BH (QT) 200 – Demon Sect Leader (2)

Chapter 200 – Demon Sect Leader (2)

Yan Jing Ze looked at Shadow One, his heart throbbed, but Shadow One said, “Please punish me, Master.”

When there was no memory of the original owner before, Yan Jing Ze thought this person had just been tossed by him all night and he would be able to get up and work casually because he was not injured. He even wondered if he didn’t work hard enough. But now it’s different.

It’s not that this person was not injured, but that he didn’t take the injury seriously.

Not to mention, in the original historical trajectory, how many injuries and incidents this person will suffer. For example, this person has suffered countless injuries before today, but even if he was about to die, he did not say a word.

“Get up and lie down next to me,” Yan Jing Ze said, and then saw the kneeling Shadow One stand up, come to him, and lie down beside him, motionless like a wooden stake.

Yan Jing Ze hugged him, his body trembling uncontrollably.

He remembered the Demon Sect’s method of training shadow guards.

All children under five years old with good roots are taken from various places by the sect to train them as shadow guards.

After these children are brought to Demon Sect, there will be special personnel to train them. And the first thing these people do is to completely enslave them.

To eat, they have to kneel and eat, and before they eat, they have to say “thank you for the gift, Master”.

You have to lie in a cage when you sleep, and you may be beaten if you change your posture. Before going to bed, you should also say “thank you for the gift, Master”.

You must go to the toilet regularly, and don’t even think about bathing, there will be no such good conditions at all.

In addition, they are not allowed to communicate with each other, and no one talks to them.

Except for martial arts practice, they are kept in cages and stay alone for the rest of the day.

Only when their owner visits them can they get out of the cage and get a bit of delicious food.

This master, of course, is the Leader of the Demon Sect.

For example, Shadow One and the others were brought up by the former leader after the original owner was born. The original owner would visit them from time to time from a very young age, and this group of children about the same age as the original owner would kneel in front of the original owner, call the original owner Master, and the original owner would give them some good food…

Raising these children in Demon Sect is no different from raising livestock, and when these children are raised in this way, they naturally feel like livestock.

For them, their life is only for the “Master”, they are born for the master, but also die for the Master.

For example, a shadow guard who recognizes the previous leader as the Master will basically commit su*cide after the death of the previous leader.

The object of his love at first sight was a shadow guard.

Yan Jing Ze only wanted to ruin this damn Demon Sect at this moment.

When Shadow One was young, he must have been an innocent child. But what happened? The Demon Sect people took him away from his parents and trained him to be like this…

Yan Jing Ze took a deep breath and looked at Shadow One again.

Shadow One’s body was tight, he didn’t move since he lay down.

He really listened to the words of the original owner. He would do whatever the original owner asked him to do. He never knew how to resist, but the original owner didn’t take him seriously at all…

Other than that, the original owner, because Liu Zhiqing gave him a bowl of rice, felt that Liu Zhiqing saved himself, and even fell in love with Liu Zhiqing because of it… How come the original owner didn’t think about the fact that before meeting Liu Zhiqing, it was Shadow One and the other five Shadow Guards who stopped those who were after him with their lives?

After that…

Not long after Liu Zhiyi gave the original owner a meal, the scarred Shadow One took the remaining two Shadow Guards and found the original owner. And because of the heavy injuries, one of those two Shadow Guards still died in front of the original owner.

At that time, why didn’t the original owner feel that these people saved him at all? The original owner even whipped Shadow One, resenting Shadow One for coming to him too late and starving him.

Yan Jing Ze became more angry the more he thought about it, the original owner of this body was simply a beast!

And he himself is not much better.

As soon as he came, he hurt Shadow One.

After a sigh, Yan Jing Ze sat up, preparing to put on clothes.

Upon seeing this, Shadow One got up and skillfully kneeled next to Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze said: “Lie down and don’t move.”

Upon hearing Yan Jing Ze’s words, Shadow One quickly lay back.

Yan Jing Ze put on his clothes and then said: “Shadow Two.”

The door of the room was opened, and a man with a face covered floated in from the outside and knelt in front of Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze was uncomfortable for a while.

He didn’t have the memory of himself before traversing, only the memory of the original owner, but he was really not used to being kneeled down like this.

“Go get some gold sore medicine,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Shadow Two, who was kneeling in front of Yan Jing Ze, stood up quickly and left. After a while, he came back and knelt on the ground and handed Yan Jing Ze a bottle of gold sore medicine.

“Have someone prepare some food, put it outside first, and send it in when you get my order,” Yan Jing Ze said again.

Shadow Two just floated away again.

The original owner’s father has trained two groups of useful shadow guards for the original owner, a total of forty-two people.

In the Demon Sect, it’s the Demon Sect Leader who organizes things, and the servant girls and servant boys are the ones who serve the leader. The shadow guards, in addition to protecting the leader, listen to the leader’s instructions to do small things. They basically don’t do other things, and they also cannot do other things.

The Shadow Guards didn’t learn anything other than martial arts. They didn’t know how to read characters, and they couldn’t even speak the words completely. Only in this way could they guarantee their absolute loyalty.

The members of the Demon Sect are blood-stained people, they are all violent people. Successive leaders can suppress them, in addition to the strong strength of the leader himself, there are many shadow guards serving the leader. These shadow guards are not only strong but also loyal and fierce, it has a lot to do with them not being afraid of death.

Forty-two shadow guards were enough to allow the original owner to walk sideways in the martial arts world.

It is a pity that the original owner is not reliable.

