BH (QT) 195 – Rich Second Generation (19)

Chapter 195 – Rich Second Generation (19)

Once Yan Jing Ze was lying next to Lu Jingxiu, he couldn’t resist the urge to kiss and hug him, and now he grabbed Lu Jingxiu’s left hand and kissed it.

He will always remember that when he stayed in Lu Jingxiu’s room for the first time, he saw that Lu Jingxiu’s left hand and left leg were thin and gruesome. Lu Jingxiu’s wounds were made by himself.

There is no doubt that Lu Jingxiu does not like his disabled left hand and left leg.

This kind of Lu Jingxiu made him feel distressed. He didn’t want to see Lu Jingxiu always have a psychological barrier to his hands and feet, so when he was with Lu Jingxiu, he would often go to kiss Lu Jingxiu’s left hand to express his love.

These days, Lu Jingxiu’s left hand and left leg, as expected, have no additional scars. And Lu Jingxiu is no longer unwilling to show his left hand in front of people, as he did at the beginning.

Lu Jingxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze lying beside him, leaned over and kissed Yan Jing Ze’s face.

He likes Yan Jing Ze, and prefers to be close to Yan Jing Ze.

From last night to today, he has been very happy.

“You told your parents long ago that you like me?” Lu Jingxiu asked.

Yan Jing Ze laughed: “I had to give them a heads-up in advance.”

Lu Jingxiu kissed Yan Jing Ze again.

Yan Jing Ze sometimes seems very lively, hut he’s really mature about his considerations. With Yan Jing Ze, he feels like he is being cared for.

Yan Jing Ze said: “Don’t kiss me anymore, be careful that your mouth becomes more swollen if you kiss me again.”

The corner of Lu Jingxiu’s mouth couldn’t help but hook up.

Yan Jing Ze was extremely pleasantly surprised: “Are you smiling?”

“I smiled?” Lu Jingxiu was taken aback.

“Yes, you smiled, and you look especially good when you smile.” Yan Jing kissed Lu Jingxiu’s mouth: “Smile more in the future.”

Lu Jingxiu sternly glared at Yan Jing Ze dissatisfiedly, and then said, “I don’t know how to smile.” He had looked in the mirror, he did not look good when he smiled, more like grotesque.

“If you can’t smile, then you can’t smile. You still look good even if you don’t smile. You’re the best-looking person I have ever seen.”

Yan Jing Ze is really good at saying sweet words… Lu Jingxiu turned his head: “I want to go home.”

The private ward is actually very comfortable, but he doesn’t like it here, he wants to go home.

That was his home, but he only stayed for one night.

Lu Jingxiu’s health is not a major problem, it’s okay to go home, Yan Jing Ze laughs, “Okay, let’s go home.”

Yan Jing Ze got up and was about to help Lu Jingxiu pack things up when the phone rang.

It was a call from Lu Ruiqun.

Yan Jing Ze showed Lu Jingxiu the phone screen: “Lu Ruiqun’s call.”

Lu Jingxiu said, “Tell him that I am very sick.”

Lu Jingxiu sat on the hospital bed with a few strands of hair hanging down, covering the corners of his eyes. The whole person looked a lot softer, but his words…obviously intended to pit Lu Ruiqun.

Yan Jing Ze was very happy.

In the original historical trajectory, Lu Jingxiu died in the hands of the original owner, and the original owner died in the hands of Lu Ruiqun.

Although he felt that the original owner deserved to die, he didn’t like Lu Ruiqun either.

After all, no matter what the original owner’s attitude to others was, but to Lu Ruiqun, he was really good.

In the previous years, Lu Ruiqun was able to call the original owner with just one single phone call, and the original owner would come over to help Lu Ruiqun pay the bills and take care of Lu Ruiqun. That was a real dedication.

However, Lu Ruiqun became entangled with the original owner’s “friend”.

It’s just that now, the original historical trajectory will definitely not happen—Lu Ruiqun is actually not courageous and has average skills. He can’t hurt Lu Jingxiu.

Under such circumstances, it is impossible for him to break the law and do something to Lu Ruiqun… He can only pit Lu Ruiqun.

Yan Jing Ze answered the phone, pressed the speakerphone, and when Lu Ruiqun asked about Lu Jingxiu’s condition, he said that Lu Jingxiu did not let himself follow him during the examination and he did not know the specific situation.

Want him to say that Lu Jingxiu is seriously ill? That’s impossible!

