BH (QT) 113 – The President (13)

Chapter 113 – The President (13)

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When Yan Jing Ze came back, Jian Yunxiu was dividing the dishes.

Yesterday, a guest was embarassed to share the meal with them. Originally, he just wanted to eat a little bit of the food in front of him, but Yan Jing Ze specially picked up more food for him…

Jian Yunxiu remembered this incident, humming in a good mood, divided the dishes on the table into three portions.

Yan Jing Ze is really good to him… A new melody came up in his head!

Then, Yan Jing Ze saw Jian Yunxiu’s face full of happiness… knocking his bowl with chopsticks.

One after the other, the sound is quite good.

The already good mood of Yan Jing Ze was now even better.

The food that Jian Yunxiu cooked was ordinary home-cooked food, but Yan Jing Ze just felt it was very delicious, but he also felt sorry for Jian Yunxiu – Jian Yunxiu, such a person addicted to cleanliness, cooking a meal, he doesn’t not know how long he had to wash his hands: “Yun Xiu, you are willing to eat the food I cook, right? I will cook at home in the future?”

“But you have to work.”

“It’s okay, I don’t have to sit in the office. I just have to take the time to go for two or three hours a day.” Yan Jing Ze said. Today, he read all his company’s information and combined it with the memory of the original owner. Everything is straightened out. He can take a few hours to finish the day’s work in the future.

When he was done with his work, he could spend the rest of his time with Jian Yunxiu, which was perfect.

“Can it be like this?” Jian Yunxiu was a little surprised.

“Of course, it can,” Yan Jing Ze said. He is a genius who never forgets anything!

Yu Ye: “……” Shouldn’t the President be very busy? He saw those big bosses write autobiographies and etc., They all say they have to work more than ten hours a day. Yan Jing Ze works two or three hours a day, will it not be a little unprofessional?

So, Yan Jing Ze is preparing to learn from the presidents in the president novels, patronizing love and not working?

But even if they don’t work, they have plenty of money.

Yu Ye remembered his poor savings and ate silently.

After the meal, Yu Ye raised the matter of moving out and said, “Yunxiu has a habit of cleanliness, he can be more comfortable after I leave.”

Of course, Yan Jing Ze did not hesitate to agree. Who likes to have a big lightbulb in their home?

But in the original owner’s memory, this Yu Ye has been very good to Jian Yunxiu… Yan Jing Ze asked him with concern what he was going to do next.

Although Yu Ye has been acting as Jian Yunxiu’s agent, he has also studied piano for many years and obtained a diploma from a prestigious foreign school. He plans to continue to work as an agent and assistant for Jian Yunxiu while looking for some related part-time jobs.

Among other things, if he took his resume to teach people to play the piano, a few hundred dollars an hour would not be a problem.

Yan Jing Ze heard of his plan and immediately said: “This is good… By the way, you will be Yunxiu’s agent, and I will give you a basic salary of 10,000 yuan a month. If Yunxiu gets a job, the commission will be calculated separately. “

Yu Ye was dumbfounded: “The basic salary… isn’t it a bit too high?” Jian Yunxiu is too shut-in and does not work much. In this case, the basic salary is 10,000 yuan, it’s a waste of money!

“Not high, Yunxiu will have to bother you a lot in the future.” Yan Jing Ze said. After finishing talking, he called Secretary Zhou and asked her to draw up an agent contract to bring it over tomorrow and help Yu Ye move by the way.

Hehe, he couldn’t wait for Yu Ye to leave sooner.

After talking about Yu Ye, Yan Jing Ze accompanied Jian Yunxiu upstairs to continue recording and posting the music to the Pianist Association’s internal website.

They use a real-name system here and all the registered pianists are well-known pianists. In addition, Jian Yunxiu has participated in many competitions abroad and held concerts in the early years. His reputation is not small… Everyone gave Jian Yunxiu a good appraisal.

At first, Jian Yunxiu was a little unsure of how to communicate with people, but the communication using internet alleviated his anxiety, plus everyone was talking about music he was familiar with…

Jian Yunxiu started to talk to them about his source of inspiration, telling them why he wanted to make such a song, and according to their suggestions, made some changes to the song that he posted.

He didn’t communicate much with people before but now he has learned a lot from such exchanges.

However, at ten o’clock in the evening, Yan Jing Ze asked him to go to bed: “You can talk to them tomorrow.”

