BH (QT) 198 – Rich Second Generation (22 – Extra 2)

Chapter 198 – Rich Second Generation (22 – Extra 2)

Old Mrs. Lu was shocked when she learned that Lu Jingxiu had moved out, and Lu Ruiqun’s expression was even more complicated.

Previously, Lu Ruiqun had collected information on Lu Jingxiu and asked people to analyze Lu Jingxiu.

At that time, the expert he specifically asked for said that Lu Jingxiu was actually a little lacking in love, so he held onto the house firmly.

It was also those experts who said that Lu Jingxiu had a tendency to be disgusted with the world.

If it weren’t for this, he wouldn’t dare to push Lu Jingxiu step by step.

According to the expert’s analysis, in Lu Jingxiu’s case, a little more stimulation may directly push him into su*cide.

But now, Lu Jingxiu not only fought back, but also gave up the house he had been fighting for before.

“Ruiqun, where will your uncle go?” Old Mrs. Lu looked at her grandson a little nervously. Lu Ruiqun is not her grandson by blood, but because his father is unknown, he grew up in the Lu family since childhood, and has always been calling her grandmother.

“Grandma, I’ll find someone to ask around,” Lu Ruiqun said, made a phone call to ask someone.

He felt ashamed to have taken the initiative to ask, but others will not take the initiative to talk to him about this to avoid angering him, so he didn’t know where Lu Jingxiu wanted to hold the wedding.

Of course, this is also related to Lu Jingxiu’s marriage. Although he invited a lot of people, he did not publicize it.

Lu Ruiqun sneered, Lu Jingxiu didn’t have the face to publicize that he actually robbed his fiance!

Lu Ruiqun quickly found out that Yan Jing Ze and Lu Jingxiu had their wedding in a suburban manor.

The wedding was at noon, but Yan Jing Ze and Lu Jingxiu both arrived early.

Lu Jingxiu leaned on his cane and coldly greeted those who had come to the wedding, while Yan Jing Ze also greeted his friends with a smile.

“Jing Ze, why are you getting married so suddenly, also, why are you marrying Lu Jingxiu?” a friend of Yan Jing Ze couldn’t help asking.

“Yes, Lu Jingxiu’s temper is not very good…” someone said again.

“Today is your wedding day, but he doesn’t look happy…”

Yan Jing Ze’s friends are not very old, they are only in their twenties. They are all still thinking about having fun, they never thought about getting married. Now, Yan Jing Ze suddenly wants to get married, moreover, he wants to get married to a gloomy old man, they all felt incomprehensible.

Yan Jing Ze heard what they said, but couldn’t help but smile: “He is not unhappy.”

Although Lu Jingxiu’s face was cold, he knew very well that this person was in a good mood. Otherwise, how could he personally meet the guests?

But Lu Jingxiu was a little nervous, which was for sure.

Because of nervousness, Lu Jingxiu didn’t sleep last night or even all night.

“Is he not unhappy?” a friend of Yan Jing Ze was very puzzled.

Standing not far away, although Lu Jingxiu looks very good in spirit, but that temperament… is really scary.

“No… wait, he’s really unhappy now,” Yan Jing Ze said, and immediately walked towards Lu Jingxiu — Old Mrs. Lu and Lu Ruiqun came.

Old Mrs. Lu is also Lu Jingxiu’s mother no matter what, she came here, and naturally someone let her in.

Old Mrs. Lu has a graceful and luxurious temperament and a gentle appearance. It is easy to make people feel good. At this moment, when she sees Lu Jingxiu, her face is sad: “Jingxiu, you are getting married, why didn’t you inform me?”

“I don’t want to inform you,” Lu Jingxiu said directly, squeezing the cane in his hand.

“I’m your mother!” Old Mrs. Lu was shocked and angry.

“I know.” Lu Jingxiu did not deny this, after all, they had done a paternity test in the first place.

It’s just that his mother obviously didn’t treat him as a son.

Lu Jingxiu’s expression was faint. Mother Lu wanted to say something, but Yan Jing Ze suddenly came over and said, “Let’s go inside and talk.”

“Jing Ze, Ruiqun is so good to you, you betrayed him, you…” Mother Lu looked at Yan Jing Ze dissatisfied, and didn’t want to talk in the house.

