BH (QT) 194 – Rich Second Generation (18)

Chapter 194 – Rich Second Generation (18)

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Father Yan’s mood is particularly complicated.

Although Lu Jingxiu has a disability, he should not be underestimated. Even most people feel that he is cold and distrustful and not to be messed with.

Father Yan dare not offend him.

Therefore, when Yan Jing Ze yelled at home that he was in the “top position”, Father Yan was worried that he would offend Lu Jingxiu. If Lu Jingxiu finds that he is targeted by his son, he will definitely be angry!

When he met with Lu Jingxiu today and heard Lu Jingxiu confess that he was with his son, his first reaction was that his son was coaxed by Lu Jingxiu, and he might even have been eaten clean by Lu Jingxiu.

His stupid son was probably eaten to death by Lu Jingxiu, so he helped Lu Jingxiu and put all the blame on himself in front of the family, saying that he wanted to chase Lu Jingxiu.

It is impossible for a parent to be comfortable in this situation, so he was a little angry at the time.

It’s just that when he was angry, Lu Jingxiu fainted.


Father Yan was shocked.

So, it was not that Lu Jingxiu ate his son clean, but his son ate Lu Jingxiu clean?

To be honest, as long as the two are equally in love, his son can find a boyfriend like Lu Jingxiu, he feels that his son burned a high joss stick and got lucky.

He was angry before, mainly because his son turned to Lu Jingxiu, but in turn lied to them, and worried that Lu Jingxiu was coaxing his son in order to get the support of the Yan family.

But at this moment, he was not angry at all.

Lu Jingxiu confessed to him before that his assets were not much worse than that of the Yan family’s, which means that Yan’s is not that important to him at all.

And Lu Jingxiu is like this…

Father Yan couldn’t help but say “f*ck” in his heart.

His son was too powerful, he even took down Lu Jingxiu.

Looking at Lu Jingxiu’s appearance, this person obviously has a deep-rooted affection for his son.

Father Yan sat up straight and looked admiringly at his son who was driving.

His son’s face is full of anxiety, looks nothing out of the ordinary, the child is also very stupid, a little silly.

Why did Lu Jingxiu fall in love with him?

Because his son was stupid?

He heard that some smart people like to find a stupid partner.

Father Yan has been looking at his son with incredible eyes, and occasionally when he goes to look at Lu Jingxiu, he is full of tenderness.

To be honest, he is so satisfied with such a daughter-in-law

Yan Jing Ze took Lu Jingxiu to the private hospital that the Yan family often goes to.

When he arrived at the hospital, Lu Jingxiu was already much better and opened his eyes in a daze. Looking at him, his whole mind was obviously still not awake.

“Jingxiu, we are in the hospital, let’s have a check-up,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Lu Jingxiu glanced at Yan Jing Ze in a daze, without speaking.

There was chaos in his mind, and he couldn’t remember anything at this time, he just subconsciously reached out his hand to Yan Jing Ze.

He picked him up with his arms.

Father Yan followed behind with a smile, and said to his son: “Be careful, don’t drop Jingxiu.”

The more he looked at Lu Jingxiu, the more satisfied he was.

Not to mention his strong personal ability, his private life is also clean, and older is better too since he can take care of his son.

And when you think about it carefully, his son has not been able to suffer since he was a child, his temper can be bad, so if he’s together with Lu Jingxiu, he will certainly not suffer.

Father Yan followed his son slowly, watching his son take Lu Jingxiu for an examination. On the way, he called his wife and asked her to bring some food to the hospital, something suitable for the patient to eat.

On the way to the examination, Lu Jingxiu came to his senses.

After he woke up, he was really upset, and when he found himself in the hospital, he was first confused and then worried.

He had a physical examination a few months ago, and it was found out that his physical condition was very poor. Will it be worse now? Could the sudden fainting be a disease?

He is not a fan of hospitals, but at the moment, he wants to live, so he is not repulsed by them, but is worried that they will discover something wrong with his body.

As for the Father Yan…

Lu Jingxiu’s cane fell in the box. He was supported by Yan Jing Ze, did a few tests, and then went into the ward to lie down.

At this time, Mother Yan came with food, and Father Yan picked it up.

Seeing Father Yan, Mother Yan asked incomprehensibly: “Why did Lu Jingxiu go to the hospital? Why do I have to come over to deliver food?”

Lu Jingxiu was hospitalized, so it’s fine for Father Yan to watch over here, why does she have to come over to deliver food?

Father Yan said: “Your son put him in the hospital!”

This check-up is quite detailed, the B-ultrasound checked everything.

Father Yan noticed that Lu Jingxiu was “injured.”

And it was his son who was still full of energy. He held Lu Jingxiu before and could run fast.

His wife raised his son very well.

“Jing Ze hit Lu Jingxiu?” Mother Yan was taken aback: “How can this happen?”

Father Yan: “…It’s not a fight.”

“How did that happen?” Mother Yan asked.

Father Yan said: “You’ll know when you look at it.”

Father Yan took Mother Yan into the ward.

Mother Yan looked at Lu Jingxiu who was lying on the bed. At first, she didn’t see much, but later…

Lu Jingxiu’s mouth and neck…

Mother Yan: “!!!” Her son would not have forced Lu Jingxiu, right?

This has brought the person to the hospital!

But this is also not quite right. Didn’t Lu Jingxiu invite her husband to meet before? If her son was really in the wrong, why should Lu Jingxiu invite her husband to meet?

Mother Yan tried to maintain her gentle expression: “Jingxiu, I heard that you are sick, so I came to visit you. I brought something to eat, do you want to eat?”

