BH (QT) 193 – Rich Second Generation (17)

Chapter 193 – Rich Second Generation (17)

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Father Yan called Lu Jingxiu to talk to Lu Jingxiu about his youngest son’s matter.

His youngest son fell in love with Lu Jingxiu, he wants to give a heads-up first so that if Lu Jingxiu gets offended in the future, he wouldn’t be too angry.

In addition, the Yan family has a cooperation with the Lu’s, and his youngest son intends to withdraw from the marriage with Lu Ruiqun… This also has to be discussed with Lu Jingxiu.

Father Yan was a little guilty, so when he talked to Lu Jingxiu, his tone was very gentle: “Jingxiu, are you free? We haven’t seen each other for a long time, I want to invite you to have a meal.”

“I’m free, you can make an appointment anytime,” Lu Jingxiu said immediately.

(formal)You? Father Yan suspected that he had heard it wrong.

He didn’t think much and said: “Is it all right at noon today? You decide the location.”

“It’s fine if you decide,” Lu Jingxiu said.

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Jingxiu saw that Yan Jing Ze was awake.

Yan Jing Ze, who just woke up, stretched out his arm to wrap around Lu Jingxiu’s waist and rubbed against him: “Who?”

As soon as Yan Jing Ze’s words were spoken, Lu Jingxiu quickly blocked his mouth with his left hand.

Yan Jing Ze: “???”

On the other side, Father Yan was sure that he heard “you”, and his heart jumped.

In this business field, some people are very polite, saying “you” when they see people, but Lu Jingxiu is definitely not such a person.

Lu Jingxiu grew up in an orphanage in his early years. He was withdrawn and indifferent, and he was not a very polite person.

Now that such a person is suddenly so polite to himself, Father Yan is a little uneasy.

But Father Yan didn’t show anything: “Then go to Goldfield?” Goldfield is a very famous shop on their side.

“Good,” Lu Jingxiu agreed.

Father Yan wanted to say a few more words, thank Lu Jingxiu for taking his son or something, but Lu Jingxiu’s attitude was weird, so he didn’t say anything, and soon hung up the phone.

After Father Yan hung up the phone, Lu Jingxiu put down the phone. He breathed a sigh of relief, and at the same time let go of Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze immediately said: “Uncle Lu, who are you talking to? Why don’t you let me speak? Do you have new people and forget the old?”

Yan Jing Ze actually didn’t feel wronged. After all, looking at Lu Jingxiu’s attitude, he knew that he was definitely calling his elders, but it is okay to act like a baby!

As for why he was calling him “Uncle Lu”… Last night, he held Lu Jingxiu while calling him “Uncle Lu” while…cough cough, and Lu Jingxiu was very excited.

What new people and old people… Lu Jingxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze with no expression on his face: “It was your father who called me just now.”

Yan Jing Ze: “…”

Lu Jingxiu said again: “He asked me to have a meal together at noon and meet me.”

Yan Jing Ze was shocked: “Did you agree?”

“Mm.” Lu Jingxiu nodded.

Yan Jing Ze was a little anxious: “Why did you agree? Is it too late to refuse now?”

Yan Jing Ze’s attitude made Lu Jingxiu a little unhappy. He frowned and looked at Yan Jing Ze – Yan Jing Ze didn’t want him to meet with Father Yan?

Yan Jing Ze was still anxious: “You were so tired last night, can you bear to see someone at noon today? And…”

Hearing Yan Jing Ze was worried about his body, Lu Jingxiu relaxed, and wondered: “And what?”

Yan Jing Ze is hesitant to say.

Lu Jingxiu asked, “What’s the matter?”

Yan Jing Ze said: “You go… look in the mirror?”

Lu Jingxiu realized that something was wrong, and was about to get up, but Yan Jing Ze was faster, and picked him up: “I’ll carry you over.”

There are only two men in their family. They don’t have small movable mirrors, but there are mirrors in the washing area and walk in closet, and the walk-in closet still has a large mirror.

Yan Jing Ze came to the walk-in closet with Lu Jingxiu in his arms.

Lu Jingxiu looked at himself in the mirror and was silent.

Before he was fifteen years old, he had suffered a lot and his skin was rough, but since returning to the Lu family, he has not suffered any physical pain.

Over the past ten years, he has lived quietly and rarely sees the sun, so his skin has become paler…

Now, his white, sickly skin is full of marks.

