BH (QT) 215.2 – Demon Sect Leader (17b – Extra 1)

Chapter 215.2 – Demon Sect Leader (17b – Extra 1)

Today is the day of the Martial Arts Conference.

The martial arts sects in the righteous martial arts came early and were settled in their own manor by Zhu Lianying. Those small sects could not get such preferential treatment, so they had to spend their own money to live in nearby inns, and some even lived in ordinary farmhouses, or simply live in the ruined temple.

Not all martial arts people have money, many martial arts people are actually very poor.

Early that morning, Zhu Lianying got busy. The people who were busy with him were those boys and girls who were brought back from Liangzhou by him a few months ago.

These days, Zhu Lianying keeps them by his side and teaches them martial arts. Their elders were grateful, but they are all screaming in pain.

Their alliance leader is so cruel that he doesn’t give them any free time, they all want to escape! After they escape, they will surely publicize that Zhu Lianying was defeated!

However, when they were complaining and were discussing secretly, Zhu Lianying said: “You’d better not say anything outside about what you saw that day.”

“Why?” One of these people asked boldly: “Alliance Leader, are you afraid that others will know this?”

Zhu Lianying said: “Of course I’m afraid, but I’m not the only one afraid… That person had captured the martial arts masters in one go, and among them was your father. Your father was very poor, I took the money to redeem him. If he knew you were advocating that person everywhere… Heh!”

The boy who questioned Zhu Lianying: “…”

Other boys and girls: “…” That person is so powerful?

Zhu Lianying only let these people rest for four hours a day, and let them practice at other times, and the effect of doing so is also significant.

In just a few months, the martial arts of these people have grown a lot.

A few days ago, their elders came and thanked Zhu Lianying. They also expressed to let Zhu Lianying teach their children.

Boys and girls: They are really too miserable!

These elders dared to say, so Zhu Lianying promised. He did not let these people rest until the day before the Martial Arts Conference.

Until today, he finally did not let them continue to practice, but let them go out to pick up guests, cough cough, receive guests.

Seeing those young girls greet the senior martial artists, Liu Zhiqing said: “Why are you so strict with them?”

Zhu Lianying said: “I don’t think I have the hope of surpassing Yan Jing Ze. Now, I just want to train the next generation of martial artists so that they can surpass the disciples of Yan Jing Ze!” He was quite concerned about Yan Jing Ze and knew that Yan Jing Ze had taken on some disciples.

Liu Zhiqing said, “This is a good method.” He couldn’t fly as fast as others, so he trained a few birds and let them fly, ha ha!

The beginning of the Martial Arts Conference was very smooth, and the overall process was the same as before, that is, everyone chatted and discussed things, but in the middle… suddenly something went wrong.

In every Martial Arts Conference, one thing must be decided, and that is who the next Martial Arts Alliance Leader is, and this depends on prestige and martial arts.

Zhu Lianying has a high martial arts skill and is still very prestigious in the martial arts world. He has been re-elected as the leader of the Martial Arts Alliance several times, and this time should be no exception.

After all, he is only in his forties and is at the peak of his martial arts. Compared with before, he will not retreat but advance. No one will challenge him at all!

However, today is not quite the same.

Because no one had challenged him, Zhu Lianying was about to say some words of gratitude, saying that he would continue to be the leader of the Martial Arts Alliance. At this moment, a group of people suddenly rushed in and wanted to compete with Zhu Lianying.

Moreover, after this group of people came in, Zhu Lianying and the others also found that their hands and feet were sore and soft, they were actually poisoned.

“We are from the Western Regions, the Sunfire Sect! The position of the Martial Arts Alliance Leader should also be replaced!” The head of these people is a brawny man with a face full of flesh, his voice is thunderous and full of energy.

Zhu Lianying and many martial artists: “…” They were really careless!

Since the Demon Sect was destroyed, Jing Ze, the leader of the Demon Sect, washed his hands and went to open a restaurant. The remnants of the Demon Sects were also killed by the Demon Sect Leader. They have a feeling of peace in the world. Unexpectedly, at this time, a Sunfire Sect would appear, they also fell into a trap.

