BH (QT) 192 – Rich Second Generation (16)

Chapter 192 – Rich Second Generation (16)

Lu Jingxiu only turned on the main light of the master bedroom, but the light was bright enough that he could clearly see all the expressions of Yan Jing Ze.

This twenty-two year old young man looked at him like he wanted to swallow him in one gulp.

And, in a flash, Yan Jing had already jumped into bed.

At this moment, he sat on the bed, the quilt only covered his lower body.

What about Yan Jing Ze? Yan Jing Ze didn’t dry his body well after taking a shower, so…

Lu Jingxiu could see that Yan Jing Ze was really excited. After all, Yan Jing Ze is now in full view to him.

The sadness in his heart has long since dissipated, but is filled with joy, and even a feeling of life after the disaster. For a while, the whole person is a little confused: “Jing Ze…”

What he said next was directly blocked by Yan Jing Ze – Yan Jing Ze pounced on him, and nibbled his mouth again.

Lu Jingxiu felt that his tongue was no longer his own, and it had become the food of Yan Jing Ze. Not only that, now he can’t push Yan Jing Ze.

It may also be that he doesn’t want to push him away.

“Wait.” Just when he was finally able to talk, he found Yan Jing Ze chewing on his neck: “Don’t…”

Yan Jing Ze got into the bed without taking Lu Jingxiu’s refusal seriously.

This person, Lu Jingxiu, has always had a hard mouth and soft heart, saying “No” and “Don’t”, but in fact, he wanted it in his heart.

Just like today, Lu Jingxiu was waiting for him at home like this!

Just thinking about it, Yan Jing Ze felt that the nosebleeds were about to be sprayed out.

He must not let Lu Jingxiu down.

It’s just that he doesn’t have much experience… It’s okay, if the first performance is not good, he can perform better next time.

Yan Jing Ze was gnawing indiscriminately again, and his wet hair swept across Lu Jingxiu’s body.

Lu Jingxiu: “…”

Lu Jingxiu no longer had anything to say, nor did he want to talk.

His mind was chaotic and he couldn’t think of anything for a while.

“Did I not perform well just now?”

“Would it be too fast?”

“You can’t dislike it, I’m just inexperienced. With more practice, I will definitely be good!”

“Jingxiu, I’m really happy today!”

Yan Jing Ze lay beside Lu Jingxiu, talking non-stop.

Lu Jingxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze, suddenly thought of something, and asked inexplicably, “Inexperienced?” Yan Jing Ze and Lu Ruiqun have been together for so many years… Inexperienced?

“What’s the matter with no experience? Do you have experience?” Yan Jing Ze said, don’t think he doesn’t know that Lu Jingxiu has been single!

And Lu Jingxiu’s performance was worse than him.

Lu Jingxiu is of course inexperienced.

However, Yan Jing Ze had no experience… Lu Jingxiu leaned forward and kissed Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze was immediately proud: “Uncle Lu, are you satisfied with me?”

Lu Jingxiu: “…” You know that you have no experience, can you not be so confident?

Yan Jing Ze grinned, grabbed Lu Jingxiu’s left arm, and kissed again and again.

Lu Jingxiu suddenly asked, “You don’t dislike my body at all?”

Yan Jing Ze said, “Why should I dislike it?” As he said, he happily kissed again.

Lu Jingxiu said again: “Today one of Lu’s shareholders told me that Lu Ruiqun went to him… Lu Ruiqun told those shareholders that I would not live long and shouldn’t be Lu’s chairman.”

“No, Jingxiu, you will definitely live a long life!” Yan Jing Ze hugged Lu Jingxiu: “I will take care of you! Haven’t you been feeling much better lately?”

Once he thought of Lu Jingxiu’s body, Yan Jing Ze felt a bit uncomfortable in his heart, and the good mood of having a deep communication with Lu Jingxiu disappeared.