Yan Jing Ze said so, but Lu Ruiqun was even more sure that Lu Jingxiu’s condition was not good. He was very happy and mentioned again about borrowing money from Yan Jing Ze to buy Wang Dingtao’s shares.

Yan Jing Ze said: “My Dad is willing to give me money to buy shares, but he asks for that share to be given to me.”

Lu Ruiqun hoped that the Yan family could lend him money to buy shares, but Yan Jing Ze was resolute to have the shares in his own name. Lu Ruiqun had no choice but to agree.

After all, he couldn’t get so much money for a while.

Fortunately, Yan Jing Ze will marry him sooner or later, and the shares in Yan Jing Ze’s hands are equivalent to being in his hands.

After talking with Lu Ruiqun, Yan Jing Ze hung up the phone and said to Lu Jingxiu, “Jingxiu, I have 5% of the shares in my father’s company under my name. I will transfer it to you as my dowry. You pay for it and buy the shares in Wang Dingtao’s hand for me as a bride price!”

This was what he had long thought about, and he couldn’t wait to “marry” Lu Jingxiu.

When Lu Jingxiu heard Yan Jing Ze say “dowry”, he looked at Yan Jing Ze speechlessly, after thinking about it, he said: “You don’t need… the dowry, the shares in Wang Dingtao’s hand are just my gift to you.”

“How can this work? There must be contacts,” Yan Jing Ze said. Although he said that he was going to marry Lu Jingxiu, in fact Lu Jingxiu was his wife!

He can’t be raised by his wife, right?

“I want to give it you.”

“Then I want to give it to you too.” Yan Jing Ze said: “You listen to me. If you are not obedient, be careful I’ll hit you.”

Lu Jingxiu was shocked, Yan Jing Ze actually threatened to “hit” him?

Yan Jing Ze added: “Negative distance hitting!”

Lu Jingxiu: “…” Hooligan!

Although Lu Jingxiu called him hooligan in his heart, he happily followed a certain hooligan home, and wondered if he should be a little bit disobedient, so that he could be hit

When Lu Jingxiu and Yan Jing Ze returned home, Aunt Wang had just made dinner.

Seeing Lu Jingxiu, Aunt Wang was stunned: “Master, are your allergies too serious? The neck is red.”

Lu Jingxiu said reservedly: “It’s a bit serious.”

Aunt Wang muttered, “Then you must be more careful in the future, I will never buy chili again.”

For some reason, Yan Jing Ze especially wants to laugh.

Lu Jingxiu did not go to work the next day.

Firstly, he still needs to rest, secondly… He has deceived Lu Ruiqun, of course he will deceive to the end.

Lu Jingxiu, who insisted on going to the company to handle official duties even if he was uncomfortable, decided to take a one-week vacation and relaxed.

However, Lu Jingxiu did not go out, but Yan Jing Ze went out. He took the money Lu Jingxiu gave him, and together with Father Yan, went to buy the shares in Wang Dingtao’s hands.

Father Yan saw the long list of zeros that Lu Jingxiu had entered in Yan Jing Ze’s account. He always felt that Lu Jingxiu had the potential to be an incapable ruler, and couldn’t help saying to his son: “You kid, don’t fall in love with another person in the future, treat people well.”

Lu Jingxiu to his son, there are really no words.

“Dad, don’t worry, in this life, in the next life, in the next next life, I will not fall in love with someone else, I will only love him.” Yan Jing Ze said: “Of course he only loves me… Dad, I have to go back early, or he will be anxious if he can’t see me for a long time.”

“Get out of here!” This son of his is the water that was poured out!

Yan Jing Ze went home quickly.

After Lu Jingxiu lay on the bed for two days, his body was completely healed. At this time, Yan Jing Ze decided to go with him to unlock the swimming pool on the top floor.

The swimming pool on their top floor is large, but not deep, and Yan Jing Ze is very satisfied with it.

In fact, he has always had a psychological shadow on the swimming pool.

When he went upstairs, he began to tell Lu Jingxiu: “Jingxiu, in the future, if you want to swim, you must take me with you, okay? You can’t come alone.”

Yan Jing Ze is afraid of him drowning? Lu Jingxiu’s heart was warm, and a little helpless.

Yan Jing Ze said again: “You know, if you are unlucky and run into leg cramps or something…”

When Lu Jingxiu heard this, his expression became solemn: “I will definitely not come alone.” He does get cramps, and he really needs to be careful in the future.