Yan Jing Ze smiled and said in a low voice, “Auntie, I have photos of Lu Ruiqun here.”

Mother Lu’s face changed, and she agreed to speak in the room.

When she arrived in the room, she said again: “Jingxiu, how can you treat Ruiqun like this…”

Mother Lu cried and began to accuse Lu Jingxiu. She felt that Lu Jingxiu could not be so unconscionable and did something that was sorry for Lu Ruiqun: “If it weren’t for your father, I wouldn’t know what I’m like now…”

“You also said, that’s my dad.” Lu Jingxiu said: “It’s your business to be grateful to him and willing to devote yourself to him, I’m his son, I’m no different from my sister.”

Mother Lu stared at Lu Jingxiu blankly.

Lu Jingxiu said again: “You like Lu Ruiqun so much, so you can spend time with him. You don’t want me anyway. You didn’t even look for me when I was lost.”

Lu Jingxiu didn’t understand why his mother treated him this way before, but when he grew up, he understood.

There are always people who like to sacrifice themselves to show their greatness.

And his mother, whose self-sacrificing was not enough, wanted him, her son, to follow suit.

But, why?

He is also his father’s son, and he is the same as his sister, so why make it seem like he is inferior?

“How can you say that! If it weren’t for your father or your sister, how would you be there?” Mother Lu said. She didn’t understand why her son was so disobedient.

Before she came to Lu’s house, she was a poor woman who was domestically abused by her husband. It was Father Lu who saved her and gave her a new life.

She swore at that time that she would take good care of Miss Lu.

Even if she later married Father Lu and gave birth to Lu Jingxiu, she did not change her mind.

However, since Father Lu passed away, her son has become increasingly disobedient.

Her son is not in good health, and she’s afraid he can’t have children, so why not give Lu’s to Ruiqun?

Her son even robbed Ruiqun’s fiance. How could he do such a thing?

Mother Lu hoped that Lu Jingxiu would treat Lu Ruiqun well, but Lu Jingxiu had no intention of this: “Yes, I shouldn’t exist, so please leave.”

“Jingxiu.” Yan Jing Ze called to Lu Jingxiu, and looked at Mother Lu: “Auntie, wait for the wedding between Jingxiu and I. Either leave quietly or stay quietly. Please don’t disturb us.”

If Mother Lu is really unwilling to leave, they can’t let people drive Mother Lu out. He only hopes that this person can stay quiet.

Mother Lu glared at Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze said again: “If you want to make trouble, I don’t mind printing hundreds of photos of Lu Ruiqun, and every guest who comes will get one as a gift.”

“Yan Jing Ze, are you so unfeeling?” Lu Ruiqun, who had not spoken, couldn’t help but say.

Yan Jing Ze simply ignored him, but looked at Lu Jingxiu: “Jingxiu, shall we go to greet the guests?”

Lu Jingxiu nodded, and left the house with a calm face.

Although Lu Jingxiu’s face was serious before, he was not really intimidating, but when he went out this time, he looked extra cold, which made some guests uncomfortable.

Thinking about it, before, he didn’t have a good face to his mother…

This Lu Jingxiu was really cold-hearted.

Tsk tsk, Second Young Master Yan marries him, and they don’t know what will happen in the future…

The pitied Yan Jing Ze grabbed Lu Jingxiu’s hand while no one was around: “Jingxiu, don’t care about those people.”

Lu Jingxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze and slowly calmed down.

Also… he doesn’t need to care about those people.

In the future, the one who should be angry and depressed is not him.

He heard that his mother lent all the money to Lu Ruiqun for investment, but the recent investment environment is very bad…

Lu Jingxiu calmed down.

Yan Jing Ze wanted to kiss him when he saw it, but before he could kiss him, Lu Jingxiu, who had sensed this, stopped him: “Don’t kiss!” Both of them wore groom makeup on their faces!

After saying that, Lu Jingxiu was afraid that Yan Jing Ze would not give up, and quickly left to entertain the guests.

Yan Jing Ze watched Lu Jingxiu leave and couldn’t help laughing.

But soon, he was surrounded again.

“Yan Jing Ze, Lu Jingxiu is cold to his mother, you have to be careful.”

