BH (QT) 170 – Mine Owner (19)

Chapter 170 – Mine Owner (19)

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The people who came to the banquet today, even if they were not familiar with Xia Weicheng before, they had read Xia Weicheng’s information before coming, naturally they knew about Xia Zixiu.

At that time, when they looked at the information, they thought Xia Zixiu looks really too outstanding.

And now they see the real person…

This is already beyond outstanding!

Everyone’s aesthetics are different. Some people like pure ones, some like beautiful ones, some like skinny ones, and some people like fleshy ones.

But no one can say that Xia Zixiu is not good-looking.

His eyes are clear and bright, his nose is firm and straight, his skin is delicate and fair, and his short hair is a bit messy, but it just matches his facial features inexplicably.

He is simply like a little fairy that can steal people’s souls. Almost all of the people who came to the party were stunned by him.

Nowadays, when beauty equipment is widely used, everyone can be handsome and beautiful as long as they want to. However, Xia Zixiu has a unique temperament in him. When his eyes look at people, it makes people inexplicably like him.

When the seven legion commanders saw Xia Zixiu, they understood why the Lord Marshal was willing to call Xia Weicheng “Dad”.

If they are still young, if they do not have an auxiliary master, they will definitely want to call Xia Weicheng “Dad.”

The seven legion commanders were so emotional, not to mention the others.

The top group of people in the Capital Star basically have contact with each other and there are few of their children who go to the same school as Xia Zixiu.

These people of Xia Zixiu’s age were stunned when they saw Xia Zixiu.

Xia Zixiu used to be the most dazzling one when he went to school, they always thought that he was only so handsome because he was well-groomed, but now it seems…

Xia Zixiu probably had never dressed up before in school!

Why didn’t they pursue Xia Zixiu at that time?

Some warriors regretfully slapped themselves with mental power.

Xia Qiqi and the Xia family were standing together, and their expressions were even more complicated.

Before Xia Zixiu appeared on the stage, almost everyone around was watching her, but as soon as Xia Zixiu appeared, everyone’s eyes were attracted by Xia Zixiu.

Xia Zixiu is the book protagonist and had millions of fans, she really can not compare to Xia Zixiu?

No, she is better than Xia Zixiu. So what if Xia Zixiu is outstanding? He has already formed a bond, and the bond partner is still a mine owner from the countryside!

Her boyfriend, on the other hand, will be a Marshal in the future!

Thinking about this, Xia Qiqi looked at Yan Jing Ze next to Xia Zixiu, and she felt a little uncomfortable in her heart—this person was actually more handsome than Fu Fei!

Why is he not dark anymore? Used a beauty device?

Yan Jing Ze and Xia Zixiu came out together. When they came out, the first thing people noticed was Xia Zixiu, but immediately after that, they also noticed Yan Jing Ze.

Except for a few legion commanders, everyone else got the news that Xia Zixiu had formed a bond with a mine owner from the countryside. Most of them didn’t take Yan Jing Ze to heart, but when they really saw Yan Jing Ze… They suddenly understood why Xia Zixiu was willing to form a bond with this person.

This man was equally handsome, and he stood next to Xia Zixiu, surprisingly, he was not overshadowed by Xia Zixiu at all!

Other than that, their looks are a real match!

Moreover, it can be seen that they are very affectionate, not only their mental powers are entwined together, but they are also holding hands…

Many people who came to the banquet brought their partners. Seeing this scene, they couldn’t help using their mental power to hook up their partner’s mental power. For a while, the entire venue was filled with pink bubbles.

“This is my son Xia Zixiu, he is an auxiliary master. He is studying in the Command Department of the Central Military University. He is my pride! He and his partner Yan Jing Ze will get married next month,” Xia Weicheng said again.

When Xia Weicheng mentioned Xia Zixiu, he was in a very different state, and when he mentioned Yan Jing Ze, he just mentioned him.

The seven legion commanders understood him. If they were in his place, they also wouldn’t know how to introduce Yan Jing Ze.

But other people think differently… Seeing Xia Weicheng like this, they feel that Xia Weicheng might have some opinions on Yan Jing Ze.

If it was them, they must also have an opinion.

Such an excellent auxiliary master son, the bond partner is a mine owner from the countryside, which is too uncomfortable.

However, regardless of what other people think, Yan Jing Ze is very happy at this moment, very, very happy.

The relationship between him and Xia Zixiu is now public, and with his efforts, they can get married next month!

This all simply can’t be more beautiful!

After Xia Weicheng introduced Xia Zixiu and Yan Jing Ze, he didn’t say anything else, and he took these two to meet those legion commanders.

Several legion commanders: “……” They felt their heartbeat stop when they saw the Lord Marshal who had crushed them to their knees the other day being brought before them for an introduction.

Their old bones couldn’t bear it.

Seeing the Lord Marshal laugh stupidly, the felt that something was completely wrong.

The most important thing is that… the person in front of them is using part of his mental power to entangle with Xia Zixiu while also using part of his mental power to suppress them and then plainly deliver a message, “Don’t talk nonsense!”

They didn’t dare to talk nonsense, so they could only praise Xia Zixiu: “Lieutenant General Xia is so enviable, he has such an outstanding son!”

“Your name is Xia Zixiu. I have seen your results, they are very good. The Sixth Legion welcomes you in the future.”

“Our Seventh Legion also welcomes outstanding talents like you!”

Under normal circumstances, the warrior and auxiliary master is one. Look at their Lord Marshal who was turned into a love brain. If they can get Xia Zixiu to their legion, they should also be able to incidentally have the Lord Marshal, how good is that!

