BH (QT) 174 – Mine Owner (23)

Chapter 174 – Mine Owner (23)

The fight against zergs is done. At this moment, everyone is looking at the mecha God of War, and also at Yan Jing Ze coming out of the mecha.

In their imagination, the Lord Marshal will jump out of the mecha handsomely and enjoy the welcome of everyone!

Many people are even ready to cheer!

But now…some people suddenly closed their mouths as soon as they uttered their cheers.

Cheering at this time… Is this because you want to be beaten by the Marshal?

Those legion commanders, as well as those around them who participated in the battle, stood with Xia Zixiu at this time, their expressions were stiff after facing Yan Jing Ze.

The people in the villa were also speechless.

Not to mention the people watching the live broadcast… What’s the situation? Why did Lord Marshal suddenly start begging for forgiveness?

Allen saw his young master like this and couldn’t bear to look straight.

His master is definitely a love brain. When Xia Zixiu is away, he is cold and ruthless, one look in his eyes makes people tremble, but as long as Xia Zixiu is there, his style is always not right!

Even Xia Zixiu, seeing this kind of speech, felt that he couldn’t get angry, and his mental power was even more eager.

He thinks this kind of Yan Jing Ze is a little cute!

Xia Zixiu stretched out a hand on his head, trying to use this method to keep his mental power from reaching out.

“Zixiu, I’ve always wanted to explain, I just didn’t find the opportunity…” Yan Jing Ze had already arrived in front of Xia Zixiu and explained anxiously.

After he traversed this time… life was really magnificent.

Even though he has done so many things, and there are twenty chapters written into a novel, but in fact he was only here for less than a week! He and Xia Zixiu knew each other only for a few days!

It’s just that his days were too comfortable, so he forgot about it…

The mental power of Yan Jing Ze enclosed Xia Zixiu’s entire body, transmitting a pitiful emotion.

Xia Zixiu continued to cover his head: “Why are you pretending to be a mine owner from a remote planet?”

“Actually, I have always lived on a remote planet, and I also have a lot of mines…” Yan Jing Ze noticed that Xia Zixiu’s face had become unsightly, and quickly said: “I was wrong, I really didn’t mean it… Zixiu, are you uncomfortable so you’re covering your head?”

Xia Zixiu glared at Yan Jing Ze, then put down his hand.

Covering his head with his hands can’t prevent his mental power at all, he should rely on perseverance!

Yan Jing Ze called out again: “Zixiu…”

Yan Jing Ze didn’t know how to explain it. Fortunately, at this time, Allen stepped forward: “Master Xia, don’t blame my young master. If you want someone to blame, blame me. It’s all my fault.”

He had thought about taking the blame for his own young master before, now it’s time to do it!

Xia Zixiu looked at Allen.

Allen looked sincere and looked very reliable and trustworthy: “Master Xia, my young master’s mental power is too high. He accidentally rioted his mental power before and passed out in a coma. However, the Eighth Legion’s Commander, Cossack with a wolf ambition, even wanted to kill him secretly. I learned that Xia Qiqi’s mental power level was S, so I wanted her to help the young master to sort out his mental power. And because she and Fu Fei were very close, we didn’t dare to come directly to the door and just used such an identity to go to the Xia family to ask for marriage…”

Xia Zixiu’s heart ‘thudded’.

Sure enough, as he expected, Yan Jing Ze originally planned to marry Xia Qiqi. He didn’t want to marry him, so the first reaction after learning that the two of them got married was also to get a divorce.

At that time, Yan Jing Ze was dressed like that to force him to agree to a divorce, right? Unexpectedly, he fell in love at first sight in the end…

Xia Zixiu didn’t know whether he should be happy or depressed.

“Young Master Xia, my young master was in a coma at the time! That was my idea. After he woke up, I asked him to marry Xia Qiqi, and he was unwilling…” Allen said: “Young Master Xia, I still have the video here.”

As Allen said, he passed a video to Xia Zixiu.

That was the video when Yan Jing Ze first traversed and he persuaded Yan Jing Ze to marry Xia Qiqi.

Yan Jing Ze was very domineering at the time: “I don’t want to marry her, I don’t like her.”

“I don’t think I need an auxiliary master.”

“Where is this Xia Qiqi beautiful? I think she looks average!”

Xia Zixiu: “…”

The legion commanders who came over to peek secretly: “…” So the Lord Marshal also yelled that he didn’t want an auxiliary master…

“Young Master Xia, you also know that back then, you suddenly registered to get married… My young master didn’t see you at that time. He really wanted to get a divorce. He also vilified his own image, but as soon as he saw you, he fell in love at first sight…” Allen said again.

Xia Zixiu looked at the person in the video who yelled not to get married and Xia Qiqi was not beautiful, and when he thought of the first meeting, Yan Jing Ze pretended to be dizzy when he saw him…

It’s also difficult for the Lord Marshal.

He can’t get angry anymore!

To be honest, Yan Jing Ze didn’t do anything bad either. They went to the Xia family to propose marriage and they didn’t say that they would get married right away. The Xia family couldn’t wait to send him there, and Fu Fei even registered them directly. …

Yan Jing Ze said: “Zixiu, I just like you alone!” He used his mental power to surround Xia Zixiu tightly, and his love was thrown at Xia Zixiu desperately.

