BH (QT) 63 – The Emperor (13)

Chapter Sixty-Three – The Emperor (13)

When Yan Jing Ze learned that Chu Ting Xiu had left the palace, he was depressed.

His General wouldn’t ‘eat’ his fill at noon and run away at night, would he?

    However, Chu Ting Xiu had been frightened all night and was exhausted by noon, so it was normal for him to want to go home and rest.

    Yan Jing Ze, on the other hand, is somewhat depressingly busy.

    After all the arrests were made, many officials came to the palace to pay their respects and show their loyalty.

    Although annoyed, what needs to be done still needs to be done, while Yan Jing Ze met these officials.

Last night, there were a lot of killings. Even though some of the Imperial Army soldiers had surrendered early, and the Northern Army just tied them up, but some of them knew they would die after being captured and resisted, only to be cut down on the spot by the Northern Army.

    There was a faint smell of blood in the palace. Among the officials who entered the palace, there were a few who had weathered many storms and waves, but they were few and far between.

  The vast majority of officials were silent.

    They lined up and walked forward slowly, and when they finally came to the side of Yan Jing Ze, they immediately bowed down, some of them still trembling.

“All courtiers, stand,” Yan Jing Ze said.

    The officials got up one after another but most did not dare to look up.

    It was not the first time that Prime Minister Cui Xun had encountered such a thing, but the one who dared to look up was shocked when he saw the emperor sitting on the throne.

His Majesty has really changed a lot!

    No, it’s not that he’s changed too much, but that he’s hidden too well.

    Who would have thought that the weak appearance of the Emperor, who was pressured by the Empress Dowager to chant Buddhist scriptures all day long, was all an act?

   He pretended so well that even he, too, did not see the difference.

    Cui Xun came forward and discussed various matters with Yan Jing Ze.

At this point, the other officials were relieved to dare to look at the man in the dragon chair.

    The aura of the young man in the dragon robe has been very different from before, and yes, with the Empress Dowager gone and King Ping gone, he no longer needs to hide.

    Wait… There is one more person.

    His Majesty was able to escape from the hands of the Empress Dowager with the help of the Northern Army, and it was also with the help of the Northern Army that he was able to arrest King Ping this time.

    The bird flies away, the good bow is hidden, the cunning rabbit dies, the dog is cooked, can His Majesty tolerate Chu Ting Xiu?

Most of these civil officials disliked Chu Tingxiu.

    Chu Ting Xiu was just a military general, but previously, he held the government in check and didn’t take them seriously. They resented Chu Ting Xiu, this bad luck.

But at this moment, they suddenly felt a little sympathy for Chu Ting Xiu.

Grand Tutor Yang is an imperial advisor, and he also came after such a thing happened in the palace, and at this time he felt even more sorry for Chu Ting Xiu.

Chu Ting Xiu was a general, but unfortunately, he got mixed up in the royal power struggle!

He was knowledgeable enough to know that people like His Majesty, who had been oppressed for ten years previously, could not stand to be oppressed any longer.

    When His Majesty had not shown his talent, he was already sighing for Chu Ting Xiu, thinking that he would end up in a miserable state.

Chu Ting Xiu is definitely the next person to be dealt with by His Majesty.

    If Chu Ting Xiu had been a good boy and surrendered his military power, His Majesty might have let him off the hook…

    Grand Tutor Yang sighed inwardly.

The Imperial examination is a thousand horses crossing a wooden bridge, it is not easy. So, the officials present were all one-in-a-million people, smart and uptight. At this time, there were quite a few people who thought like Grand Tutor Yang.

   And just as they were thinking that, they saw Chu Ting Xiu coming.

    Officials need to be announced when they want to see His Majesty, but Chu Ting Xiu came in without being announced… He just walked right in!

    The Guard Commander responsible for protecting Yan Jing Ze: His Majesty has repeatedly told him to treat Chu Ting Xiu as if he were His Majesty, how would he dare to stop Chu Ting Xiu?

