BH (QT) 112 – The President (12)

Chapter 112 – The President (12)

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Yan Jing Ze kissed Jian Yunxiu several times and then asked Jian Yunxiu if there is a niche website abroad where people can post piano music.

There are such websites, of course. Jian Yunxiu said that a certain musicians association that his teacher introduced him has an internal website where he can publish some of his works.

“If you don’t plan to put those songs into the album, you can publish them on that website,” Yan Jing Ze suggested.

“Why publish?” Jian Yunxiu asked.

“Let more people hear your music, isn’t it good?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

The owner of that Twitter published a lot of songs that Jian Yunxiu hasn’t released publicly, making Jian Yunxiu, the original author, a plagiarist. Such behavior is really disgusting.

But he couldn’t find that person…

“Alright.” Jian Yunxiu nodded.

Yan Jing Ze doesn’t know much about music, copyrights, and so on. At the moment, he’s just making blind suggestions, but Jian Yunxiu likes to play the piano and likes music. He doesn’t care about other things. He is not too concerned about music copyrights. After hearing Yan Jing Ze said so, he directly agreed.

The two said they’d do it and they did it, and that night, they uploaded a piece of music played by Jian Yunxiu to the website. At the suggestion of Yan Jing Ze, Jian Yunxiu also contacted his teacher abroad.

It was also after talking with Jian Yunxiu that Yan Jing Ze learned about the specific circumstances of Jian Yunxiu’s study of music abroad.

Yan Jing Ze told Old Cai before that Jian Yunxiu fell out with his family because he liked men.

But this is actually just his guess, he just said it casually, and the result… what he said turned out to be the truth.

Jian Yunxiu’s mother died of dystocia. He has never enjoyed maternal love since he was a child. His father Jian Qishan is busy with work and is not very concerned about his son. The two do not see each other several times a year. Occasionally, when they meet, Jian Qishan just asks him a few questions about his studies and tells him to study hard.

Jian Yunxiu only liked music since he was a child, but because of his father’s supervision, he still studied hard and his grades were good… Until he met “Wang Shengchao” and found that he liked men.

He is a particularly straightforward person. When the original owner transferred away, he went looking around for someone, and when the family found out that something was wrong and questioned him, he said again that he liked a man.

The son who has been raised for more than 10 years actually likes men… Jian Qishan was furious, and immediately sent Jian Yunxiu to the hospital for “treatment”.

In fact, in the past, Jian Yunxiu only liked being clean at best. After being sent to “treatment”, he developed serious addiction to cleanliness and some psychological disorders. Later, he found a psychologist abroad, and he got a little better. At least now, his cleanliness addiction does not affect his life.

At that time, Jian Yunxiu was sent for “treatment” for a few months. He became so thin and bony. In the end, Jian Yunxiu’s grandfather couldn’t bear it. He spent money to send Jian Yunxiu out of the country and found a piano teacher to go there.

But even though Mr. Jian did this, he didn’t like Jian Yunxiu and couldn’t understand him. In any case, since Jian Yunxiu went abroad, except for giving money, the Jian family didn’t care about him.

Fortunately, Jian Yunxiu was lucky and met a teacher who loves talent.

He just left the country and showed his incomparable talent in front of that piano teacher, who immediately recommended him to a well-known pianist. And finally, after some tossing and turning, he also studied under one of the most famous pianists in the world and attended a world-renowned music school on the recommendation of that pianist.

The Jian family initially provided him with living expenses, but when his grandfather died when he was 20 years old, he never received the Jian family’s living expenses. Fortunately, he was already able to make money at the time, and he had no material desires, so he got by.

Yan Jing Ze held Jian Yunxiu’s hand, wishing to traverse twenty years earlier, and a deep sense of guilt inevitably rose in his heart.

Every time he talks to Jian Yunxiu, he wants to cry.

Jian Yunxiu himself looked like he didn’t care, and jumped up and said, “I’ve got another idea!”

He went to the piano and continued to play.

Yan Jing Ze stayed next to him and watched him play the piano, with a feeling of looking at the whole world.

This is his beloved one.

Before, Yan Jing Ze was still thinking about making more money so that Jian Yunxiu could live the happiest life, but now…maybe he should make good use of his brain, finish all the work in the morning, and spend more time with Jian Yunxiu.

Time flashed by, and when a new day came, there was almost no one left online to denigrate Jian Yunxiu.

Three major events happened online.

The first event was that the Nation’s Father, Yan Guoqi, finally posted on Weibo after being tagged by countless netizens.

