BH (QT) 176 – Mine Owner (25 – Extra 1)

Chapter 176 – Mine Owner (25 – Extra 1)

Capital Star, Central Military University.

Today, the students of the Central Military University are all very excited. From time to time, they will look at the entrance of the school, and there are even some students who directly stood at the entrance of the school.

The Lord Marshal is coming to teach at their school! He will teach them the application of mental power!

Basically, the top warriors of the entire Galactic Alliance will come to the Central Military University to study at their age. Now, this school is home to a dozen young S-level warriors, hundreds of A-level warriors, and many more Class B warriors.

Some of them went to the Xia family banquet a few days ago and learned about Yan Jing Ze’s ability, but some people only saw Yan Jing Ze from online videos.

At this moment, someone asked those who had been to the Xia family banquet: “Lord Marshal is really that amazing?”

“Of course! At that time, the legion commanders were all defeated by the insects, but the Lord Marshal kept chasing the insects!” A man who happened to be in Xia family banquet that day and participated in the battle with the Zerg said loudly: “At that time, Lord Marshal’s mental power pressed down, I felt like my whole body was going to be crushed!”

Another said: “Yes, the Lord Marshal is really strong!”

“I don’t know when the Lord Marshal will come.”

As the crowd was talking, a hover car suddenly drove over their heads.

The students were confused: “When did the school allow hover cars to drive in?”

Although the security of their Central Military University is not as strong as that of the Military Headquarters, it does not allow hover cars to enter!

“That’s the Lord Marshal’s hover car!” someone said.

Indeed, it was Yan Jing Ze’s hover car, and there were photos on the star network!

The Lord Marshal is here!

These students were stunned, and then immediately caught up.

In the air, Xia Zixiu looked at the students chasing below, feeling a little uncomfortable: “The school does not allow hover cars to come in…”

“I have a pass,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“What pass?” Xia Zixiu asked.

“A pass to drive casually at Central Military University,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“Is there such a pass? The principal hasn’t even driven his car in.” Xia Zixiu was somewhat uncomfortable with such a privilege.

“Ahem…” Yan Jing Ze said: “Of course the principal can’t drive his car in, it’s not like he owns this school.”

Xia Zixiu: “Could it be that this school is yours?”

Yan Jing Ze said: “Yes.”

Xia Zixiu: “…”

Yan Jing Ze chuckled: “Zixiu, my industry basically makes money. The Military Headquarters and this school have been losing money, so I just asked for some privileges.”

He didn’t even know that this school was his own before, and only later learned from Allen when he talked to him about coming to this school to teach in the future.

“Wouldn’t it be good for us to… be like this?” Xia Zixiu was still not comfortable with being in the limelight.

“There is nothing wrong with it. If we get off right at the entrance, it is easy to be surrounded,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Right… Xia Zixiu followed Yan Jing Ze and finally stopped on the top floor of the school office building.

Xia Zixiu also found out at this time that there was actually a parking lot on the top floor!

The Central Military University is a very good university. Xia Zixiu studied here before. Although he met some not so good classmates, the teachers were still very good.

Knowing that Yan Jing Ze was going to teach, he originally planned to continue his studies, and at the same time, he would be an assistant teacher for Yan Jing Ze. But Yan Jing Ze did not agree: “If you go to school now, your classmates will feel uncomfortable. Maybe there will even be people watching you… You might as well stay as my assistant teacher; I will teach you personally!”

“You can teach me?” Xia Zixiu asked.

“Of course!” Yan Jing Ze didn’t change his face.

The original owner hadn’t learned much because of the mental riot, but he has confidence in himself!

So, Xia Zixiu called the school and applied not to go to class, but to follow Yan Jing Ze to learn.

As for Yan Jing Ze… he turned to Allen, the almighty butler.

Allen was really omnipotent. He immediately packed and sent all the teachers he had found for the original owner in his early years, indicating that Xia Zixiu could find these teachers no matter what he wanted to learn.

