice martial arts…”

    “I’m not afraid.” Yan Jing Ze was full of determination.

    He must learn martial arts now!

 In fact, he admired the previous emperors a bit.

    How did those emperors manage to get the 3,000 beauties in the harem if he couldn’t handle even one?

Chu Ting Xiu naturally won’t stop Yan Jing Ze’s request, but his grandfather was born with a muddy leg, so his family doesn’t actually have any family martial arts traditions… He then called up the Guard Commander of Yan Jing Ze.

The Guard Commander was born into a family of military officers, and every boy in the family had to learn martial arts. He knew better than him how to teach a novice.

“Your Majesty, you may run first.” The Guard Commander decided to check his majesty’s physical strength first.

    Yan Jing Ze nodded seriously and ran.

The original owner rarely exercised. After running for a short while, Yan Jing Ze was exhausted and panting, while Chu Ting Xiu, who was running with him on the training field in the palace, had already overtaken him by several laps.

 A bit disgraceful…

Yan Jing Ze gritted his teeth and continued to run, but in the end, he couldn’t hold on any longer: “Ting Xiu!”

    “Your Majesty?” Chu Ting Xiu came to Yan Jing Ze’s side, his face not red and his breathing was stable.

Although he has been pestering Yan Jing Ze all day lately, and his workout time is less than it used to be, he will still practice from time to time, plus he still has his foundation is still there… running couldn’t be easier for him.

“Ting Xiu, I can’t run anymore.” Yan Jing Ze leaned on Chu Ting Xiu: “I can only continue if you give me a kiss.”

Chu Ting Xiu looked at the Guard Commander and directly kissed Yan Jing Ze.

    The Guard Commander: “…” No wonder His Majesty wanted everyone else to leave, that was the original plan!

Chief Steward Wang: “…” His Majesty’s strength, if used on a woman, the baby prince is probably already conceived.

    Yan Jing Ze made out with Chu Ting Xiu for a while before continuing to run.

    When he finished running, he coaxed Chu Ting Xiu to massage his hands and feet.

    Of course, it’s only right to give and take, so he will also help Chu Ting Xiu to massage!

As for the massage to develop something else… Yan Jing Ze had to admit that he had just finished exercising and his heart was not strong enough.

    But Chu Ting Xiu took the initiative, there is no problem.

Although Yan Jing Ze has been molesting his general while he is exercising, he is really serious and persistent when he exercises.

For the first few days, his arms were so sore that he couldn’t even lift them, but after ten days, this disappeared, and after another ten days, not only did he get a little darker, but he also got stronger.

Every day, when he had nothing to do, he would drag his general to practice martial arts.

Of course, he would also do this because he found that Chu Ting Xiu was always in a particularly good mood when he practiced martial arts.

Chu Ting Xiu grew up in the North and must have enjoyed the freedom of riding horses in the North, but now he is trapped in the capital…

Yan Jing Ze actually felt quite guilty, but he was reluctant to let him go.

    The only thing he could do was to take Chu Ting Xiu to the outskirts of the capital for a walk.

    While Yan Jing Ze was planning to take his general to the village outside the city for a few days to play, the minister of the court brought up the issue of the Empress Dowager again.

When the Empress Dowager passed away, he said that he would be in mourning for the Empress Dowager for three years.

   At that time, many ministers opposed the idea, saying that it was unnecessary to keep mourning for three years, but since King Ping had already made a move, rumors spread that Yan Jing Ze had poisoned the Empress Dowager…

The ministers felt that he was saying this to prove his innocence and filial piety, so they did not object strongly.

    But now that the rumors have died down, His Majesty, who was originally a puppet emperor, has shown his true strength…

  Some of the ministers thought that His Majesty wanted to have a queen, so some said in the court that His Majesty, as the king, did not need to keep the mourning for three years, while others offered various ideas, such as saying that His Majesty could ask King Ping to keep the mourning for him.

Yan Jing Ze: “…” It was hard for him to find a reason not to establish a Queen, do you need to do this?

“I have decided that I will be in mourning for the Empress Dowager for three years!” Yan Jing Ze said.

Right after that, Chu Ting Xiu, who doesn’t speak much in the court these days, also spoke up, “His Majesty’s decision cannot be questioned by you.”

Recently, he has been eating, sleeping, and exercising with His Majesty every day, and life is just too good… Chu Ting Xiu doesn’t want to be affected by something like the Empress Dowager at all.

Staring at the officials, his face was really unpleasant.

The Empress Dowager and King Ping, both of whom fell at the hands of Chu Ting Xiu. And the official was really scared by the stare of Chu Ting Xiu. But he couldn’t help but slander that Chu Ting Xiu was so dismissive of His Majesty because of his success in quelling the rebellion, and sooner or later His Majesty would dislike him.

