BH (QT) 171 – Mine Owner (20)

Chapter 171 – Mine Owner (20)

The ear-splitting alarm cut through the night sky, resounding throughout the Capital Star.

People in different time zones of Capital Star, whether they were working, sleeping, eating, or doing other things, were all startled by the alarm at this moment and jumped up.

The Galactic Alliance has been at ease for a long time, and there has been no large-scale war broke out in the last few hundred years.

But the sound of the alarm is familiar to everyone—it will be taught repeatedly in the school.

This alarm means that the planet is under attack and the attackers have entered the planet’s atmosphere!

In the past, even if the Galactic Alliance had a battle with other interstellar nations, the battle would not reach the Capital Star. Even if the Capital Star was reached, the invaders could not enter the Capital Star. But now, there are invaders entering the Capital Star?

At the banquet hall, the people who were talking and laughing were instantly stunned, and the expressions of several legion commanders changed drastically.

The invaders actually hit their doorstep, which is a great shame for them!

Some people who were not soldiers at all were dumbfounded by the sound of the alarm, and for a moment became dizzy: “What the hell is going on?”

“Could it be that the alarm was broken?”

“How could there be invaders?”

Outside the banquet venue, the anchor Kan Ye was chatting with his audience.

He smiled and looked at the live ball floating next to him: “Although the big shots have entered now, I will still stick around and never leave. After all, they will come out again after they enter!”

“Surely you want to see those legion commanders again, right?”

“Hahahaha, viewers who came late, if you want to watch the wonderful scenes of the seven legion commanders gathered in this live broadcast room, you can watch the replay!”

As a result, as he was talking, an alarm sounded suddenly.

“Damn! It turned out to be a first-level alarm!” Kan Ye was dumbfounded: “What’s the matter?”

Those who watched the live broadcast were equally dumbfounded and left messages. The vast majority of people were expressing their fears.

Kan Ye said: “I’m afraid too, I’m really afraid. Wait, I don’t seem to have to be afraid, there are seven legion commanders by my side! The place where I am staying should be very safe!”

The audience envied Kan Ye, and Kan Ye said again: “Wait, I suddenly feel a little dangerous… Do you think those invaders will attack here? After all, if the seven legion commanders are wiped out…”

Audience: “Master Kan, have you discovered that many of the things you said today have come true? Please don’t say it!”

However, at this moment, a huge spaceship was pressed down towards the area where the Xia family was located.

Kan Ye was right again, the invaders… really want to wipe out the seven commanders in one fell swoop!

Before, even though he heard the alarm, Kan Ye still behaved very relaxedly. He had confidence in the Galactic Alliance.

But now that he saw the spaceship, his whole body was suddenly nervous.

He even had a feeling of “it’s over”.

If the invaders attack the people at the banquet, those strong people at the banquet may be able to escape, but weak people like him… a little bit of shock wave will kill him.

Although he is a warrior, he is only the lowest grade F warrior, and he can’t do much at all!

Kan Ye’s audience also became worried: “Kan Ye, what now?”

“Master Kan, run!”

“God, there are children among the people who came to the banquet, what about those people?”

Kan Ye wanted to run, too, but the spaceship was so massive that it not only blocked the entire place, but also sent out many missiles!

It’s over… Kan Ye closed his eyes and prepared to die.

Unexpectedly, a huge protective shield suddenly surrounded a large area with the villa of the Xia family as the center. All the missiles were blocked, and when the spaceship crashed into it, it only made a small opening in the protective shield. And the opening was immediately blocked by another protective cover.

Kan Ye, who thought he would not even have time to say his last words, was stunned.

All the viewers, too, were stunned, looking dumbfounded at the ship outside the shield that was instantly set ablaze – the invaders, are they just gone?

Kan Ye opened his mouth and was about to say something when the fence on the banquet in front of him suddenly fell outward, and at the same time a voice rang out, “All those below the A level of mental power, take shelter in the villa! All those below the A level of mental power, take shelter in the villa!”

This… Kan Ye was stunned, suddenly realized something, and ran towards the villa quickly—all people with low combat levels can go to the villa to escape, including him of course!

When the Xia family hosted the banquet this time, there were many people squatting outside. In addition to anchors like Kan Ye, there were also some reporters. Seeing Kan Ye’s movements, these people rushed towards the direction of the villa.

In the banquet hall.

At first, when the alarm sounded, the people who came to the banquet thought that the alarm might be broken, but when the spaceship crashed headlong…

Some were frightened and fell to the ground, some were so scared they cried, and some even fainted directly.

Fortunately, the protective cover appeared.

The spacecraft is still sending missiles one after another, and the entire protective shield looks precarious… Fortunately, Allen reacted quickly and immediately let those who are not high-level go to the villa—the protection level over there is higher than the outside!

Some of the guests flew to the villa to hide, but there were also many people standing in place, looking at the explosion above.

Yan Jing Ze was also one of those standing in place, looking at the explosion above him, and frowning as he asked, “What the hell is going on here?”

“My Lord, it’s the Zerg! Someone should have colluded with the Zerg,” one of Allen’s sons appeared beside Yan Jing Ze.

The seven legion commanders came to Yan Jing Ze the moment the spaceship appeared. Xia Weicheng also came to his son, and those generals and lieutenant generals came to the legion commander… Finally, all the powerful people gathered together.

At this time, hearing the words of Allen’s son, someone said, “How can it be the Zerg? The military headquarters didn’t get any news at all!”