Since there are teachers, Yan Jing Ze is not prepared to teach by himself. He intends to pick two of these teachers to be his “assistants” every day, follow them to school and then teach Xia Zixiu two-on-one.

At this moment, the two teachers are sitting in the back seat of the hover car.

When Allen and the two teachers followed Yan Jing Ze into the office building from the top floor, the Principal of the Central Military University and several teachers were a little worried.

“Although Lord Marshal is very strong, he may not necessarily know how to teach students. Should we find a teacher to join him?”

“Even if you find a teacher to be with him… the teacher is far less powerful than the Lord Marshal and may not even be able to figure out what the Lord Marshal is teaching, what can he do?”

“Actually, it doesn’t matter if the Lord Marshal doesn’t teach anything, at least his existence can make those little bastards gain insight. I am a little worried about Xia Zixiu. He has applied not to attend class… Doesn’t he plan to continue his studies?”

“I like Xia Zixiu a lot. Before he encountered so many difficulties, he insisted on studying. Now it would be a shame that he would not study because of his bond with the Lord Marshal.”

As these people were talking, Yan Jing Ze and the others came.

These teachers went out together to greet, and this greeting…

The Principal of the Central Military Academy looked at the “assistant” beside Yan Jing Ze and said, “Senior?”

The man smiled at the Principal: “Brother, long time no see.”

The Principal was dumbfounded. He has always been in contact with his senior brother. He is very smart, it’s just that he likes to do research and a bit lazy. It is said that he has been doing an easy but high-paying job these years… So, he was working next to Lord Marshal?

The Principal recognized his senior brother, and at the same time, several other teachers recognized Yan Jing Ze’s other “assistant”: “Master Cameron!”

Master Cameron is a very famous military commander. The military has always wanted to dig him but failed to dig him. In recent years, he has not only been active on the star network, but also ran around the world, saying that he wants to study the entire Galactic Alliance thoroughly to design the best garrison location… Why is he now the “assistant” of Lord Marshal?

“You guys know each other?” Yan Jing Ze said, “That’s quite good… Cameron, you guys learn about Zixiu’s study content and progress, then give Zixiu a lesson later.”

“Yes, My Lord!” These two people immediately said.

The Lord Marshal has raised them for 20 years and didn’t let them do anything. Now he just let them teach the students, so of course they must teach them well!

Central Military University teachers: “…” They were worried about Xia Zixiu’s studies before… But now, there is no need to worry at all!

Not to mention not being worried, they even wanted to study with Xia Zixiu!

As for Lord Marshal teaching students…

Yan Jing Ze said: “I know some ways to enhance mental power.”

Lord Marshal actually knows the way to enhance mental power! Is he still going to teach personally?

The Principal immediately asked, “Lord Marshal, can I go to the class?”

When other teachers heard the words, they also said, “Lord Marshal, I want to go to class too!”

Yan Jing Ze said: “Of course you can, but I will only teach a hundred people at a time.”

“Understood,” the Principal said, then looked at the teacher beside him, “Go and tell those students that Lord Marshal will teach one class at a time.”

Their Central Military University implements elite education in small classes, with only a few dozen students in a class!

Let’s reserve the rest of the seats to the teachers!

Therefore, when Yan Jing Ze walked into the huge venue where he was going to teach, he saw more than 70 students who were a little older and more than 20 normal students.

Yan Jing Ze: “…”

The method of enhancing mental power, which Yan Jing Ze did know, was something the original owner’s family had worked out for several generations.

However, the original owner’s method still has some drawbacks but his mental power is very strong. After studying this method and making a summary, he removed this drawback, and now he can just use it for teaching.

Yan Jing Ze taught these people how to exercise mental power, and said: “Actually, if you want to improve your mental power, you still have to use it more and fight. When you guys use this method for practice, I will use my mental power to suppress you, and the effect will be better.”

Yan Jing Ze explained in detail, saying that he would use his mental power to suppress them in the next lessons, so that they could ponder over it.

