BH (QT) 175 – Mine Owner (24 – End)

Chapter 175 – Mine Owner (24 – End)

On the largest forum of star network, countless buildings (threads) were erected in an instant, and these buildings are still rising rapidly.

From “I Want to Confess my Love to Lord Marshal” to “Reasons for Falling in Love with Lord Marshal”, from “Tell You the Real Xia Zixiu” to “Xia Zixiu’s Beautiful Pictures Appreciation”, from “Lord Marshal’s Husband and Wife CP” to “This Pair is Cute”…everything.

Anyway, it was all related to Yan Jing Ze and Xia Zixiu.

The information about Yan Jing Ze was not found by ordinary people, so the news about Xia Zixiu was taken to the star network by many people.

Some classmates of Xia Zixiu began to introduce Xia Zixiu online.

At this time, of course, they can’t say bad things about Xia Zixiu, all of them are positive things.

Otherwise… Who is Lord Marshal? Can he possibly fall for a snake-hearted person?

Although Xia Zixiu is very good-looking, to be honest, Xia Zixiu is not the only one who looks good in this world. There are many people who look better than Xia Zixiu. Let’s just say Xia Qiqi, her appearance is no worse than Xia Zixiu.

But Lord Marshal still liked Xia Zixiu.

What does this show? It shows that Xia Zixiu must be outstanding and different from others!

“Xia Zixiu is a good student! When he was in our class, he was always one of the best.”

“He is very willing to help people.”

“Although he is from a noble family, he never looks down on people.”


Before, Xia Zixiu helped many warriors to sort out their mental powers. Now that everyone talks about him, it has become his advantage. There are also people who have been mentally guided by Xia Zixiu in the past, posting on the star network: “I am a warrior who cannot find an auxiliary. Generally, low-level warriors like me will not have a mental riot and will live like ordinary people for a lifetime, however, I was not lucky. Once, in a car accident, I used too much mental power in order to save people and experienced a mental riot. After the mental riot, I was in so much pain and couldn’t work. I bought the relief medicine, but it could only relieve and not cure it. I thought I would die because of the mental riot, but then I met Xia Zixiu, and he gave me a mental channeling and restored my health. I am very grateful to him.”

This person’s account was verified and uses his real name. You can also see that he was commended for his bravery two years ago, which is what he said about saving people in a car accident.

For the next two years, there was no news from him. It turned out he had a mental riot and was seeking treatment?

Xia Zixiu saved him!

Xia Zixiu is more popular online, but he doesn’t know it himself.

The Xia family’s banquet is over, and the military has many things to deal with. Yan Jing Ze left with the seven legion commanders. As for Xia Zixiu…

After helping his mother to send some guests away, he was surrounded by people who had a good relationship with their family: “Zixiu, how did you know the Lord Marshal?”

“Zixiu, isn’t Lord Marshal particularly considerate?”

“Zixiu, you must treat Lord Marshal well!”

Among these people, there are even those who asked Xia Zixiu to help introduce their family’s attendants—those attendants are all powerful warriors!

Xia Zixiu: “…” They just encountered an attack from the Zerg! Can you not pay attention to these at this time?

Fortunately, Allen was there.

Almighty Allen sent these people away in a few words.

But the Xia family did not leave.

Grandpa Xia relied on his elder status, and he was still teaching Xia Zixiu, so that Xia Zixiu must not have a temper with the Lord Marshal: “What kind of person is Lord Marshal? You can’t disrespect him in the future like you did before, you’ve made Lord Marshal lose face. What if Lord Marshal has a problem with you?”

“He won’t have a problem with me!” Xia Zixiu, he had confidence in Yan Jing Ze!

Probably because the two of them are mentally bound, even if Yan Jing Ze changed his identity, he did not feel that their feelings would change.

He loved him the most!

“You’ve only known each other for a few days?” Grandpa Xia frowned.

“We formed a bond!” Xia Zixiu did not hesitate to say.

When Xia Zixiu said this, Grandpa Xia had nothing to say.

One thing is recognized, that is, the warrior and auxiliary master who formed a bond absolutely know each other best.

It’s just that some people understand each other and love each other deeply, and some people are deeply disgusted with each other because they understand each other too well.

“Zixiu, if it weren’t for us, you wouldn’t know the Lord Marshal, now the Xia family…” Grandpa Xia said earnestly.

Xia Zixiu said, “Grandpa, in fact, Jing Ze is very dissatisfied with you fooling him. He has been planning to get back the money he gave you before.”

“Yes, I have the bill here,” Allen said with a smile.

Grandpa Xia: “…”

Grandpa Xia still left with a grimace in the end.

As soon as he left, Grandpa Xia looked at Xia Qiqi: “You said you! Even if you didn’t want to, you could have just waited for someone to come to the house, meet with them and then talk properly. Why did you have to let Xia Zixiu go?”

If the Lord Marshal had married Xia Qi Qi, their Xia family would not have been unable to get any benefits!

Xia Qiqi actually also regrets.

She likes Fu Fei and is willing to do so many things for Fu Fei, it is actually because of the good feelings she developed for Fu Fei while reading the book, and then there’s Fu Fei’s identity – Fu Fei will be a marshal in the future!

Leaving this aside…Fu Fei is simply not an object that a little girl like her would like!

Fu Fei is arrogant and not romantic. Being with him is mainly because of her dedication…

Fu Fei will be the Marshal in the future, so she can accept these, but now Fu Fei is not!

Think about it carefully, where is Fu Fei better than Yan Jing Ze?

Yan Jing Ze is so strong and so considerate to Xia Zixiu…

However, they have already formed a bond!

