BH (QT) 191 – Rich Second Generation (15)

Chapter 191 – Rich Second Generation (15)

Today, Yan Jing Ze had just left his and Lu Jingxiu’s home when he received a call from home again, saying that his dad had returned from a business trip and was asked to pick him up.

Although he was anxious to get the evidence, he still had to pick up his father. Yan Jing Ze went to the airport, but by coincidence, the plane was delayed again.

He had a meal at the airport and read a lot of books before he finally saw his father and drove him back home.

As a result, his brother had something to do and would only return in the evening. His father took him directly to the study and asked him about Lu Jingxiu.

Yan Jing Ze: “…” If this continues, he won’t have time to go back to clean up his new home!

However, even if he was worried about Lu Jingxiu, Yan Jing Ze still answered his father’s question about Lu Jingxiu.

“Dad, I think Lu Jingxiu is much better than Lu Ruiqun. I can look at Lu Ruiqun, that is his blessing, and he even dared to cheat!” Yan Jing Ze said.

Father Yan: “…” Son, are you too confident? How did it become Lu Ruiqun’s blessing that you looked at him?

Even if Yan Jing Ze is his own son, Father Yan has to admit that he is not as good as Lu Ruiqun.

However, although his son is a bit stupid and far less knowledgeable than Lu Ruiqun, his son is good, at least not as bad as Lu Ruiqun.

Father Yan said helplessly: “Lu Jingxiu is indeed better than Lu Ruiqun, but you have to pay attention, don’t annoy Lu Jingxiu.”

After learning that his son had taken a fancy to Lu Jingxiu, he was taken aback.

If his son pestered Lu Jingxiu and made him angry, and ended up working against them… He would want to kill his son!

“Dad, don’t worry, since I like him and want to pursue him, it is impossible to annoy him,” Yan Jing Ze looked serious.

“Are you sincere?” Father Yan was taken aback. At first, he thought that his son was staring at Lu Jingxiu because he was betrayed by Lu Ruiqun and felt uncomfortable, but now… Does his son really like Lu Jingxiu?

“Of course, it’s true!” Yan Jing Ze looked serious: “Dad, I really like Lu Jingxiu.”

Father Yan: “…”

At this time, Father Yan was a little worried about his son. Lu Jingxiu was not easy to chase. His son will probably toss for a long time and get nothing in the end.

But even if he doesn’t get anything, his son can learn something by following Lu Jingxiu around… Father Yan finally decided not to care about this matter.

After being interrogated by his father, Yan Jing Ze was approached by his own mother and was asked a bunch of things.

Yan Jing Ze still said the same thing—he fell in love with Lu Jingxiu, but he hadn’t caught up.

In this situation, Mother Yan had nothing to say but: “Just take your time and chase after him!” It would be strange if her son could catch up with Lu Jingxiu! Anyway, if she were Lu Jingxiu, she would definitely look down on this guy.

“Yeah!” Yan Jing Ze responded and went back to the room to pack his things.

Last time he only brought some clothes to the Lu family’s villa. Now it is different, he wants to move all his belongings.

In addition, things related to Lu Ruiqun should also be cleaned up and thrown away.

In the end, Yan Jing Ze threw a lot of things, and packed out two large boxes of things to take to his new home.

Big Brother Yan saw this scene as soon as he came back, a little speechless: “Are you really planning to live in Lu’s house?”

Yan Jing Ze said: “Of course! Chasing Lu Jingxiu is not easy, I have decided to fight a long war.”

Big Brother Yan: “…”

Big Brother Yan took out a bunch of photos to Yan Jing Ze: “If you want to chase Lu Jingxiu, you should withdraw from the marriage first, or else what will it look like?”

Yan Jing Ze held up the photos, flipped through them. The photos were so good that he could not help but whistle: “Lu Ruiqun really knows how to play!” The private detective is also too desperate, such photos can actually get!

After giving the photos to Yan Jing Ze, Big Brother Yan has been paying attention to Yan Jing Ze, fearing that Yan Jing Ze will be sad when he sees these photos, but Yan Jing Ze looks very happy as a result.

Okay, his brother seems to have really moved on, and they have nothing to worry about.

“Lu Ruiqun’s body is really bad, much worse than me, tsk tsk.” Yan Jing Ze said: “This kind of weak chicken is still topping, not as good as me at all.”

Big Brother Yan listened to his younger brother’s evaluation of Lu Ruiqun, and the more he listened, the more he felt something was wrong: “Wait, you are a top?”

“Of course!” Yan Jing Ze did not hesitate.

Brother Yan was dumbfounded.

Yan Jing Ze had been chasing Lu Ruiqun before, like a hard-working little wife. He always thought that his brother was a bottom… This, in gay circles, isn’t it hard to find a single top everywhere?

His brother liked men at such a young age, they defaulted to him being a bottom!