“Lord Marshal, there are so many of us, can you overwhelm us?” a student asked.

Yan Jing Ze seemed to have a good temper. He didn’t get angry even though his emojis were everywhere online, so much so that people weren’t afraid of him.

“You can try.” Yan Jing Ze smiled at him, and his spiritual power was released.

The student who asked the question, and many others who were not prepared, were overwhelmed at once.

They no longer had time to say anything else and began to exercise their mental power.

As for Yan Jing Ze…

Yan Jing Ze got to Xia Zixiu’s side, used a little mental power to hook Xia Zixiu’s mental power, and went to class with Xia Zixiu.

The two of them actually didn’t do anything other than their mental entanglement, but…

When the auxiliary master gives the warriors mental guidance, he can feel a part of emotions of the warriors.

The same is true when warriors and warriors engage in combat.

Even before, two warriors who seem to be disagreeable with each other made an appointment to fight. The two of them found out together that the person they were fighting with liked themselves, and then the attack became lighter and lighter, and finally went straight to get a license…

Therefore, while Yan Jing Ze used his mental power to suppress the more than one hundred people, he would also reveal a little of his emotions.

Students and teachers of the Central Military University: “…” Isn’t the emotion conveyed by the Lord Marshal’s mental power a bit strange?

Not as majestic as they thought, but rather full of sweetness. Suppressed by such mental power, they are thinking about love!

Are they really here for class today? How do they feel that they are forced to eat dog food?

Forget it, they should study hard and work hard to improve their mental power…

It was only after the end of the class that Yan Jing Ze withdrew his sweet mental power.

The teachers and students breathed a sigh of relief, and then they saw Yan Jing Ze leaning their heads directly on Xia Zixiu: “Zixiu, I’m so tired in class…you can help me smooth out my mental power!”

Students: “???” Lord Marshal, your mental power is so strong and so smooth, what do you have to be tired of? You don’t need to be channeled at all!

But they also saw Xia Zixiu’s distressed look on Yan Jing Ze’s mental power.

Students: These two people have been feeding them dog food for the entire class, they even stuffed a bowl of dog food directly into their mouths after the end of class!


But… they will come back for more next time!

This method can really boost their mental power!

As long as they can improve their strength, what is the problem of eating some dog food? Dog food is actually very fragrant.

That’s how Yan Jing Ze and Xia Zixiu fed people with dog food… No, taught people how to exercise their mental power.

Although there are many people who complain about Yan Jing Ze’s class, there are still people who come to the class, and even people who come to listen to Xia Zixiu’s class…

Yan Jing Ze didn’t stop them, as long as they don’t disturb Xia Zixiu’s study, they can listen!

After a period of time, there were more and more discussions about the two in the forum of the Central Military University.

“The relationship between Lord Marshal and Xia Zixiu is really good.”

“I heard that Xia Zixiu’s power level has reached A+, and he will be able to reach S level steadily in the future, maybe even higher.”

“Xia Zixiu is really blessed, Lord Marshal treats him especially well.”

“I really envy Xia Zixiu!”

As a result, as they were talking, someone suddenly spoke anonymously: “Xia Zixiu is very happy? I can’t see it. Xia Zixiu is a person who likes freedom, but since the relationship with the Lord Marshal was established, the two have not separated. He can’t even go to class normally. Is he really happy? Also, Xia Zixiu used to go to the “Warrior’s House” to do part-time jobs to help those soldiers who were suffering from mental riots. You should all know about this, but since being with Lord Marshal, he has never been there again… Looking at him so tightly and possessively, Lord Marshal is definitely unwilling to let him do this. In the future, I’m afraid he will be trapped by Lord Marshal.”

After reading this person’s comment, many people felt their hearts “thudded”.

This person was right. Yan Jing Ze and Xia Zixiu were inseparable from each other.

It can be seen that Yan Jing Ze likes Xia Zixiu very much, but is this really good for Xia Zixiu? Is Xia Zixiu really happy?