Not to mention the traces on the body and neck, his face…

Lu Jingxiu found that his mouth was swollen.

Lu Jingxiu: “…”

Yan Jing Ze was cautious: “Isn’t it a bad idea to meet people like this?”

Lu Jingxiu pushed him away.

He also saw in the mirror that Yan Jing Ze’s body became excited again!

This beast!

Lu Jingxiu propped his hand on the closet and found clothes for himself to put on.

He specially wore a high-collared shirt to cover his neck, finally it wasn’t so hard to look at. As for his mouth…

Lu Jingxiu walked out of the master bedroom and crossed the living room. Aunt Wang, who was sitting in the dining room and watching the video on her mobile phone, saw him.

“Master, you are up? I’ll prepare breakfast for you! What happened to your mouth, master?” Aunt Wang looked at Lu Jingxiu worriedly.

Lu Jingxiu’s face was calm: “I’m allergic to something that I shouldn’t eat.”

Lu Jingxiu was extremely calm, and Aunt Wang didn’t doubt at all: “Master, what are you allergic to? Tell me, I will definitely not do it in the future.”

“Chili.” Lu Jingxiu’s face did not change.

“No wonder you don’t let me make spicy, master.” Aunt Wang gave Lu Jingxiu a sympathetic look and went to make breakfast.

Yan Jing Ze also came out at this time: “Jingxiu, you really want to see my Dad?”

“Mm.” Lu Jingxiu said. He had made an appointment with Yan Jing Ze’s father, how could he not meet? Missing the appointment would make a bad impression.

“I’ll take you there,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“Okay… Are you going with me?”

“I won’t go, I’ll wait for you in the car… Uncle Lu, you must be careful when you chat. Don’t tell my Dad about us, he doesn’t know yet.” Yan Jing Ze said: “Remember, you must not say!”

“I know,” Lu Jingxiu agreed, a little unhappy again.

He knew that it was best to keep things between him and Yan Jing Ze a secret for the time being, but Yan Jing Ze did not want his parents to know, and this matter still made him a little depressed.

However, when you think about it, it’s normal for Yan Jing Ze to be afraid of his parents since he is still young, not to mention that he hasn’t withdrawn from the marriage yet.

He has already gotten Yan Jing Ze, why is he upset because of this kind of thing?

Lu Jingxiu felt comfortable thinking about it this way.

After breakfast, Lu Jingxiu looked in the mirror and changed himself to a better suit. After finally getting dressed, he urged Yan Jing Ze to go out.

“It’s only half past ten,” Yan Jing Ze said. Goldfield was not far from them, it only took ten minutes to go there.

“It’s not a bad thing to go early,” Lu Jingxiu said with a cold face.

Yan Jing Ze could only drive Lu Jingxiu over.

When he got to the place, Yan Jing Ze repeatedly told: “You go slowly, don’t drink later, and call me if you feel unwell…” In fact, he wanted to accompany him, but he was afraid that he could not control himself and his Dad would see what’s going on, that’s not good for Lu Jingxiu.

It’s not a good thing to get involved with your nephew’s fiancé.

And if his father knew that he and Lu Jingxiu were already together, he might even suspect Lu Jingxiu of having ulterior motives.

“I know,” Lu Jingxiu answered.

He is actually not feeling well now, but because he is in a good mood, he is not afraid of anything.

He used to be more uncomfortable than this, but he was still fine, wasn’t he?

When Lu Jingxiu was facing Yan Jing Ze, he was still relatively gentle, but when he got out of the car, a coldness naturally enveloped his body.

He is thirty-two years old this year. In fact, his face does not look very old, but his temperament makes people feel chilled from the bottom of their hearts, they dare not look down upon him.

After entering Goldfield, the waiter who came to lead the way didn’t dare to look at him more. Knowing that he had an appointment with Father Yan, he hurriedly led him to the box of Father Yan.

After Lu Jingxiu settled down, the waiter reported to the top, and someone immediately informed Father Yan that Lu Jingxiu had arrived.

Father Yan was still at home, and he was shocked to learn that Lu Jingxiu had arrived in the Goldfield—why did Lu Jingxiu go so early?

But no matter what, since Lu Jingxiu has arrived in the Goldfield, he should also go there quickly…

Father Yan hurriedly went out.

