BH (QT) 199 – Demon Sect Leader (1)

Chapter 199 – Demon Sect Leader (1)

Hell Mountain, Demon Sect Headquarters.

The Hell Mountain is majestic and magnificent. The top of the mountain is covered by misty clouds all year round. There are countless ancient trees on the mountain. The scenery is exceptionally good, it doesn’t match its name “Hell” at all.

But who let the Demon Sect Headquarters sit at the foot of the mountain? This mountain has also become “Hell Mountain”.

The Demon Sect is a demonic sect that everyone has heard of in the martial arts world, and the people here are indeed not good things.

In martial arts world, who doesn’t know that if you commit a crime and have nowhere to go, you can go to Hell Mountain to seek refuge in the Demon Sect? Over time, the Demon Sect collected a large group of evildoers for the leader to dispatch, which plagued the entire martial arts world.

In the past few decades, the Demon Sect has become even more rampant.

Many clans and sects in the martial arts world have been exterminated by the Demon Sect, and the righteous martial artists have fought against the Demon Sect several times, but they were all killed by the Demon Sect. And the Demon Sect still shouted that they wanted to “unify the martial arts world”.

For a time, everyone in the entire martial arts world was in danger. Many sects secretly formed alliances and wanted to destroy the Demon Sect. They also held a martial arts conference to discuss the matter. As a result, at the martial arts conference, an unknown kid suddenly appeared and revealed some horrifying things.

It turned out that the martial arts leader elected by the sects more than ten years ago was actually in collusion with the Demon Sect. Before, many sects were destroyed, it was he who was rooting out dissidents.

This martial arts leader secretly communicated with the Demon Sect, killing all his competitors. Moreover, he also obtained those competitors’ possessions and martial arts secrets. Don’t know how comfortable he lived for more than ten years, until this unknown boy appeared. His reputation was ruined, and he finally died in the hands of this nobody.

The name of this nobody is Zhu Lianying. He is the only son of the Zhu family who was “exterminated” by the martial arts leader and Demon Sect a dozen years ago. Back then, his father saved the Left Guardian of the Demon Sect, and then the Left Guardian saved him and raised him secretly.

And now, as a martial arts expert, Zhu Lianying has achieved success in his studies, he has come out to take revenge!

However, Zhu Lianying has just become the leader of martial arts. He was preparing to raise his strength, practice hard to enhance his skills. After that, he was planning to go to the Demon Sect to avenge his family. But unexpectedly, the Demon Sect Leader actually abducted Zhu Lianying’s beloved junior brother, Liu Zhiqing.

Upon hearing this news, Zhu Lianying’s eyes blazed with anger. He secretly sneaked into the Demon Sect, but found that the Demon Sect Leader, who wears a mask all the time and does not show his true colors, actually fell in love with Liu Zhiqing, and planned to give Liu Zhiqing a love medicine. If you don’t vent after taking the medicine, you will explode and die, forcing Liu Zhiqing.

Zhu Lianying secretly changed the medicine with the help of the Left Guardian and some other Demon Sect members who had a good relationship with him, and let the Demon Sect Leader take the medicine himself, and then left with Liu Zhiqing, while secretly vowing that one day he would crush the Demon Sect!


When Yan Jing Ze woke up, he felt very hot.

His entire consciousness is not awake, at this moment, he just wants to grab someone and do something urgently.

He did grab a person, pressed that person under him, viciously tore the other person’s clothes, and was just about to do something.

The body of the person in his arms was cold, and he pressed against him motionlessly, while his hands were still holding the clothes torn from the other person.

Yan Jing Ze froze.

What is this? He crossed over?

Forget crossing over, he actually wore the body of… someone who is planning to do something inappropriate to people?

The feeling in the body was too strong, and it was almost impossible to restrain it, so much so that Yan Jing Ze’s vision was blurred.

But he can’t be a beast.

Yan Jing Ze turned his head and pinched himself hard, finally his vision became clearer.

He found himself in an antique, incomparably empty room, and he was, at the moment, pressing a man down on a large bed.

The sheets and quilt on the bed were all red, decorated like a newlywed’s room, and the man lying under him…

The moment Yan Jing Ze saw this person, he was stunned, and could no longer see anything else in his eyes.

