BH (QT) 214.2 – Demon Sect Leader (16b – End)

Chapter 214.2 – Demon Sect Leader (16b – End)

Those martial artists really had a lot of money. It didn’t take long for Zhu Lianying and others to come back and handed in thirty thousand taels of silver. Then he, the Shaolin Abbot, and a few other highly respected people were able to leave here and go to collect money.

Walking out of Yan Jing Ze’s residence, Zhu Lianying was in a trance.

He had always been very confident and felt that he was strong, but now… he suddenly felt that he was nothing.

Forget it, it’s useless to think about this now, the most urgent thing is to find a way to get money back and redeem those who have been captured.

Zhu Lianying, the Shaolin Abbot, and others are extremely prestigious in the righteous martial arts sects, but when they told the righteous martial arts people outside about what happened, the people outside still didn’t believe it.

Some people even came to Liangzhou and wanted to give trouble to Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze captured the man without hesitation, locked him up and continued to demand the ransom.

He doesn’t dislike having a lot of money—the shadow guards under his hands still have to get married and marry a wife!

For the ransom, it lasted for two months before Yan Jing Ze finally collected it, and then Zhu Lianying disappeared from Liangzhou with the martial arts people.

Together with the disappearance of the Black Dragon Gang.

No, the Black Dragon Gang disappeared earlier. After learning that the person they offended was the Demon Sect Leader, the Black Dragon Gang’s Leader ran away with the people under his hands overnight.

As far as Yan Jing Ze’s restaurant is concerned, the business is better… This restaurant is not only fine after offending the Black Dragon Gang, but also allows the Black Dragon Gang to surrender. There must be a background. The people of Liangzhou Prefecture feel much more at ease when they eat in such a restaurant with a strong background!

The lives of Yan Jing Ze and Yan Xiu finally returned to peace.

Since there is no more memory loss, Yan Jing Ze continues to teach the shadow guards to read and also teach them martial arts by the way.

After reading the cheat books and seeing the physical conditions of these shadow guards, he can always find the martial arts most suitable for them to practice. In addition, Yan Jing Ze also gave these shadow guards a name.

At the insistence of the shadow guards, they all took “Yan” as their surname, followed by the word “Ying”. They were all called “Yan Ying Something”. For example, Ying Er (shadow two), decided to call himself Yan Ying Er, Shadow Twelve named himself, Yan Yingfeng (shadow wind).

The lives of the shadow guards are slowly getting on track.

At first, the ultimate goal of almost all shadow guards was to be favored by Yan Jing Ze like Yan Xiu, but under the guidance of Yan Jing Ze, first, an old shadow guard who was responsible for training the shadow guards found a widow to marry. Slowly, other shadow guards also found their other half.

Some of them find women and have biological children to start a family. Some shadow guards live together with other shadow guards, and there’s quite a lot of them.

They have experienced many things, and it is not easy to open their hearts to outsiders and find their own partner.

Of course, Yan Jing Ze thinks this has something to do with himself.

Even if they already know how normal people live, these shadow guards still respect him very much and like to learn from him. When he is with Yan Xiu, they also choose the man next to them.

Sometimes he and Yan Xiu do something, they will follow and learn how to do it, it really makes him feel angry and amused.

But this is not bad, at least everyone is having a good time.

In the following years, in addition to opening restaurants, Yan Jing Ze opened some other shops. These shops will not need the shadow guards to work, and instead hired ordinary people to work.

In addition, Yan Jing Ze also took in some orphans and raised them up.

In this era, people generally give birth to many children, and they throw them away if they can’t support them.

At first, Yan Jing Ze saw an abandoned baby outside and had it brought home to raise. Many shadow guards on his side were with other shadow guards. It’s good to raise a child to give them a support in the future and take care of them when they are old.

As a result, the shadow guards around him liked the child very much, even Yan Xiu liked it. So, Yan Jing Ze started to adopt orphans, or bought some children sold by their parents to raise them home.

These people were raised as apprentices and taught them martial arts or other skills to earn a living. As time went on, slowly, they actually formed a… sect?

And those shadow guards, in the process of raising children, become more and more like individuals. The psychological trauma they suffered before has been repaired a lot after accompanying those children to slowly grow up.

During this period, there are actually some remnants of the Demon Sect who come to the door, or some people who have committed crimes in the martial arts world, and want to come to take refuge in the same way as before.

But these people were all arrested by Yan Jing.

Some were handed over to the government, some were sold to martial arts people who wanted to capture them and get revenge. Some with heinous crimes that couldn’t be sold were killed directly. Some with minor crimes were left to work for them to atone for their sins.

Gradually, no one would come to take refuge in them anymore, and even those martial arts people who had committed a crime would walk around Liangzhou Prefecture.

Because they were too peaceful, the martial arts sects didn’t want to mention them. Afterwards, not many people knew about the existence of Yan Jing Ze, the Demon Sect Leader.

But on the martial arts world, one thing is recognized—don’t go to Liangzhou Prefecture!

When many young children of many sects go down the mountain to practice, their elders will repeatedly tell them not to go to Liangzhou Prefecture.

Twenty years later, Liangzhou Mansion.

Jinxiuzhai is the largest restaurant in Liangzhou Prefecture. It not only sells all kinds of dine-in food, but also sells food such as roast chicken, braised duck, trotters in sauce, which people can buy and eat at home.

Their shop is also very large. In addition to the old-fashioned restaurant opened 20 years ago, the owner of Jinxiuzhai later bought the shops on both sides to sell snacks and cakes in the shop.

