BH (QT) 197 – Rich Second Generation (21 – Extra 1)

Chapter 197 – Rich Second Generation (21 – Extra 1)

From two years ago, Lu Jingxiu’s mental state was very bad. He was often disgusted of himself and didn’t even want to live anymore, so he didn’t want to contact people more.

But now is different. Now he is full of hope for the future and wants to let others know…

No, he did not just invite people to dinner to let them know that he was getting married.

He wants to expand his social circle, seriously!

The place to eat was set at Goldfield. Lu Jingxiu took the shareholders on the way there. Not only did he have a good chat with those shareholders, he also introduced a few Goldfield specialties.

President Lu, who was so gloomy all day, would take the initiative to chat with people… Those shareholders were a little surprised.

As a result, something even more surprising happened when they were eating.

Lu Jingxiu, who has always been taciturn, said a lot during the meal and invited them to his wedding, but the always talkative Yan Jing Ze did not say much. He has been peeling shrimps. After peeling, he naturally put them in Lu Jingxiu’s bowl.

On this occasion, everyone basically drank, but Yan Jing Ze ordered Lu Jingxiu freshly squeezed juice. Lu Jingxiu was not angry. He actually took the grape juice to toast to their wine glasses.

In fact, Lu Jingxiu and Yan Jing Ze did not do too much intimate things, but they don’t know why… These shareholders all feel that they ate dog food while eating.

Look, Yan Jing Ze just peeled the crab, and Lu Jingxiu, who was next to him, immediately handed over the handkerchief. This was too tacit understanding!

Previously, Lu Jingxiu said that he would marry Yan Jing Ze, these shareholders were surprised, but they all felt that the purpose of the two people’s marriage was not simple.

They all know how much Yan Jing Ze likes Lu Ruiqun before. Now he is with Lu Jingxiu, it is probably to make Lu Ruiqun angry?

Even if Yan Jing Ze didn’t like Lu Ruiqun anymore… He shouldn’t like Lu Jingxiu so quickly?

As for Lu Jingxiu… Maybe he decided to marry Yan Jing Ze for the sake of cooperating with the Yan family?

After all, for Lu Jingxiu, marrying Yan Jing Ze is not a loss—even if the second young master of the Yan family has no abilities, he is young and handsome anyway.

In short, they don’t feel that these two people have feelings.

But now… these two definitely have an unnatural relationship!

When Lu Ruiqun’s colorful flag fluttered outside, his family’s red flag was also inserted into other people’s homes

These people sympathized more with Lu Ruiqun.

But they didn’t feel that there was anything wrong between Yan Jing Ze and Lu Jingxiu… They themselves had no morals.

In fact, Lu Ruiqun also has a pit in his head. Such a fiance, he doesn’t know how to grasp properly.

“Jingxiu, drink some chrysanthemum tea.” Yan Jing Ze had been watching Lu Jingxiu. Seeing that Lu Jingxiu had eaten a lot, he took away the chopsticks from Lu Jingxiu’s hand and handed over a cup of chrysanthemum tea.

Lu Jingxiu’s stomach is not very good, he can’t eat more at one time, he should eat less and more meals.

In addition, Lu Jingxiu did not sleep well, and tea and coffee were also forbidden by him.

Lu Jingxiu glanced at Yan Jing Ze and took a sip of the chrysanthemum tea Yan Jing Ze handed him.

A warm feeling filled his body, and he squinted his eyes happily.

His relationship with Yan Jing Ze can finally be announced to the world, and he has been very happy today.

The happy Lu Jingxiu bid farewell to these shareholders and took Yan Jing Ze home. The first thing he did was to look seriously at Aunt Wang who came out and asked them if they wanted to eat: “Aunt Wang, I and Jing Ze are getting married.

Aunt Wang was stunned: “What?”

“I and Jingxiu will get married next month,” Yan Jing Ze laughed.

Speaking of which, Aunt Wang, the nanny, is really a very honest person.

She is the closest person to them, but in the end, she hasn’t noticed anything strange about their relationship… Well, he can’t blame her. After moving here, Yan Jing Ze stopped her from cleaning the bedroom. It was both him and Lu Jingxiu who personally tidied it up.