He fell in love at first sight.

He fell in love at first sight with the person lying in his bed, about to be forced by himself, the moment he crossed over.

This person really suits his taste everywhere, and the strong feeling in his body is surging and can hardly be restrained anymore.

But the clothes of the person under him were torn to pieces. At this moment, the person looked at him expressionlessly, not like he was happy about it.

Yan Jing Ze turned to his side and let go of the man. In order to restrain himself, he slammed his head against the bed under him.

With a bang, the bed directly collapsed.

Yan Jing Ze and the person beside him fell to the ground along with the bedboard.

Yan Jing Ze: “…” His head is so powerful?

However, as a result, he was a little more sober, and said to the person beside him: “Go out.”

The original owner of this body seemed to have taken some medicine, but even so, he couldn’t hurt the person he liked.

That is simply a beast!

Yan Jing Ze’s vision became blurred again, his hands grasped the railing beside the bed, and with a little effort, the bed rail turned into dust in his hands.

There is still an energy rampage in his body, which is about to break his body…

His willpower is really good, if it weren’t for him, ordinary people would have been unable to bear it at this time!

His vision blurred again, and Yan Jing Ze opened his mouth to spit out a mouthful of blood.

Just this type of medicine, how come it looks like he is going to die? Yan Jing Ze would like to hit something with his head again, but at that moment, a cold body pressed up to him.

The object of his love at first sight never left, not only that, but also hugged him.

Yan Jing Ze was very excited for a while, only feeling that the blossoming fireworks exploded from his mind.

He is willing! Does he like him too?

This is really wonderful!

Yan Jing Ze couldn’t suppress it anymore, holding the person next to him, and gnawing at the other person’s mouth…

It was at this time that Yan Jing Ze realized that he was wearing a mask on his face.

The iron mask really affected his actions too much, and it hit his dear’s nose!

He pulled off the mask and threw it away, Yan Jing Ze made a “Woo” sound, and the whole person buried to that cold body.

The night was hot, and after a short while, the sky was already bright.

When everything was over, Yan Jing Ze fell asleep, but even if he fell asleep, he still hugged the person beside him tightly.

Shadow One turned his head to one side and looked at Yan Jing Ze beside him.

His master wears a mask all the year round, even if he has been personally protecting the master, he has only seen the master without a mask from afar, and he didn’t dare to look at it more. Now he can see the master’s appearance clearly.

The appearance of the master was completely different from what he had imagined.

His master has a baby face, looks very cute and very lovable. He is already twenty-four or twenty-five years old, but he still looks like a teenager.

He felt something strange in his heart, but soon he ignored this strangeness.

Carefully getting out of his master’s arms, Shadow One left the bed that had broken down and leaving only the bed board on the ground.

There was a light knocking outside the door, one of the other shadow guards asked him if he needed help.

Shadow One did not respond, indicating that he did not need help.

He helped the master clean up first, then began to clean up himself, and when he was cleaned up and dressed, he knelt down in front of the bed.

The master told him to “go out” before, but he did not go out. He violated the master’s order and had to wait for punishment from the master.

However, as soon as he got knelt down, he suddenly saw the master on the bed opening his eyes and staring fixedly at him.

Yan Jing Ze woke up vigilantly when the person beside him moved, and then he felt the person beside him crawling out of his arms and helped himself to clean up a bit.

He was under the influence of medicine last night and actually went a little overboard, but the good thing is that the person he likes doesn’t seem to be hurt and is still moving around freely, even willing to help him clean up…

So, they are in love with each other?

Yan Jing Ze was excited, and was about to hold the person for a while, when the memory of the original owner suddenly appeared in his mind.

The original owner of his body is also called Yan Jing Ze, but few people know his name.

The people around the original owner either call him Master or Leader.

As for the people outside, he is generally called Demon Sect Leader.

He is the son of the previous demon sect leader, who has just taken over as the leader of the Demon Sect not long ago. When he finally came to power, the first thing he did was to let someone kidnap Liu Zhiqing.

The original owner liked Liu Zhiyi.

