BH (QT) 173 – Mine Owner (22)

Chapter 173 – Mine Owner (22)

Yan Jing Ze was in a bad mood.

When he is in a bad mood, his temper will be grumpy. Once he is grumpy, he will be a little bit cruel when hitting the zergs.

The zergs that had previously beaten all the legion commanders everywhere are now being chased and beaten by him.

Legion Commanders: “…”

Previously, when Yan Jing Ze beat Cossack to the ground in front of them, they felt that Yan Jing Ze was only one level higher than them at best, probably SSS level, but now it seems…

This is definitely not only SSS level!

They are very fortunate now, fortunate that they are still honest.

The powerhouses in the younger generation like Lone Wolf: “…”

They had always thought they were very powerful, but today they were smashed awake.

The people around them wearing waiter uniforms are about the same age as them and are not weaker than them, but there is also such a demon like Yan Jing Ze!

Fu Fei’s expression changed drastically. He felt pity for Xia Zixiu before. He felt that Xia Zixiu’s partner was not as good as himself. The result? Xia Zixiu’s bond partner turned out to be the Marshal!

The Marshal likes Xia Zixiu, he saw Xia Zixiu’s excellence, but he lost Xia Zixiu…

In the villa.

Before, the people in the villa were in a bad mood. They all felt that they would be eaten by zergs. On the remote planet of the Galactic Alliance, the people at the bottom might live because they are busy making money, they don’t understand zergs at all, but they all know a lot about the zergs.

A hundred or so zergs that could withstand the attacks of SS-class warriors would have no trouble destroying a planet!

Among them, there are actually many who have already written their suicide note on their private accounts.

In the blink of an eye, the situation has changed!

What’s the point of writing a suicide note? Go wave the flag for the Marshal at once!

“Lord Marshal is too powerful!”

“So, Yan Jing Ze is the Lord Marshal! No wonder all the legion commanders are here today!”

“No wonder those attendants are all strong, even the man who grilled the meat has SS-level mental power!”

“The protective cover of our villa, I just studied it, and it is definitely not inferior to the protective cover of the Military Headquarters!”

“The Marshal is worthy of being a marshal!”

“The God of War is so handsome!”

The people in the villa praised Yan Jing Ze, and everyone who watched the live broadcast on the star network was too excited: “I love you, Master Kan! Not only did you show us the legion commanders, you even let us see the Lord Marshal!”

“Marshal ah ah ah ah!”

“I went back to watch the replay and also took a screenshot. The Marshal is so handsome! The man next to him is his auxiliary master? He’s also so handsome!”

Everyone was very excited, only Xia Qiqi looked in a trance: “You said he is the Marshal? How is this possible!”

“He must be the Marshal! If he is not the Marshal, how can he have the God of War?”

“Didn’t the Marshal also go to the Military Headquarters the day Yan Jing Ze came to the Capital Star? The timing just happened to be right!”

“No wonder Cossack did that… he angered the Marshal!”

Xia Qiqi muttered to herself: “This is impossible, this is impossible…” Shouldn’t the marshal be Cossack? Why is it Yan Jing Ze?

She wanted to ask other people so much, and suddenly realized that it was not good to ask, so she resisted asking.

She began to recall the contents of the book.

The book was written from Xia Zixiu’s perspective and occasionally from Fu Fei’s perspective. It said how powerful the Marshal was and how many things he possessed, but… the other legion commanders were not very convinced of Cossack.

In the book, Cossack used military expenses and other things to teach the legion commanders to be “obedient.”

If the Marshal is really that powerful, then he shouldn’t be like this?

As she was thinking about it, she saw the seven legion commanders not far away, all looking at Yan Jing Ze with admiration.

Now these people don’t say that they oppose Yan Jing Ze, they are all admiring Yan Jing Ze!

Xia Qiqi seemed to be poured a bucket of cold water on her head, the whole person suddenly sobered up!

The things in the book are not necessarily correct. And there are still many things that may not be written in the book.

For example, if Cossack can become the Marshal, there may be other secrets.

So now… Cossack is really a useless person and no longer the Eighth Legion Commander?

The halo disappeared, and when Xia Qiqi went to see Fu Fei again, she suddenly felt…Fu Fei had many problems.

Xia Qiqi had never suffered any setbacks before crossing, she was very simple and liked to fantasize. She felt that such a proud son of heaven like Fu Fei liked Xia Zixiu, and Xia Zixiu was dead set on not being with him was just plain hypocrisy.

But when she came to her senses, she thought again of what had happened the other day…

Fu Fei had actually been hurting Xia Zixiu.

Now with the replacement of Yan Jing Ze, everything has changed.

Xia Weicheng was rescued, a huge criminal gang was destroyed, and even the Eighth Legion Commander was severely injured.

Yan Jing Ze did so much, but what about Fu Fei? In the book, Fu Fei killed a Lieutenant General and exposed the whole matter to let Xia Zixiu not pursue it anymore!

