BH (QT) 215.1 – Demon Sect Leader (17a – Extra 1)

Chapter 215.1 – Demon Sect Leader (17a – Extra 1)

Yan Jing Ze took Yan Xiu into his house. Outside, Zhu Lianying, who suffered internal injuries, grimaced and gasped, “It hurts! Zhiqing, when he kicked me, he was too hard!”

He needs the comfort of his lover!

Although Zhu Lianying’s family was destroyed because of the Demon Sect in his early years, he has been going smoothly since then. As long as he wants to do what something, he can always do it successfully.

Until he met Yan Jing Ze.

He had fallen on the foot of this Demon Sect Leader, and has been trying to recover since then, yet… Every time he feels that his martial arts have improved and comes to find Yan Jing Ze, he finds that Yan Jing Ze has improved even more.

But he still insisted on coming to Yan Jing Ze!

Otherwise, he would have no goal to strive for.

Moreover, regardless of whether the Left Guardian has done bad things, he will always be his savior. The Left Guardian died in the hands of Yan Jing Ze, he should at least beat Yan Jing Ze for revenge.

“Say… knowing that you can’t beat him, why do you still want to come?” Liu Zhiqing sighed helplessly.

“I just don’t believe I can’t beat him in my life!” Zhu Lianying said.

Liu Zhiqing: “…” You don’t believe it, I believe it!

When Liu Zhiqing was tied up, he thought that the Demon Sect Leader really liked him, and he acted as if he would rather die than surrender. Later, he learned that he didn’t like him.

This matter, when he first learned about it, he couldn’t believe it, but after thinking about it carefully, he felt that this was really the case.

Among other things, after the Demon Sect Leader captured him, he said some words that were too embarrassing to hear, such as “You succeeded in attracting my attention”, “Even if you scream and break your throat, no one will come to save you.” In short, the Demon Sect Leader at that time was completely different from the Demon Sect Leader he had been in contact with over the years.

So… this person should really be acting at the beginning.

Realizing this, he didn’t want to see this person again, but his partner Zhu Lianying always took the initiative to find Yan Jing Ze, begging for a fight.

He was afraid that Zhu Lianying would be injured, so he could only follow.

It’s really embarrassing!

“I don’t believe that I can’t beat him in my life. I’m going to go out again. Last time, I accidentally fell into the sea and floated to a small island and got a cheat. Next time, I might get it elsewhere,” Zhu Lianying said.

Liu Zhiqing: “…” Zhu Lianying’s luck is really great, at this moment…he actually wants to hit Zhu Lianying a little bit.

In fact, there is no need to fight. Although Zhu Lianying has great luck, he still can’t beat Yan Jing Ze, right?

“Let’s go, let’s find a place to rest,” Zhu Lianying said again. After speaking, his expression suddenly changed, and then he looked at a corner not far away: “Who is there?”

There are people around the corner here!

Before, Liu Zhiqing’s thoughts were all on Zhu Lianying, he didn’t pay attention to his surroundings. Now that Zhu Lianying said that, he realized that there were people hiding next near to them. He immediately rushed there to capture people.

What do these people want to do sneakily hiding in the dark?

As a result, Liu Zhiqing reached those people and saw a little girl who looked like him raised her head and looked at himself embarrassedly: “Uncle…”

The little girl is his niece, and besides this little girl, there are many outstanding young martial artists here who are looking at him embarrassedly.

Liu Zhiqing: “…”

Zhu Lianying who followed: “…”

A big loss of face!

Yan Jing Ze was also telling Yan Xiu about this at this time: “Ah Xiu, when do you think Zhu Lianying would find those people? Hahahaha! People of the younger generation of martial arts are said to admire him very much. I wonder how they would feel to see him being stepped on by me.”

“It should be discovered soon,” Yan Xiu said with a smile and looked at the overly happy Yan Jing Ze.

The martial arts of those young boys and girls were so common, they found out as soon as they left the restaurant. In order to prevent these people from being lost, Yan Jing Ze also let the driver slowed down the horse-drawn carriage.

In addition, Zhu Lianying coming to him again, Yan Jing Ze had already known in advance.

Yan Jing Ze deliberately let those young people see Zhu Lianying ashamed.

“Zhu Lianying will definitely be hit hard… By the way, I always feel familiar with the moves Zhu Lianying used this time. Is it the ones I carved on the island last time when we went to sea to play?”