The original owner was the son of the leader of the Demon Sect, and was pressured to practice martial arts since he was a child, without a day free, until he was twenty-two years old, when he was allowed to go out for training.

As a result, the original owner took his own shadow guards to go out, but he was attacked by the rebel group. His shadow guards desperately protected him and let him escape.

Then the original owner, who had been able to do nothing but practice since childhood, got lost in the forest and fainted from hunger.

It was Liu Zhiqing who found him and gave him a bowl of rice to eat.

Since then, he has been obsessed with Liu Zhiqing, but at that time, his father was still there. Even if he liked Liu Zhiqing, he was afraid that his father would be angry and did not dare to disclose it. Until his father died, he became the leader and he finally had someone capture Liu Zhiqing.

It’s just that, the original owner liked Liu Zhiqing, but Liu Zhiqing did not like the original owner. He liked Zhu Lianying.

Well, there is nothing to like about the original owner. And his practice of abducting the person he liked is not likable at all.

What’s more terrifying is that Liu Zhiqing didn’t like the original owner, and even threatened the original owner with his own life to avoid being touched. Unexpectedly, the original owner decided to give Liu Zhiqing medicine.

Fortunately, it didn’t work!

Liu Zhiqing’s lover sneaked into the Demon Sect and secretly exchanged the soup of the original owner and Liu Zhiqing, making the original owner drink the medicine. Taking advantage of the inconvenience of the original owner because of the medicine, he took Liu Zhiqing away.

The original owner was furious and couldn’t stop the medicine, so he grabbed his shadow guard and prepared to solve his medicine…

It was at this time that he wore this body.

With this memory, Yan Jing Ze almost vomited blood with anger.

Not only is the original owner a demon, but there is also no such thing as a loving relationship between him and his love at first sight’s object!

The person he slept with was the shadow guard of the original owner, named Shadow One. The reason why Shadow One did not resist last night was only because the original owner was his master!

The person he likes doesn’t like him at all!

In the mind of Yan Jing Ze, there also appeared what would have happened next in this world if he hadn’t traversed.

The original owner used Shadow One to solve the medicine, not only did he not appreciate Shadow One, he also felt that Shadow One took the opportunity to climb into bed, making him feel disgusted, and had Shadow One beaten up.

After the beating was over, the original owner who had tasted spring for the first time began to think about it again, so he caught Shadow One and slept with him again. At this time, the original owner found that Shadow One and Liu Zhiqing had some similarities.

The original owner simply left Shadow One by his side and continued to sleep with him.

When he is in a good mood, Shadow One can be treated as Liu Zhiqing, and he can show him a good face. When he is in a bad mood, Shadow One will be whipped out of anger.

Because in his eyes, Shadow One is a dog, a dog that can be thrown away if he is killed.

The original owner is really a scumbag!

Yan Jing Ze was so angry that his chest hurts. What makes him most angry is that Shadow One never abandoned the original owner no matter how much he was abused.

This persistence is not because of feelings, but because Shadow One has no sense of self-importance.

Shadow One simply does not know how to love people, he does not even love himself.

Later, the original owner took him to leave the Demon Sect to find Liu Zhiqing. Shadow One had just been tossed by the original owner the night before, and the next day he listened to the original owner’s order to catch Liu Zhiqing.

Because someone was protecting Liu Zhiqing, Shadow One couldn’t catch him, so he was beaten by the original owner again.

The original owner provoked dissatisfaction from the martial arts people, Shadow One desperately protected the original owner…

He died while protecting the original owner and was killed by some martial artists.

Until his death, he lived for the original owner, and did not live for himself a day. When he died, because of the original owner’s repeated torture, he had long been bruised and dying.

Also, the original owner did not give him a second glance when he died.

This is too unbearable.

The only thing that made Yan Jing Ze feel comforted was that after the loyal Shadow One and other shadow guards died for the original owner, the original owner did not end well. He was also killed by the martial artists who were “killing demons and eliminating devils”.

Good death!

Yan Jing Ze received the memory of the original owner, and felt uncomfortable. As a result, he opened his eyes, just in time to see his favorite person kneeling down to himself.

Shadow One’s expression was calm, without a ripple in his eyes, as if a pool of stagnant water.

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