BH (QT) 214.1 – Demon Sect Leader (16a – End)

Chapter 214.1 – Demon Sect Leader (16a – End)

Yan Jing Ze is a bit reluctant to get up.

He was woken up in the middle of the night last night, so he should get up late.

The most important thing is that he has already been honest with Yan Xiu, and now he wants to be cozy and talk to Yan Xiu.

Yan Xiu also didn’t want to get up.

The master was in his bed, and he didn’t want to do anything else.

At this moment, he is happily going through the memory of everything.

He always felt that his master would withdraw his love for himself sooner or later. Although many things he experienced with his master were very sweet, he couldn’t help panicking in his heart, but now he looks back and thinks…

Those are all fond memories of him and his master!

The master gave him medicine the first time they did it, and then pretended that he had no internal force, let him be the sect leader, and then taught him various things, and always kissed him…

After the master lost his memory, he kept saying that he liked him.

Thinking about it, Yan Xiu’s heart is hot.

“Ah Xiu, what are you thinking about?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

“Thinking about the past,” Yan Xiu said.

“Such as?”

“Master said a lot of sweet words to me when you lost your memory…”

“Those are not sweet words, those are my heartfelt words.” Yan Jing Ze kissed him: “By the way, don’t call me Master anymore, not even in your heart, it will make me very sad.”

Yan Xiu was a little at a loss.

Yan Jing Ze said: “I treat you as a lover, as a person to spend a lifetime together, you treat me as a Master, this is not fair to me.”

Yan Xiu was taken aback.

This would… be unfair?

Also, Jing Ze specially asked him to pretend to be the leader just to make them more equal.

Under such circumstances, he is still called him “Master”, which really makes Jing Ze unhappy.

Therefore, he should not call him master again no matter whether it is in his mouth or in his heart.

Jing Ze…Yan Xiu repeated the name several times in his heart, only to think that the name was sweet.

“Jing Ze…” Yan Xiu looked at Yan Jing Ze again, and was about to say something when his stomach suddenly “grumbled”.

Yan Xiu: “…” It’s noon now, and he is very hungry…

“Let’s get up and go eat.” Yan Jing Ze stood up and got up, quickly put on his clothes, took the clothes to Yan Xiu, and asked with a smile: “Do you want me to help you put it on?”

“I’ll do it myself!” Yan Xiu took the clothes and regretted a little bit. If Jing Ze would help him wear them… Cough!

Yan Xiu put on his own clothes, while Yan Jing Ze took this opportunity to put away the sheets.

Before, he pretended to have lost his martial arts and had no internal force. Every day, he could only watch Yan Xiu quickly clean up the sheets and wash the sheets… Now he should do it.

“Jing Ze, I’ll do it.” Yan Xiu hurriedly stopped.

“I’ll do it and I’ll wash it later, too,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“How can this work?” Yan Xiu said. His family’s Jing Ze…never washed the sheets before, right?

“Why not?” Yan Jing Ze said: “Otherwise, we could take turns, one day for you and one day for me? Okay, that’s it!”

Like Yan Xiu, he didn’t want to find someone to help them wash the sheets, in that case… they would take turns washing them.

Anyway, they usually have nothing else to do.

Yan Jing Ze has decided, and Yan Xiu can’t help it. At this time, Yan Jing Ze has already taken him out of the door: “Come, let’s go eat something first.”

As soon as the two walked out of the room, two shadow guards turned over from the roof: “Young Master Jing!”

“Is there anything to eat?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

“Yes! I’ll go get it!” the two shadow guards said together, but before they went to the kitchen to fetch food, other shadow guards came back with something to eat: “Master Jing, there are meat buns, bean curd, and congee in the kitchen today!”

“I’ll eat bean curd and steamed buns,” Yan Jing Ze chose two and looked at Yan Xiu again.

Yan Xiu said: “I’ll eat steamed buns and congee.”

The shadow guards used to put in shredded chicken and some vegetables in the congee, which was especially delicious!

Most importantly, this is what the master has cooked for them before! Like other shadow guards, Yan Xiu has a true love for chicken congee.

The shadow guards put the congee and buns in front of Yan Xiu, and gave Yan Xiu a jealous look.

Yan Xiu used to be a shadow guard just like them, but he was favored by the master… However, even though they are jealous, they are still convinced of Yan Xiu.

They are used to the fact that the master likes Yan Xiu.

Thinking of this, the shadow guards saw Yan Xiu’s neckline, revealing his neck that was stamped with many marks.

Shadow guards: “……” They are still not used to it! They want to hit Yan Xiu!

Yan Jing Ze saw this scene and couldn’t help but want to laugh.

Why is Yan Xiu so cute?

Yan Jing Ze had eaten “breakfast” and went to see those martial artists.

It was actually past noon now, and those martial artists were tired and hungry, with dry mouth and tongue.

Some of them were injured yesterday, and now they are in a bad condition.

“Amitabha Buddha.” Shaolin Abbot said: “Donor, we are hungry, our mouths are dry, and we want to go to the toilet. Can the donor be accommodating?”

“Yes.” Yan Jing Ze said. He let the shadow guards unlock the acupuncture points and untie them, and asked the shadow guards to buy some steamed buns for them to eat. He let these martial artists go back to him after they finished tending to themselves.

As for himself, he planned to go and wash the sheets first.

After Zhu Lianying was loosened, he went to the toilet first.