Zhu Lianying was doing his best to remove poison while thinking about what to do. He saw another person among these Sunfire Sect members walking out: “Zhu Lianying, do you still remember me?”

Zhu Lianying can’t remember.

Fortunately, this person introduced himself. Said that he was once a hall master of the Demon Sect, but because of Zhu Lianying, the sect was destroyed and he became homeless, so he always hated Zhu Lianying.

He took refuge in the Sunfire Sect in the Western Regions, and finally returned after many years, ready to take revenge.

Feuds, such a thing is always present in the martial arts world.

However, these people underestimate themselves!

Zhu Lianying has had a lot of adventures over the years, and he is not afraid of this poison at all. There are still some martial artists who are not poisoned. If they fight to the death, they may be able to turn the danger into victory and get these Sunfire Sect members dead!

Zhu Lianying thought so and was about to make his move.

At this moment, two people suddenly came in from outside: “Isn’t today the day of the Martial Arts Conference? Why is it so quiet?”

The two people who came in were none other than Yan Jing Ze and Yan Xiu.

Zhu Lianying, who was planning to make a big move, had a sense of foreboding when he saw these two people.

He thought that in today’s event, he would turn defeat into victory and win the public attention, but maybe… it won’t be like that?

Zhu Lianying was thinking this way, and saw that the remnant of the Demon Sect looked at Yan Jing Ze with a little surprise: “Master Jing?”

Yan Jing Ze also recognized the person: “Hall Master Zhang?” That person was a Demon Sect Hall Master with the surname Zhang, who was particularly good at using poison. The original owner had planned to give Liu Zhiqing the kind of medicine that would make his body explode if he didn’t vent. And the poison was from Hall Master Zhang.

The soft muscle powder that he later used were also made by this Hall Master Zhang.

Unexpectedly, this one is still alive…

Hall Master Zhang had fled to the Western Regions with people, and didn’t know about what happened in Liangzhou. He was surprised at this time: “You’re not dead? You were sent by the righteous martial arts sects to lurk around the Demon Sect Leader?”

No matter how big the problem of the Demon Sect is, there are still many congregants who care about the Demon Sect very much and have a sense of belonging to Demon Sect. This Hall Master Zhang is one of them.

At this moment, feeling that Yan Jing Ze was a traitor, he immediately struck out in anger.

However, just as he made his move, he was blocked by Yan Xiu. At the same time, a lot of people suddenly emerged near the Martial Arts Conference venue: “Master Jing, you are finally here!”

“We have been waiting for many days!”

“Master Jing, what are we going to do now?”

Some of these people jumped from trees, some flew out of nearby houses, and some even got out of the ground. There were fifty or sixty people in total.

With so many people hiding near the venue, they didn’t even notice…the martial artists were dumbfounded.

Those Sunfire Sect members who want to kill the Central Plains martial artists in one go are also dumbfounded.

However, Yan Jing Ze is not surprised at all.

These shadow guards are already very good at hiding their whereabouts. He has been teaching them for the past 20 years, and their hiding skills have become even more powerful… Even he, sometimes when he did not pay attention, can not find them, others will definitely not be able to find them.

Their strength is already comparable to the top masters in the martial arts world!

“Clean up these people first, so that the Martial Arts Conference can be held well.” Yan Jing Ze said: “Be careful of poisons!” Although he had studied poisons and whatnot over the years, there was no guarantee that there wasn’t any poison he couldn’t solve?

The shadow guards responded and rushed to catch the Sunfire Sect. When they were arrested, they also explained to Yan Jing Ze: “Master, we have secretly replaced the poison on these people. Don’t worry. They can’t hurt us.”

Yan Jing Ze felt that his own shadow guards were too capable.

Zhu Lianying was depressed: “Since you have changed the poison, why are we still poisoned?”

“Oh, we didn’t change the poison you took.” The shadow guard said. Their master came to participate in the Martial Arts Conference, maybe he wants to be the Martial Arts Alliance Leader. In this case…these martial artists can just be poisoned!

Anyway, that poison will not kill them.

Zhu Lianying almost spit out blood.