The wrapped Xia Zixiu finally couldn’t help it, all the mental power tentacles stretched out and entangled with Yan Jing Ze.

But he still concealed it from him for several days, making him feel a little uncomfortable in his heart, so he grabbed Yan Jing Ze’s mental tentacles and “pop, pop, pop” hit it!

Yan Jing Ze… was very comfortable being beaten.

Their mental powers are bound and Xia Zixiu can’t harm his mental power at all!

In fact, regardless of whether Xia Zixiu uses mental power to pester him, or uses mental power to “beat” him, or jumps back and forth on his mental power, for him, it was all about the merging of the mental powers of the two.

This is very comfortable, so he can be hit a few more times.

However, because Yan Jing Ze’s mental power was too strong, the people around hadn’t noticed this. Seeing that Xia Zixiu was silent, Allen thought that Xia Zixiu was still angry, and immediately used the most powerful method of throwing the blame: “Master Xia, Lieutenant General Xia was rescued by our young master. He has always known the identity of our young master.”

Xia Weicheng: “???” He’s staying on the sidelines, why bring him into this?

Xia Zixiu: “……” No wonder his father is so “pleased” with Yan Jing Ze!

Mrs. Xia: “……” No wonder her husband’s mental power has become so tangled these days!

Yan Jing Ze: Allen you are so great! You are the best!

Yan Jing Ze felt that he was about to face the battlefield, but he didn’t expect that Allen would be able to solve all the problems by speaking with a smile.

After speaking, Allen smiled slightly, then retreated to the side without speaking.

As for Xia Zixiu, he was embarrassed to “beat” Yan Jing Ze…

The people around realized that the mental powers of these two people were entangled again.

Seventh Legion Commander: They want to see the Lord Marshal chasing his wife! Why is it like this! Why are they stuffed with dog food in the end!

Those generals and the like: They used to be the focus of the crowd, but today they seem to have no sense of existence at all.

As for the young powerhouses like Lone Wolf: Suddenly I want to find an auxiliary…

As for Fu Fei, he has been arrested.

His father was suspected of colluding with the zerg race, and he was also going to be taken in for interrogation.

At this moment, his feelings are incomparably complicated, and even his mind is blank.

His father… is that kind of person?

People in the villa: “…”

Although they are a bit far away, their contact terminals and the like have the effect of bringing the picture closer.

They only knew now that Xia Zixiu didn’t even know the identity of the Lord Marshal before, and they actually got together by mistake.

A number of people looked sympathetically at Xia Qiqi – the one the Lord Marshal was prepared to look for in the beginning was Xia Qiqi!

Xia Qiqi’s face turned pale.

She suddenly realized that she might have changed the plot in the book.

That Allen wanted to find her to give treatment to Yan Jing Ze, so he gave Yan Jing Ze a new identity.

Cossack, who was in collusion with the Zerg, couldn’t find Yan Jing Ze, and failed to kill Yan Jing Ze who was in a bad state at the time, and became a marshal.

Later, Yan Jing Ze was healed and stayed with Xia Zixiu.

After she transmigrated, she always wanted to live better than the protagonist Xia Zixiu, and wanted to be the Marshal’s wife, but now…

Xia Qiqi had a shaky look.

People around her sympathized with her even more – she must have regretted it!

As for those who watched the live broadcast: “……”

They just watched a fantasy battle drama, and then watched a romantic drama in the blink of an eye. Today is really worth it!

However, the Lord Marshal and that young master Xia just looked at each other without talking and blushed, what’s going on?

Seeing the doubts of ordinary people, a warrior stood up and explained: “When the two of them have reached a bond, they can use their mental power to convey emotions and feelings. Therefore, in many cases, silence is better than sound at this time.”

After listening to the explanation, an ordinary person asked: “So now Young Master Xia’s face is so red, what is the Lord Marshal thinking?” He must be thinking about impure things, right?

The warrior who was explaining: “I don’t know…” How pure he is, he doesn’t even have his own auxiliary master yet. If he wants to think of something impure, he can only think about whether he can find someone to think with him…

If Yan Jing Ze knew what these people thought, he would definitely feel wronged.

He really didn’t do anything! He has been apologizing and expressing his love!

Even if he really wanted to think about dirty things, he would have waited until they both went into his bedroom…

“My Lord, should we clean up the scene?” Allen asked Yan Jing Ze. Although he doesn’t mind standing like this all the time, it’s still not good in the end.

“Hmm.” Yan Jing Ze calmed down and also finally realized that his identity was exposed, now he was the Lord Marshal!

The Lord Marshal should be colder!

Yan Jing Ze had a cold face, and divided a part of his mental power and continued to be by Xia Zixiu’s side, begging for kisses and hugs and caresses.

The remaining mental power began to create a strong aura and a cold temperament for himself: “The matter of the sudden arrival of the zergs to the Capital Star must be investigated clearly, and all those who are related to this matter cannot be easily spared!”

At this moment, even the people looking through the screen can feel the strong aura and want to worship him. The people around him were even more subconsciously submissive under his mental oppression.


In their minds, they also inevitably recalled the appearance of Yan Jing Ze begging for forgiveness before.

Well, in fact, such a “two-faced” Lord Marshal is also very cute and very down-to-earth.

The commanders of the seven legions felt that they were not so afraid of this Lord Marshal…

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