He didn’t mention Jian Yunxiu at all, he just sent out this post – “He is my son @Qisheng Group Director Yan Jing Ze”.

After Yan Jing Ze’s account verification was issued, people on Weibo have almost determined that he is Yan Guoqi’s son.

If he weren’t for Yan Guoqi’s son, how could he have the ability to become president at a young age and still get Qisheng’s shares?

But when Yan Guoqi never reacted, someone gloated under Yan Jing Ze’s Weibo.

“Once you come out of the closet, can you still be a director of Qisheng?”

“Aren’t you afraid of having your dad break your legs?”

“Your dad is going to come and beat you up!”


As a result, just when everyone thought that Yan Guoqi would definitely not let go of Yan Jing Ze, Yan Guoqi suddenly sent out this post.

“Before, someone said that Yan Jing Ze would be expelled from the family if he screwed up like that, so Papa Yan said so, this is protecting Yan Jing Ze, right?”

“Daddy Yan only acknowledges Yan Jing Ze, not Jian Yunxiu?”

“Upstairs, although he did not acknowledge Jian Yunxiu, but this means… at least he said that Yan Jing Ze, even after coming out of the closet, is still his son.”

“Although only five words, but the words of Father Yan are inexplicably domineering.”

“Daddy is wonderful! Daddy are you still lacking a son?”


Yan Guoqi’s Weibo was posted at 9 o’clock in the morning, and not long after he posted this Weibo, some lawyers posted letters from lawyers—Yan Jing Ze sued hundreds of people at once!

At the beginning, some self-media and popular verified account holders bombarded Jian Yunxiu, sarcastically saying this and that, but now they are all sued by Yan Jing Ze.

And this is the second major event that happened online.

As for the third major event on the Internet, it was Yan Jing Ze who posted a Weibo, offering a reward of one million to find the person who looks like Jian Yunxiu in the indecent photos.

If someone helps him find the person who looks like Jian Yunxiu in the photo, he will give one million! Even if it is just to provide clues, he will give ten thousand!

As soon as Yan Jing Ze posted this Weibo, countless people immediately yelled and reposted: “ah ah ah ah this person in the end where ah!”

“I’m going to find this person and I’ll post it if I find it!”

“A million ah ah ah ah ah!”

“I didn’t like to go out, now I’m going to go shopping!”

Saying that, someone else said, “I’ve seen someone who looks like Jian Yunxiu before.”

“There is a person in our school who looks like Jian Yunxiu.”

“Mr. Yan rushed to the front, so handsome!”

“I’m a fan! I’m a fan!”

“Jian Yunxiu is really quite miserable, being pitted.”


Yan Jing Ze asked the public relations team under his hand to post Jian Yunxiu’s resume everywhere, to show people how good Jian Yunxiu is. By now, everyone has felt that it is impossible for Jian Yunxiu to do that kind of thing.

Even Jian Yunxiu’s reputation has grown a little bit.

There are not many people who knew Jian Yunxiu before, but now with such a toss… People who like to browse on Weibo almost all know who Jian Yunxiu is!

Jian Yunxiu’s Weibo fans rose a lot all at once.

In a certain entertainment company.

Dong Qinglin had just signed up with this entertainment company and was coming over for class today, as a result, during the class, some people kept staring at him.

They were staring so much, he felt furious.

He knew why those people were staring at him… he looked a lot like Jian Yunxiu.

People from the entertainment company must have seen Yan Jing Ze’s Weibo. Seeing him who looks like Jian Yunxiu, they will naturally look at him more.

Jian Yunxiu…Why is he like a lingering ghost?

He looks a lot like Jian Yunxiu, so he is destined to become a stand-in, a cannon fodder?

No, he will not accept his fate!

Even if Yan Jing Ze cleans up these things, so what? He has a trump card in his hand!

At this time in his last life, he had a physical relationship with Yan Jing Ze, but Yan Jing Ze still let him pretend to be Jian Yunxiu.

The piano music written by Jian Yunxiu, even if it is very ordinary, Yan Jingzhe made him have to learn it and let him play it repeatedly.

Therefore, he will play all the works published by Jian Yunxiu in the next two years.

Just half a month ago, Jian Yunxiu just publicly released his solo performance album “Lights”. The songs from the solo performance album “Waning” that Jian Yunxiu will release afterwards, he played them for countless number of times.

As soon as he was reborn, he immediately registered a Twitter, played the songs from these two albums, and posted them.