Lu Jingxiu waited for twenty minutes, then Father Yan came and smiled as soon as he entered, “Sorry, I’m late.”

Father Yan looked at Lu Jingxiu while talking, and found that Lu Jingxiu’s complexion was very good. He looked a little fatter than before and his complexion was particularly ruddy.

It was just that… Lu Jingxiu’s mouth was swollen without knowing what why… Father Yan looked at it twice, but he didn’t care about it enough to ask, so he didn’t ask.

“Uncle Yan, I came early,” Lu Jingxiu said. He also wanted to smile, but he couldn’t smile, so he just stopped smiling.

Father Yan was surprised by Lu Jingxiu’s “Uncle Yan”.

His eldest son is about the same age as Lu Jingxiu. In fact, it is normal for Lu Jingxiu to call him uncle, but when Lu Jingxiu was young, he did not have much contact with the Lu family, so he first met Lu Jingxiu when Lu Jingxiu returned to China at the age of 26. At that time, his youngest son was already engaged to Lu Ruiqun, and he and Lu Jingxiu became the same generation.

All these years, when Lu Jingxiu saw him, he was always coldly called “President Yan”, when did he ever call him uncle?

However, Father Yan quickly reacted: “In terms of age, I can indeed be your uncle… Haha, Jing Ze and Ruiqun’s marriage is not counted, I can also flat out grow you a generation.” It is estimated that his son had already told Lu Jingxiu about the withdrawal from the marriage with Lu Ruiqun, and Lu Jingxiu was reminding him.

He was also thinking that Lu Jingxiu should be hoping that Lu Ruiqun and his youngest son to withdraw from the marriage.

Without the support of the Yan family, it was easy for Lu Jingxiu to clean up Lu Ruiqun.

Lu Jingxiu called “Uncle Yan” and saw that Father Yan was startled, he realized that he had lost his tongue.

He was thinking how to remedy, but he didn’t expect Father Yan to talk about the withdrawal, and immediately felt relieved: “Indeed, I am a junior.”

Lu Jingxiu’s attitude was very good, even too good… Father Yan thought about it and felt that it must be because of the withdrawal, so he first talked about it and expressed his dissatisfaction with Lu Ruiqun.

Following what Father Yan said, Lu Jingxiu also expressed his dissatisfaction with Lu Ruiqun.

Father Yan was very happy to see that Lu Jingxiu’s attitude was consistent with his own, so he talked about cooperation again, hoping that the cooperation between the two companies would not change.

Lu Jingxiu immediately said that there was no problem.

The two also talked about the two recent cooperation projects… Father Yan said that he could give Lu’s concessions to make profits.

Lu Jingxiu refused without even thinking about it, and also said he could give the Yan family concessions.

Father Yan was stunned—Does Lu Jingxiu hate Lu Ruiqun so much? Hearing that Yan Jing Ze was about to break up with Lu Ruiqun, he was so happy that he called him Uncle, and he was even willing to give up profits?

However, he specifically mentioned this matter, not because of the withdrawal of the marriage.

Father Yan said, “Jingxiu, I am willing to concede, in fact, there is also something I want to ask you for help.”

“Uncle Yan, you can say whatever you want,” Lu Jingxiu said.

Father Yan said: “It’s about my incompetent youngest son, I want to trouble you to look after him.”

Lu Jingxiu said, “Uncle Yan don’t worry, I will definitely take care of him.” When he said this, Lu Jingxiu was slightly embarrassed.

He and Yan Jing Ze, in fact, it is not that he takes care of Yan Jing Ze, but Yan Jing Ze takes care of him more.

Lu Jingxiu spoke very seriously, and Father Yan felt even more embarrassed to see him like this.

Lu Jingxiu had a very good attitude and was willing to take care of his son. His son is really not a good thing, he even thought of Lu Jingxiu like that…

Father Yan said: “Jingxiu, in fact, I still have something to tell you… It’s my little son’s matter. Don’t get offended when I say it. “

Lu Jingxiu asked: “What’s the matter?” Father Yan wanted to say something about Yan Jing Ze that might make him angry?

What will it be?

Lu Jingxiu is now sure that Yan Jing Ze loves him, but probably because he has never gotten something so good before, he always subconsciously feels uneasy.

Maybe the collar of the turtleneck shirt was too tight and he was still breathing a little hard.

