BH (QT) 186 – Rich Second Generation (10)

Chapter 186 – Rich Second Generation (10)

Lu Ruiqun described Lu Jingxiu as a person with extreme personalities who would abuse others.

To be honest, people who don’t know Lu Jingxiu, seeing only some of Lu Jingxiu’s outside appearance, it’s really easy for them to believe Lu Ruiqun’s words.

Lu Jingxiu is indeed short-tempered and moody. Yan Jing Ze recently worked as a life assistant for him. He often sees him getting angry after driving away certain subordinates. Sometimes, he will look particularly gloomy.

In addition, his reputation has not been very good.

As soon as he took over the Lu family, he drastically carried out a series of reforms on the Lu family. Many of the Lu family’s elderly were driven away mercilessly by him and some were even sent to prison by him.

Not only that, but afterwards he drove his mother and nephew out of the Lu family home.

At that time, don’t know how many people were gossiping about Lu Jingxiu behind his back.

That is to say, afterwards, Lu Jingxiu remained in seclusion, and did not need to resort to dirty tricks in the business field, slowly, everyone’s opinion changed.

Seeing that he did not get married and did not have children, he was also good to Lu Ruiqun, people began to think that Lu Ruiqun will be his successor.

“He used to hit me…but it’s because I made him unhappy…” Lu Ruiqun sighed over the phone.

Yan Jing Ze: “…” He was not like the original owner, he believed Lu Ruiqun’s claims just because he saw Lu Jingxiu hit someone. Now, Lu Ruiqun even said this to him trying to imply something…

Lu Jingxiu hit Lu Ruiqun? This is impossible! Lu Jingxiu hurt himself, he was sure of that.

“So, he hit you?” Yan Jing Ze was full of mockery, but it was a pity that Lu Ruiqun on the other end of the phone couldn’t see it.

“Actually, it’s nothing, I have my grandma to take care of it.” Lu Ruiqun said, “Jing Ze, I heard that you live in Lu’s villa now?”

Lu Ruiqun specifically contacted Yan Jing Ze in order to get Yan Jing Ze to tell him something about Lu Jingxiu.

It would be better if Yan Jing Ze could find some trouble for Lu Jingxiu – Yan Jing Ze acts as Lu Jingxiu’s life assistant and accompanies him every day, there are too many places where he can find trouble for Lu Jingxiu.

“Yes,” Yan Jing Ze said.

After a few moments of false talk with Lu Ruiqun, he learned a lot of true and false information about Lu Jingxiu that he did not know before.

The words of Lu Ruiqun that smear Lu Jingxiu can be directly ignored, in addition, according to Lu Ruiqun, Lu Jingxiu’s health is very poor, has serious psychological problems, and suffers from insomnia all the time.

Yan Jing Ze only felt unable to breathe.

How hard has it been for Lu Jingxiu over the past few years?

Now, can he help Lu Jingxiu?

Yan Jing Ze thought about it, and realized that he couldn’t help anything… Wait, he seemed to have helped.

Lu Jingxiu has insomnia, but he gives him massage these days and Lu Jingxiu can always fall asleep quickly.

Is it because of this that Lu Jingxiu is particularly tolerant of him crawling into his bed every night?

When Yan Jing Ze was thinking about Lu Jing Xiu, on the other side, Lu Ruiqun frowned slightly when he hung up the phone.

He felt that the tone of Yan Jing Ze’s voice was not quite right.

He should have heard it wrong, right? Yan Jing Ze had always had no brains, and he was so devoted to him. The tone was wrong just now. It may be that he was too angry when he learned that he was beaten by Lu Jingxiu.

Lu Jingxiu’s meeting took place all morning.

Yan Jing Ze finished the phone call with Lu Ruiqun and read the book for a while before Lu Jingxiu returned with a few people.

Previously, Lu Jingxiu always wears a black suit, and a long black down jacket outside in winter, but the other day, Yan Jing Ze took him to pick out some clothes.

For example, today, when he walked into the office with a cane, he wore a light gray suit.

Although he still looked a little gloomy, his gloomy temperament was somewhat neutralized.

“President Lu, you are back!” Yan Jing put down the tablet and stood up, showing a big smile at Lu Jingxiu.

“Hmm.” When Lu Jingxiu saw Yan Jing Ze, he felt a lot better. He didn’t know how to express, and finally said with a cold face, “You continue to read.”

He has a life assistant, and he doesn’t need Yan Jing Ze to do anything for him. To be honest, as long as Yan Jing Ze stays by his side, he is already very happy.

Yan Jing Ze did not read a book, but poured a glass of water for Lu Jingxiu.