“Isn’t Young Master Yan going to marry Young Master Lu?” Aunt Wang was dumbfounded.

“Heh.” Lu Jingxiu sneered.

“Lu Ruiqun cheated. I broke off my engagement with him. I recently cultivated a relationship with Jingxiu. I think it’s suitable, so I plan to get married,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Aunt Wang nodded blankly.

Aunt Wang was shocked, and Lu Jingxiu was satisfied. He nodded to Aunt Wang and walked to the bedroom with a cane.

“Aunt Wang, go to bed early,” Yan Jing Ze said to Aunt Wang and followed Lu Jingxiu.

Aunt Wang stayed in place for a while and went back to her room to watch TV.

This really made her want to find someone to talk about it, but thinking about the fate of the housekeeper previously…

As for Yan Jing Ze and Lu Jingxiu, this kind of thing… In fact, the Lu’s uncle and nephew, and Yan Jing Ze, these three people, the one she is most familiar with is Yan Jing Ze.

Thinking about how Lu Ruiqun looked at Yan Jing Ze’s face every day, she felt that it was normal for Yan Jing Ze to break up.

She doesn’t know why Yan Jing Ze wants to marry Lu Jingxiu, who is not easy to get along with.

This should be the marriage of the rich family?

Watching the heroine in the TV be beaten by the mother of the president male lead, Aunt Wang feels distressed—this rich man also has difficulties, ah!

But she didn’t feel distressed for long.

After all, she doesn’t even have money.

In the master bedroom, Lu Jingxiu connected his mobile phone to the bluetooth keyboard and started to send messages to people he knew: “I’m getting married.”

It is not very convenient for him to operate the mobile phone with one hand, his typing is slow, so he uses the keyboard… His right hand is the main force, and his left hand can occasionally type a few keys, the typing speed is not slow.

Yan Jing Ze leaned over and took a look, and couldn’t help laughing. He took out his phone and took a photo of Lu Jingxiu sitting at his desk typing hard and sending it to Moments, with the words “married partner”.

As soon as Yan Jing Ze sent the news, a group of people came to ask: “What happened to you, Yan Jing Ze?”

“Have you quarreled with Lu Ruiqun and had a temper?”

“Isn’t this Mr. Lu? You make fun of Mr. Lu, you are not afraid of Mr. Lu killing you?”

Yan Jing Ze responded uniformly: “I will marry Lu Jingxiu on the 18th of next month. I will send an invitation to everyone in a few days.”

Everyone: “…”

Finally, someone asked in a low voice: “Then… what about Lu Ruiqun?”

“I caught him cheating and I have withdrawn from the marriage.” Yan Jing Ze replied.

People in Yan Jing Ze’s circle of friends felt that Yan Jing Ze might have been stimulated by Lu Ruiqun’s derailment, so he wanted to marry Lu Jingxiu, a gloomy old man.

This is… ‘I can’t marry you, so I’ll just be your aunt?’

Yan Jing Ze is too great!

Yan Jing Ze’s side is very lively, and Lu Jingxiu’s side is the same.

As soon as Lu Jingxiu’s message was sent, someone called in.

After one call, the second and third came. After the call, Lu Jingxiu had to reply to various messages.

“Yes, I am getting married.”

“The invitation will be sent in a few days.”

“The marriage partner is Yan Jing Ze.”

“He is very good.”

Lu Jingxiu replied in a concise manner, but it was clear that he was very happy.

Yan Jing Ze watched from the side, and seeing Lu Jingxiu happy, he felt happy too, but it was taking him too long…

Yan Jing Ze finally couldn’t help it: “Uncle Lu, do you plan to reply to the messages for one night, show off for one night that you are getting married, leaving me alone in an empty bed?”

When Lu Jingxiu heard what Yan Jing Ze said, he turned to look at Yan Jing Ze, only to see that Yan Jing Ze slowly began to undress, and also winked at him: “Uncle, I should be more tempting than a computer. Do you want to come?”

After speaking, Yan Jing Ze pulled his pants down.