“Lu Ruiqun should have told you about my physical condition, right?” Lu Jingxiu asked.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t think much about it, and directly replied: “He mentioned it.” Lu Jingxiu didn’t take the initiative to mention it before. Taking into account Lu Jingxiu’s self-esteem, he couldn’t take the initiative to mention this matter to Lu Jingxiu. It’s different now…

Yan Jing Ze hugged Lu Jingxiu tightly: “You used to pay too little attention to your body, you must pay attention to it in the future, you know? I think I can still live another eighty years, you also have to accompany me for another eighty years, not even one year less.”

Yan Jing Ze’s words made Lu Jingxiu’s heart tremble. Lu Jingxiu asked, “When did you know about it?”

“It was the day someone went to Lu family’s villa to clean the swimming pool,” Yan Jing Ze said, referring to the swimming pool, he felt even more uncomfortable.

Burying his head on Lu Jingxiu’s neck, Yan Jing Ze incidentally wiped a little bit of tears that had just welled up in his eyes because of soreness to Lu Jingxiu.

Lu Jingxiu felt it.

So, Yan Jing Ze was so sad when he was carrying him that day because he knew his physical condition?

Lu Jingxiu’s heart was once again filled with joy and sweetness, he hugged Yan Jing Ze back and didn’t want to let go.

“Why do you like me?” Lu Jingxiu asked again: “I look like this…”

“You are very good, I have liked you a long time ago, but at first I dared not approach you for fear that you would be angry.” Yan Jing Ze said: “Later, I found out that you are different from what I thought.

The “long time ago” that Yan Jing Ze said was actually only the time when he first crossed over.

At that time, he was too timid to confess…

But Lu Jingxiu understood it as an earlier time.

For more than a month, Yan Jing Ze was bold enough, and it was different from before. At that time, they didn’t have much contact with each other.

Could it be that at that time, Yan Jing Ze, who was attached to Lu Ruiqun, already liked him?

Realizing this, Lu Jingxiu felt like he was floating.

“When I hit the housekeeper, I thought you would be very angry when you saw it,” Lu Jingxiu said. He has a lot of questions in his mind. He had put these questions in his mind before and was afraid to ask, but now, he wants to ask them all.

He can’t misunderstand Yan Jing Ze.

“There must be a reason for you to beat him, and you looked very sad and uncomfortable at that time. I especially wanted to hug you.” Yan Jing Ze said: “It’s strange to say, I can almost feel if you are really angry or faking anger. I found that when I do something to you… which I think is a bit excessive, you are not angry, and then I become more and more courageous.”

There was no doubt in Lu Jingxiu’s heart. At this moment, he felt that he was really lucky.

He thought that Yan Jing Ze deceived him, but he didn’t. Yan Jing Ze loved him.

What great fortune, he can be loved by such a person?

He thought he would never have a home again, but he actually has a home.

This is his home.

There is also his little boyfriend at home.

Lu Jingxiu leaned in and kissed Yan Jing Ze softly.

Yan Jing Ze was originally uncomfortable thinking of Lu Jingxiu’s physical condition, but after being kissed by Lu Jingxiu, he suddenly forgot about it.

He was young and vigorous, and now he was excited again.

Most importantly, Lu Jingxiu was hugging him and kissing him again, did he still want to do something? He really failed so badly to let Lu Jingxiu take the initiative again!

It’s still early today, really can’t waste time.

Yan Jing Ze went back to kiss Lu Jingxiu, and overwhelmed him again: “Jingxiu, I really love you so much. I am really happy today.”

“I must perform well this time.”

“Don’t worry, I will be careful.”

Lu Jingxiu kissed him again. He knew that Yan Jing Ze would be careful. The previous time, he was not injured at all.

Lu Jingxiu responded.

After responding, Lu Jingxiu regretted it.

Yan Jing Ze is trying to break him apart!

When it was finally over, Lu Jingxiu felt that his head no longer hurts, and his left hand and left foot were not uncomfortable because Yan Jing Ze was very careful. But it was very uncomfortable in other places. More importantly, he was particularly hungry.