Fortunately, this time there are people who are worse than him. Those Sunfire Sect members who are full of ambitions are captured alive…

Among those martial arts people, the older generation knew Yan Jing Ze. At this time, watching the shadow guards show their power, they suddenly felt a sense of familiarity.

At this moment, Yan Jing Ze said: “These people have been captured by me, do you want them? If you want, I will sell them cheaply, one thousand taels each.”

Martial artists: “…” They are more familiar with it!

Zhu Lianying, who had already solved the poison in his body, gritted his teeth and said: “Yes!” He has to figure out what this Sunfire Sect wants and take precautions early!

Yan Jing Ze was very quick to receive money with one hand and deliver the “goods” with the other.

After buying someone, Zhu Lianying asked: “Master Jing came to participate in the Martial Arts Conference, do you want to be the leader of the Martial Arts Alliance?”

The Martial Arts Alliance Leader depends on the strength, if he wants to grab the position… he can’t beat him!

Zhu Lianying felt a little sad when he thought about it this way.

Yan Jing Ze said: “No, I’m not interested. I just brought people out to stroll around… By the way, I established a school called Tianji Pavilion. Please register for me and don’t mess with the people of Tianji Pavilion in the future. “

Zhu Lianying: “…good.”

Yan Jing Ze didn’t care about meeting the Sunfire Sect at all. He participated in the Martial Arts Conference and then left.

In the following time, he always took Yan Xiu everywhere, played everywhere, and rarely even returned to Liangzhou.

Then… In order to find them, the people of Tianji Pavilion opened more and more restaurants, looking for news everywhere… In the end, Tianji Pavilion became the most well-informed sect in the martial arts world. Everyone in the martial arts world knows that if you want to get any news, you can go to Tianji Pavilion to buy it.

People can also spend money to seek help from Tianji Pavilion to get rid of the most heinous people.

Fifty years later, the Tianji Pavilion became the most mysterious sect in the martial arts world, and the master of Tianji Pavilion, Old Jing, is recognized as the number one master in the martial arts world. It is said that Zhu Lianying, who is known for his reputation, cannot even stand three moves in his hand.

Zhu Lianying, who was in his nineties, was particularly unwilling to lie in bed.

He hasn’t surpassed Yan Jing Ze in his life!

He originally wanted to fight hard, and live longer than Yan Jing Ze, but last night, Yan Jing Ze passed by his house and visited him…

He is very old now and he won’t be able to live much longer. But Yan Jing Ze seems to be only sixty or seventy years old at most. Even Yan Xiu beside Yan Jing Ze looks much younger than him, and his body is still strong.

Why is this world so unfair?

Zhu Lianying was very upset, but in the end, he closed his eyes.

He failed…

In a daze, Zhu Lianying saw something different.

He saw that he had destroyed the Demon Sect, but the martial arts people who followed him were killed by the mechanism left by the previous masters of the Demon Sect. There was a big fire in the secret passage and even the Shaolin Abbot died in it.

He saw Yan Jing Ze fleeing from the secret passage with the shadow guards, but eventually died in his hands. At the same time, the people around him also died a lot because of those shadow guards fighting desperately. The Demon Sect is gone, but the masters in the martial arts are also dead.

He saw that he had been the Martial Arts Alliance Leader for 20 years, and as a result, the Sunfire Sect suddenly appeared in the Martial Arts Conference. Although he escaped with his life, many masters who participated in the Martial Arts Conference died.

He saw that it took him a lot of effort to drive the Sunfire Sect out of the Central Plains and became the world’s number one martial arts master, but by that time, Liu Zhiqing was already dead.

In the end, he was only sixty years old when he died of old injuries.


He’s already dying and he’s still having nightmares!

Actually…not being the number one master in the martial arts world doesn’t seem to be a big deal?

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Tianji Pavilion – Tianji means mystery known only to heaven; heavenly mysteries

The Sunfire Sect – They were actually called Zoroastrian in the raw, but Zoroastrian is an old religion and I didn’t want to… you know… religions are a bit sensitive, so nope.

This arc ends here. We only have 2 arcs left. Sad.

Next arc is about a lazy educated youth~ I think this is set in the 1970’s? FUN!

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