BH (QT) 62 – The Emperor (12)

Chapter Sixty-Two – The Emperor (12)

King Ping’s rebellion was expected by Yan Jing Ze.

He was the emperor after all, and if he wanted to, he could always get a lot of information.

As for Chu Ting Xiu, the military generals were happy to listen to him, but the group of civil officials in the capital didn’t really like him.

However, the fact that the Imperial Army were controlled by King Ping, and even followed King Ping into the palace, was something that Yan Jing Ze did not expect.

Rebellion is punishable by death. The courage of the Imperial Army is commendable.

The sounds of the battle outside gradually subsided, and the soldiers of the Northern Army had already arrested the Imperial Army.

The soldiers of the Imperial Army were mostly locals of the capital and many of them were from government families who had never been on the battlefield. They had never been on the battlefield, and although they were well equipped, their fighting power was far inferior to that of the Northern Army.

    If there were fewer soldiers in the Northern Army, they might have fought to the death for the sake of their lives, but there were more soldiers in the Northern Army.

    Realizing that they could not win, many in the Imperial Army collapsed, losing all their fighting power and begging for mercy.

    Northern Army soldiers, however, were in high spirits.

How much credit is attributed to them for putting down the King Ping’s rebellion?

When they eliminated the Empress Dowager’s influence, they were all promoted and made their fortunes, and now they are certainly no worse off!

    These people, led by Chu Ting Xiu’s Military Advisor, happily came to the palace gate and knelt down: “Your Majesty, everyone in King Ping’s party has all been arrested!”

Yan Jing Ze had the blocked door opened and walked out with Chu Ting Xiu.

    “You have done well, wait until tomorrow, all will be rewarded!” Yan Jing Ze promised.

Northern Army soldiers were even happier and knelt down to receive their rewards.

    At this moment, most of the ministers in the capital were still trembling at home.

    King Ping actually went to fight the Emperor!

So much noise in the middle of the night that many people got the news and then got dumbfounded.

King Ping’s party, while worrying that King Ping’s life will not be protected if the rebellion failed, still couldn’t help but feel excited – if King Ping were to ascend to the throne, they would certainly all rise to great heights!

    Those who were loyal to Yan Jing Ze in the past, or who have joined Yan Jing Ze these days, scolded the King Ping for his wolf ambition, while worrying about being purged.

Even those who don’t lean on either side can’t sleep at night at this point.

As time passed and the day dawned, the sound of horses’ hooves sounded in the streets of the capital, and people shouted, “No one is allowed out before noon!”

The people of the capital, both the common people and the officials, did not dare to go out until they heard these words, and when they heard them, they decided not to go out at all today.

    A year ago, there was such a day in the capital, that day, the Empress Dowager’s natal clan, Zhou Clan, was wiped out. They don’t know who was removed this time.

    At dawn, the Northern Army rode into the streets and surrounded the residences of some officials of King Ping’s Party.

    The person who won was, surprisingly, His Majesty!

    The officials in the capital were shocked and had to re-evaluate His Majesty.

    After the King Ping Rebellion, there were many things to deal with.

    As a rule, all those who participated in the rebellion are killed on sight.

However, Yan Jing Ze is not someone who kills people. The soldiers who knew what King Ping was going to do and followed King Ping into the palace were all thrown into the heavenly prison by Yan Jing Ze, while the ordinary soldiers were only put under surveillance and did not intend to kill them all.

These common soldiers had no idea what they were going to do until they were brought into the palace, and the punishment certainly didn’t deserve death.

    As for the officials of King Ping’s Party, they were arrested one by one and then interrogated one by one.

It has been more than a month since the burial of the Empress Dowager, and Yan Jing Ze has become more and more adept at handling the affairs of the court, which he does in an orderly manner.

    And while he was doing all this, Chu Ting Xiu was always by his side.

    Chu Ting Xiu was good at fighting, but not good at handling politics, and he was happy and sour to see that Yan Jing Ze looked as if he was more than capable of handling the situation.

“General, your subordinates will not fail the General’s trust.” Some of Northern Army’s officers came to Chu Ting Xiu’s side and spoke to him with great enthusiasm.

    “Mm.” Chu Ting Xiu nodded, “What have you guys been doing these past few days?” He knew nothing about how these people came to the capital, so he definitely had to ask.

    Military Advisor Li was the first to speak up.

    After he received his own general’s order, he sped back to the north, brought 20,000 men and horses into the capital, and set up camp in a village outside the capital, as ordered by his own general.

    “General, so it is King Ping who wants to rebel, no wonder you asked me to go back and deploy the troops!” Military Advisor Li, although it was His Majesty who told him about the transfer of troops, he didn’t doubt it when he saw how well His Majesty and his General were getting along, and when the General asked him to be loyal to His Majesty.

    “You’ve done well.” Chu Ting Xiu said, “His Majesty will definitely have your reward!”

    Military Advisor Li was even happier.

    But Chu Ting Xiu’s mood was a bit complicated.

    His Majesty was able to mobilize his horses and soldiers easily, and the officers under him were still grateful to His Majesty. With His Majesty’s means, it was just a matter of time before he could gather the Northern Army.

    He will be useless then.

    And… It is in fact a capital offense to mobilize troops and horses on one’s own.

    Thinking of this, Chu Ting Xiu felt a bit uncomfortable, but soon let go of it.

    He had no choice but to enjoy his time, as he was already entangled with His Majesty, and he did not want to hurt His Majesty.

    Chu Ting Xiu didn’t chat with the men of Northern Army, but only asked them to obey His Majesty’s orders.