“Jingxiu, you are so good, awesome.” Yan Jing Ze kissed Lu Jingxiu.

When Lu Jingxiu was a child, no one had ever praised him. He didn’t expect that now that he is getting older, he would encounter Yan Jing Ze, and then he would always be praised…

Is… Yan Jing Ze actually praising him being a good boy?

Lu Jingxiu took off his clothes and went into the swimming pool.

He has not swam for a long time. He just entered the swimming pool, flopped twice before sinking.

However, a person who has learned to swim is not afraid of water. He is not afraid at all. Soon, he touched the ground with one foot and got up from the water.

As a result, as soon as he got up, he saw someone “plopped” into the water—Yan Jing Ze took off half of his clothes, and he was still holding a mobile phone when he jumped into the water!

“What are you doing?” Lu Jingxiu frowned.

Yan Jing Ze stood up from the water with an unfading panic on his face: “I saw you sinking.”

The original owner doesn’t know how to swim, so Yan Jing Ze didn’t rush into the water. He was originally watching from the side, still wondering how to coax Lu Jingxiu to take off his swimming trunks.

Unexpectedly, Lu Jingxiu sank when he started swimming.

When he got anxious, he jumped directly into the water, and now he still has lingering palpitations, his heart beating extremely fast.

Lu Jingxiu stared at Yan Jing Ze blankly, and hugged him: “Don’t worry, I will be fine.”

He realized more and more clearly how much Yan Jing Ze valued him.

He is loved by someone. Realizing this, Lu Jingxiu suddenly felt that everything he had encountered in the past was nothing.

“I’m very worried,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine.” Lu Jingxiu comforted him awkwardly.

Yan Jing Ze is actually a little uneasy, but there is no need for Lu Jingxiu to see it… He smiled: “Then, to soothe my injured soul, can you not wear swimming trunks when you swim?”

Lu Jingxiu: “…”

What can he do with the little wolf dog that he is fond of? He can only spoil him!

Lu Jingxiu never expected that he would do such a shameful thing.

But when Yan Jing Ze did the same…

The scenery in the swimming pool is really good.

Lu Jingxiu taught Yan Jing Ze how to swim, but Yan Jing Ze did not learn.

Then, a certain teacher, who was not good enough to teach the student, was “hit” by the student.

Today is really a pleasant day.

Almost in the blink of an eye, it was the day that Lu’s held the general meeting of shareholders.

A few days before the general meeting of shareholders, Liang Qihai contacted Lu Jingxiu, worried that Lu Jingxiu could not restrain Lu Ruiqun.

Lu Jingxiu assured him.

However, Liang Qihai still couldn’t rest assured, the morning of the shareholders’ meeting, he contacted Lu Jingxiu again.

Lu Jingxiu said, “Don’t worry. It’s still early. Would you like to come to me for breakfast?”

Liang Qihai asked, “The Lu family villa? I’ll come over right away.”

Lu Jingxiu said, “It’s not the Lu family villa.”

Lu Jingxiu gave Liang Qihai an address and asked Liang Qihai to come over.

After Liang Qihai arrived at the community, Aunt Wang picked him up.

“Why did President Lu move here?” Liang Qihai asked.

“I do not know.”

“How is President Lu recently?”

“I do not know.”

“President Dong…”

“No matter what you ask, I don’t know.” Aunt Wang’s face was full of seriousness.

Yan Jing Ze gave her a salary increase, so that she would never talk about family matters outside.

Fearing that she would end up like the housekeeper before, Aunt Wang had already made up her mind and didn’t tell anyone anything.

Liang Qihai didn’t get anything from Aunt Wang, and finally followed Aunt Wang to Lu Jingxiu’s new home.

“President Lu’s house is pretty good.” Liang Qihai looked at the house with some surprise. The style of this house is really completely different from Lu Jingxiu himself.

Lu Jingxiu didn’t make this house so gloomy…

“It’s good, it’s comfortable to live,” Aunt Wang said this time—it’s always okay to boast about the house.

But Liang Qihai didn’t pay attention, because he saw Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze, whom he previously told Lu Jingxiu to be careful of, was actually wearing pajamas and sitting at the dining table with Lu Jingxiu, who was wearing the same pajamas.

“Mr. Liang, we are waiting for you,” Yan Jing Ze smiled and greeted Liang Qihai for breakfast, while Lu Jingxiu sat beside him, looking very relaxed.