On the contrary, Lu Ruiqun. Although Lu Ruiqun was engaged to his brother, he couldn’t tell that he liked men at all. Maybe it was because of the marriage contract that he had to bend… They always thought that Lu Ruiqun was the top.

In the end, his brother turned out to be a top?

“Then, you are chasing Lu Jingxiu…” Big Brother Yan was shocked.

His brother chased Lu Jingxiu, this…this…

“I can’t chase Lu Jingxiu when I’m a top?” Yan Jing Ze asked rhetorically.

Big Brother Yan: “…” He admired his brother to the core.

His brother wanted to suppress Lu Jingxiu!

If Lu Jingxiu knew, would his brother be killed by Lu Jingxiu?

Big Brother Yan was shocked and speechless, while his father had decided to talk to Lu Jingxiu in private.

Lest Lu Jingxiu be forced by his son to beat up his son.

Really pity the parents of the world.

The Yan family members are particularly worried about Yan Jing Ze, as for Yan Jing Ze…

Yan Jing Ze went to Lu Jingxiu with two suitcases as soon as he wiped his mouth.

Father Yan looked at him with such a “when a girl is of age, she must be married off”, and said to Mother Yan: “I will go to Lu Jingxiu tomorrow to talk, since we are going to withdraw from the marriage with Lu Ruiqun, then we have to get closer to Lu Jingxiu to make good relations. There is also Jing Ze’s matter… Alas, I hope Lu Jingxiu sees Jing Ze’s naivety, and don’t blame Jing Ze.”

Yan Jing Ze didn’t know that his father already planned to go to Lu Jingxiu to plead for himself.

He was carrying two huge suitcases, and when he finally got home, it was almost nine o’clock in the evening.

The house is quiet. Aunt Wang, the nanny, should be watching TV in her own room. As for Lu Jingxiu…

Yan Jing Ze entered the master bedroom and saw Lu Jingxiu lying on the bed, covered with the quilt, only one head was exposed.

Probably after hearing the door opening, Lu Jingxiu turned his head to look at him, his gaze dark and sullen.

“Jingxiu, I’m back,” Yan Jing Ze said, “My father came back today, so I was delayed for a while.”

“Hmm.” Lu Jingxiu replied, staring at Yan Jing Ze closely.

Yan Jing Ze was watched by him, dropped his suitcase and leaned over to kiss Lu Jingxiu—Lu Jingxiu looked at him so intently that he was tickled.

Lu Jingxiu carefully observed Yan Jing Ze.

He thought he was very good at reading people, but he couldn’t even tell that Yan Jing Ze was acting.

Yan Jing Ze looks like he was very much in love with him.

“Jingxiu…” Yan Jing Ze wanted to tell Lu Jingxiu that he had gotten evidence of Lu Ruiqun’s cheating, but before he could say anything, one of Lu Jingxiu’s arms suddenly reached out and wrapped around his neck.

At the same time, Lu Jingxiu leaned in and kissed him.

It’s a hug and kiss, not like the previous kisses.

Yan Jing Ze was stunned.

The original owner likes Lu Ruiqun with all his heart, but since Lu Ruiqun hangs the original owner, he has never been willing to have an intimate relationship with the original owner, so the original owner’s experience is zero.

As for Yan Jing Ze, although Yan Jing Ze was very bold recently, he always went to kiss Lu Jingxiu, but he hadn’t kissed him like this before. Suddenly being kissed like this, he was so excited that he froze, allowing Lu Jingxiu to pry open his mouth.

Lu Jingxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze’s stunned expression and sneered in his heart.

Is this scared by him? He should have done this earlier…

If he took the initiative earlier, he would have found out earlier that Yan Jing Ze could not do this intimately with him.

See? Yan Jing Ze says a lot of love words, but after being kissed by him, he did not dare to move?

Is he going to avoid him next, and then find an excuse to refuse him?

Lu Jingxiu’s eyes were wide open as he looked seriously at Yan Jing Ze, observing Yan Jing Ze’s expression and kissing him at the same time.

Then he saw ecstasy in Yan Jing Ze’s eyes, and immediately after that, Yan Jing Ze threw him on the bed and pounced on him, nibbling his mouth at first, then his tongue was forced into his mouth, tangling up, and finally sucked his tongue and didn’t let go.

Lu Jingxiu: “…” This situation is different from what he imagined.

Yan Jing Ze is like this, how is it that he looks like a young man with no experience at all?

Wait, Yan Jing Ze nibbles his mouth like this. Will his mouth look weird tomorrow?

Lu Jingxiu’s thinking diverged, and then he realized that Yan Jing Ze was nibbling endlessly.

Yan Jing Ze can also do this to a person he doesn’t like?

Or is there another reason? For example… Planning to keep kissing him to avoid what will happen next?

Lu Jingxiu looked at his arms that were exposed outside the quilt—Yan Jing Ze should have noticed that he wasn’t wearing any clothes, right?