    The officers of the Northern Army did not doubt him and all of them obeyed.

Yan Jing Ze was busy from midnight until noon the next day, when he finally had free time, he asked Wang Zhong to prepare food to eat with Chu Ting Xiu.

King Ping was caught and Chief Steward Wang was so excited that his eyes turned red. The lunch was also prepared extraordinarily well, and after the food was served, he watched His Majesty from the side.

He raised His Majesty with his own hands, saw the many hardships that His Majesty has endured, and treated His Majesty as his own child, and disliked King Ping from the bottom of his heart—a man who did not suffer at all but still had trouble His Majesty.

    Now that King Ping is down, he is very happy.

Wang Zhong’s eyes became soft as he looked at His Majesty.

    Then he was told to go down.

Yan Jing Ze doesn’t like to be stared at and eaten – he can’t even molest his own General!

“Ting Xiu, you don’t seem very happy today?” The first thing Yan Jing Ze noticed was that Chu Ting Xiu’s mood was a bit low, and he explained: “I called the Northern Army to come here, not to hide anything from you on purpose, but because I wanted to give you a surprise… It will be your birthday in a few days.”

The main thing he wanted at that time was to have some soldiers and horses around Chu Ting Xiu so that he wouldn’t be calculated by King Ping. And he also thought that Chu Ting Xiu’s totally defenseless look was really cute, so he did it himself.

Later, he originally wanted to mention this to Chu Ting Xiu, but on the days when the Empress Dowager passed away, Chu Ting Xiu was particularly passionate. When they were alone together, he didn’t have time to think about anything else.

When the Empress Dowager was buried… In order to win the trust of King Ping, Chu Ting Xiu not only didn’t stay overnight in the palace, but also didn’t spend time with him in private… He didn’t even get a chance to talk about it.

“I’m not unhappy.” Chu Ting Xiu took the initiative to hug Yan Jing Ze: “If you had told me earlier, we wouldn’t have to go a month without seeing each other.”

    After Chu Ting Xiu finished speaking, he even kissed Yan Jing Ze once.

    Chu Ting Xiu didn’t look angry, but rather very seductive.

    “You didn’t even give me a chance to say anything.” Yan Jing Ze kissed him back.

    After the two of them kissed for a while, Chu Ting Xiu asked, “Does His Majesty want to do it?”

    Of course, I do!

    But this location… He was hesitant and then he was kissed again.

    In fact, in such a place, it is also quite interesting?

After eating and tasting his lover’s taste, he went on with his business in a refreshed state of mind but Chu Ting Xiu didn’t go, he needed to rest.

    But he didn’t rest for long, and soon he left the palace and went home.

    His Majesty was very talented and had endured for many years for the sake of a great cause, so he stayed with him, mostly just to subdue the Northern Army.

It’s good that his soldiers from the Northern Army have slowly joined His Majesty so that he doesn’t have to worry about their safety. Now, only his sister… was with him.

    In the past month, Chu Tinglan and King Ping have been investigated by Chu Ting Xiu.

His sister met King Ping three years ago, when she was only thirteen years old, and when she was the most naive and easy to coax. King Ping played a game of ‘Hero saved the Beauty’ and made her fall in love with him.

Later, when his stepmother died, his younger sister was devastated, and King Ping took the opportunity to send her a couple of competent maids to whisper in her ear day after day, and her thoughts were even more devoted to the king.

    Chu Ting Xiu was a little annoyed, but his sister was still young, so he was not too angry.

The reason why he negotiated with His Majesty to have King Ping take action soon is to avoid his sister getting into too much trouble.

    As soon as Chu Ting Xiu returned home, he saw Chu Tinglan.

The Chu family residence has the personal soldiers he left behind, and last night, those personal soldiers protected the Chu family residence tightly. Nothing happened in the Chu family residence but the noise outside could always be heard.

    Chu Tinglan had been frightened all night, and as soon as she saw Chu Tingxiu, she asked, “Brother, what happened?”

    “King Ping rebelled and has been thrown into heavenly prison,” Chu Ting Xiu said.

    “Then why are you okay?” Chu Tinglan asked. These days, her brother and King Ping were extremely close. She was willing to help King Ping and she also had the opportunity to be King Ping’s Princess. She was happy, after one night, how come King Ping was imprisoned?

    “I am His Majesty’s man,” Chu Ting Xiu said.

    “You lied to us!” Chu Tinglan was suddenly furious.

    “Tinglan, you’ve sent a lot of messages to King Ping, I’m the one who bailed you out in front of His Majesty. It’s time for you to wake up,” Chu Tingxiu said, and had his personal soldiers arrest King Ping’s people beside Chu Tinglan and send them to prison.

“Brother, you’re so cruel! You betrayed King Ping.” Chu Tinglan didn’t want her maids to be taken away. She cried and screamed.

    “I have nothing to do with King Ping.”

    “How is King Ping inferior to His Majesty? His Majesty became Emperor only because he was weak and incompetent!” Chu Tinglan sobbed, “Why didn’t you help King Ping?”

    Chu Ting Xiu frowned at his sister, “If His Majesty was really weak and incompetent, how could he have easily defeated King Ping? Lock up the young lady and let Military Advisor Li come and talk to her.”

    He was a little tired now and didn’t even want to talk to his own sister.

    After dealing with his sister, Chu Ting Xiu thought about it and went back to the palace.

    The Empress Dowager was gone, and so was King Ping, and if nothing else happens, he would be next.

    Before he dies, he might as well enjoy himself.

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