Moreover, even if Yan Jing Ze likes Xia Zixiu and formed a bond with Xia Zixiu, does he really not care about Xia Zixiu’s previous things?

Xia Zixiu has done mental channeling to so many people!

However, as everyone was thinking about it, someone forwarded a piece of news.

The news had just been sent out and the headline was – “Breaking News! Lord Marshal descends to the Warrior’s House!”

Everyone clicked in and watched. Only then did they know that Lord Marshal and Xia Zixiu went to the Warrior’s House together today, and helped the warriors there to sort out their mental power for free.

What Lord Marshal restricts Xia Zixiu’s freedom, what Lord Marshal is very possessive of Xia Zixiu… These two just have good feelings and don’t want to be separated. Isn’t this all right?

At the same time, the Warrior’s House.

The Warrior’s House serves the warriors, and some auxiliary masters will come here to help the warriors to channel their mental power.

It’s just that the auxiliary masters who do this are generally not high-level, so it is difficult for warriors to get thorough treatment.

Xia Zixiu came here to do a part-time job before by making an appointment in advance and then charging money, but today, he suddenly came here with Yan Jing Ze.

The person in charge of the Warrior’s House saw them and was very surprised.

He thought Xia Zixiu would not come.

What made him even more unexpected was that Xia Zixiu actually expressed his willingness to provide mental guidance to the warriors here for free.

“Really?” The person in charge was surprised and delighted, and went to look at Yan Jing Ze.

“It’s true.” Xia Zixiu said with a smile: “Lord Marshal is with me, it shouldn’t matter?”

“Of course, it doesn’t matter!” the person in charge said.

Today, there happened to be a warrior who was experiencing a mental riot in the Warrior’s House. It was an elderly E-class warrior.

He has been working as a policeman in the Capital Star, married an ordinary person, and had an ordinary child.

Not long ago, his wife passed away, and then his mental power became unstable. Recently, not only was it painful, but he also began to become less sober. His children took him to the Warrior’s House for help.

Generally, the Warrior’s House can’t help much in this situation, but today is different. The soldier was brought to Xia Zixiu.

Xia Zixiu’s mental level is A+, and he quickly helped this fighter sort out his mental power. The old warrior woke up, cried, and finally decided to live a good life for the sake of the child.

After this warrior, someone else came…

Xia Zixiu earnestly gave these people mental guidance, while Yan Jing Ze watched by the side, calming Xia Zixiu’s mental power when Xia Zixiu was tired.

This is very useful.

No matter how tired Xia Zixiu’s mental power is, he will roll in his spiritual sea and entangle him, and he will become active again…

Yan Jing Ze also discovered that Xia Zixiu’s mental power had become stronger in the process of using his mental power again and again.

There are such benefits? It seems that in the future, Xia Zixiu should do more mental channeling!

Yan Jing Ze discussed with Xia Zixiu, and finally decided to come every other day in the future, and then give at least twenty warriors each time to do mental power relief.

As for whom to do for… Yan Jing Ze will send someone to screen.

Xia Zixiu did this in the hope of helping people, but Yan Jing Ze didn’t expect that such an opportunity was finally snatched away by a group of people who wanted to flatter him.

When Yan Jing Ze and Xia Zixiu decided to do this, they didn’t think too much, but when it was reported…there were more people on the star network who liked Yan Jing Ze.

Not only that, but many auxiliary masters started to learn from Xia Zixiu and went to the Warrior’s House to help.

In the past, the auxiliary masters thought that this would reduce their worth, so they didn’t do it, but now Mrs. Marshal has done this… Of course, they have to follow Mrs. Marshal!

Even the warriors didn’t feel bad that their auxiliary masters were doing this—the auxiliary master of Lord Marshal was doing it!

And all of this, after Yan Jing Ze struck the iron while it was hot, saying that the more people the auxiliary masters help channel their mental power, the more the auxiliary masters get stronger, so more auxiliary masters began to join in.