The officials in the court were more sympathetic to Chu Ting Xiu. The fact that Chu Ting Xiu can do this is probably because he is too confident, which will certainly cause His Majesty’s discontent, or… be killed by His Majesty.

Even Chu Ting Xiu himself was not used to this treatment.

    “I greet His Majesty…” Chu Ting Xiu was about to kneel down and bow, but Yan Jing Ze had already gotten up and held him back.

He was not interested in having his general kneel down toward him, but was happy to kneel down in bed with his general, well, his general kneeling in front of him and him kneeling behind him.

Yan Jing Ze was thinking of indescribable things, and then had a chair brought over.

Chu Ting Xiu didn’t sleep all night and worked hard at noon, so he should take a break.

    The not-so-young Prime Minister Cui Xun was standing, and His Majesty actually had someone move a chair for Chu Ting Xiu. Those who previously thought it might have been Chu Ting Xiu who had a big confidence, now it’s clear – His Majesty is doing this to kill!

If General Xiu is sensible, he must decline at this time.

Everyone, thinking this, looked at Chu Ting Xiu.

As a result, Chu Ting Xiu sat down comfortably.

The officials: “…” Chu Ting Xiu probably has never read a history book before, or else he will not do this… unless he can pull the Emperor off his throne.

The officials sighed in their hearts but Yan Jing Ze only wanted to get rid of them quickly.

  He, who had not been in a hurry before, began to deal with things with great concentration, and instead of listening to the Prime Minister’s slow narrative, he made his own quick decisions.

When all the things that needed to be dealt with immediately were done, Yan Jing Ze immediately let those officials leave.

As Cui Xun and his party slowly retired and crossed the threshold, he looked back and saw his majesty walking toward Chu Ting Xiu.

When Yan Jing Ze walked toward Chu Ting Xiu, he asked, “Ting Xiu, how are you feeling?” He and Chu Ting Xiu hadn’t done it for a full month before, and he did it again today at noon… Chu Ting Xiu seemed a bit uncomfortable at first.

“I’m fine.” Chu Ting Xiu looked to Yan Jing Ze, “Does Your Majesty have anything else to do?”

“It’s all taken care of,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Chu Ting Xiu smiled and looked toward Yan Jing Ze, “Your Majesty didn’t sleep last night and should rest well.”

Yan Jing Ze also smiled, “Will you rest with me?

Chu Ting Xiu: “Good.”

    Yan Jing Ze pulled Chu Ting Xiu away and asked someone to prepare dinner.

    After they had eaten, they went to bed early.

  Yan Jing Ze said to ‘rest’, which he really meant to rest, and at the most is to hold the lover to warm a little bit. As a result, Chu Ting Xiu leaned towards him, came to kiss him, and his hands were also restless…

Chu Ting Xiu is clearly asking for pleasure!

Yan Jing Ze swallowed and grabbed Chu Ting Xiu’s hand, “Aren’t you afraid of getting hurt?” He specifically asked Imperial Doctor Hu about the fact that too much intercourse could injure the body of the person below.

Chu Ting Xiu: “Jing Ze…”

“Not today, you rest well.” Yan Jing Ze had no choice but to use the old method – to wrap up Chu Ting Xiu in a blanket and then cuddle up to sleep.

  He would not have been able to bear the temptation to do otherwise.

    He is not Liu Xia Hui.

  Chu Ting Xiu was a little lost, but he was extremely satisfied with the way he slept within Yan Jing Ze’s arms.

He doesn’t know how many more days of this kind of life will be possible.

    Chu Ting Xiu smiled, kissed Yan Jing Ze, and closed his eyes.

He had already made up his mind and just wanted to cherish his last moments, but he wasn’t too sad, so he just decided to do whatever he wanted to do.

    When Chu Ting Xiu approached, Yan Jing Ze was still awake and almost leaned over and kissed Chu Ting Xiu all over his head and face.

But thinking of his own poor self-control in the face of Chu Ting Xiu… he endured.

    Neither of them slept last night, and soon, they fell asleep together.

    When they woke up the next day, there was a court meeting to be held.