At this time, Lu Jingxiu frowned and looked unhappy, and Father Yan coughed lightly: “This bastard said at home that he had moved on and liked you and wanted to chase you… If he did something to make you unhappy, you have to bear more.”

Father Yan felt that it was better to tell Lu Jingxiu about this matter.

This way, if Lu Jingxiu was unhappy, he could avoid his son earlier.

As for the possibility that his son could not chase this person… He didn’t think his son could chase this person from the beginning!

When Father Yan uttered the words, he was relieved, but Lu Jingxiu was stunned: “He said he was going to chase me?”

“Yes, he suddenly asked his brother to check Lu Ruiqun and said he was withdrawing. He asked me to talk to you, so he could go and work with you, and later he said he wanted to chase you… He is straightforward, simple, and honest. He doesn’t have any bad intentions…”

“I know,” Lu Jingxiu said.

Before, Yan Jing Ze asked him not to talk about the fact that they were already dating. He was still a little unhappy, thinking that Yan Jing Ze didn’t want to tell his family, but he didn’t expect that Yan Jing Ze had already told his family long ago.

Lu Jingxiu pondered carefully, and he knew why Yan Jing Ze did this.

If Yan Jing Ze’s family knew that they had been together a long time ago, they would definitely think that he, an old man, had bad intentions to Yan Jing Ze. But now Yan Jing Ze did this…… Father Yan even asked him to bear it.

Lu Jingxiu’s left hand was a little trembling, and his head was a little dizzy.

He realized again that Yan Jing Ze really loved him, and loved him very much.

Moreover, although Yan Jing Ze is not very old, he has considered a lot for him and has been taking care of him.

Yan Jing Ze might have thought of such a situation, so he specifically told him not to say.

He didn’t say anything now, and just promised to Father Yan that he will not blame Yan Jing Ze. And Father Yan was very grateful to him. When he and Yan Jing Ze got together in the future, the Yan family would only think that Yan Jing Ze had finally caught up with him, and would not think much of it.

This would be a good ending.

“If you don’t like him, you can transfer him away…”

“Uncle Yan, I won’t transfer him away.” Lu Jingxiu tugged at the collar of his shirt before he felt his breathing a little smoother.

At this moment, it seemed that there was a heat spreading from the depths of his heart, filling his whole body, and filling him with power.

He shouldn’t let Yan Jing Ze take care of everything.

He is not someone who needs the protection Yan Jing Ze.

It’s not good to deceive Yan Jing Ze’s parents like this.

Lu Jingxiu stood up with his cane and bowed to Father Yan: “Uncle Yan, I apologize to you.”

Father Yan was anxious, Lu Jingxiu suddenly apologized… Does he not want to bear more of Yan Jing Ze’s behavior?

Father Yan was thinking this way, and Lu Jingxiu said, “Actually, Yan Jing Ze… is already with me.”

Father Yan was stunned.

Lu Jingxiu said again: “I’m really sorry, I didn’t tell you before.”

“You and my son, you…” Father Yan looked at Lu Jingxiu in shock.

“We are together.” Lu Jingxiu said, “I love him very much, and I want to marry him.”

Lu Jingxiu was very serious when he said it, and after he finished, there was a feeling of relief.

Last night, when he learned that Yan Jing Ze actually loves himself, he felt that the big stone in his heart was moved away and his body was relaxed. But when he got up this morning, he received a call from Father Yan, his whole body tightened up again.

Now, however, after confessing to Father Yan, he relaxed again.

However, Father Yan was silent and frowned at Lu Jingxiu.

Lu Jingxiu felt a little dizzy throughout, he even unconsciously showed a smile and said to father Yan: “Uncle Yan, in addition to Lu’s, Jia He, who does smart home, was founded by me ten years ago. I still have some shares in my hand…”

Lu Jingxiu talked about his assets, and then said: “I have a disability, but I am sincere to him, and I will take good care of him.”

“How long have you been together? How did you stay together?” Father Yan questioned.

He felt ashamed of Lu Jingxiu before, but if Lu Jingxiu had been with Yan Jing Ze long ago… Lu Jingxiu is ten years older than his son, this…

And… Is it possible that Lu Jingxiu is staying with his son in order to take revenge on Lu Ruiqun?

Lu Jingxiu said: “We…”

He swayed, and suddenly his eyes went black.

In the darkness in front of him, there were white stars, a sight like the old, long-overdue black-and-white television set at the orphanage that failed to get a signal long ago.