He found that Lu Jingxiu didn’t like to drink water, but when he poured it, Lu Jingxiu would drink more or less.

Although Lu Jingxiu had finished the meeting, he still had something to tell people. He soon discussed the matter with them. Yan Jing Ze took the opportunity to go to the cafeteria and grab his lunch with Lu Jingxiu.

Now Lu Jingxiu’s lunch is made by him after consulting a dietitian. He made a list of the menu, prepared the ingredients and sent it to the cafeteria, and asked the chef of the cafeteria help to make it, to ensure it is fresh and nutritious!

Of course, the taste may not be good, but Lu Jingxiu didn’t care.

When Yan Jing Ze came back with the food, Lu Jingxiu was the only one in Lu Jingxiu’s office. He put the food on the table: “Jingxiu, it’s time to eat.”

“Let them bring it here in the future.” Lu Jingxiu said— where was the need for Yan Jing Ze to get it personally?

“I have nothing to do, so I just wander around.” Yan Jing Ze laughed and put the food in front of Lu Jingxiu.

Since the two of them had shared a bed, Lu Jingxiu’s attitude towards him was much more amiable, Yan Jing Ze especially liked this way of getting along.

Lu Jingxiu also likes this way of getting along. These days, Yan Jing Ze has been by his side, inseparable, and even made him feel that Yan Jing Ze really likes him.

Is it possible that this feeling is true?

Lu Jingxiu looked up at Yan Jing Ze and continued to eat.

Regardless of whether his feeling is true or just an illusion, he cherishes all this very much and wants to maintain it.

A few days ago, he felt that being alive was particularly boring, and he didn’t have the energy to do anything. He didn’t even understand why he wanted to live.

He insisted on taking care of the company just because he felt he should do so, and also because there was nothing else he could do, but now, he was instead hopeful about the future.

He even began to worry about cleaning up Lu Ruiqun—he wanted to drive this person far away.

Thinking of this, Lu Jingxiu found time to avoid Yan Jing Ze in the afternoon and contacted a few people and asked them to help him watch Lu Ruiqun. He also began to study how to make Lu Ruiqun stay in the branch and not come back.

When it was time for get off work, Yan Jing Ze and Lu Jingxiu left the company on time as usual.

Seeing Lu Jingxiu leaning on a cane and slowly leaving with Yan Jing Ze, his team of secretaries and assistants all at once got up from their seats and started packing their things.

“President Lu is really strange recently, surprisingly, he leaves work on time every day!”

“His temper has improved a lot and he hasn’t broken anything for several days.”

“Before, I thought that with the arrival of the Second Young Master Yan, I would have to face a violent storm every day, but I didn’t expect it to be the opposite.”

Everyone was chatting and someone suddenly said: “How do I feel that… President Lu is quite good to the second young master of the Yan family?”

After this person’s words were spoken, the others thought about it and said, “I think so, too.”

“Although President Lu didn’t have a good face to Second Young Master Yan at first, he has been much better with Second Young Master Yan recently.”

“After all, he is the second young master of the Yan family, and President Lu also wants to give others face.”

“Second Young Master Yan is really hard to hate. Although he is not at learning and doesn’t have skills, he is really good to President Lu, the uncle of his fiancé.

“Who hates it when such a caring, handsome man comes around?”

Everyone talked about it and then left work one after another. Wait until out of the company, one of them gave Lu Ruiqun a phone call.

Lu Ruiqun was taken aback.

He only called Yan Jing Ze in the morning, but at that time he really didn’t expect that Yan Jing Ze could be treated differently by Lu Jingxiu.

But he thought about it carefully and found it not strange.

Although he saw Lu Jingxiu not pleasing to his eyes, he had to admit that Lu Jingxiu was miserable.

Among other things, Lu Jingxiu’s mother, his step-grandmother, unexpectedly, she was even better to him than to Lu Jingxiu, her own son.

Although Lu Jingxiu is rich, he is eccentric and crippled. There is no one around him who is sincere to him, even his most trusted housekeeper betrayed him…

What about Yan Jing Ze? Lu Ruiqun thought about it, and found that because of himself, Yan Jing Ze respected his uncle, and he genuinely wanted to please Lu Jingxiu.

Under such circumstances, it is not surprising that Lu Jingxiu treats Yan Jing Ze differently.

However, he made such a phone call this morning, telling Yan Jing Ze that Lu Jingxiu had hit him… Yan Jing Ze might have a quarrel with Lu Jingxiu!

If Yan Jing Ze got into trouble with Lu Jingxiu at this time, it would not do him any good!

