BH (QT) 196 – Rich Second Generation (20 – End)

Chapter 196 – Rich Second Generation (20 – End)

Lu Ruiqun has always had opinions on Yan Jing Ze.

When his grandfather was still alive, Yan Jing Ze chased him, but he didn’t feel bad, he just thought he had a little brother.

But when his grandfather became seriously ill and asked him to be engaged to Yan Jing Ze, he felt that Yan Jing Ze was taking advantage of his situation.

In recent years, he has been very indifferent to Yan Jing Ze, but Yan Jing Ze has not given up, which makes him more confident.

Now Yan Jing Ze said he was going to withdraw from the marriage, he was stunned on the spot, suspecting that he had heard it wrong: “Are you going to withdraw?”

“Yes, I want to withdraw. The lawyer is outside and the agreement has been drawn up,” Yan Jing Ze said happily. Back then, the original owner and Lu Ruiqun got engaged, and they signed an agreement. If it weren’t for this, the withdrawal wouldn’t be so troublesome.

Shareholders: “…” Seeing Yan Jing Ze’s smile on his face and the light tone of voice, there is no doubt that he is really happy.

Lu Ruiqun was the only one who needed their sympathy.

Recently, Lu Ruiqun has been very active and contacted them in various ways, but none of them stood by his side. Yan Jing Ze bought Wang Dingtao’s shares through his connection, but he did not even stand by his side…

But this is also Lu Ruiqun’s own stupidity.

Even if he cheated, why was he not careful and let people get the handle?

The shareholders continued to watch the jokes, and Lu Jingxiu sat in the main seat, fiddling his mobile phone in his hand with a cold face.

When he put down the phone, the lawyer came in with the agreement.

Lu Ruiqun glanced at the lawyer, then at Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze has been arguing with him many times over the years, but he has never mentioned “withdrawal”. In the past month, Yan Jing Ze has been indifferent. In the past few days, Yan Jing Ze has not answered the phone…

Lu Ruiqun suddenly realized that Yan Jing Ze really wanted to divorce, and he might even have been preparing for a long time.

He fiercely stood up and looked at Yan Jing Ze: “You tricked me?”

Yan Jing Ze wanted to divorce him a long time ago, but he didn’t show anything, and through him bought the shares in Wang Dingtao’s hand…

“What did I trick you into?” Yan Jing Ze leaned back in his chair and looked at Lu Ruiqun with a smile, “What are you angry about? You cheated and slept with my friend, I’m not even angry.”

Lu Ruiqun was a little embarrassed, but still said, “I will not withdraw!”

“Then these photos, I’ll print a few more copies and go give them away” Yan Jing Ze said.

Lu Ruiqun looked at Yan Jing Ze incredulously.

Yan Jing Ze looked at him calmly.

The previous Yan Jing Ze was full of silver hair, he gave people a feeling of unreliability. Now he is different.

His hair has been dyed black and he is also wearing a black suit today. The whole person looks much more stable. At this moment, when he is looking at him, Lu Ruiqun even unconsciously has a little faint feeling.

“Sign it,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Lu Ruiqun took the agreement, only to realize that Yan Jing Ze had already signed it.

Those shareholders were watching a good show, while Yan Jing Ze was forcing him. At this moment, Lu Ruiqun subconsciously looked at Lu Jingxiu: “Uncle…”

Lu Jingxiu looked at him coldly: “Sign it.”

Lu Ruiqun suddenly shuddered.

Lu Jingxiu had always been tolerant of him before, but at this moment, he clearly felt that when Lu Jingxiu looked at him with strong repulsiveness.

He lowered his head and signed with a pen.

It would be shameful to stay here any longer, he was desperate to leave now.

After Lu Ruiqun signed, he threw the agreement on the table, and said to Yan Jing Ze, “You will regret it!”

After speaking, he strode out.

“You don’t want your photos?” Yan Jing Ze asked suddenly—he didn’t want to bring back these photos of Lu Ruiqun.

Lu Ruiqun paused, then turned around and put away the photos on the conference table.

Lu Ruiqun quickly left. After he left, those shareholders planned to leave.

However, at this time, Lu Jingxiu suddenly said, “Everyone…I will treat you to dinner in the evening, let’s have a meal together?”

Lu Jingxiu, a person who doesn’t like to contact people, actually offered to invite them to dinner?

Those shareholders found it weird, but they all agreed. Some people smiled and asked, “Mr. Lu, is there any happy event?” Today, Lu Jingxiu seems very happy?

“Yes, there is a happy event.” The corner of Lu Jingxiu’s mouth was slightly hooked.

“Congratulations! I wonder what the happy event is?” That shareholder asked again.

Lu Jingxiu’s expression suddenly softened: “I’m getting married.”

Lu’s shareholders: “!!!”

Lu Jingxiu is actually getting married?

Yan Jing Ze and Lu Ruiqun withdrawing from their marriage was just a surprise to them. However, Lu Jingxiu wanting to get married really shocked them.

“Which lady of the family is it that has this honor?” Someone asked.

Liang Qihai, who already knew the specific situation, subconsciously looked at Yan Jing Ze, and then saw that Yan Jing Ze stood up with the agreement and said with a smile: “It’s not a lady, it’s me.”

Shareholders: “…” They were a bit full from eating melon today.

By the way, you are so happy, so impatient, have you been thinking about changing your marriage partner a long time ago?