But as soon as this person’s words fell, a legion commander said, “It’s the Zerg!”

Everyone was quiet immediately, and at the same time they noticed that some creatures with teeth and claws had emerged from the wreckage of the spacecraft explosion. They were indeed Zergs.

The Zerg was a very terrifying race.

They are also intelligent creatures of various shapes, but most of them are soft-bodied, with many feet, and more importantly, this race is particularly good at eating.

They eat everything but their own kind, and they like to eat energy – for example, the flames that humans are afraid of, they can absorb the energy inside.

Not to mention, their reproductive ability is still very strong.

So, this race has almost always invaded everywhere, and their civilization has developed during the aggression.

For tens of thousands of years, they have been constantly conquering, grabbing planets and then living and breeding on them, and then going to grab the next one when all the resources are exhausted.

If they encounter a rival and are defeated, then they retreat, recuperate for a few years, and then go back to rob.

When the Galactic Alliance was first established, they encountered them. And had it not been for the fact that humans had evolved mental powers, and had the Zergs not been driven over by another civilization at that time and had themselves badly damaged, humans would not necessarily have won.

Now they are making a comeback…

All the people present had stony faces, and at this time, on the periphery of their group, there were people making a scene.

“You let go of me!” Xia Qiqi said to Fu Fei.

At first when the alarm sounded, Xia Qiqi didn’t take it seriously, and later when she saw the airship, she didn’t take it seriously either.

But now that she saw the spaceship explode and the Zerg come out, her expression changed drastically, she wanted to go to the villa to hide – the people here will definitely protect the old and weak in the villa, right?

It’s no wonder that Xia Qiqi is scared. In that book, the Zerg is a very terrifying creature. When they first appeared on Capital Star, they not only killed the First Legion Commander, but also killed many powerhouses, and blood flowed everywhere!

She really didn’t dare to confront these guys!

Xia Qiqi was trembling, but Fu Fei took her hand.

“Let go of me!” Xia Qiqi screamed again.

“Qiqi?” Fu Fei looked at Xia Qiqi puzzledly and let go of her hand.

Xia Qiqi turned around and ran.

The people present were a little speechless when they saw this scene, but no one blamed her… It’s normal for a young auxiliary master to be unwilling to participate in the battle.

But Fu Fei looked at Xia Qiqi, and then at Xia Zixiu who stood firmly on the spot, and felt extremely disappointed.

However, there are actually many people like Xia Qiqi. In the villa, many people are crying: “I shouldn’t have come to this banquet.”

“I’d never come if I knew it.”

“Zerg, it’s the Zerg…”

“What should we do?”

The people in the villa burst into tears and Kan Ye’s live broadcast recorded everything and went out live.

It’s not just him, but other people who are broadcasting live. At this moment, almost all of the entire Capital Star, including the surrounding planets, are watching the situation here online.

“Those waiters haven’t escaped to the villa! Run for it!”

“I hope they’re all okay!”

“It is said that the protective cover can’t stop the Zerg, what should we do?”

The protective cover is indeed unable to stop the Zerg. The huge energy generated by the explosion of the spaceship can consume the protective cover, and can also be absorbed by the Zerg. The Zerg can also gnaw off the protective cover.

However, the quality of this shield was obviously good, and it was surprising that it didn’t break even now.

“The protective shield is going to be unable to hold it,” Allen said suddenly.

“Stand by!” The First Legion Commander yelled immediately, and he took a look at Yan Jing Ze as he spoke—this banquet venue actually used a protective cover of the same level as the military headquarters!

A protective shield that he couldn’t even buy!

He was really too jealous of Xia Weicheng! How come he didn’t have a son like Xia Zixiu?

After the First Legion Commander said to stand by, everyone present, let out their mental power.

Zerg is a kind of magical race. They can advance directly in the universe and can absorb energy, so physical attacks are almost useless to them. The best way to kill them is to attack them with mental power.

The seven legion commanders are all SS-level warriors, should they be able to kill them? People thought about it this way, and suddenly realized something was wrong.

Many people in the villa were warriors or auxiliary masters, and at this moment, they were shocked.

“Those waiters are all warriors!”

“Oh my god, the one who served me the drink before is at least an S-level warrior!”

“Why are they serving as waiters?”

“So, this is actually a trap to lure the Zerg?”

The ship above the protective shield was still burning, and you could see through the shield that there were hundreds of huge, disgusting insects writhing inside, gnawing at the shield.

The protective shield suddenly collapsed, and these Zergs fell from the sky one after another like rain.

The First Legion Commander said: “Attack!”

After he finished speaking, he took the lead and rushed up, mentally attacking a zerg.

Standing at the window of the villa, Kan Ye looked outside with a stony face, and explained to his audience: “The Zerg is not afraid of physical attacks, but it is afraid of mental attacks. In previous wars, warriors above A-level can cause great damage to a zerg, and low-level warriors can unite and also stop a zerg.”

“The seven legion commanders are all SS-level warriors, they will definitely be able to kill those insects!”

“In the past records, the most powerful zerg of the Zerg race could only resist the attack of an S-level warrior!”

“We will definitely win!”


However, as soon as Kan Ye finished speaking, he saw the First Legion Commander cover his head and scream in pain.

At the same time, a huge insect in those group of Zergs that looked like a large cabbage worm, only black in color, actually spoke human language: “Humans, SS-level warriors can’t kill us anymore…”

They dare to come this time because they have evolved and can now withstand the attacks of SS-level warriors!

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