BH (QT) 172 – Mine Owner (21)

Chapter 172 – Mine Owner (21)

The originally decorated banquet venue is now full of huge insects. They are all oddly shaped and big, wriggling and swinging, and they are disgusting when they crawl around.

There was also a worm that ate the whole barbecue stand next to it, making a “crack-crack-crack” sound…

It was this sound that made the battle start again—the man in charge of the barbecue shouted “My stall” and rushed over in angrily, fighting with the worm.

It’s amazing that he hasn’t fallen on his face yet!

“That barbecue chef is a SS-level powerhouse…” a man in the villa said leisurely.

This person was an S-level warrior, but he was not young, and his mental power had rioted before, so he did not go to fight.

But although he is not in good health, he still has eyesight!

Now that his words came out, the people in the Xia family’s villa were dumbfounded again—that person in charge of the barbecue turned out to be an SS-level warrior?

“No wonder the commanders of the legion gathered around him to eat barbecue,” someone said.

“So, the legion commanders, are they here for him?” someone said again.

“At this banquet… why are there so many powerhouses?” Those waiters were very strong, and at this time, they were all armed with weapons, and they were full of battle spirit.

No one can answer these questions, everyone does not know what is going on. Many of them went to see the Xia family who had taken refuge in the villa, but the Xia family was full of confusion and did not know anything.

Not to mention the Xia family, even Mrs. Xia did not know what was going on.

Xia Weicheng did not enter the villa, Mrs. Xia, as his wife, also stuck to his side.

Then, Mrs. Xia watched Butler Allen, who had been regarded as a good friend by her in the past few days, suddenly released his mental power and became an S-rank warrior.

The chef who made her taste the barbecue is even more powerful and turned out to be an SS-level powerhouse!

There are also those young waiters, all of whom are at least A-level warriors.

If the situation wasn’t so urgent now, Mrs. Xia would have grabbed Allen and shook him by the shoulders to ask him what the hell was going on!

Others were also shocked. Those generals and lieutenant generals began to doubt life—the S-level warriors as powerful as them were actually serving as waiters! They also want to ask what is going on!

The battle between the zergs and the humans, however, has already begun.

Several legion commanders rushed to the forefront, those generals and lieutenant generals did not fall behind, even the young generation of S-level powerhouses like Lone Wolf and Fu Fei also rushed up.

Zergs are cannibals. If these Zergs kill all the legion commanders, the entire Galactic Alliance will be ruined in the future!

The people here are not necessarily good people, but at this moment, they are all united together.

When Fu Fei went up to fight, he even said to Xia Zixiu: “You hide in the villa!”

Xia Zixiu ignored him and said to Yan Jing Ze, “Jing Ze, you go to the villa!” He has recently improved his mental power a lot, although he has not been tested, but he should have A level, in this case, he wants to stay, but Yan Jing Ze is different.

Yan Jing Ze had been living on a remote planet before and he had not received relevant training. He dared not let Yan Jing Ze go to fight.

Yan Jing Ze: “…”

Yan Jing Ze looked at the battlefield not far away. Today, he is definitely going to make a move.

There is no problem with making a move, the problem is… how should he explain it later?

Basically, all the warriors with high mental power levels at the banquet have already started fighting, and the auxiliary master is nearby to assist.

But they are still at a disadvantage—those Zergs have come prepared!

Kan Ye didn’t speak anymore, just broadcasted the fighting situation to the entire Capital Star.

At this moment, in Capital Star, there are countless people praying for those warriors.

Of course, there are people who are different, such as Cossack.

Cossack was also watching the live broadcast, and his face was smug when he saw human beings falling down the wind.

The only thing that makes him dissatisfied, perhaps, is that… Fu Fei was even there.

In any case, Fu Fei is his son. He doesn’t want Fu Fei to have an accident, but it’s okay if Fu Fei has gone.

He is now a waste, it doesn’t matter if his son is dead.

And… he was very dissatisfied with Fu Fei.

Before his mental power riot, Fu Fei could find a few better auxiliary masters to help him comb his mental power. Why did he go to Xia Qiqi?

That Xia Qiqi didn’t know how to channel his mental power at all, and she was even procrastinating in doing things, and she was not at all concerned about his injury!

He could have recovered better but because of Xia Qiqi, his current situation is so bad!

Cossack hates Xia Qiqi.

Xia Qiqi didn’t know that Cossack hated herself, she was still thinking about Cossack now.

Cossack is the Marshal, the strongest person in the Galactic Alliance, and he has a unit that belongs to him alone. Now that something like this happens, Cossack will definitely come?

She regretted the act of hiding in the villa. She should have been fighting alongside Fu Fei.

But those Zergs are really scary… Maybe those people will be eaten!

Thinking like this, Xia Qiqi suddenly saw Yan Jing Ze walking towards the Zerg.

“What is the mine owner going to do on the battlefield? Interrupting other people’s battles?” Xia Qiqi said.

The people around also found it strange that this mine owner from a remote planet was still planning to go and fight with the Zerg?

Previously, Kan Ye’s live ball was filming those legion commanders. Now someone talks about Yan Jing Ze. As soon as Kan Ye’s mental power moves, the live ball aimed at Yan Jing Ze. Kan Ye also explained: “Xia Weicheng’s eldest son has formed a bond with a mine owner from a remote planet. That is the mine owner. He will also go to fight…”

“Go for it!”

“He’s a good guy!”

“I hope he’s okay…”


People on the star network began to bless him, and at the same time, Cossack’s face changed.

He only saw Yan Jing Ze now, and also until this moment, did not know that Yan Jing Ze was also there.

So he’s the one who’s the bond partner of Xia Weicheng’s son! No wonder all those legion commanders are trying to please Xia Weicheng!