Lu Ruiqun thought for a while and called Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze is on the way home.

While chatting with Lu Jingxiu, the phone rang suddenly… Yan Jing Ze picked it up and looked at it. He saw that it was Lu Ruiqun and hung up without thinking about it.

Lu Jingxiu sat next to Yan Jing Ze and paid close attention to Yan Jing Ze. When Yan Jing Ze took out his mobile phone, he also glanced at it.

The caller was “A Lu Ruiqun”.

When he saw this name, his heart “thumped”.

Yan Jing Ze kept Lu Ruiqun’s name. It was not “Dear”. He was very happy, but Lu Ruiqun’s name had an “A” before it… This was to put this name at the top of the address book. Right?

Lu Jingxiu’s brows frowned, but fortunately Yan Jing Ze hung up without answering, which made him feel less uncomfortable.

“It’s Lu Ruiqun. He used to ignore me. I ignored him during this period, but he called me,” Yan Jing Ze explained.

“Hmm.” Lu Jingxiu breathed a sigh of relief.

Yan Jing Ze has already checked. Lu Jingxiu’s life assistant is trustworthy—this life assistant was also brought back by Lu Jingxiu from abroad. He is a Chinese who was born and raised in a foreign country. He didn’t have a very good life before. After meeting with Lu Jingxiu, he was quite good and always listens to Lu Jingxiu words.

However, in the original historical trajectory, he did not know why, he later did not follow Lu Jingxiu.

There are no outsiders here, so Yan Jing Ze said: “Don’t worry, I’ve asked the private detective to check the evidence of his cheating, as soon as they find it, I will immediately withdraw from the marriage!”

Lu Jingxiu said, “It has nothing to do with me if you withdraw or not.” After that ambiguous confession with him, he did not say anything.

Yan Jing Ze smiled: “How can it have nothing to do with you? When I withdraw from the marriage, I will be able to pursue you openly and honestly.”

Lu Jingxiu’s left hand trembled and he snorted coldly.

When Yan Jing Ze and Lu Jingxiu returned home, there were many people in the Lu family’s villa.

Every week, the cleaning company comes to the villa to do a cleaning. Recently, because of the hot weather, today the cleaning company came to the villa to do a big cleaning, and someone even came specifically to mow the garden and clean the swimming pool.

When Yan Jing Ze went in, he saw that the windows of the villa were open, some people were replanting flowers and plants in the garden, and others were busy working in the backyard.

“Master, there are a lot of things today and the food is still not ready…” The nanny looked at Lu Jingxiu embarrassedly.

“Just prepare it as soon as possible,” Lu Jingxiu said, and sat down on the sofa.

As for Yan Jing Ze… Yan Jing Ze’s eyes passed through the open back door and landed on the swimming pool behind the villa.

In the last life, Lu Jingxiu was pushed into the swimming pool by the original owner and drowned in the swimming pool…

Thinking of the physical condition of Lu Jingxiu that he had just learned, and thinking of this incident, Yan Jing Ze felt as if he had been crushed by a stone… He took a deep breath and went to the backyard.

The swimming pool in the backyard of this villa is quite big, even divided into deep and shallow areas…

After thinking about the phone again, Yan Jing Ze opened it and found that Lu Ruiqun was calling.

He didn’t want to answer, but after thinking about it, he answered again – Lu Ruiqun called him, maybe he wanted him to harm Lu Jingxiu, and in turn, he could know something from Lu Ruiqun.

But Yan Jing Ze was wrong.

Lu Ruiqun called him to tell him not to have a fight with Lu Jingxiu, and to stay by Lu Jingxiu’s side.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t bother to talk to him too much. After a few casual words, he hung up the phone and looked at the swimming pool again.

After watching for a while, Yan Jing Ze rubbed his face and revealed a big smile. He went back to the living room and looked at Lu Jingxiu who was sitting on the sofa waiting for dinner: “Jingxiu, no one swims at home. Having such a large swimming pool at home, isn’t it too wasteful?”

Such a pool, it’s better to fill it!

Lu Jingxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze: “Can you swim?”

Yan Jing Ze said: “No.”

Lu Jingxiu said, “In summer… I can teach you how to swim.” He hopes that Yan Jing Ze will still be by his side at that time.

“You can swim?” Yan Jing Ze was stunned.

“I can,” Lu Jingxiu said.

When he first went abroad, he was in poor health and the doctor advised him to exercise more.

He could not do many sports with such a body, so he could only swim.

But he hasn’t swam in a long time.

Lu Jingxiu can swim?

However, he drowned after being pushed into the water by the original owner.

Why did he drown? Did he… not want to live anymore?

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