“Don’t marry Lu Jingxiu just to anger Lu Ruiqun…”

“Yan Jing Ze…”

Yan Jing Ze: “…” These people are too worried about him!

Their worries are really unnecessary.

When the wedding proceeded to the kissing session…

Many guests who don’t know the specific situation are ready for Yan Jing Ze and Lu Jingxiu not to kiss each other.


Yan Jing Ze, who had not been able to kiss Lu Jingxiu today, grabbed Lu Jingxiu and kissed him fiercely.

He kissed especially hard, never letting go of Lu Jingxiu, and Lu Jingxiu surprisingly did not dodge.

Even after they kissed for several minutes, it was hard to separate them.

Could it be that there is actually true love between these two?

The guests who came to the banquet were stunned.

Old Mrs. Lu and Lu Ruiqun didn’t leave, and they were equally stunned when they saw this scene.

Things… don’t seem to be the same as they thought?

Of course, things are different from what they thought.

Yan Jing Ze finished kissing, looking at Lu Jingxiu who looked at him in a daze, went up and kissed him a few more times.

Before, Lu Jingxiu refused to let him kiss… Now he wants to kiss him back!

Lu Jingxiu: “…” The makeup artist put on the lipstick on his mouth, but Yan Jing Ze eats it, is it really okay?

President Lu, who had never applied such a thing before, felt uncomfortable even drinking water because of something on his mouth. Now he is even more tangled and frowns.

Surrounding people: This is the normal reaction! Is President Lu unhappy being hugged and kissed by Yan Jing Ze?

However, as soon as they came up with this idea, they saw Lu Jingxiu proactively kissed Yan Jing Ze again—they both ate all the lipstick, and it didn’t matter if they ate a bit more!

Surrounding people: “…” Is President Lu angry just because he didn’t take the initiative?

The two of them look like this, they surprisingly look pretty good.

Many people were not optimistic about the pair of Yan Jing Ze and Lu Jingxiu at the beginning of their marriage.

They are very different in age, and there is also a Lu Ruiqun in between.

But these two people’s relationship became better. What was even more surprising was that not long after the two got married, Lu Jingxiu actually transferred all of Lu’s shares to Yan Jing Ze.

That is what Lu Jingxiu owns, all of Lu’s shares!

Lu Jingxiu to Yan Jing Ze, this is true love!

Upon hearing this news, those who thought that Lu Jingxiu and Yan Jing Ze’s marriage was just to piss some people disappeared immediately, but many people began to be jealous of Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze’s vision is really good. Lu Ruiqun, his previous fiancé, obviously didn’t have the talent to do business, but he always wanted to make a lot of money by investing. The majority of his shares in Lu’s was lost by him. What about Lu Jingxiu? In addition to thriving Lu’s business, he actually has another company in his hands…

In addition to jealousy, many people can only talk sourly— so what if Yan Jing Ze is more powerful? In the end, he is not capable, and Lu Jingxiu’s health is not good. One day when Lu Jingxiu is no longer there, he may have to lose all the property!

As a result, the Second Young Master Yan, who is widely recognized as uneducated and unskilled, went to school again and shone in the medical field.

He even became a famous doctor!

Not only that, he even personally performed several operations on Lu Jingxiu. Although he could not restore Lu Jingxiu’s hands and feet as before, he did not have to walk with a cane anymore.

Lu Jingxiu’s body didn’t deteriorate at all as rumored, but it got better and better.

In the end, the two became a pair of model husbands envied by countless people.

At the moment, the model husbands are swimming.

Yan Jing Ze is already in his thirties, but he still looks very young. He has already learned to swim long ago, and is now standing next to the pool, watching Lu Jingxiu swim.

After ten years of marriage, he has been taking good care of Lu Jingxiu. Not only has Lu Jingxiu’s body not deteriorated, but also getting better and better, and now there are muscles on the body.

It looks really… quite tempting.

Especially Lu Jingxiu is now swimming, and is not wearing swimming trunks.

Yan Jing Ze watched, his whole body suddenly sank into the water, and then swam towards Lu Jingxiu…

Lu Jingxiu, who was working hard to swim and exercise, suddenly found that there was another person underneath him. Not only sticking to him under water, he was still wiping cream to his body.

His knee might hurt again…

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