BH (QT) 187 – Rich Second Generation (11)

Chapter 187 – Rich Second Generation (11)

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Yan Jing Ze only felt that one hand had grabbed his heart and squeezed it firmly.

Lu Jingxiu knew how to swim, but allowed himself to drown. How desperate was he at that time?

But in this way, some things that could not be explained, can also be explained.

For example, why did Lu Jingxiu go to confront the original owner alone when he already knew that he had put harmful drugs in his food and wanted to harm him?

He probably just… didn’t want to live anymore.

After Yan Jing Ze learned about Lu Jingxiu’s physical condition in the morning, he was always uncomfortable. He didn’t want to be seen by Lu Jingxiu, so he pretended to be fine in front of Lu Jingxiu.

But now, he can’t pretend to be this way anymore.

Yan Jing Ze came to Lu Jingxiu, suddenly half-kneeled in front of the sofa, and hugged Lu Jingxiu.

Lu Jingxiu was taken aback—what happened to Yan Jing Ze?

“Jingxiu, I really love you. You are more important than my life,” Yan Jing Ze whispered.

His voice was not loud, but incomparably firm, and Lu Jingxiu heard it clearly and trembled slightly.

These days, Yan Jing Ze took care of him in various ways, but he never said such love words. His body heat up with enthusiasm, he was a little dizzy, and his heartbeat accelerated.

Even if it was false, he felt satisfied.

“Jingxiu, you must not leave me,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Yan Jing Ze originally planned to take his time. He took Lu Jingxiu to play around these days, to see the world, and to cultivate the relationship between the two of them bit by bit… But now, he couldn’t help it.

He wanted to be with Lu Jingxiu soon, he was really afraid that something will happen to Lu Jingxiu.

He came to this world because of Lu Jingxiu. If something happens to Lu Jingxiu, what will he do?

Lu Jingxiu didn’t speak, but just looked at Yan Jing Ze who buried his head in his arms.

Yan Jing Ze’s black hair has grown longer, and he doesn’t know why he didn’t get a new hairstyle.

Well, his thoughts drifted a bit far away.

He just… At this moment, he didn’t know how to answer.

Of course, he couldn’t leave Yan Jing Ze, as long as Yan Jing Ze didn’t leave him.

“I really love you, do you know?” Yan Jing Ze said again.

“I see,” Lu Jingxiu finally said, his face getting even hotter.

In front of the villa, a few gardeners are packing up their tools, behind the villa, the pool cleaners are doing the final wrap-ups, and in the kitchen, the nanny is busy cooking.

Although these people were far away and couldn’t hear him and Yan Jing Ze’s words, he still had the feeling that his feelings with Yan Jing Ze were exposed in front of others.

In addition to being a little embarrassed, he also feels a little… happy.

“I can’t live without you,” Yan Jing Ze said again.

Lu Jingxiu opened his mouth. He wanted to say “I know”, but then he thought, would it be too perfunctory?

Thinking so, Lu Jingxiu suddenly felt that Yan Jing Ze let go of him a little, then grabbed his left hand and kissed him.

He couldn’t do many things with his left hand, but it was still conscious.

He felt something soft touching his hand, which was Yan Jing Ze’s lips.

Lu Jingxiu only felt that his heart was beating faster and faster. He frowned, and finally sighed, “I can’t live without you either.”

Yan Jing Ze suddenly raised his head and looked at Lu Jingxiu in disbelief.

There was still no expression on Lu Jingxiu’s face, but his eyes looked extremely gentle, and Yan Jing Ze even saw strong feelings in these eyes.

He suddenly realized something – Lu Jingxiu liked him?

Maybe not just like, maybe Lu Jingxiu even loves him.

Ecstasy rushed into my heart instantly, and Yan Jing Ze was about to say something, so Lu Jingxiu pushed him away.

Lu Jingxiu’s eyes became calm and self-control again and he calmly said: “It’s time to eat.”

Yan Jing Ze stood up, only to find that the nanny had already walked out of the kitchen with the vegetables. When he saw him, he smiled and said, “Young Master Yan, you can eat… Young Master Yan, why are your eyes so red?”

Yan Jing Ze was in agitated mood just now. Not to mention the red eyes, the tears actually flowed, and they were all wiped on Lu Jingxiu’s clothes…

Yan Jing Ze said: “I’m fine, it’s just that when I went to the backyard just now, I got sand in my eyes.”