Liang Qihai always felt that something was wrong, and he was a little impressed—no wonder Lu Jingxiu was not anxious at all, because he had already pulled in the Yan family!

However, isn’t Yan Jing Ze Lu Ruiqun’s fiance? How did Lu Jingxiu win them?

Liang Qihai ate with doubts, and the more he ate, the more doubts he got.

When he saw that Yan Jing Ze gave Lu Jingxiu some food, he even saw that after Lu Jingxiu had eaten two small buns, he gave the three small buns left on his plate to Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze ate it.

Isn’t the relationship between these two too good?

How does he remember that Lu Jingxiu does not like to get in touch with people, and if there are many people at the dinner, those dishes cannot even touch a chopstick?

Liang Qihai was full of doubts, and after eating the breakfast in front of him, he went to the living room to talk with Lu Jingxiu.

After the two of them sat down, Yan Jing Ze gave them tea with the appearance of a host. Moreover, Lu Jingxiu talked to him, and he didn’t mean to avoid Yan Jing Ze.

Lu Jingxiu looked at Liang Qihai who was puzzled, and said seriously, “Yan Jing Ze is my boyfriend.”

Liang Qihai was dumbfounded, isn’t Yan Jing Ze Lu Ruiqun’s fiancé? Why did he become Lu Jingxiu’s boyfriend?

No wonder Lu Jingxiu wasn’t anxious at all, he had already won Yan Jing Ze!

Regardless, Liang Qihai is not worried anymore.

Especially after seeing Yan Jing Ze and Lu Jingxiu go to the same bedroom to change clothes.

He always thought that Lu Jingxiu would die alone, but he didn’t expect Lu Jingxiu to be so powerful that he would rob his nephew’s fiancé.

The general meeting of shareholders is held at ten o’clock in the morning.

Lu Ruiqun came early, and after he came, he was a little anxious—Yan Jing Ze had not come.

He was uneasy, and he was a little anxious, but he couldn’t get in touch with Yan Jing Ze—he contacted Yan Jing Ze these days, but Yan Jing Ze surprisingly did not answer the phone.

Since Yan Jing Ze bought Wang Dingtao’s shares, he ignored him!

What is going on with Yan Jing Ze?

He even suspected that Yan Jing Ze fell in love with someone else, but he asked someone to find out, and he couldn’t find out anything.

Yan Jing Ze has a group of fox friends. He used to hang out with those people, but he didn’t go out recently, and he went to work with Lu Jingxiu every day.

After much deliberation, Lu Ruiqun still felt that Yan Jing Ze would not fall in love with someone else

When Yan Jing Ze was twelve or thirteen years old, he wandered around him. It has been ten years now… This person has liked him for ten years, and it is impossible to suddenly dislike him.

Lu Ruiqun was thinking about this matter, and all of Lu’s shareholders came.

Lu’s shareholders are not too many, but they are not too few. There are still more than a dozen shareholders.

Lu Ruiqun smiled and talked to these people. After he had greeted them, the time was almost up. At this time, Lu Jingxiu, Liang Qihai, and Yan Jing Ze came in together from outside.

“President Lu.” When the directors saw Lu Jingxiu, they took the initiative to say hello.

Lu Ruiqun, who had taken the initiative to greet these people before, always felt a little aggrieved, and was a little surprised to see Lu Jingxiu.

The previous Lu Jingxiu looked a bit gloomy, and when he looked at people, he let people subconsciously feel afraid.

Lu Jingxiu is different now. He looked a bit…mild?

And his ruddy face… Lu Jingxiu put on makeup?

Lu Ruiqun just watched as Lu Jingxiu came in and sat down.

The general meeting of shareholders has to discuss many things, and the first thing is Lu Jingxiu’s report on Lu’s situation during this period.

When Lu Jingxiu spoke, he was very calm and calm. Looking at him, Lu Ruiqun felt that things were out of his control.

Things are really wrong.

When Lu Ruiqun proposed to change the chairman… None of the shareholders here agreed, and everyone supported Lu Jingxiu.

“Lu Jingxiu’s health condition simply cannot handle the position of chairman!” Lu Ruiqun couldn’t help but said.

Liang Qihai looked at Lu Ruiqun sympathetically: “President Lu’s physical condition is no problem. We have all seen President Lu’s physical examination report.”

Other shareholders also agreed.

