BH (QT) 169 – Mine Owner (18)

Chapter 169 – Mine Owner (18)

The star network has been very lively these days.

Some members of the Eighth Legion were removed from their positions. And the ordinary people of the Capital Star, who were used to a comfortable life, knew for the first time that the world was full of darkness.

At the same time, everyone began to pay attention to one person—Xia Weicheng.

Xia Weicheng’s biography was turned out and put on the star network.

Xia Weicheng was worthy of being called a young talent. He came from a noble family but he went to the military which relies on strength to speak.

The military is so strong that it’s actually not easy for him to become a Major General as an A-level warrior, but he did!

He has exterminated star thieves, led people to disaster relief, killed dangerous cosmic creatures… If his mental power level was S, he might have become a lieutenant general long ago.

Not only that, his love life is also very clean.

Some noblemen do not even agree to have their auxiliary masters do mental guidance for others, but they would hang out with others when they already had auxiliary masters… Xia Weicheng is different!

Xia Weicheng and his wife met in the army. The two have supported each other until now and their relationship has been very good. Xia Weicheng even moved out of the house for his wife.

This is a good man! He is also handsome!

Today, Xia Weicheng has a lot of fans.

Because of this, the Xia family is going to hold a banquet, so there are many people paying attention.

Before the banquet started, there were already someone squatting outside Xia family’s house, and some people were broadcasting live on the star network.

It was Kan Ye, a well-known online anchor who started the live broadcast. He changed the name of the live broadcast room to “Take you to the Xia family’s banquet” and came to the vicinity of the Xia family’s house early.

It’s almost time to watch, he opened the live broadcast and said to the audience: “Hello everyone! I brought everyone to the Xia family’s house today, not that noble Xia family, but Xia Weicheng’s home!”

“Xia Weicheng was promoted to Lieutenant General, the Xia family is going to hold a banquet to celebrate, I am bringing everyone to see this banquet!”

“Of course, we can’t get in, we can only watch from outside!”

When Kan Ye finished, there were many people posting pop-ups to encourage Kan Ye to break in.

“You are crazy, even if it looks ordinary, it is the home of Lieutenant General. Break in? Am I seeking death?” Kan Ye said: “By the way, let’s take a look at Lieutenant General Xia’s home from a distance. Well, his house is really ordinary and the location is average. It is completely different from the mansion I imagined… But the venue for his banquet is quite large because he rented the park in front of his house!”

Someone on the barrage “hahaha”, and some people said that Xia Weicheng would live.

“It’s a pity that the banquet venue uses a protective cover and I can’t see the situation inside. But I tell you, here, we can see all the people who come to the banquet!” Kan Ye said again.

Everyone just waited happily.

Of course, some people said: “Lieutenant General Xia has just become a Lieutenant General, so the guests shouldn’t be important figures, right?”

“We are waiting here, it is very likely that the people we will see are unknown…”

“It shouldn’t be like all the people who come are little transparent people that you don’t know, right?”

However… the people who first came are all people that they don’t even know.

The first to come were all friends of Xia Weicheng and friends of Mrs. Xia, who were actually already the best of the Capital Star, but were not known to everyone online.

Seeing this, people watching the live broadcast felt a bit boring.

“We knew no one who came here…”

“Not to mention the people are not famous, but there isn’t even a luxury car.”

“Is this banquet a bit low-grade?”

“Look, there’s another ordinary car here…”

Indeed, at this time another very ordinary car came.

Kan Ye saw that the audience watching the live broadcast was a bit bored, so he said: “Don’t think that the car is ordinary will have no big people in it. Maybe a legion commander can get down on those ordinary cars!”

As soon as Kan Ye finished speaking, he found that the barrage was gone.

What’s going on?

Kan Ye was wondering and he saw a barrage: ” Kan Ye, get out of the way!”

Kan Ye, who had been facing this side of the screen with his face, subconsciously stepped aside and looked behind him again, wondering what his audience had actually seen, not even looking at his face anymore.

His audience… saw the legion commander.

The First Legion Commander actually got off that ordinary car!

This… this…

Kan Ye’s entire body froze.

He just watched, with his eyes wide open, as the First Legion Commander walked past him.

Although they are a bit far apart, it can be regarded as seeing the First Legion Commander with his own eyes!

Kan Ye was stunned for a long time before he came back to his senses, and then turned to ask his audience: “I shouldn’t have seen it wrong, right?”

“Kan Ye, you didn’t see it wrong!”

“Kan Ye, do you know inside information? Why did the legion commander come as soon as you said the legion commander?”

“Lieutenant General Xia is awesome! I never thought that even the legion commander would come!”

“Will there be other legion commanders coming?”

“Definitely not! The First Legion Commander is also in charge of the Eighth Legion, so he will come, and the other commanders will definitely not come!”

“Yeah… Xia Weicheng is just a Lieutenant General after all.”

Kan Ye said: “It might be possible, maybe we can gather seven legion commanders today! Haha!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw a familiar car coming. It was a car belonging to the Seventh Legion, a female warrior who was very popular on the Internet.

Kan Ye: “!!!”

Audience: “!!!”