Xia Zixiu did not expect these legion commanders to talk to him so pleasantly, and was flattered for a while.

The surrounding people, however, were shocked.

Could it be that Xia Weicheng has something special in his hands? Otherwise, how could he be treated differently by these big shots? Even his son was robbed!

Also, the legion commanders have praised Xia Weicheng’s son so much, how are they going to praise him now?

These people quickly thought of some words of praise, but they were of no use.

Xia Weicheng let Xia Zixiu take Yan Jing Ze to eat and did not continue to introduce them.

It’s not like he’s really a mine owner, so what’s the point of making introductions!

Xia Zixiu was relieved to be let go by his father and couldn’t help but have his attention drawn to the various kinds of food on the banquet hall.

He had been so busy before that he hadn’t eaten anything.

“Zixiu, this roast meat is very delicious, try it!” Yan Jing Ze took the roast meat on a small plate and handed it to Xia Zixiu.

Xia Zixiu’s eyes lit up after eating it.

Upon seeing it, Yan Jing Ze quickly took another dessert to Xia Zixiu: “This is… This is a special product on the planet I live on. You can try it too.”

Xia Zixiu took a bite and found that it was still delicious!

Throughout the banquet hall, there were many delicacies, and Xia Zixiu was interested in all of them, but after he finished the dessert in his hand, he probably couldn’t eat anything else…

Yan Jing Ze looked at Xia Zixiu’s expression and felt his mental power again, and then guessed his thoughts. He took the dessert in his hand and ate it: “Let’s go try something else.”

“Yeah!” Xia Zixiu said, his mental power entangled Yan Jing Ze, like water climbing on Yan Jing Ze’s mental power little by little, and then becoming one with his.

Yan Jing Ze’s mental power was about to happily exploded.

The surrounding warriors and auxiliary masters can’t feel their specific mental power interaction, but they can feel that their mental power has been entangled.

Those warriors are very envious of Yan Jing Ze—there is such a beautiful auxiliary master, this auxiliary master is also so sticky to him, really too blessed!

They regretted it again. If they knew that Xia Zixiu was actually so “sweet” long ago, they had already pursued Xia Zixiu!

Some auxiliary masters were quite envious of Xia Zixiu.

Many warriors have stinky problems, like not being so considerate to their partners. Xia Zixiu’s warrior is different. He has been taking care of Xia Zixiu!

One after another giving Xia Zixiu something to eat, and if Xia Zixiu can’t finish it, he will eat it…

Actually, if you think about it, it would be nice to find a warrior like this?

Xia Zixiu and Yan Jing Ze were eating sweetly, and Xia Qiqi came.

Xia Qiqi came to Xia Zixiu and asked, “Brother, do you really want to live with this person forever?”

Xia Zixiu frowned.

Xia Qiqi said, “He is just a mine owner from a remote planet…”

“What’s wrong with being a mine owner? He is very good, for me he is the best,” Xia Zixiu said. In this world, there is no better person than Yan Jing Ze.

Xia Qiqi looked at Xia Zixiu, always feeling that Xia Zixiu was a bit stupid.

In the book, no matter how Fu Fei pursued Xia Zixiu, Xia Zixiu did not agree to be with Fu Fei. She thought that Xia Zixiu was aromantic. As a result… in the blink of an eye, Xia Zixiu formed a bond with such a person she looked down upon.

Xia Qiqi sympathized with Xia Zixiu a little bit. When she looked at Xia Zixiu, she had pity in her eyes.

What is wrong with this Xia Qiqi? Yan Jing Ze didn’t want others to sympathize with Xia Zixiu, and immediately said “I also think I am quite good, at least you absolutely cannot find a better match than me!”

When Xia Qiqi heard Yan Jing Ze’s words, she was stunned—is this person too arrogant?! She was so angry but also wanted to laugh: “My boyfriend is Fu Fei!”

“Isn’t it just Fu Fei?” Yan Jing Ze said, “What’s so great about it.”

“You…” Xia Qiqi looked at Yan Jing Ze: “Fu Fei is the best!” In this book, although Xia Zixiu is excellent, but Fu Fei is obviously better!

“Fu Fei is the best?” Yan Jing Ze was speechless. He can admit that Fu Fei has good talent, but there are many young people with good talent in Capital Star. Even without him, Fu Fei will not be the best.

“Fu Fei is the best?” another person asked, that person is none other than the “lone wolf” who helped Xia Zixiu to speak in the forum. He is the grandson of the First Legion Commander, his talent is also S-level, he fought with Fu Fei in the school, and even defeated Fu Fei.

“Yes!” Xia Qiqi said with a straight face.

However, just as Xia Qiqi finished speaking, Fu Fei suddenly appeared and pulled her away.

This time, Fu Fei also came to the banquet.

He came after learning that all the seven legion commanders had arrived. He wanted to try to figure out what happened to his father’s sudden injury, and to ask for an explanation for his father.

As a result, he saw that Xia Qiqi was offending people…

Fu Fei immediately pulled her away.

“Fu Fei, what are you doing?” Xia Qiqi said.

“Don’t say anything…”

“Why can’t I say? You are a thousand times, 10,000 times better than that Yan Jing Ze,” Xia Qiqi said.

Yan Jing Ze: “…” Such a person as Fu Fei can be crushed to death by his mental power’s pressure alone!

Yan Jing Ze began to wonder how to confess to Xia Zixiu, however, before he could do anything, a harsh alarm sounded suddenly.

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