People in Liangzhou who pass by Jinxiuzhai can smell the enticing fragrance from here.

On this day, seven or eight teenagers, boys and girls, wearing awe inspiring outfits and carrying weapons appeared in Liangzhou.

They looked at everything around them curiously, and exchanged information together: “This Liangzhou looks ordinary, don’t know why Master didn’t let me come.”

“My Dad won’t let me come… I thought this was dragon and tiger’s den, but it was obviously not!”

“The people here live and work in peace and contentment, and they are all doing well…”

The elders in the family didn’t let them come to Liangzhou Prefecture. They thought there was a demon sect or something here, and they were very worried when they secretly came over. As a result… they didn’t even see a martial artist!

These boys and girls wandered around and felt that the law and order in Liangzhou was much better than they thought, and they became more and more puzzled.

At this time, they smelled a tempting fragrance, which came from a nearby restaurant called Jinxiuzhai.

There were a lot of people eating in this restaurant, and people came and went. One of the teenagers suggested: “Shall we go have a meal?”

Others agreed.

They quickly entered the Jinxiuzhai, and then they found that there were a lot of waiters here, and it was quite different from the waiters of other restaurants.

The waiters they met in the past always had greasy cuffs and bowed with a flattering face, but the waiters here were different.

Not only did they wear new and clean clothes, they also had straight backs and looked very different.

For young people like them, this kind of shop is undoubtedly more pleasing, and what satisfies them most is that the food here is particularly delicious!

They almost ate their tongues. They ate until their belly rounded, and then slumped into their seats contentedly: “No wonder there are so many guests here, it turns out that the food is so delicious!”

“The chef’s knifework is good, it takes a lot of effort to carve the carrot for the side dish, right?”

“The food at my uncle’s house is not even as good as the food here!” said one of the little girls.

The girl’s surname is Liu, and her uncle is Liu Zhiqing.

In the martial arts world, who didn’t know that Liu Zhiqing and Zhu Lianying were married? The uncle’s house she was talking about was Zhu Lianying’s house, the leader of the Martial Arts Alliance!

Zhu Lianying has a lot of adventures, is well managed, and is very rich. His food is naturally top-notch. As a result… it is not as good as the food in this restaurant?

These boys and girls were a little surprised. At this moment, a young man suddenly said, “Look at those two, they are really handsome!”

Hearing this person’s words, these boys and girls looked over together, and saw a man who looked to be in his thirties coming out of the upstairs box with a young man who looked to be in his twenties and heading out.

The appearance and temperament of these two people are really outstanding, these boys and girls can’t help but yearn for them. Liu Zhiqing’s niece looked at them, even more dazed.

Among them, the one who looked a little older was actually very similar to Liu Zhiqing!

“Who are these two? Let’s follow up and see?” one of the teenagers suggested.

Those two did not seem to have martial arts, but they were all masters of the younger generation, and they would not be discovered by following them secretly.

“Okay,” everyone agreed. They don’t want to do anything, but people with outstanding looks make people feel happy just by looking at them.

What’s more, they had nothing to do in the first place.

When the two of them got out of the restaurant, they got into a carriage. These boys and girls secretly followed behind, and they asked someone to find out their identities.

It turns out that they are the owner of the restaurant, one is called Master Jing, the other is called Master Xiu.

The carriage run very slowly, and halfway through the road, the two of them got out of the carriage and bought something with an intimate gesture…

“They should be a pair, they are a good match.”

“Like a divine couple.”

“I thought that the looks of Leader Zhu and Master Liu are unmatched, but they are even better.”

These boys and girls whispered, and at this moment, the carriage in front of them stopped in front of a mansion.

They took a long look and were about to leave, when suddenly they heard a familiar voice suddenly sounded—Zhu Lianying suddenly appeared at the door of the house: “Master Jing, I have brought ten thousand taels of silver, I seek for your advice!”

“You can’t think about it again?” Yan Jing Ze looked at Zhu Lianying speechlessly.

Over the years, Zhu Lianying would come here from time to time to find him to learn martial arts, or to say…be beaten by him.

He usually agreed, after all, it didn’t take much effort to clean up Zhu Lianying, and Zhu Lianying paid back every time.

“Please advice!” Zhu Lianying said again.

When Yan Jing Ze heard the words, he flew out of the carriage and fought with Zhu Lianying. After a while, Zhu Lianying was knocked to the ground by him.

Yan Jing Ze stepped on Zhu Lianying’s chest and asked Zhu Lianying, “Where is the silver?”

Zhu Lianying coughed a few times and took out the bank note from his arms.

Yan Jing Ze took the banknote and then raised his foot to let go of Zhu Lianying. At the same time, Liu Zhiqing also came out and helped Zhu Lianying up.

Yan Jing Ze said to Liu Zhiqing: “He is not young anymore, and it is not interesting to spend money to be beaten every year. Please persuade him and let him not come.” There were a few young people behind his carriage today… Zhu Lianying was embarrassed and lost in front of the younger generation!

“Okay.” Liu Zhiqing replied a little helplessly.

Yan Jing Ze wanted to say a few more words. Yan Xiu came out of the carriage: “Jing Ze, it’s time to go home. You don’t have to talk to them.” Even after twenty years, he still doesn’t like these two people!

“Okay, I won’t talk to them, I’ll only talk to you!” Yan Jing Ze laughed and took Yan Xiu into the courtyard.

Those boys and girls: “…” No wonder the elders didn’t let them come here. This look of their alliance leader is really a bit embarrassing…

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