Then, the Second Legion Commander, the Third Legion Commander, and the other commanders also came.

Those who watched the live broadcast: “…Kan Ye, do you have inside information?!!!”

Kan Ye wiped the sweat from his head: “I really don’t!”

These legion commanders came so suddenly and so early!

People like them are usually the last to come, but today…the banquet has just begun and they are all here!

Not only Kan Ye and the people who were watching the live broadcast were dumbfounded, but also those who were planning to come to the banquet.

The lieutenant generals who had been slow and planned to go out later all went out quickly to Xia family’s house.

For a while, the door of Xia family’s house was crowded with all kinds of cars, most of which were luxury cars.

Kan Ye stayed at the door of Xia family’s house, looking dumbfounded, his audience stopped sending out barrage, just so quietly watching group after group of people crowding into Xia family’s house.

No one knows what’s going on inside now…

Xia family’s residence.

Xia Weicheng and Mrs. Xia welcomed the First Legion Commander when they were talking to their friends.

Xia Weicheng was okay. Mrs. Xia was stunned as soon as she saw the person and the person who was talking with her was also frozen.

They knew that Xia Weicheng was developed, but they didn’t expect him to be so developed…The First Legion Commander is here?

This is too good to be true!

Yet this was just the beginning.

Immediately after, the other legion commanders, also came one after the other.

The guests who came early: “!!!”

Even Xia Weicheng felt a lot of pressure and a little overwhelmed.

But in fact, these legion commanders also felt a lot of pressure and almost couldn’t bear it.

It was Allen, the Lord Marshal’s butler, who was in charge of receiving them.

The people who were responsible for registering the gifts they brought was the one who gave them money for their military expenses before, and they didn’t dare to offend people.

These waiters coming and going… if they are not mistaken, they are at least A-level warriors.

The chef who is grilling meat is even more terrifying, he was actually an SS-level warrior!

They heard that the Lord Marshal has a SS-level bodyguard by his side, this bodyguard also does not like to fight but likes to cook, it seems to be true…

These legion commanders are now one by one speechless and do not know what to say.

This is really an exceptionally high-class banquet.

The seven legion commanders said a few words to Xia Weicheng, and then asked: “Lieutenant General Xia, where is your son and your son’s bond partner?”

“They are still upstairs, I’ll go and tell them to come down…” Xia Weicheng said. Because he had to introduce Yan Jing Ze to others today, Xia Weicheng asked Yan Jing Ze and his son to come down later.

He did so, but he didn’t dare to let the Lord Marshal help him entertain the guests. But his wife misunderstood and finally asked their son repeatedly to explain some rules of the banquet to Yan Jing Ze…

Xia Weicheng just pretended not to see it.

Who told Lord Marshal to pretend to be a mine owner who came down from the countryside and didn’t know anything?

“No, no, just let them come down again later.” The First Legion’s Commander hurriedly said.

Xia Weicheng also did not go to call people, and at this time, one after another, many more people came.

Allen rented the whole park, the place is very spacious, and also can accommodate.

And when they saw these people, several legion commanders were reserved. They stood in front of the barbecue stall, not moving around, just slowly eating the meat skewers grilled by the SS-level powerhouse who was just like them.

The hover car of the Xia family’s Grandpa Xia originally drove slowly. He intended to choose a time not too early and not too late to arrive, but then he suddenly learned that several legion commanders were coming, and he immediately speeded up and rushed over…

Grandpa Xia was almost two hundred years old, not too young, coupled with his ordinary talent and ordinary physical fitness, so rushing all the way, he was not feeling well.

But even so, as soon as he came, he smiled and greeted the legion commanders.

When the legion commanders saw him, their expressions were faint.

Grandpa Xia had nothing to say: “I want Weicheng to go to the old mansion to hold a banquet, but unfortunately he doesn’t agree. This banquet is a bit crude. I neglect everyone…”

Several legion commanders looked at Grandpa Xia speechlessly.


Can this banquet be called crude?

The meat and seasonings grilled here are basically those you can’t buy outside!

The protective cover used here is what they want to buy from the Lord Marshal, but the Lord Marshal doesn’t sell it yet!

The lights, tables, and so on here are all custom made!

However, most people can’t see it…

The legion commanders had eaten barbecue and went for dessert.

If they are not mistaken… these are all good for mental power!

The legion commanders are very knowledgeable, but the others generally do not know the goods.

They felt that the banquet was not bad, but they also felt…a bit unworthy of the legion commanders.

Even Mrs. Xia was a little uneasy. Had she known that these legion commanders would come. Even if she borrowed money from Yan Jing Ze, she had to be more decent.

But now it is too late to say this.

The people are almost there. It’s time for Xia Weicheng to go up and say a few words, and then introduce Yan Jing Ze—they can’t just keep doing nothing and let the legion commanders wait!

Xia Weicheng took the stage and began his speech, after thanking the military and saying some of his thoughts, he said, “Next, I have one more thing to announce. My son, Xia Zixiu, has already formed a bond with someone, and they will be married soon.”

When Xia Weicheng finished speaking, he looked in one direction.

Yan Jing Ze and Xia Zixiu walked out of there together.

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