He hasn’t eaten anything since noon.

Yan Jing Ze was still giggling beside him and kept kissing him… Lu Jingxiu could no longer have feelings of pity and affection. He pushed Yan Jing Ze away and said, “I’m hungry, I want to eat.”

He is ten years older than Yan Jing Ze. He must take good care of his body, live a few more years, and stay with Yan Jing Ze.

What if he died early and Yan Jing Ze went to find someone else?

This is absolutely not possible!

Before, Lu Jingxiu really didn’t pay much attention to his body. After all, he was alive and seemed to have nothing to do.

But at this moment, his thoughts have completely changed.

He must treat his body well!

“I’ll get you something to eat.” Yan Jing Ze said: “I’m hungry too!” He was young and digested quickly, so he was hungry after doing some “exercise”.

Yan Jing Ze put on his pajamas and ran out. Lu Jingxiu felt that he was jumping up and down when he walked.

When Yan Jing Ze left, Lu Jingxiu lay on the bed, covering his face.

What did he do today!

But things have come to this, there is nothing more to say.

Lu Jingxiu moved, thinking of getting up to put on clothes, but he was too uncomfortable to get up, and he found that the sheets were wet.

He didn’t know what to say anymore, so he could only lie on his back on the bed and take a rest.

“Jingxiu, there are wontons wrapped by Aunt Wang in the refrigerator. I cooked a bowl and we will eat together,” Yan Jing Ze came in with a big soup pot filled with small wontons.

“Why a soup pot?” Lu Jingxiu was taken aback: “You still bring it in…”

“We’ll just eat together.” Yan Jing Ze put the soup pot on the bedside table and took out a small table from the side cabinet and put it on the bed: “I’ll feed you!”

Lu Jingxiu: “…” In his impression, he had hardly eaten in the bedroom, let alone being fed…

On the contrary, Yan Jing Ze was enthusiastic, holding a pot on the small table, scooping a wonton, and then blowing it, and even feeding it to Lu Jingxiu’s mouth…

Lu Jingxiu ate in silence.

Inexplicable emotions stirred in his heart and his left hand trembled again.

How can there be such a lovely person like Yan Jing Ze in this world? He’s so cute that he wants to hug this person and kiss him.

Yan Jing Ze looked at Lu Jingxiu who was obediently eating wontons, and his thoughts were the same as Lu Jingxiu’s thoughts.

How could there be such a lovely person like Lu Jingxiu in this world? He wants to kiss Lu Jingxiu!

But he was sitting across from Lu Jingxiu, and they had a pot of wontons across a small table…

Forget it, kiss him after eating!

“By the way, our clothes…who organized them?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

Lu Jingxiu said nothing.

When Yan Jing Ze saw that he was not speaking, he knew that he must have cleaned it up.

So, after he left today, Lu Jingxiu cleaned up the room alone and was still in bed waiting for him to come back?

No, he can’t think about it anymore, he can’t even think about eating wontons anymore!

Yan Jing Ze and Lu Jingxiu sweetly ate a pot of wontons, then Lu Jingxiu went to take a bath, and Yan Jing Ze changed the sheets.

This just replaced bed sheets, cannot be used…

Today is a really beautiful day!

When Yan Jing Ze and Lu Jingxiu went to bed, it was already past 12 o’clock in the evening.

Probably because of tiredness, Lu Jingxiu slept very fast this time, and he also didn’t wake up in the middle.

He was woken up by the phone ringing in the morning

Lu Jingxiu took a look at the phone in a dazed state, and he was so surprised that he completely lost his drowsiness.

He would be shocked, one because… it was already nine o’clock in the morning, and he had never slept so long in one go.

As for the second point… it was because it was Yan Jing Ze’s father who called.

What does Yan Jing Ze’s father want from him? Lu Jingxiu answered the phone and tried to calm his voice: “Hello.”

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