As the evening passed, the courtiers had come to terms with what had happened, and one by one they adjusted their mindset, not daring to speak as they did before, but scolding King Ping’s faction in the court.

Not long ago, these people were praising King Ping.

    It was nothing more than that.

    At the same time, there were people crying, or begging for mercy, or begging for grace.

Grand Tutor Zhang, whose sons were close to King Ping, came to court trembling, begging Yan Jing Ze to spare his son.

Yan Jing Ze is not a murderer, but if he doesn’t dispose of some people in this situation, people will think he is easy to bully.

That day, King Ping went to the palace with the officials, Yan Jing Ze did not spare any of them. However, Grand Tutor Zhang’s sons were merely close with King Ping. Those who supported King Ping but did not participate in the rebellion were not all killed, but their property was confiscated and they were exiled.

It is absolutely unpleasant to rob people of all their money and send them to work as officials in bitterly cold places, but at this moment, everyone feels that His Majesty is really kind.

After all, with the charges against these people… it is not excessive if their entire family is to be executed.

Right now they have lost their possessions, but their wives and children are still alive, and if they make a career in that bitterly cold land, they might even be able to get back on their feet, which is a way to make a living.

Grand Tutor Zhang fell to his knees, wept, and gave thanks.

    But Yan Jing Ze had him helped down and began to deal with the others.

Those unaware imperial soldiers who were just following orders, he sent them to the Northland to guard the North, but he left those Northern Army soldiers behind.

The original commanders of the Northern Army were given the rank of commanders of the Imperial Army, and were given residences. Even the most ordinary soldiers of the Northern Army were given a lot of money by Yan Jing Ze so that they could bring their families to the capital.

Northern Army soldiers originally didn’t want to stay in the capital just because their families weren’t in the capital. But now that they can bring their families here… they are naturally willing to stay in the bustling capital!

Not to mention, if their son stays in the capital, he’ll be able to study, and maybe even change careers with the imperial examination. Their daughter, on the other hand, would be better off marrying in the capital without worrying about food and drink than marrying in the north, where she would be exposed to the wind and sun.

Northern Army soldiers received the decree and thanked the Emperor.

    When the court officials saw this, they were more sympathetic to Chu Ting Xiu.

    After his men had received such an imperial favor, how could they still follow his lead in the future?

Just as they were thinking about this, they heard Yan Jing Ze follow up with a reward for Chu Ting Xiu, saying that Chu Ting Xiu had been successful in putting down the rebellion and had been crowned King Chu, giving him all kinds of preferential treatment, such as being able to meet the emperor without kneeling.

Chu Ting Xiu was previously a marquis and the head of the military officials, and was already in great favor. They never thought His Majesty would make him a Duke!

Until now, Qi Dynasty has never had a Duke with a different surname, and even if Chu Ting Xiu has already reached a high position of power and cannot go further, he should not be made a Duke!

   It’s definitely a great honor! It’s also out of the rules!

Immediately an official knelt down and said, “Your Majesty, this must not be done!”

    “I have already made up my mind.” Yan Jing Ze, in fact, actually wanted to grant the title of Empress… but still had to wait.

When the ministers could not persuade Yan Jing Ze, they all went to see Chu Ting Xiu.

    As long as Chu Ting Xiu wasn’t stupid, he shouldn’t have responded.

    However, Chu Ting Xiu didn’t even kneel down and just received the decree: “The courtier accept the decree. Thank you for His Majesty’s grace.”

If His Majesty wants to give him more charges, it’s okay for him to do so.

    It’s also nice to be able to see His Majesty while standing up.

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The bird flies away, the good bow is hidden, the cunning rabbit dies, the dog is cooked, – When the bird is beaten, the good bow is useless. The rabbit is dead and the dog is useless. It is better to cook and eat. This means that if a person loses the value of use, he is killed or has a worse end than others.

Liu Xia Hui – is regarded as a man of high moral character and a model of abiding by traditional Chinese morality.

Ahhh… I feel sorry for Grand Tutor Zhang. Such a nice old man, his glory, all of his hardwork are gone because of his sons… Sigh.

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