To talk about the leader of the Demon Sect, one must talk about the unique martial arts that belongs to the leader of the Demon Sect, the Netherworld Divine Art.

There are nine levels of Netherworld Divine Art. At the beginning, the person who founded the Demon Sect, the grandfather of the original owner, inadvertently obtained this divine art. He practiced to the eighth level in one breath, and then became one of the most powerful in the martial arts world. Only because of this could he shelter a group of vicious villains and establish the Demonic Sect.

Unfortunately, his descendants are not as good as the first generation.

Netherworld Divine Art is extremely powerful, but it also has a fatal flaw, that is, it is very easy to fall into chi deviation.

Except for the founder of the Demonic Sect who practiced the Netherworld Divine Art to the eighth level, the rest of the Demon Sect leaders only practiced to the seventh level at most, and they often died early at the age of fifty or sixty because of chi deviation.

The original owner’s father has never had children. When the original owner was born, he was nearly forty years old. He was afraid that when he dies, the original owner wouldn’t be able to suppress the Demon Sect or get chased by the righteous martial artists. The original owner was pushed to train since childhood but he didn’t have a good talent for martial arts. Practicing up to now, he has only reached the fourth level of Netherworld Divine Art.

The father of the original owner can only train more shadow guards for the original owner. The previous leader had at most a dozen shadow guards, and when the original owner became the leader, there were already more than forty.

But even if the original owner was low in strength, he still liked to cause troubles. To this day, the forty-two shadow guards who can be called first-rate masters in the martial arts world have lost eight, and only thirty-four remain.

If Yan Jing Ze didn’t come, the original owner would leave the Demon Sect with these thirty-four shadow guards, causing trouble everywhere.

The righteous martial artists hated the Demon Sect to death. They planned to kill the original owner, the leader of the Demon Sect, quickly. But what about the Demon Sect? They are all vicious villains. The main reason for the leader to become the leader is that they are strong enough, so they are naturally worshipped, but if the leader is not strong enough… they also want to get rid of the leader and take his place.

Therefore, after only two years, the shadow guards around the original owner died one by one, and when they all died, the original owner also ended miserably.

Yan Jing Ze returned to Shadow One and sat down with the gold sore medicine.

The bed has completely collapsed. Now it is just a bed board on the ground. Fortunately, there is a thick quilt on it, which makes it comfortable to lie down.

This red bed was prepared by the original owner for him and Liu Zhiqing, and it’s not bad now that it is gone…

Yan Jing Ze stretched out his hand to take off Shadow One’s pants.

Shadow One did not resist at all.

Yan Jing Ze’s heart felt even more uncomfortable, and when he saw the wound behind Shadow One, he was even more speechless.

“You lie on your stomach, I will give you medicine,” Yan Jing Ze said, and as soon as he finished speaking, Shadow One immediately turned around and lay down.

Yan Jing Ze slowly put medicine.

Shadow One didn’t say a word, letting Yan Jing Ze do his work.

Yan Jing Ze felt that even if he didn’t give Shadow One medicine, but gave him poison, Shadow One would also let him.

It really… makes him want to curse!

Yan Jing Ze slowly applied medicine to him. When applying the medicine, he also noticed that there were countless layers of scars on Shadow One’s body.

A batch of shadow guards had one or two hundred children at the beginning, but only 20 were left after training. One can imagine how cruel this training is. It is really not easy for Shadow One to survive.

This goddamn Demon Sect Leader, this damned Demon Sect!

For a moment, Yan Jing Ze couldn’t wait to pick up Shadow One, kick the den where the shadow guards were trained, then leave the Demon Sect with these shadow guards, and get rid of this place completely.

But he quickly calmed down.

Many people in the Demon Sect know that the original owner is not strong enough, and everyone in the martial arts know it. The two groups want to kill the original owner, so he now has wolves in front and tigers behind.

If he leaves directly regardless, he probably won’t end well.

Therefore, he was still trying to figure it out slowly, first improve his strength, try to transfer some property, and then think about kicking this damn Demon Sect.

Yan Jing Ze helped Shadow One wipe the medicine, and then he heard the voice of the young man outside—the food he wanted was here.

Yan Jing Ze originally wanted to call people in directly, but then thought of something and found the original owner’s mask and put it on.

The original owner’s mask was given to him by his father.

The father of the original owner was very considerate about the original owner. He let the original owner to wear a mask all year round and did not allow the original owner to show his appearance in front of others. In fact, there were two considerations.

On the one hand, the original owner was born with a tender face. He is now in his twenties, but he looks like a teenager. If he shows his face in front of people, it is easy to lose pressure on people.

On the other hand… if no one has seen the original owner, and if something happens in the future, the original owner can still live the life of an ordinary person once he takes off the original owner’s mask.

It’s a pity that the original owner didn’t understand his father’s painstaking efforts, and later revealed his true face in front of Liu Zhiqing…

Change to him… He is not strong right now, so he intends to hide this face well, so that he can’t let anyone other than his shadow guards see it.

With a good mask, Yan Jing Ze let people bring in the food.

Four or five servants came in with fragrant food, all of them trembling, not daring to lift their heads. They put the food on the table, and then stepped back respectfully.

The Demon Sect’s food is very good. His shadow guards are keeping an eye on the food they sent to him, so it is absolutely safe.

Yan Jing Ze was about to ask Shadow One to eat with him, but found that Shadow One had disappeared.

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200 Chapters!!! Happy but also kinda sad because we only have 57 chaps left. Translation will be completed in around… 2 months. :3

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