At that time, there were only three months before the release of “Lights”, the album has long been in preparation. Saying “Lights” is a copy is certainly too late, but Jian Yunxiu’s “Waning” would not be released until after a year…

He can certainly give Jian Yunxiu an unforgettable lesson!

Dong Qinglin suffocated his stomach and left the company angrily. He felt better when he saw Gao Bohao’s car.

“Bohao, thank you for coming to pick me up,” Dong Qinglin smiled.

“No thanks…but Qinglin, our company is very busy, and I may not be able to pick you up in the future…” Gao Bohao looked at Dong Qinglin apologetically.

“It doesn’t matter, your company’s affairs are important,” Dong Qinglin said thoughtfully, but felt a little uncomfortable.

The location of the company he signed with was a bit off, the traffic was not so convenient, and his car was gone, so he asked Gao Bohao to pick him up. As a result, Gao Bohao came only once and didn’t want to come again.

Dong Qinglin suppressed the unhappiness in his heart, and talked to Gao Bohao, naturally mentioning Jian Yunxiu’s affairs.

Dong Qinglin’s previous remarks to Gao Bohao was that he and Yan Jing Ze fell in love, only to find that Yan Jing Ze used him as a stand-in.

His first encounter with Gao Bohao was when he went to drink after his rebirth and got so drunk that he took Gao Bohao as Yan Jingze, so much so that he grabbed Gao Bohao’s clothes and questioned him why he was treating himself so badly and where he was no better than Jian Yunxiu… Gao Bohao comforted him for a long time, and after that, the two got closer and closer.

He would often talk about Jian Yunxiu in front of Gao Bohao and express his dissatisfaction with Yan Jing Ze using him as Jian Yunxiu’s stand-in. Gao Bohao would comfort him at this time.

But today… Gao Bohao said: “Qing Lin, Yan Jing Ze has broken up with you, and he is also with Jian Yunxiu, let’s not talk about them in the future, okay?”

Who would want to listen to their boyfriend always talk about their ex-boyfriend?

“I’m just mad at… the way people at work are looking at me today, as if the person in that picture is me… clearly that’s Jian Yunxiu!”

“That shouldn’t be Jian Yunxiu,” Gao Bohao said. Yan Jing Ze must be sure that it was not Jian Yunxiu, so he dared to do this, otherwise… Yan Family’s face would be lost.

“Are you also helping Jian Yunxiu?” Dong Qinglin became furious.

When Dong Qinglin and Gao Bohao were having a disagreement, Jian Yunxiu was cooking.

He is not very demanding about food. If he is alone, he usually fry a piece of meat, get some bread and some salad, and then start eating.

Sometimes, for the sake of convenience, a slice of bread with an egg on top of it and a little microwave heating is considered a meal.

But now there is an additional Yan Jing Ze, he cooks more carefully, and today is ready to make four dishes.

Of course, he wears gloves throughout.

Yu Ye was forbidden to enter the kitchen, so he spoke to him outside the kitchen: “Yunxiu, Yan Jing Ze is really good to you! Now you have a lot more fans! Those messy things before have also been clarified.”

“Yeah,” Jian Yunxiu responded happily and couldn’t help but dance his hands a few times on the kitchen table.

He can only wash his hands again…

“It feels so good to be raised by a domineering president! Haha!” Yu Ye laughed.

Jian Yunxiu looked at him solemnly: “It’s not raising, it’s love.”

“I’m just kidding, hehehe.” Yu Ye said, “By the way, Yan Jing Ze offered a reward of one million to find the person who looks like you, I wonder if that person can be found.”

“One million?” Jian Yunxiu was confused.

“You don’t read Weibo…” Yu Ye was a little helpless.

“I don’t want to read it,” Jian Yunxiu said. Although he is not used to Weibo, he still reads it, but once he sees a comment on Weibo that makes him uncomfortable, he will not read it at all.

That is a kind of escape mentality.

“I have it here, you can check it out.” Yu Ye clicked on Yan Jing Ze’s Weibo to show Jian Yunxiu: “He is really good to you, you are like this, I can rest assured… Yunxiu, I’m planning to move out.”

He followed Jian Yunxiu before because he was socially fearful and needed him, but now that Jian Yunxiu doesn’t need him anymore, he was too embarrassed to stay here.

Jian Yunxiu stared at the Weibo for a long time before looking at Yu Ye: “You can live in my previous house. When you have work, you can come back here and pick me up.”

“Yunxiu, you still want to pick up work?” Yu Ye asked.

Jian Yunxiu nodded seriously, Yan Jing Ze offered a reward of one million!

He spends too much money, he can only work hard to earn more.

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