Yan Xiu nodded without hesitation: “Yes.”

“This Zhu Lianying’s luck is really good… I thought that the cheat would take decades to be discovered. I didn’t expect him to practice it so soon,” Yan Jing Ze said, a little sympathetic to Zhu Lianying.

He has now started to create martial arts by himself, but Zhu Lianying still relies on his “adventure cheats”. After having an adventure, he even wants to use these cheats to defeat the person who created it…

Zhu Lianying can’t think of this!

Yan Xiu also thought of this and couldn’t help but laugh.

“What does Master Jing want to eat at night?” At this moment, two shadow guards suddenly appeared in front of Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t even think about it, so he reported a few dishes that Yan Xiu liked.

The shadow guards disappeared all of a sudden.

The lifespan of the shadow guards is generally not long, after all, they suffered too much when they were young and their bodies were deficient.

But Yan Jing Ze has been giving them all these years to recuperate their bodies, let them slowly raise back, and now, their life expectancy will be the same as normal people.

Many of the shadow guards in their forties now look only in their 30s, like Yan Xiu.

Of course, the most powerful is him, so he still has a baby face. Now when he walks out, everyone treats him as only more than 20 years old.

After touching his face, Yan Jing Ze went to wash the sheets.

Today it is his turn to wash again.

Alas, in their house, bed sheets really consume a lot—the bed sheets that are washed almost every day always break very quickly.

Yan Xiu accompanied Yan Jing Ze to wash the sheets, and then saw several shadow guards by the well also washing the sheets.

Yan Xiu: “…”

In order to keep these shadow guards from being obsessed with Yan Jing Ze, he spent a lot of effort to get most of them to find a partner. As a result, these people have partners, and they still come out to grab Yan Jing Ze’s attention with him!

“Master Jing, I can’t use my internal force to dry the sheets…” A shadow guard jumped to Yan Jing Ze’s side.

Yan Jing Ze explained the trick to him: “Internal force needs to be used more, so as to better control…”

At this moment, another shadow guard pulled his neckline and said to Yan Xiu: “Yan Xiu, my partner is very passionate recently…”

Yan Xiu: Ha ha! You still play my old game!

However, he really can’t stay in this home anymore!

That night, Yan Xiu took advantage of the dirtying the sheets, blowing pillow talk to Yan Jing Ze, and proposed to go out and travel.

“We’ll leave in two days.” Yan Jing Ze said, even if Yan Xiu doesn’t say anything, he wants to leave here… Those shadow guards really bother others love life.

However, this time they had other things to do besides going for a walk.

Yan Jing Ze said: “We will play around with the two of us first, and wait a few months before we go to the Martial Arts Conference.”

The Martial Arts Conference is held every five years, and it is about to be held again.

He didn’t attend the previous Martial Arts Conferences, but this time he decided to take a look.

And this is mainly for the sake of those orphans he adopted.

Those people were raised as apprentices and were taught martial arts. Now, some of these people are working as waiters in Jinxiuzhai, and some of them help him run the shop and take care of chores, but they can’t always be like this.

Young people should leave Liangzhou and see the world.

And if they want to be safer when they go out to walk the martial arts world, it is best to have a strong background and a sect.

Yan Jing Ze had long wanted to establish a sect, and if he wanted to establish a sect and start his own sect, it would be better to go to the Martial Arts Conference.

The next day, Yan Jing Ze called the shadow guards and his apprentices and told them what he was going to leave. Of course, he didn’t forget to tell these people about the Martial Arts Conference and let them go there in advance.

Their Master Jing wants to leave again!

It must be because of this little vixen, Yan Xiu!

The shadow guards looked at Yan Xiu sourly, and then they saw Yan Xiu smiling at them: “I will walk around with Jing Ze first. See you at the Martial Arts Conference.”

Shadow Guards: “…” They want to follow too! It’s a pity that this little vixen, Yan Xiu, is definitely not willing!

After Yan Jing Ze explained, he left Liangzhou Mansion with Yan Xiu and wandered around.

They dressed up as two rich brothers, no one doubted at all. The group of scholars who met them on the road also admired Yan Jing Ze’s knowledge, and asked Yan Jing Ze to participate in the imperial examination together.

Yan Jing Ze: “…” Forget it, it is better for him to give others a way to survive.

Yan Jing Ze and Yan Xiu had a lot of fun, so much so that when they went to the Martial Arts Conference, they were both late.

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