“Young Master Yan, you have to be careful,” the nanny said.

Lu Jingxiu glanced at Yan Jing Ze in a puzzled way. He felt that Yan Jing Ze was a little sad…but it should be an illusion?

Why should Yan Jing Ze be sad when he is fine?

When he was puzzled, Lu Jingxiu saw that Yan Jing Ze smiled and looked at him, his eyes were full of him, and he didn’t see any sadness.

Yan Jing Ze put some dishes for Lu Jingxiu: “Jingxiu, eat more.”

“Mmm.” Lu Jingxiu ate the dishes that Yan Jing Ze gave him.

When Yan Jing Ze saw him eating seriously, he thought of what he had just realized, that Lu Jingxiu liked him.

He originally didn’t think much about it, but now the more he thinks about it, the more he thinks that’s what’s going on.

Lu Jingxiu really tolerated him. Lu Jingxiu probably liked him a long time ago, not what he thought before. Lu Jingxiu was with him just to make Lu Ruiqun angry.

If Lu Jingxiu doesn’t like him… He, a person who may not want to live much anymore, needs to tolerate him so much just to anger Lu Ruiqun?

If Lu Jingxiu really wants to deal with Lu Ruiqun, there are plenty of ways!

Therefore, Lu Jingxiu really likes him.

Realizing this, Yan Jing Ze felt even more uncomfortable.

From the time he crossed over, Lu Jingxiu has always treated him well. For example, at the beginning, he was always worried that Lu Jingxiu would drive him out of the Lu family, but Lu Jingxiu never did.

Moreover, Lu Jingxiu never said harsh words to him, and never even said “get lost” to him.

Only a few days after he and Lu Jingxiu met, he crawled into Lu Jingxiu’s bed, and Lu Jingxiu was not even angry.

Lu Jingxiu has liked him a long time ago? Maybe he even… liked the original owner?

Then, if he didn’t wear this body… How painful should it be for Lu Jingxiu if he was questioned by the person he liked, drugged by the person he liked, and finally pushed into the swimming pool by the person he liked?

When Yan Jing Ze thought of this, he had no appetite to eat.

“What’s wrong with you?” Lu Jingxiu felt that something was wrong with Yan Jing Ze again.

Yan Jing Ze laughed: “I’m just too excited!”

After saying that, he took a big bite of food.

In fact, he should be happy.

Lu Jingxiu liked him!

He is not the original owner, so all that will not happen at all, he will make Lu Jingxiu happy!

With this in mind, Yan Jing Ze is not so uncomfortable anymore.

It was dark, and the people who cleaned the pool had finished their work and left the place.

Yan Jing Ze looked at Lu Jingxiu on the opposite side, grabbed the food Lu Jingxiu had just picked up to eat with his chopsticks, and ate it quickly.

Lu Jingxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze puzzledly.

Yan Jing Ze smiled and put the same dish to Lu Jingxiu’s mouth: “Indirect kissing.”

Lu Jingxiu: “…”

Lu Jingxiu sat upright and scanned the surrounding for a while, and found that the nanny was busy closing the window, while his life assistant was eating in the kitchen…

He ate the food in one bite.

Yan Jing Ze is really frivolous! But he could not refuse, so he could only spoil him.

Lu Jingxiu thought that Yan Jing Ze would stop after that, but he did not expect that Yan Jing Ze would do something more frivolous—Yan Jing Ze stretched out a leg and hooked his leg under the dining table.

Lu Jingxiu went to look at the nanny again.

The nanny was still busy closing the windows, still not paying attention to them.

Only then did Lu Jingxiu let out a sigh of relief, glaring at Yan Jing Ze, he said, “Stop fooling around!” Their dining table was not covered with a thick tablecloth. Looking from the side, you can see the situation under the dining table!

Although glared at, but Yan Jing Ze feels that Lu Jingxiu was not angry.

So, he simply took off his shoes and went to rub Lu Jingxiu’s legs again.

Lu Jingxiu noticed that the nanny closed the window and closed the curtains and went back to the kitchen… He glared at Yan Jing Ze again, regardless of the situation.

Young people are very enthusiastic, and it is difficult for him to discourage his enthusiasm. What if he becomes less enthusiastic if he discouraged him?