“Okay…” Jian Yunxiu turned off the computer sadly and suddenly looked at Yan Jing Ze: “You lower your head.”

Yan Jing Ze lowered his head in uncertainty.

Then Jian Yunxiu kissed each side of Yan Jing Ze’s face, as well as his forehead and mouth, “Good night.”

Yan Jing Ze: “…” A man must be courteous and reciprocate, a drop of water should be repaid with a spring… He kissed Jian Yunxiu sixteen times, until Jian Yunxiu ran away.

Yan Jing Ze got up early the next morning to make breakfast. When making it, he also wore the disposable shower cap that Jian Yunxiu wore when he was cooking.

Secretary Zhou who came to pick up Yu Ye: “…” Mr. Yan actually can cook?! And what is this get-up?

The stand-in and the deity are really incomparable… Before, Dong Qinglin cooked for Mr. Yan and Mr. Yan did not eat much, and now he cooks by himself.

Yu Ye got up and saw it and was shocked. Then he heard Yan Jing Ze: “Yu Ye, I have never cooked before, so I didn’t cook your share… I asked Secretary Zhou to bring you breakfast, you can eat what Secretary Zhou brought.”

After speaking, Yan Jing Ze left with his freshly fried steak and bread—he was going to wake up his sleeping beauty and let him taste the love breakfast he made.

Yu Ye: “…” It’s not that you don’t cook for me because you don’t cook well. You just didn’t want to make it for me, right? However, compared to the steaks that he is tired of eating abroad, the buns bought by the big beauty are more delicious…

Yu Ye had eaten buns, signed the contract, packed his own things with Secretary Zhou, and left the luxurious villa happily.

Although he likes Jian Yunxiu very much, it is more comfortable to live alone than living with Jian Yunxiu!

It’s just a bit of a pity – because Jian Yunxiu has a cleanliness problem, he didn’t even enjoy the attentive service of the housekeeper and nanny here.

After Secretary Zhou picked Yu Ye up, it didn’t take long for him to come back.

The price of one million yuan offered by Yan Jing Ze was too high, and someone who looked like Jian Yunxiu has been found.

It was this person who came to the door by himself—he felt that one million is so much money and it could not be given to others, he wanted to take it himself.

As for why he is still a little unconcerned about coming forward with the scandalous photos flying around, and even willing to actively admit that he is the person in the photos, it is because the content of those indecent photos taken is actually the content of his work.

This man makes money by serving rich women. He is a cowboy(host) in a club that specializes in serving women.

“I originally just look like Jian Yunxiu 50-60% but I once met a customer who likes Jian Yunxiu very much, always asks for me, and later sent me abroad to do plastic surgery. Now, I have 80% similarity with Jian Yunxiu… These photos were taken by the roommate I live with, she took my photos to sell them for money. The things on the internet became too big, I was afraid that Jian Yunxiu will come and trouble me, I did not dare to come forward. Now, you announced that you will give a million, the bitch wanted to sell me to receive money, so I took the initiative… ” This person is also frank.

A few days ago, the photos of him and his guests were exposed on the Internet, he was scolded by the club boss, and the guests were afraid to come to him. His life suddenly became miserable.

Moreover, he was regarded as Jian Yunxiu and Jian Yunxiu was still such a powerful person… He was afraid that Jian Yunxiu would trouble him, so naturally he didn’t dare to take the initiative.

The people in the club knew that it was him, but no one had the brains to speak out—how can they let anyone know that they do this kind of business?

Until Yan Jing Ze offered a reward of one million.

That’s not ten thousand or twenty thousand, but one million!

Although they usually make a lot of money, they make it sporadically. They are used to spending big money, so they can’t save it. It’s not the same if there are one million. They can go back to their hometown to buy a house in cash. They don’t have to do this kind of work in the future, they can have a way out.

Many people in the club were ready to move, even the one who secretly took his photos to sell was moved… So, he simply came to the door by himself.

This person said a lot, but he was still telling the truth, not deceiving.

However, although his roommate and competitor installed a camera in his room and took pictures of him secretly, he did not intend to sell it, nor did he have the idea of dealing with Jian Yunxiu.

They are not allowed to take secret photos in their club. In fact, his roommate wanted to frame him for secretly taking pictures of guests and drive him away.