Lu Jingxiu couldn’t speak for a while. As soon as he loosened his cane, he fell down on the sofa behind him, still breathless—the neckline of his clothes was too tight.

In fact, what Lu Ruiqun said to those shareholders is correct. If Lu Jingxiu was like before, stays up all night, does not eat well, and self-harms, he probably will be dead in a few years.

A few days ago, Yan Jing Ze took care of him very carefully and made him feel better, but the time was short, less than two months in total.

Now, although Lu Jingxiu’s complexion looks much better, but the shortcoming inside cannot be made up in a short time.

Too many things happened in the past few days.

Yesterday, Lu Jingxiu was too uncomfortable during the day and didn’t eat lunch or dinner. Later, Yan Jing Ze came back. After the great joy and sorrow, he did it twice with Yan Jing Ze…

He had not exercised for a long time, he was actually exhausted, so he who had always been insomniac, slept until dawn.

After waking up, if he lay down at home and lay down for a day, he should be able to relax, but early in the morning, he received a call from Father Yan, and his spirits became tense again.

It doesn’t matter if the spirit is tense. After seeing Father Yan and talking with Father Yan, after confessing his affairs with Yan Jing Ze, he loosened the string in his heart.

A person who is always tense will get sick easily once he relaxes. He is already in poor physique, and now he is directly fainted.

As Father Yan saw this scene, he was taken aback. He just wanted to question Lu Jingxiu. Why did Lu Jingxiu faint?

Father Yan immediately called the waiter in and arranged a car to take Lu Jingxiu to the hospital. After thinking about it, he called his son again.

Then… just as soon as Father Yan and the waiter helped Lu Jingxiu out of the box, he saw his son coming.

“Jingxiu, are you okay?” Yan Jing Ze was very anxious. Seeing that Lu Jingxiu didn’t respond, he picked up Lu Jingxiu and ran away.

Father Yan: “…” So his son is here!

Now… Father Yan wiped away his sweat and quickly followed.

At this moment, Yan Jing Ze was extremely upset.

He already knew that Lu Jingxiu’s health is not good, why didn’t he bear it last night?

He already knew that Lu Jingxiu was not in good health. Why didn’t he stop Lu Jingxiu from going out to see his father today?

He should have at least followed!

No, he should have learned about Lu Jingxiu’s condition earlier and taken him for a detailed medical examination.

No matter how many medical books he reads, it is still only on paper. What Lu Jingxiu needs is rest and treatment.

Yan Jing Ze put Lu Jingxiu in the back seat of the car and quickly got into the driver’s seat before driving.

Fortunately, Father Yan ran fast to follow up and finally got into the back seat.

However, as soon as he sat down, Yan Jing Ze had already started the car.

Father Yan: “…” His son is too anxious!

However, with Lu Jingxiu’s situation, he should really be anxious.

“What’s wrong with Lu Jingxiu?”

“He is not in good health.” Yan Jing Ze said: “Dad, take care of him.”

Yan Jing Ze concentrated on driving. Father Yan looked at Lu Jingxiu who was sitting next to him and sighed.

Lu Jingxiu’s age, body, etc., He is really not a good match to his son.

It would be great if Lu Jingxiu was younger and had no disability. He wouldn’t even ask him to be outstanding.

Thinking about this, Father Yan suddenly noticed that Lu Jingxiu’s shirt had a high neckline, and it was still tightly stuck to Lu Jingxiu’s neck.

It has been hot recently. He only wore a casual shirt and rolled up his cuffs. Lu Jingxiu was the opposite, his shirt was covered with a suit and he was dressed tightly.

He closed the button of this shirt so tightly… It’s so hard to breathe, it’s no wonder he’s dizzy!

Father Yan stretched out his hand and unbuttoned Lu Jingxiu’s collar, trying to let him breathe through.

Yan Jing Ze was driving with a seat obscured. He didn’t even notice Father Yan’s movements. Lu Jingxiu was…still dizzy right now.

Father Yan smoothly unbuttoned Lu Jingxiu, and then…

The traces on Lu Jingxiu’s neck, he knew what was going on at first glance as a person who had experience.

Father Yan looked at Lu Jingxiu’s lips again.

He didn’t think much about it before, but looking at it now, how come this mouth looks like it was… ravaged?

Father Yan: “…”

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