These days, Lu Ruiqun gave them benefits and contacted them in various ways. Some of them actually wanted to support Lu Ruiqun.

First, it was because of Lu Jingxiu’s mental state or something, if it was really as bad as Lu Ruiqun said… they were afraid that he would make a mistake in decision-making.

Second… Lu Ruiqun and Lu Jingxiu are nephews after all, they think there is no difference between the two.

But just yesterday, Lu Jingxiu sent them his medical report, and also said that he is him, Lu Ruiqun is Lu Ruiqun, and they have nothing to do with each other.

Is this Lu Jingxiu’s way of drawing a line with Lu Ruiqun and making them stand in line?

Looking at the physical examination report, Lu Jingxiu’s physical condition is indeed not good, but it is not bad. At least many of them have diabetes and high blood pressure, Lu Jingxiu does not have either.

As for Lu Jingxiu’s mental state… When they saw Lu Jingxiu today, they felt that Lu Jingxiu’s state was okay.

Speaking of which, Lu Ruiqun said everywhere that Lu Jingxiu was in poor health. Where did the news come from him?

If Lu Jingxiu is really in poor health, can he let him know?

He can “know”… Maybe it was Lu Jingxiu who pitted him!

Lu Ruiqun is jumping around these days, Lu Jingxiu is probably very happy watching the show.

These shareholders are very smart, no one supports Lu Ruiqun.

You know, Lu Ruiqun is only twenty-two years old and has never managed a company. Unless they have a brain problem, they would want to support such a person instead of Lu Jingxiu.

You know, Lu Jingxiu had relevant experience when he was already twenty-six years old. When he first came to the company, they still all looked down upon him.

With this in mind, some people advised Lu Ruiqun: “Ruiqun… you are still young, it would be better to have a few more years of experience.”

After this person said so, the others also persuaded Lu Ruiqun in an elder tone.

They all think Lu Ruiqun is a bit silly, isn’t it good to get dividends obediently? Why are you fighting against Lu Jingxiu?

However, what Lu Ruiqun hated the most was that others suppressed him like an elder.

He was originally full of ambition, but the scene of Lu Jingxiu being humiliated, causing Lu Jingxiu to step down did not happen at all, but he himself was seen as a joke and became a jumping clown…

The general meeting of shareholders was quite serious. Lu Ruiqun did not dare to do anything during the meeting, but when the meeting was over, he immediately looked at Yan Jing Ze: “Yan Jing Ze, you betrayed me!”

For Liang Qihai or something, it’s fine if he betrayed him, but Yan Jing Ze betrayed him!

“It was you who betrayed me first,” Yan Jing Ze said, somewhat excited.

He specially brought Lu Ruiqun’s cheating photos today!

“When did I betray you?” Lu Ruiqun gritted his teeth.

“Many times.” Yan Jing Ze immediately took out the photos and threw them to Lu Ruiqun with a wave of his hand.

Yan Jing Ze’s movements seemed a bit impatient, and his flick made the photos scattered on the huge conference table.

Lu Ruiqun saw the photos at a glance, and was dumbfounded when he saw it.

Yan Jing Ze actually knew… What would he do now?

Those shareholders originally wanted to leave, but they stayed behind when they saw Lu Ruiqun’s attack on Yan Jing Ze. Now that they saw these photos, they returned.

They didn’t expect to attend a general meeting of shareholders, and they can still watch gossip!

Speaking of which… they also felt it was strange before that Yan Jing Ze would actually support Lu Jingxiu, but now that they see these photos, they understand.

When the Old Master Lu asked Lu Ruiqun to be engaged to Second Young Master Yan, he must have been thinking about the day when Lu Ruiqun could get the Lu’s, but it was a pity that Lu Ruiqun was not honest.

They looked at Lu Ruiqun sympathetically, and looked at Yan Jing Ze sympathetically—Second Young Master Yan was very miserable, a green hat was worn on his head.

Wait, why does Second Young Master Yan seem a little happy?

The shareholders were surprised when they heard Yan Jing Ze said: “Lu Ruiqun, since you are already with others, the marriage contract between the two of us will not be counted. From now on, the two of us will no longer be related.”

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Incapable Ruler – those emperors who were self-indulgent and became muddleheaded because of their concubines

This son of his is the water that was poured out! – a daughter who has married to her husband is equivalent to water that has been splashed and thus it cannot be retrieved / the woman’s maiden name is given up when they get married

Wearing a green hat – being cheated on

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