Yan Jing Ze’s heart felt sour, but couldn’t help laughing.

Although he was quite bold with Lu Jingxiu before, he never dared to be so bold, and now seeing Lu Jingxiu’s reaction like this, he realized that he had missed a lot.

He could probably be bolder.

After eating, Lu Jingxiu stood up: “I’m going upstairs.”

When he was eating this meal… he felt uncomfortable all over.

When he was confessed before the meal, he also said something equivalent to a confession, but when he was eating, Yan Jing Ze even molested him.

Lu Jingxiu leaned on his cane and headed upstairs.

As a result, he just walked to the stairway, and Yan Jing Ze followed him up. Forget following him up, Yan Jing Ze even picked him up and carried him upstairs.

Lu Jingxiu: “!!!”

Lu Jingxiu didn’t think he would have a day when he was so old that he would be picked up by someone and his two feet would be in the air.

He subconsciously hugged Yan Jing Ze’s neck and then he saw the tall stairs.

This was inexplicably scary and made him worry that he would fall down the stairs.

Of course, he didn’t fall, Yan Jing Ze hugged him and quickly went upstairs.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t let go of him when he went upstairs, and held him to the door of his room before finally putting him down.

Lu Jingxiu finally stood firm, frowning and looking at Yan Jing Ze: “Fool! What should I do if I fell?”

In that case, if he really fell, he was not the only one, Yan Jing Ze would probably have to roll down the stairs too!

“You won’t fall,” Yan Jing Ze smiled. The original owner attaches great importance to body shape and has always exercised. He is very strong.

Speaking of it, he wanted to carry Lu Jingxiu a long time ago. Before, he was afraid that Lu Jingxiu would be angry, so he didn’t dare. Now it’s different.

He is now fearless!

Lu Jingxiu said, “Don’t do this kind of thing in the future!”

Yan Jing Ze smiled and didn’t say anything, and didn’t agree, obviously just wanting to continue.

Lu Jingxiu especially wanted to hit him with a cane.

But this is the little wolf dog that he likes. If he gets injured, he will be gone… In the end, Lu Jingxiu held it back and opened the door with a sullen face.

When he was opening the door, Yan Jing Ze leaned in and kissed him on the cheek.

In order to open the door, Lu Jingxiu had put his cane on the side, and now he almost fell when he didn’t stand still, he hurriedly stood up to stabilize his body, and then was picked up by Yan Jing Ze.

Lu Jingxiu: “…”

He finally couldn’t help it, he grabbed Yan Jing Ze’s ear and twisted it hard.

Yan Jing Ze laughed. After putting down Lu Jingxiu, he took off his clothes and shoes, and put the person on the bed: “I’ll give you a massage.”

Lu Jingxiu was lying on the bed, his pale face was completely red. He looked at Yan Jing Ze angrily, his eyes seemed to breathe fire, but it was obvious that Yan Jing Ze didn’t care.

Lu Jingxiu could only lie there helplessly.

He wanted to ask before, why Yan Jing Ze cried before eating, and why he was sad when eating, but at this moment, he has no time to think about it.

He should just… enjoy the service of the little wolf dog.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t think about the unhappy things anymore, now Lu Jingxiu was still alive and kicking in his arms!

And Lu Jingxiu can swim, which is a good thing! In the future, he won’t have to worry about Lu Jingxiu having an accident in the swimming pool.

Yan Jing Ze put Lu Jingxiu’s leg on his lap and was about to wipe Lu Jingxiu with essential oil.

However, at this time, Lu Jingxiu suddenly remembered one thing: “Wait, I haven’t showered yet.”

Yan Jing Ze: “……” He forgot about this matter…

Yan Jing Ze looked at Lu Jingxiu: “Wash together?”

“Get out!” Lu Jingxiu was ashamed and annoyed, and drove Yan Jing Ze out.

With his strength, he couldn’t actually drive away Yan Jing Ze.

The only reason why Yan Jing Ze left was because he felt bad for being such a beast.

He was smiling when he went out, but as soon as he left the room, his face became ugly.

Yan Jing Ze felt a little better when he returned to his room and entered the bathroom, letting the water from the sprinkler pour on his face.

He took a bath and went to Lu Jingxiu’s room again.