Yan Jing Ze was really good to Xia Zixiu. He didn’t mind everything that Xia Zixiu had done before. Previously at the banquet, the food that Xia Zixiu couldn’t eat, he didn’t mind taking and eating it.

Just, why did the plot become like this?

Because Xia Zixiu is the protagonist and he has the protagonist halo? So, without Fu Fei, he can get a better one?

Xia Qiqi entire body was in a bit of a trance.

The people around saw this and unconsciously moved away from her a little.

Xia Qiqi has not treated Xia Zixiu very well before, and has gone to trouble with Yan Jing Ze before… They don’t want to get involved with her.

Yan Jing Ze doesn’t know what other people think, he is still beating the zergs.

To be honest, these insects are not easy to kill.

There are too many of them and they are very strong. It is easy for him to deal with one or two, but it takes time and effort for him to deal with a group.

The most important thing is that Xia Zixiu has never responded to him, making him a little nervous…

Blame these insects!

He could have explained to Xia Zixiu properly!

Choose a night when the two of them are deeply affectionate, he can make his identity clear, and then end it with a fight on the bed, how great!

Yan Jing Ze killed another zerg.

His brutal appearance made many people unconsciously afraid, and also made those zergs afraid, and even began to beg for mercy.

“Begging for mercy? It’s too late!” Yan Jing Ze thought of something, he said, “I went to all that trouble to get you here, I’ll make sure to kill you all!” These zergs seem to have misunderstood that this is a trap, so just let them continue to misunderstand.

“Damn, damn…” The zergs were very angry: “Cossack lied to us!” They had now decided that this was a trap.

Originally, it was agreed that they would just come to the Capital Star to make trouble, and preferably get one or two legion commanders killed, but what’s the result?

There were powerful protective shields here, countless powerhouses in disguise, and even such a calamity!

Cossack had tricked them!

“Cossack?” Yan Jing Ze was a little surprised when he heard such a name suddenly.

The Eighth Legion Commander is not simple…

Speaking of which, in the original historical trajectory, if the original owner was not so simple and killed Xia Qiqi directly, and even died with Fu Fei and Cossack, he might have been killed by Cossack!

The voices of these bugs were loud, and when Yan Jing Ze heard them, others also heard them.

Fu Fei’s face turned white, while the seven army chiefs did not hesitate to issue some orders.

Cossack, who was watching the live broadcast at home, saw Yan Jing Ze’s attacks. When he crushed those insects, he already felt a “bad premonition”, and now he feels that everything was finished.

His mental power rioted again, making him unable to escape at all, and moreover, it didn’t take long for someone to break in…

At the banquet venue.

Since these zergs have “confessed” the person who conspired with them, they can die a painful death… Yan Jing Ze killed the last zerg.

After killing it, he threw the zerg in his hand and began to face an exceptionally serious problem – how was he going to explain to Xia Zixiu properly?

Before Yan Jing Ze got out of the mecha, his mental power had already wrapped Xia Zixiu with a heavy apology.

Xia Zixiu subconsciously wanted to stretch out his mental power but he resisted it.

He had been worried when Yan Jing Ze was fighting and had no time to think much about it. But now that he thought about it carefully, he realized that he didn’t know anything about Yan Jing Ze at all.

What’s more, no matter what Yan Jing Ze wanted to do with such a false identity, this person wanted to marry Xia Qiqi in the first place, right?

He was sent in place of Xia Qiqi!

And after they got married because of Fu Fei, Yan Jing Ze wanted a divorce, at that time, did he still want to marry Xia Qiqi?

Xia Zixiu knew that Yan Jing Ze liked him, his mental power couldn’t be faked, moreover, Yan Jing Ze formed a bond with him… But thinking about this, he was still very unhappy.

Also, some things that Yan Jing Ze did before that moved his heart, such as putting his “entire assets” into the joint account. Now, looking at it… it’s not Yan Jing Ze’s entire assets at all?!

They are already married, formed a bond, and sleep in one bed, and Yan Jing Ze is still hiding it from him!

What is this all about?

Xia Zixiu stubbornly pulled away from the mental power threads of Yan Jing Ze that wanted to rub his head, glaring at the mecha God of War not far away.

Yan Jing Ze, on the other hand, has already opened the mecha.

He wanted to make a handsome appearance, but he never got Xia Zixiu’s response, he was a little flustered.

He even felt like he was finished.

What if Xia Zixiu didn’t want to respond to him with his mental power and didn’t want to be kissed and hugged by him anymore?

He and Xia Zixiu only met for a few days, and he was only happy for a few days, but even if Xia Zixiu ignored him for only a day, he couldn’t stand it ah!

Yan Jing Ze was anxious and completely forgot to “appear handsome”.

He jumped out of the mecha and ran directly towards Xia Zixiu: “Zixiu, listen to my explanation! I really didn’t mean to hide it from you…”

That expression of his anxious explanation was instantly screenshotted by countless people.

People who originally wanted to see the handsome Marshal: “……”

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