Xia Qiqi’s eyes were sore and she wanted to cry a little.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t know what Xia Qiqi thought, he had been dealing with the Zerg matters.

The reappearance of the Zerg, this matter must be paid attention to!

The people under Yan Jing Ze and the Military Headquarters started investigating the matter, and in this investigation… they suddenly discovered that the Zerg might be… not that scary.

As for why this is…

According to the information asked from Cossack and the people under Cossack’s hands, this time, all the powerful zergs came out, wanting to come to the Capital Star to “do a big job”.

As a result, their strongest insects were all killed by Yan Jing Ze.

Under such circumstances, the Zerg is unlikely to launch a battle, maybe the Zerg is still guarding against them now.

Yan Jing Ze: “…” He is pretty good!

Of course, the Galactic Alliance must also be prepared, not to mention, for the younger generation of powerhouses, they must train them, and strive to train SSS-level warriors!

“I can help with this.” Yan Jing Ze, who was sitting at the top and listening to the report from the people below, knocked on the table: “Arrange a position for me at the Central Military University, I can go and give classes to the students there.”

As soon as Yan Jing Ze said these words, the legion commanders and the lieutenant generals who came to the meeting were all excited.

Lord Marshal really is dedicated to the Galactic Alliance!

At this time, Yan Jing Ze said again: “By the way, let Xia Zixiu be my assistant teacher.” Xia Zixiu has not graduated yet from the Central Military University and did not go to school a few days ago. It was because something happened at home and took time off. But in a few days, he will certainly go to study!

He doesn’t want to “guard the empty house alone”, in that case… just follow him!

Legion Commanders: “…” They thought their Lord Marshal is too perfect! He is actually a love brain!

But whether the Lord Marshal is a love brain or not, it is certain that the Lord Marshal is now the savior of the Capital Star and also their savior.

Everyone supported the decision, and others looked enviously at Xia Weicheng – Xia Weicheng is so lucky to have a good son!

Xia Weicheng: “…” Don’t envy him! He will have to go home later and explain to his wife why he knew that Yan Jing Ze was a marshal but didn’t say anything…

But to be honest, he also thinks his son is great.

Even if the Lord Marshal is a bit sand sculpture, this is still the Lord Marshal!

The Military Headquarters was very busy, and the seven legion commanders had no chance to go home, but Yan Jing Ze went home secretly.

He hadn’t dealt with the affairs of the Military Headquarters very much before. He didn’t understand this, so he went home first, and asked the legion commanders to find him if they had something.

When Yan Jing Ze went home, it was almost dawn.

Allen had remodeled the villa of the Xia family, and as soon as Yan Jing Ze arrived at the door of the Xia family, the door opened automatically. He quietly entered and went directly into Xia Zixiu’s room.

Xia Zixiu didn’t sleep and was surfing the star network with the contact terminal. When Yan Jing Ze’s mental power enveloped him, all his mental power ran out uncontrollably and wrapped tightly around Yan Jing Ze.

These mental powers also conveyed a sour taste.

Yan Jing Ze was about to ask, and Xia Zixiu looked at himself: “How is the situation? Is the Zerg race dangerous?”

“Not dangerous, we can handle it.” Yan Jing Ze asked Xia Zixiu: “What’s wrong with you? Not happy?”

“There are many people on the star network confessing to you, saying that they like you very much,” Xia Zixiu said.

“I only like you!” Yan Jing Ze leaned over, kissed Xia Zixiu, and formed a huge cocoon with his mental power, wrapping Xia Zixiu and himself together.

“You just got excited,” Xia Zixiu bit him.

“You are wrongfully accusing me! How many beauties have I seen? I am definitely not the one to be excited!” Yan Jing Ze said righteously.

“Then why did you fall in love with me at first sight?” Xia Zixiu asked.

“What about you, why did you fall in love with me at first sight? You don’t like that spicy look of mine, do you?”

Xia Zixiu: “…”

Yan Jing Ze said: “Look, we are not superficial people, but we are born to be a couple. We are destined to fall in love at first sight! Our match rate is a hundred percent! I feel like you’re like a part of me.”

Xia Zixiu actually felt that way too.

But now… Xia Zixiu looked at Yan Jing Ze: “When did you take my clothes off?” Where are his clothes?!

Yan Jing Ze said: “My dear, I will accompany you right away!” He began to take off his clothes.

Xia Zixiu: “…”

That night, Xia Weicheng spent a day and night in the Military Headquarters, and finally returned home, only to learn that Yan Jing Ze, who had returned early in the morning, did not even go downstairs.

It’s… enviable!

His wife is having a temper with him and won’t let him sleep together tonight!

Upstairs, Xia Zixiu, who fell asleep after being extremely tired, finally woke up, and then found a lot of messages on his contact terminal…

He clicked it quickly and he was dumbfounded.

There was so much money in his and Yan Jing Ze’s joint account! So much!

He can’t count those zeros!

Xia Zixiu suddenly realized that he was really poor.

No, he is not poor, now his assets, has exceeded the richest man in the Capital Star.

Yan Jing Ze actually gave him so much money, isn’t he afraid that he will spend it all? Well, he probably can’t spend it all…

“My dear, our wedding budget of one million is really too small, how about ten billion?” Yan Jing Ze immediately came over.

Xia Zixiu used his own mental power to hit the mental power of Yan Jing Ze—this man actually wanted to spend 10 billion on a wedding! He hates the rich!

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Forum Buildings – Forum Threads, they call it buildings because of the order of comments. The first comment is called the first floor, the second comment is the second floor… etc.

There is still one more chapter. 🙂

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