The steamed buns that Yan Jing Ze had promised had not yet arrived, and he was not in a hurry to eat steamed buns… After discussing with the Abbot Shaolin and a few other highly respected people in the martial arts, he decided to go to Yan Jing Ze first.

A total of more than two hundred people were arrested.

Although Yan Jing Ze has washed himself out, Zhu Lianying still has no good feelings about Yan Jing Ze, but for the sake of everyone’s lives, he still has to bow his head.

Yan Jing Ze said that these people could go to him, and the shadow guards did not stop them.

Then… Zhu Lianying had just entered the yard where Yan Jing Ze lived, and saw Yan Jing Ze rolled up his sleeves and was at the well… washing the sheets?

Not just the sheets, he also washed the clothes.

At this moment, he took the two ends of the washed bed sheet and twisted it forcefully. The bed sheet was twisted together, and a lot of water fell out, after that, he spread the bed sheet and used internal force…

The steam rose above the sheets, he directly used his own internal force to dry the bed sheet.

This person’s internal force is really unfathomable.

And the most shocking thing is that he actually used his internal force to do this kind of thing…

Zhu Lianying and the Shaolin Abbot looked at the dry bed sheet and were silent.

It’s not that they haven’t washed the sheets and clothes before, but since they became famous, they have never done these things again. This Demon Sect Leader is really different.

“Have you eaten so soon?” Yan Jing Ze looked at these people curiously.

Among these people, the one who hated the Demon Sect deeply, and the person who always targeted the Left Guardian, at first tried to say a few words against Yan Jingze, but when he saw the sheets that Yan Jing Ze had already dried, he said nothing.

People have to bow their heads under the eaves. He doesn’t want to die, let alone drag other people to be buried with him.

“We haven’t eaten yet. I want to discuss the ransom with the sect leader first,” Zhu Lianying said.

“That’s fine. I have already set the ransom. You, the Martial Arts Alliance Leader, is 10,000 taels. The Abbot and other top masters are 5,000 taels each, and the rest are unified at 2,000 taels each,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“Isn’t this too much?” Zhu Lianying was surprised.

Many martial arts practitioners are actually very poor, at least they can’t pay a ransom of two thousand taels.

“You should have earned a lot of money for attacking the Demon Sect?” Yan Jing Ze looked at him with a smile.

Zhu Lianying, Shaolin Abbot, and others: “…” They did get a lot of money before when they attacked the Demon Sect, but it was not too much.

For one thing, the Demon Sect Leader in front of him has already left with the biggest treasure of the Demon Sect, and secondly… There are also a lot of escapees in the Demon Sect who ran away with the money.

Coupled with the casualties of the martial arts people who went to attack the Demon Sect at that time, they compensated a lot of money, and the large groups of people were dispatched for food, clothing, housing and transportation… The final gain was far less than they thought.

That’s right, gain.

Martial arts people attacked the Demon Sect, in addition to having hatred with the Demon Sect, but also because they can get money by doing so… If it weren’t for this, there would definitely not be so many people fighting for their lives.

Now Yan Jing Ze needs so much ransom…the money they finally “earned” is at least half gone.

“Who told you guys to come and besiege me without getting a clear picture of the situation, you always have to pay a price,” Yan Jing Ze said while gently steaming his and Yan Xiu’s clothes using internal force: “I opened a restaurant in this Liangzhou Prefecture without hiding, surely because there is strength… Didn’t you check it out more?”

Zhu Lianying: “…” He thought that the Demon Sect Leader didn’t understand the outside world, so he did so.

“In short, the ransom can’t be less… You should all have money, right? I suggest you pool together, first redeem a few people to get the money, and then redeem the rest,” Yan Jing Ze said.

It can really only be like this…

Zhu Lianying and the others left, took a few steps, and then turned around.

They saw the shadow guard who pretended to be the Demon Sect Leader holding the dried sheets, looking at them with an unkind gaze.

Turning their heads quickly, they sped up their pace unanimously.

Yan Xiu watched them leave, then withdrew his gaze, slightly depressed.

Jing Ze is really too kind.

However, there must be a reason for Jing Ze to do this. As for him… Yan Xiu looked at the few shadow guards who came over: “The Master wants to wash my clothes and I can’t even stop him.”

Those shadow guards: “…” They really want to unite together to beat Yan Xiu!

However, as soon as they had this idea in their hearts, they saw Yan Jing Ze looked at them: “By the way… Before I lost my memory, I assigned you homework. Have you finished it? The content you learned before is not forgotten, right?”

These shadow guards: “…” It’s over!

Some of them love learning, but most of them don’t like to read. Since the master lost his memory, they haven’t studied properly…

The few shadow guards who came over ran away quickly.

Yan Xiu was also dumbfounded for a while, he also forgot about homework!

“I remember… you didn’t read books or practice calligraphy at all these days?” Yan Jing Ze smiled and looked at Yan Xiu.

Yan Xiu: “…”

Yan Jing Ze said: “You are like this, but you have to be punished, tonight…”

Yan Jing Ze originally wanted to say that Yan Xiu hadn’t finished his homework and would be tossed by him in the evening, but he changed his words temporarily: “If the homework is not finished, I won’t touch you.”

Yan Xiu was very enthusiastic, and he probably wanted to be tossed by him, so the punishment had to be reversed.

As expected, Yan Xiu’s figure flashed and ran away, should be to make up for the homework.

Yan Jing Ze laughed again.

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