Lu Jingxiu came out of the bathroom after a while, his body was full of the fragrance of shower gel.

“Jingxiu, you really smell good,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Lu Jingxiu frowned: “Can’t you be more serious?!” Yan Jing Ze had been fine before, what’s going on today?

Yan Jing Ze confessed so suddenly that it was actually making him a little uneasy. He always felt that things shouldn’t be so good, but the things that Yan Jing Ze did afterwards were particularly unreliable, so he had no time to dwell on it.

Even when he was taking a shower just now, he was just thinking about what he would do if Yan Jing Ze wanted to do something, and he had no time to wonder if Yan Jing Ze really liked him.

“No,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Lu Jingxiu was lying on the bed and didn’t want to talk to Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze laughed again and sat next to Lu Jingxiu, massaging his hands and feet.

Before, when he gave Lu Jingxiu a massage, he had actually been very disciplined, but today he was not so disciplined.

Lu Jingxiu silently pulled the quilt over his body. Although he was disabled, he was also a normal man. If Yan Jing Ze continues like this…

After thinking about it, Lu Jingxiu finally decided to pretend to sleep.

He has a lot of insomnia, he can’t do anything else, but he is already very good at pretending to sleep. In fact, he pretended to fall asleep first in the previous days, and then went to sleep only after Yan Jing Ze fell asleep.

Although he can always fall asleep with Yan Jing Ze by his side, he can only sleep for four to five hours a night at most.

Yan Jing Ze massaged, and then he found that Lu Jingxiu was asleep.

Before, every day was like this.

He massaged him for a while, and then got off the bed gently. He went into the bathroom to wash his hands and use the toilet, and lay down beside Lu Jingxiu, holding his own quilt.

He used to sleep quickly, but today there are a lot of things in his mind, he can’t sleep for a while, so he closed his eyes and pretended to sleep.

He has a very good memory. After wearing this body, he remembers everything about him getting along with Lu Jingxiu. At this time, remembering slowly, he noticed many things that he hadn’t noticed before.

Lu Jingxiu looked gloomy, but in fact, he was really cute.

Yan Jing Ze recalled and his heart became hot, his body became hot, and he couldn’t sleep anymore.

If this continues, he won’t be able to sleep all night, should he go to the bathroom to solve it?

Thinking like this, Yan Jing Ze suddenly felt that the person beside him moved.

Lu Jingxiu hasn’t slept yet?

Of course, Lu Jingxiu didn’t sleep. He was suddenly officially confessed today. He was too excited. How can he fall asleep?

After closing his eyes, he thought a lot and finally decided not to think about anything.

Regardless of whether Yan Jing Ze really likes him or falsely likes him, the matter is over, he just accepts it.

He is just a handicapped old man, and he will not suffer from being with Yan Jing Ze.

Thinking about this, Lu Jingxiu wanted to sleep, but couldn’t sleep for a while.

Thinking for a moment, Lu Jingxiu pulled Yan Jing Ze’s hand.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t know what Lu Jingxiu wanted to do, but finally chose to continue pretending to sleep.

Then, he felt Lu Jingxiu move over and lay down under his armpit.

Yan Jing Ze: “…”

In the previous days, when he got up in the morning, he often held Lu Jingxiu in his arms. Then again, Lu Jingxiu was next to him.

He always felt that it was himself who put his arms around the person, and on two occasions, it was indeed him who consciously put his arms around the person.

But now, the facts tell him that it was not necessarily him who put the person in his arms, it could also be Lu Jingxiu who took the initiative to give him a hug.

Yan Jing Ze was so happy that he could not wait to go over and kiss Lu Jingxiu properly.

But as soon as he thought about it, he remembered something Lu Ruiqun had said. His heart sank again, and all his charming thoughts were gone.

Lu Ruiqun said that Lu Jingxiu suffers from insomnia all year round, and even often stays up all night, so his spirit is very poor, and will be in a bad mood because of it. He wants to retaliate against the society and take revenge on the people around him…

Yan Jing Ze did not see the “retaliation against society” or whatsoever, but the incident of insomnia should be true.

Yan Jing Ze suddenly realized that what he had previously thought that Lu Jingxiu slept earlier than him and wakes up later than him is false.

Lu Jingxiu probably… didn’t sleep well at all.