Yan Jing Ze and Xia Zixiu’s life is quite fulfilling, but Xia Qiqi’s life is not so good.

Fu Fei did not participate in the collusion between Cosssack and the Zerg, so he was released soon, but he had such a father, and he would definitely not be able to enter the army in the future. He could not even continue to study at the Central Military University.

Fu Fei was very helpless, but he still had hope at the time—he felt that no matter how miserable he was, at least there would still be Xia Qiqi.

Back when he was just an orphan, Xia Qiqi was willing to be with him, and later she never left him… He was really touched.

He has decided to forget about Xia Zixiu and be with Xia Qiqi properly!

But Xia Qiqi didn’t like Fu Fei anymore.

Fu Fei, without the Marshal’s halo, is really ordinary. More importantly, at the Central Military University, Xia Qiqi saw how Yan Jing Ze treated Xia Zixiu.

How could she be willing to continue to be with Fu Fei?

Xia Qiqi wants to break up with Fu Fei.

But Fu Fei didn’t want to break up. He thought that Xia Qiqi wanted to break up because of the persecution of the Xia family. He insisted on staying with Xia Qiqi and wanted to elope with Xia Qiqi.

The two started to quarrel in this way. During the period, Xia Qiqi also revealed a message—she was only with Fu Fei because she knew that Fu Fei was Cossack’s son!

Fu Fei’s face changed drastically.

He is a man with a very strong self-esteem who could do so many terrible things when his pursuit of Xia Zixiu failed, and now that he has been tricked by Xia Qiqi… He certainly won’t let it go.

He still couldn’t accept that Xia Qiqi, who he thought loved him deeply, actually didn’t love him at all!

Fu Fei began to pester Xia Qiqi.

The two of them were originally in a relationship. In the past, Xia Qiqi still showed love to Fu Fei, but now Fu Fei entangled Xia Qiqi… To be honest, others would not find it strange.

It’s just that… the S-level warriors, like Fu Fei, definitely didn’t want to cultivate relationships with Xia Qiqi, when she and Fu Fei are still entangled.

Instead of finding someone like Xia Qiqi to form a bond, they might as well find an A-level auxiliary master who is dedicated to themselves!

As for those who are not as good as Fu Fei… even if they want to marry Xia Qiqi, they can’t stand Fu Fei’s harassment!

Xia Qiqi and Fu Fei held a stalemate in this way, until the two were old, Xia Qiqi did not find a suitable warrior to form a bond, and Fu Fei also failed to find a suitable auxiliary master to form a bond.

As for the inner feelings of the two of them… Xia Qiqi had no love for Fu Fei for a long time, and Fu Fei didn’t trust Xia Qiqi, so there was no way they could form a bond.

Of course, these are all things that will happen in the future.

As for Yan Jing Ze…

The wedding of Yan Jing Ze and Xia Zixiu was postponed because of the Zerg’s affairs, but later, it was discovered that the Zerg not only had no intention of attacking the Galactic Alliance, but also ran a little farther away, so the preparations for their wedding began.

The almighty Butler Allen prepared a grand wedding, all kinds of beautiful things that Xia Zixiu could think of and all the unexpected things were available at the wedding!

Not only that, but Yan Jing Ze gave away billions of red envelopes on the star network.

The whole wedding was held… it probably cost them more than 10 billion credits.

In the evening, they made several more multi-billion credit deals between the two of them.

Everything was complete.

Their wedding was blessed by almost everyone, and what was even more shocking was that after the wedding, the Lord Marshal Yan Jing Ze had donated more money than the wealth of the richest man in the Capital Star to go to various remote planets and engage in infrastructure.

After that, they did not stop such behavior.

In their lifetime, they have traveled to many planets and helped countless people. Their statues have been erected in many, many places and praised by people repeatedly.

Of course, the people who praised them didn’t know that they were like this because Yan Jing Ze wanted to spend a lifetime of honeymoon.

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