Lu Jing said: “Auntie…”

“Yes.” Before Lu Jingxiu could finish his words, Yan Jing Ze stood up and took the food from Mother Yan’s hand, and was even happier after finding that Mother Yan had brought something with her that included congee: “Mom, thank you, you’re too kind!”

Yan Jing Ze quickly took out the congee, took a spoonful of it with a spoon, and fed it to Lu Jingxiu’s mouth: “Jingxiu, you haven’t eaten anything at noon, eat something.”

Lu Jingxiu lay there expressionlessly, but when Yan Jing Ze put the porridge to his mouth, he opened his mouth.

Mother Yan: “…” It seems that her son did not force anyone.

Father Yan glanced at his wife and felt more comfortable—finally there was someone as frightened as him.

After taking two bites, Lu Jingxiu said, “Jing Ze, you and Uncle Yan didn’t eat either. Both of you should eat, too.”

Father Yan specially asked Mother Yan to bring more food, in addition to pork ribs congee suitable for patients to eat, there are several other foods.

Lu Jingxiu said, “I can do it myself.”

“Let him take care of you and you have a good rest,” Father Yan smiled gently.

Yan Jing Ze’s congee was fed to Lu Jingxiu’s mouth again.

Lu Jingxiu opened his mouth silently.

He had already noticed the change in Father Yan’s attitude. At first, he was a little confused, but then he figured it out.

After thinking about it, he was relieved.

If he had known that it was so simple to make his father’s attitude change for the better, he would not have been nervous before.

As for the matter of him being below, he didn’t think there was any problem.

He likes this, and there is nothing he can’t say to people, not to mention that he doesn’t feel ashamed that he is like this.

Lu Jingxiu only ate half of the congee brought by Mother Yan.

Yan Jing Ze watched him lie down, brought the remaining congee to Father Yan and Mother Yan, and started to eat.

Mother Yan finally couldn’t help asking: “You and Jingxiu…”

“He was chased by me!” Yan Jing Ze smiled and looked at his mother: “Mom, am I particularly powerful?”

Mother Yan: “…” Her son is very powerful.

Father Yan knocked on the table: “Why didn’t you say it yesterday?”

Yan Jing Ze was justified: “I didn’t catch up during the day yesterday.”

Father Yan: “…”

Father Yan didn’t know if what his son said was true or false, but there was nothing to worry about.

And… it’s really possible that his son just caught up with Lu Jingxiu yesterday.

After all, it hasn’t been long since his son started chasing others, and Lu Jingxiu is so miserable today, probably because he has no previous experience.

Yan Jing Ze said again: “Dad, Mom, now that you know… I want to get married soon! There will be Lu’s shareholders meeting in half a month. After the meeting, I will marry Lu Jingxiu, how about that?”

“So anxious?”

A long night brings many dreams.” Yan Jing Ze said: “When the time comes, you will tell people that this is for the cooperation of the two families. I married Lu Jingxiu is a marriage for a replacement…” He planned to take it slowly, but he really can’t wait now!

He is anxious to marry Lu Jingxiu!

As for why he had to say that…it’s for a better reputation.

Father Yan said: “Alright.”

“Dad, you are great!” Yan Jing Ze said, “The 18th of next month is a good day.”

This is too fast… Father Yan asked: “Have you discussed it?”

Yan Jing Ze looked at Lu Jingxiu: “Jingxiu, how about we get married on the 18th next month?”

Yan Jing Ze looked pitiful, as if he would cry if he didn’t agree…

Lu Jing said, “Okay.”

Yan Jing Ze looked at his father again: “It’s been discussed.”

Father Yan: “…” This is not the Lu Jingxiu he knows at all!

There is nothing special about his son, why is Lu Jingxiu fascinated by his son?

While talking, the doctor came over.

Lu Jingxiu was too tired this time and had a fever before he passed out.

At the same time, his health is not very good, the whole person is in a completely sub-healthy state.

Yan Jing Ze saw these inspection reports, and said to Lu Jingxiu earnestly: “Jingxiu, you will do a little exercise every day, just swim. You can swim for five minutes and ten minutes at the beginning, and then slowly lengthen the time…”

Lu Jingxiu agreed: “Okay.”

After agreeing, he breathed a sigh of relief.

It’s probably because he is in good spirits these days, and he is still young, so the current medical report is much better than the one three months ago… Fortunately, what Yan Jing Ze saw was not the medical report three months ago.

When Yan Jing Ze and the others were in the hospital, Lu Ruiqun got the news that Lu Jingxiu had fainted and entered the hospital.

This private hospital attaches great importance to patient privacy. He could not find out the specific situation of Lu Jingxiu, but Lu Jingxiu was in a coma and was sent to the hospital by Father Yan and Yan Jing Ze. He had inquired about it – many people have seen them coming and leaving Goldfield.

Lu Jingxiu actually fainted when he met with Father Yan… He felt that he was more likely to beat Lu Jingxiu at the shareholders meeting.

In the hospital, Father Yan and Mother Yan had already left, and the doctor also left.

Yan Jing Ze squeezed onto the hospital bed and talked to Lu Jingxiu: “You scared me today. I will definitely be more careful in the future, never do this again…”

“No need…” Lu Jingxiu said. He would insist on exercising to make his body better.

Yan Jing Ze said: “!!!” Lu Jingxiu meant that he wanted him to do this in the future?

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A long night brings many dreams – long delays cause many troubles

Subhealth is imbalance in the body that has not developed into an illness yet.

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