Yan Jing Ze felt that his eyes were a little bit sore again.

At the same time, he remembered one more thing.

The morning he woke up from the same bed with Lu Jingxiu for the first time, Lu Jingxiu was upset.

He did not think about why Lu Jingxiu was upset before, but now he suddenly understood.

At that time, Lu Jingxiu was probably not asleep at all, he was pretending to be asleep, and then the person he liked suddenly came closer…

Lu Jingxiu should think he was going to kiss him, but he didn’t.

He sniffed his armpit.

Yan Jing Ze: “…”

How stupid was his behavior at that time?

His Sleeping Beauty was waiting for him to kiss, but he sniffed his armpit?

Yan Jing Ze felt that he was too sorry for Lu Jingxiu.

Tomorrow morning, he must make up for it, he must not let Lu Jingxiu down!

Thinking this way, Yan Jing Ze drifted and fell asleep.

He woke up on time the next morning.

Lu Jingxiu’s head did not pillow on his arm, but lay under his arm, and the whole person was still shrunken into a ball.

This is a very insecure position, but looking at it, Lu Jingxiu looked like he was sleeping well.

At such times in the past, he would often get up quietly, go downstairs to do some exercise, and then open the curtains and everything, so that Lu Jingxiu can have a bright morning.

But now… Yan Jing Ze leaned in and kissed Lu Jingxiu.

As soon as he finished kissing, he felt Lu Jingxiu’s eyelashes tremble.

Lu Jingxiu was really awake…

And Lu Jingxiu was not angry, and didn’t even “wake up”. Does this mean… Lu Jingxiu still wants him to keep kissing?

Yan Jing Ze thought so, and kissed a few more times.

Lu Jingxiu: “…”

Yan Jing Ze’s lips fell on his cheek and his forehead, and made his whole body hot. Yan Jing Ze kissed him endlessly…

Lu Jingxiu felt that any normal person should be kissed awake, he moved and opened his eyes as if he had just woken up, his gaze darkened as he looked at Yan Jing Ze: “What are you doing?”

Lu Jingxiu frowned, looking a bit fierce, but Yan Jing Ze was not scared at all. He smiled and kissed Lu Jingxiu’s eyebrows: “Kiss you.”

Lu Jingxiu: “…”

Yan Jing Ze kissed his brow again: “Don’t frown, what if you grow wrinkles in the future?”

Lu Jingxiu: “…” He loosened his brows subconsciously and looked at Yan Jing Ze expressionlessly.

Yan Jing Ze kissed his mouth again: “It’s good for you to be expressionless like this, and you won’t get wrinkles.”

Lu Jingxiu pushed Yan Jing Ze away, flushing on his face: “It’s time to get up!”

Although he really wanted Yan Jing Ze to continue kissing him like this, he really felt that this progress was too fast.

And… his heart beats faster than the palpitations he got after not sleeping well for a very long time.

Yan Jing Ze was pushed away and came over again: “Jingxiu, I love you, I really love you very much. You are the person I love most in this world.”

This kind of Lu Jingxiu really made him feel like he had missed 10 billion.

Had he known…he should have gone to kiss Lu Jingxiu every day a few days ago!

How many kisses did he miss? How much precious time did he waste to be intimate with Lu Jingxiu?

Although Yan Jing Ze hadn’t washed his face, and his hair was messed up because he slept all night, Lu Jingxiu still thought he was very good-looking.

At this time, Yan Jing Ze confessed and he felt even more happy.

He was at a loss, his left hand trembled slightly, and he didn’t know how to respond, and finally said with a cold face: “Hmm.”

“Do you love me?” Yan Jing Ze asked with a smile.

Lu Jingxiu didn’t speak. He was not used to saying love or not. No, it should be said that he had never said “love” to anyone before.

“Uncle Lu, I’ve said I love you several times, and I’ll be sad if you keep not saying it.” Yan Jing Ze leaned over and looked at Lu Jingxiu eagerly: “I love you so much.”

When Lu Jingxiu heard Yan Jing Ze calling him “Uncle Lu”, he felt a burst of shame, but also some indefinable joy.

The lethality of Yan Jing Ze was really too great, he couldn’t refuse such Yan Jing Ze.

Forget it, there is nothing to refuse.

Lu Jingxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze and said seriously, “I love you, too.”

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