Someone took the initiative to find his roommate to buy the photo, so he doesn’t know who that person is…

Yan Jing Ze directly called the police to put an end to that clubhouse. He also let someone check the person who bought the photos.

Of course, the protagonist of the photos took the initiative to stand up and was willing to testify. Yan Jing Ze didn’t do anything to him. After giving him a million, he packed him up and sent him abroad, sent him to his previous plastic surgery hospital.

If you look at him closely, this person and Jian Yunxiu is actually very different. Yan Jing Ze cannot stand this person with a face similar to Jian Yunxiu!

The matter of Jian Yunxiu was completely clarified.

Especially since Yan Jing Ze even called the police, and the police posted the incident on Weibo, strongly condemning such plastic surgery. Now, even if someone wants to pour dirty water on Jian Yunxiu, they can’t do it.

There are countless people on the Internet who sympathize with Jian Yunxiu—Jian Yunxiu is really miserable!

“My Yunxiu is too miserable!”

“This kind of behavior is disgusting!”

“The most disgusting thing is that person who got the photo, knowing that it was not Yunxiu, still used it to frame Yunxiu!”

“Fortunately, Mr. Yan does not believe! Mr. Yan is so good!”

“Young Master Yan is too handsome!”


Jian Yunxiu and Yan Jing Ze, just like that, gained another wave of fans, and their CP fans grew stronger overnight.

The overbearing president and the high-cold musician are really well-matched!

Jian Yunxiu knew about these things on the Internet, but didn’t care.

He just felt that he was particularly happy recently!

Yan Jing Ze also feels very happy. He only needs to change clothes and take a bath after returning home, and he can hug Jian Yunxiu!

He also found that although Jian Yunxiu had a cleanliness addiction, he mainly couldn’t stand the dirty stuff from outside.

If there is dust on the stairs or something at home… he can turn a blind eye to it.

Of course, those musical instruments, his own room, he will clean up.

Such Jian Yunxiu is quite cute.

One month passed in the blink of an eye. In this month, Yan Jing Ze only went to work three hours a day in the morning, and stayed with Jian Yunxiu at other times, which made Jian Yunxiu happy every day.

The previously unpublished songs he composed were also posted on that website one after another by him during this month to communicate with other people.

It even included a short piece of horror music titled “My Brain Was Eaten” after he played Plants vs. Zombies.

And his music was highly praised on that website, especially the songs he originally planned to put in “Waning”.

There was even a musician who found Jian Yunxiu and wanted to buy the copyright of some of the songs: “This song is really good. When I played it, I thought of my lover when I was young… Recently, my friend made a movie. He needs some such music. Can these songs be used by him? The copyright fee can be negotiated.”

Jian Yunxiu was thinking about making money recently. Hearing that there was a copyright fee, he agreed without hesitation.

Yan Jing Ze was originally worried that the contract would be affected by the plagiarism, but he has been watching the exchanges between Jian Yunxiu and these people recently. And he has also learned that Jian Yunxiu played some pieces of these songs in front of his teacher, and suddenly he didn’t worry anymore.

100% of these songs were made by Jian Yunxiu. The man said that Jian Yunxiu had plagiarized, if he had the ability, stand up and confront ah!

In the original historical trajectory, except for a condemnation on Twitter, that person did not stand up to confront. Obviously, he did not dare to come out and now they don’t need to be afraid.

Some of Jian Yunxiu’s songs were used to make the theme song and background music for that movie, and he received a total of US$150,000.

The money is not too much for Yan Jing Ze, but Jian Yunxiu has been thinking about it, waiting for the day when the money arrives, he is especially happy, and his fingers happily danced on the table.

“So happy?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

“Yes!” Jian Yunxiu nodded: “A lot of money!”

If he doesn’t buy a musical instrument, so much money could be spent for many years!

But now… Jian Yunxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze: “Jing Ze, what is your bank account number?”

“What do you ask this for?” Yan Jing Ze was a little puzzled.

“To transfer the money to you,” Jian Yunxiu said.

“You want to give me the money?” Yan Jing Ze was stunned.

“Well, I will support the family too.” Jian Yunxiu nodded seriously.

“My Yunxiu is awesome.” Yan Jing Ze kissed him four times. He suddenly thought of the Dong Qinglin who had always only taken money from the original owner.

The matter about Dong Qinglin, he has always wanted to confess…

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