Finding out that Yan Jing Ze was there, Cossack was a little worried, but he soon relaxed.

So what if Yan Jing Ze was there?

Those zergs are very strong, even if Yan Jing Ze is at the SSS level, he may not be able to win! He might even be killed by those zergs!

If they all die, that would be great!

Cossack was energetic.

At this time, Yan Jing Ze had already arrived on the battlefield.

Those legion commanders breathed a sigh of relief when they saw this—this person is about to make a move and it will become much easier!

But other people’s ideas are different from theirs.

The Lone Wolf said to Yan Jing Ze: “Get out of the way, it’s dangerous here!”

Fu Fei even said: “This is not where you should be!”

Xia Zixiu followed Yan Jing Ze, gave Fu Fei a glare, and said to Yan Jing Ze: “Jing Ze! Let’s hold off that zerg together!”

If Yan Jing Ze is unwilling to leave, then they will fight together.

“No, I’ll be fine alone,” Yan Jing Ze said to Xia Zi.

He didn’t rush to make a move before because other people were not in danger and he wanted to see the strength of these zerg races. Now…

The people under his hands are already in danger!

Allen’s two sons are young, they like to fight and rush to the front. At this moment, one of them is about to be bitten in half by a zerg.

Yan Jing Ze suddenly made a move and rescued him. At the same time, all the mental power he had put away before was also released.

All the warriors’ and auxiliary masters present were all dumbfounded for a moment.

How powerful is this mental power? They were all suppressed by this mental power!

This is… whose mental power is this again?

And no matter how confused the others were, Xia Zixiu was not confused.

The mental powers of him and Yan Jing Ze are bound.

When he had a mental interaction with Yan Jing Ze before, he felt that the two had about the same mental power, they were equal in all aspects, and had contacts, but at this moment…

His mental power was drowned in the mental power of Yan Jing Ze.

How could Yan Jing Ze have such a powerful mental power?

Xia Zixiu was frozen on the spot, and at this time, Yan Jing Ze had already made a move against those zergs.

He took a look at the size of these insects and directly released his mecha “God of War”.

Although the mecha’s thermal weapons are useless against the insects, but with a mecha, it will be more convenient!

“God of War! It’s the God of War!” Lone Wolf, who had just tried to stop Yan Jing Ze, got excited.

“God of War?” Fu Fei was shocked.

The people in the villa, as well as those watching the live broadcast, also got excited: “It’s the God of War!”

Only Xia Qiqi did not understand: “What is the God of War?”

Everyone around looked at Xia Qiqi with expressions of looking at a fool—the picture of God of War was on the textbook, this person does not know?

Of course, they have no time to take care of Xia Qiqi. The problem now is… It seems that God of War was brought out by the mine owner who formed a bond with Xia Zixiu…

He actually took out the God of War, who is he?

Is it the Lord Marshal?

This mine owner turned out to be the Lord Marshal?!

As everyone was thinking this, they saw Yan Jing Ze enter the mecha and then while using his mental power to suppress one of the zergs around him and killing it, he grabbed the tail of this zerg and started waving it around to whip the other zergs.

The body of the zerg is really solid, no matter how you whip it, it cannot be broken, relying on this cannot kill the zerg.

However, Yan Jing Ze’s mental power can destroy their spiritual sea and kill them completely. And when he used the zerg to whip the other zergs, in fact, his own mental power was also used!

Everyone saw that the mecha God of War was carrying a zerg, chasing other zergs who were running, and when he caught up, he went up and gave one a fierce whip…

Then the zerg that was whipped did not move, followed closely by the second zerg he went after…

In the middle, Yan Jing Ze also took the time to say to the warriors who had nothing to do after he shot: “You guys go protect the people in the villa, don’t let these zergs hurt them, and don’t interfere with my fight.”

The Seven Legion Commanders: “…”

“Everyone, go back quickly, don’t disturb our lord in battle.” Allen stood up, still looking like an elite butler.

Lone Wolf and others: “…”

The previous battle was extremely fierce, and they were all ready to die here, but what’s going on now?

Those powerful insects, each with the combat effectiveness of SS-level warriors, are just being chased and beaten?

Not to mention, when these zergs tried to run, another protective shield came out.

Although these zergs can chew off the protective cover, it takes time, but Yan Jing Ze doesn’t give them time…

“What the hell is going on?” Mrs. Xia finally caught Allen.

Allen smiled and looked at Mrs. Xia: “Madam, my young master has another identity besides the owner of the mine.”

Mrs. Xia: “What identity?”

“My lord is still the Marshal.” Allen smiled modestly.

“Lord Marshal… why does he pretend to be a mine owner?” Mrs. Xia suddenly looked at Allen.

Allen was full of seriousness as he defended Yan Jing Ze: “Madam, my lord did not pretend to be a mine owner, he is a mine owner and he owns many mines.”

Hell, he owns a lot of mines…

Xia Zixiu looked at Allen and thought of what Yan Jing Ze looked like the first time he saw Yan Jing Ze… His mental power was even lowered.

He is not in a good mood now, but he can’t influence Yan Jing Ze’s fight, so he simply takes back his mental power first!

Yan Jing Ze: “!!!”

Before, Xia Zixiu’s mental power had always been held by him with his own mental power. That little ball of mental power was so cute that it made his heart melt…

But now, Xia Zixiu ran away!

Xia Zixiu must be angry!

Yan Jing Ze was a little anxious, so he attacked more ruthlessly. The zergs avoided it and the leader shouted angrily: “You humans are so cunning! Tricking us into coming over and killing us all at once!”

However, as soon as this zerg finished speaking, it was smacked away by Yan Jing Ze with the corpses of other zergs – this worm that speaks human language looks really unpleasant!

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