Who can stand this?

Anyway, Lu Jingxiu can’t stand it…

He walked over with a calm face, covered Yan Jing Ze with a quilt, and then began to take off his clothes.

Yan Jing Ze hugged the quilt and laughed.

The next day, the news that Yan Jing Ze was about to marry Lu Jingxiu spread throughout the Lu’s employees.

Lu’s employees: “…” The world has changed too fast… The wealthy people are really messy!

Time always flies quickly, and in the blink of an eye, it is the day when Yan Jing Ze and Lu Jingxiu get married.

Yan Jing Ze felt that he was too powerful—it’s only been less than three months since he crossed over and he’s actually taken care of his lifelong affairs.

Early that morning, Yan Jing Ze got up with Lu Jingxiu.

They ate breakfast first, and when they finished eating, they asked the stylist and makeup artist to do their styling.

Yan Jing Ze was caught by someone. He tossed the face for half an hour, but the effect was really good—his facial features were more three-dimensional after makeup, and his skin was flawless, and he was more handsome compared to before!

Yan Jing Ze admired his face with delight, went to find Lu Jingxiu, and then he was stunned.

Before, Lu Jingxiu’s skin was a bit too pale, there were visible red veins on his face, and his lips were always bloodless, so he kissed him a lot, and the whole person turned into a sullen beauty.

But now, the make-up artist has helped him to do his hair in a way that suits him, his skin tone and lip color have been changed to some extent, and he looks healthy and full of power.

If he hadn’t suffered trials and tribulations, he would have looked like this.

Yan Jing Ze looked at Lu Jingxiu without blinking.

Lu Jingxiu finally couldn’t help it: “What are you looking at?”

“Look at you.” Yan Jing Ze laughed and wanted to kiss him.

However, before he approached, Lu Jingxiu stretched out his hand to block him: “Can’t kiss today!” The makeup artist applied a little lipstick to him, and he was uncomfortable now, and… definitely can’t kiss!

Yan Jing Ze: “…” Humph! He will kiss him sooner or later today!

When Yan Jing Ze and Lu Jing Xiu were warm and affectionate, on the other hand, Old Mrs. Lu went to the Lu family villa with Lu Ruiqun early in the morning.

After the Lu’s shareholder meeting, Old Mrs. Lu always wanted to contact Lu Jingxiu, but Lu Jingxiu did not answer her phone. She was stopped by Lu Jingxiu when she went to Lu’s. She was also told that Lu Jingxiu was not in the company because he was preparing for the wedding.

After coming down several times, Old Mrs. Lu became angry, so she didn’t go to Lu Jingxiu at all.

She is Lu Jingxiu’s mother. Lu Jingxiu is getting married and must invite her to attend. She waited for Lu Jingxiu to invite her.

However, Old Mrs. Lu waited left and right, but Lu Jingxiu didn’t come.

Moreover, today is Lu Jingxiu’s wedding day, and Lu Jingxiu did not come.

Old Mrs. Lu finally became anxious and went directly to the Lu family villa.

Seeing that the door of the Lu family villa was closed, Old Mrs. Lu just thought that Lu Jingxiu didn’t want to see her so he deliberately locked the door. She called Lu Jingxiu outside the door. After shouting for a while, there was no one, but she called the property here: “Mrs. Lu, Mr. Lu has moved, and it has been a month since.”

Old Mrs. Lu was taken aback, even Lu Ruiqun was a little dazed.

This house was originally given to Old Mrs. Lu by Old Master Lu, but Lu Jingxiu who agreed to everything didn’t agree with it—he wanted this house.

Old Master Lu had already given other properties that were worth more than ten times the value of this house to his grandson. When his son wanted this house, he agreed and gave Old Mrs. Lu another property.

It was also because of this that Lu Jingxiu was able to drive away Old Mrs. Lu before — this house was his.

 Lu Jingxiu was obsessed with this house, and now, Lu Jingxiu actually moved out?

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Lu Ruiqun’s red flag was fluttering outside… — Lu Ruiqun was cheating outside the house, but didn’t know that he was being cheated on inside the house.

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