When the other officials in the court, led by the Prime Minister, saw this scene, they were worried, and felt more and more that Chu Ting Xiu would not be arrogant for long.

    If he is so arrogant, sooner or later he will be removed by His Majesty!

  Even those military officers who were not brought out by Chu Ting Xiu felt that Chu Ting Xiu was going to be in trouble. They were somewhat pleased about it – when Chu Tingxiu was gone, they might be able to move up a rank.

Only the newcomers to the capital, the soldiers of the Northern Army, were not very clear about these twists and turns, and were a bit confused.

On the one hand, they felt that it was a bit too much for the ministers to interfere with the emperor’s marriage, and on the other hand, they felt that it was not good for their general to go up against other ministers.

Isn’t their general’s temper a bit too much?

    The only one who was particularly happy was Yan Jing Ze!

    His General’s jealousy is really too cute!

    And he loves his General’s arrogance!

Two men being in a relationship are bound to face a lot of problems in the future, and many people will oppose them, and it will take a man like his General to stand up to them!

“Ai ‘Qing is right, my decision cannot be questioned by you!” Yan Jing Ze said.

    The ministers: “…” Forget it, the Emperor wants to continue the killing, they should not stop.

Taking this opportunity, he said that in a few days, he would go to a village outside the city to stay for a few days.

    The ministers were stunned and all of them spoke up to persuade him.

Over the years, there have been many different things going on in Qi territory. Their Majesties live in the palace, where they are relatively safe, but if they go outside the city…

Not to mention the rebels, what would they do if Chu Ting Xiu and his Northern Army kidnapped the Emperor?

    In short, the ministers disagreed, and some knelt down to persuade him.

At this time, Chu Ting Xiu spoke again, “His Majesty wants to leave the palace, and you cannot object.” He was bound to stand by His Majesty’s side.

  Those officials were shocked, did General Xiu have any treasonous thoughts?

As they thought this, they looked up to see Yan Jing Ze, and saw their Majesty smiling at Chu Ting Xiu, not looking angry at all.

Their Majesty probably already has a countermeasure. Maybe this time out of the palace, it’s not General Xiu who wants to deal with their Majesty, but their Majesty wants to deal with General Xiu.

The ministers were silent.

When the court meeting finally ended, Chu Ting Xiu was going to leave with Yan Jing Ze, but before the court meeting ended, Military Advisor Li looked at him several times and seemed to have something to say, so he stayed.

“General!” Military Advisor Li has now been promoted and is so prosperous that he is able to attend court meetings. Now when he came to Chu Ting Xiu, he said, “General, I have something to say to you.”

“What are you going to say?” Chu Ting Xiu asked.

“Those scholarly officials from the imperial examinations have come to despise us. General, you should be careful in the future, it is better not to offend them,” Military Advisor Li said.

    His Majesty didn’t want to establish a queen and wanted to go out of the palace for fun, so let His Majesty say so, and the General really didn’t have to go up against those civil officials for His Majesty.

Chu Ting Xiu knew that Military Advisor Li was doing it for his own good, but he smiled and said, “I’m not afraid of them.” He was now, in a state of no fear.

Military Advisor Li thought about it and felt that his General really didn’t need to be afraid of those people. Rather than persuade, he said, “By the way General, there is one more thing… Miss has already known her mistake.”

After Chu Ting Xiu previously had Chu Tinglan locked up, he sent Military Advisor Li to talk to her.

Military Advisor Li was very eloquent, and he believed that he should be able to let his sister know that King Ping was not a good person.

Unfortunately, his sister is very stubborn and does not listen, at first those days have been fiercely quarrelsome, causing Military Advisor Li anxious. Now she knows that she is wrong?

“Miss said she wanted to meet the General and confess her mistake,” Military Advisor Li.

When he first went to see Chu Tinglan, he was shocked by all the treacherous things Chu Tinglan said!

He couldn’t believe that the loyal and patriotic general had such a sister.

    The good news is that after his persistent reasoning, the young lady has now calmed down.

“I’ll go see her later,” Chu Ting Xiu said.

    That was all that Military Advisor Li had to say, and after saying that, he left, and only then did Chu Ting Xiu go to find Yan Jing Ze.

When Yan Jing Ze saw Chu Ting Xiu coming over, he smiled and said, “Ting Xiu, you’ve done well today.”

    Chu Ting Xiu is a high-ranking nobleman and has military power, so he should have this kind of magnanimity to not take others seriously!

    That way, no one would dare to speak ill of him in the future.

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