After taking a deep look at Yan Jing Ze, Lu Jingxiu pushed the person on top of him aside and pressed him up.

If he was standing, because he only had one leg, he wouldn’t be able to push Yan Jing Ze. But now lying down, there is a place to leverage, it is much better… And mainly because Yan Jing Ze was also unprepared.

Yan Jing Ze was of course unprepared, he was dizzy right now.

Lu Jingxiu took the initiative to offer kisses!

He really didn’t do enough before, he even let Lu Jingxiu take the initiative to give a kiss!

What kind of kissing will he play in the future? He should make out with Lu Jingxiu.

Then, Yan Jing Ze, who began to fantasize about a better life in the future, was overthrown. At this time, Yan Jing Ze noticed that Lu Jingxiu was not wearing any clothes.

“Are you not wearing any clothes?” Yan Jing Ze looked at Lu Jingxiu in shock.

Lu Jingxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze’s incredulous expression, and he couldn’t breathe for a while.

As expected, Yan Jing Ze is still repulsive… Will Yan Jing Ze feel that he is shameless?

However, when Lu Jingxiu thought so, he was hugged by Yan Jing Ze and was kissed fiercely: “You’re waiting for me to come back? God, how can I be so blessed.”

Repulsion? Nonexistent.

Yan Jing Ze was so happy that he was going crazy!

Which man in his early twenties is not thinking about making out with his partner all day long? He is no exception.

He was worried about Lu Jingxiu’s body before, so he didn’t dare to do anything, he was holding back, but now…

Yan Jing Ze kissed Lu Jingxiu a few more times before letting go of Lu Jingxiu: “Jingxiu, Jingxiu, I love you, I am so happy.”

“Is your body okay?”

“I will be more careful and promise not to hurt you!”

“I’ll make sure you’re comfortable!”

“Wait… I actually hid some medications…”

As Yan Jing Ze talked, he undressed, half naked, he crawled out of the bed, opened a drawer on the bed frame and started to dig out things.

There are several types of light lubrication.

Lu Jingxiu: “…” Again, this situation is not quite what he had in mind.

How did Yan Jing Ze prepare these things in advance?

“Which flavor do you like?” Yan Jing Ze looked at Lu Jingxiu excitedly.

Lu Jingxiu was lying on the bed and looked at Yan Jing Ze in a daze. He could see that Yan Jing Ze was very excited and his body was excited too.

“Let’s use one at random, there’s always a chance to use them one by one… Wait, I’ll take a shower first, I have a smell on my body.” Yan Jing Ze thought of something again, as soon as he threw off the last clothes on his body, he rushed into the bathroom.

This is his first time! The first time!

He must be cleaned first!

Yan Jing Ze threw a sentence: “Jingxiu, wait for me!” and rushed into the bathroom.

Brush, brush, brush, brush, brush, brush, brush, brush, brush, brush, brush!

Lu Jingxiu looked at the closed bathroom door and took a deep breath.

His heartbeat raced for a while, and slower for a while, it was a bit overwhelming.

Right now, he began to think wildly again.

Yan Jing Ze is going to take a bath at this time, is it to avoid him?

Did Yan Jing Ze go to the bathroom to try to get rid of him?

Wait… Will Yan Jing Ze find a reason to refuse, or just leave?

Should he imply that if Yan Jing Ze leaves, he would not give him the money to buy shares?

In any case, he has done so much today and can’t give up.

There was the sound of water flowing in the bathroom. Lu Jingxiu took a deep breath, sat up and looked at the pile of tools that Yan Jing Ze had taken out—these things might not have been prepared for him by Yan Jing Ze at all.

Thinking about this, Lu Jingxiu subconsciously grasped the suit that Yan Jing Ze had thrown on the bed, his hands tensed.

There is a pocket in Yan Jing Ze’s suit, and there is something bulging in that pocket now.

Lu Jingxiu frowned.

If it was before, he would never touch Yan Jing Ze’s things, but now…

Lu Jingxiu took out an envelope from the inside, then took out the contents of the envelope.

It was a bunch of photos, photos of Lu Ruiqun and others affectionately.

Lu Jingxiu was taken aback.

At this moment, Yan Jing Ze rushed out while wiping his body with a bath towel, and looked at him triumphantly: “I’m done washing! Is it fast?”

“This is…” Lu Jingxiu asked with those photos.

“My brother helped me get evidence of Lu Ruiqun’s derailment! I can finally back out of the marriage with that guy!” Yan Jing Ze threw the towel off and rushed onto the bed.

“Wait…” Lu Jingxiu is now sure that something is really wrong.

How can he wait at this time! Yan Jing Ze grabbed the photos from Lu Jingxiu’s hand and threw it on the ground, and patted his chest, which was not completely dry with the water stains: “Don’t look at others at this time! Look at me!”

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