But… Lu Jingxiu is indeed better than Lu Ruiqun.

On the other side, leaving the meeting room, Lu Ruiqun’s expression became gloomy.

The shareholders meeting was held in Lu’s. At this moment, there were many people coming and going. Noting that they were looking at him, Lu Ruiqun speeded up his pace and left Lu’s in big strides.

Outside of Lu’s, Wen Heyan was waiting for Lu Ruiqun. Seeing Lu Ruiqun come out, he smiled and went up: “Ruiqun…”

Lu Ruiqun simply ignored Wen Heyan and walked out directly.

Wen Heyan felt his heart “thudded”, realizing that the situation was not right, he cleared up his mood, and immediately chased after him: “Ruiqun, wait…”

Lu Ruiqun got into his car, and Wen Heyan followed him into the co-pilot position: “Ruiqun, what’s wrong?”

Lu Ruiqun waved his hand and threw the photo on Wen Heyan: “See it for yourself!”

Lu Ruiqun liked Wen Heyan very much before, but at this moment, looking at Wen Heyan, his eyes unconsciously showed a little disgust.

Had it not been for Wen Heyan, he would not have lost such a big face!

“This is… Where did this come from?” Wen Heyan saw those photos, his heartbeat quickened, a little worried and a little excited.

He knows that the general meeting of shareholders will be held today, and Yan Jing Ze will be there.

What is Yan Jing Ze’s face now? Is it very sad?

“Yan Jing Ze took it out. He didn’t support me today,” Lu Ruiqun said.

Wen Heyan saw that Lu Ruiqun was like this, he knew that Lu Ruiqun’s plan had failed.

He was not surprised, after all, Lu Ruiqun was too young.

But at this moment, he still has to comfort Lu Ruiqun: “Ruiqun, he will regret it. No matter what, you are still Lu’s major shareholder. He has nothing without his marriage contract with you.”

Who doesn’t know that the heir of the Yan family will be Yan Jing Ze’s older brother? Even if the Yan family is not much worse than the Lu family, but there is no way that Yan Jing Ze could get as many shares of the Yan family company as Lu Ruiqun!

Wen Heyan comforted Lu Ruiqun. Hearing this, Lu Ruiqun felt quite calm.

Without him, who else would Yan Jing Ze find?

Yan Jing Ze is so uneducated, he certainly cannot find someone better than him!

When Lu Ruiqun returned to the city, some of his good friends immediately asked him to go out for drinks and fun. Originally, Lu Ruiqun didn’t want to go, but after thinking about it, he went again.

In the splendid clubhouse, Lu Ruiqun drank a lot of wine, and beside him was a group of rich second generations about his age.

Most people at their age still live on money from their elders. Lu Ruiqun has assets and shares, and is the head of them. Naturally, everyone favors Lu Ruiqun.

Some news about the Lu’s shareholders meeting has already been revealed. At this moment, they comforted Lu Ruiqun: “Brother Lu, you are still young, and there will be opportunities in the future.”

“Lu Jingxiu is not married and has no children, so what if he is holding on to Lu’s now? It will definitely be yours in the future.”

“Brother Lu, that Yan Jing Ze is also quite annoying. With him in the past, we couldn’t have fun… Today, Brother Lu, let’s have fun?”

Lu Ruiqun felt more comfortable listening to these people.

He wanted to see who Yan Jing Ze could find after withdrawing from their marriage!

So what if the withdrawal was proposed by Yan Jing Ze? Who was abandoned was actually Yan Jing Ze, and it was he who could not look at Yan Jing Ze.

Lu Ruiqun’s expression eased down, he took out a glass of wine and drank.

As a result, just after he finished drinking, a friend of his suddenly gasped in a cold breath while holding his mobile phone: “Brother Lu… there is some bad news…”

“What news?” Lu Ruiqun asked subconsciously.

“Brother Lu, Yan Jing Ze is going to marry your uncle…” The man looked at Lu Ruiqun sympathetically.

As soon as Lu Rui’s hands loosened, the wine glass was dropped to the ground.

What happened at the Lu’s shareholders meeting today was quickly spread out to a small range through some of Lu’s employees.

At first, when everyone heard of it, they didn’t feel surprised. After all, it is not uncommon for nephews and uncles to fight for power.

On the contrary, everyone was quite surprised when they heard that Yan Jing Ze withdrew from the marriage with Lu Ruiqun.

Although Lu Ruiqun had derailed, this kind of marriage contract meant a commercial marriage. Why did Yan Jing Ze withdraw?

Most people are still a little sympathetic to Yan Jing Ze.

Who didn’t know that Yan Jing Ze loved Lu Ruiqun to death? Now that he has split, he may be uncomfortable.

Moreover, Yan Jing Ze probably won’t be able to find someone like Lu Ruiqun in the future.

However… just as everyone thought so, they suddenly received a message from Father Yan—the marriage between the Yan family and the Lu family will continue. Next month, they are welcome to attend in Yan Jing Ze and Lu Jingxiu’s wedding.

The people who got the news: “???”

This thing is too fast, they didn’t see it coming!

How surprised the people outside were, Yan Jing Ze was able to guess, but ignored it.

He is busy preparing for his wedding.

He and Lu Jingxiu must have a particularly grand wedding.

He wanted to give Lu Jingxiu the best of everything.

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