BH (QT) 213.2 – Demon Sect Leader (15b)

Chapter 213.2 – Demon Sect Leader (15b)

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“How much does the donor want?” the Shaolin Abbot asked again.

“I’ll talk about these tomorrow,” Yan Jing Ze said, and then looked at the shadow guards: “Shadow Two, Shadow Three, bring some people to tie up all these people, feed them soft muscle powder, and put them in the courtyard next to the house.”

The reason why the courtyard next to their house was empty was because it also belonged to them.

Originally, Yan Jing Ze bought more houses in order to make the shadow guards under his hand live in a more spacious house. As a result, these shadow guards liked to squeeze in and live next to him…

“Yes, Master!” Shadow Two and Shadow Three said in unison.

“Don’t call me Master, just call me Young Master Jing,” Yan Jing Ze said, and looked at Yan Xiu again: “Ah Xiu, I am tired, shall we go to rest?”

“Master…” Yan Xiu called out, a little dazed.

He listened to what Yan Jing Ze said just now.

But he always suspected that he had heard it wrong.

What the master meant was that he didn’t like Liu Zhiqing, and he has always liked himself?

The master hasn’t lost his internal force, and has always been fine. He let himself be the Demon Sect Leader also because he likes himself?

How could there be such a good thing, is he dreaming?

“Call me Jing Ze.” Yan Jing Ze squeezed his face.

Yan Xiu stared at Yan Jing Ze blankly: “Jing Ze, you didn’t lose your internal force?”

“Yes,” Yan Jing Ze admitted, and fearing that Yan Xiu would be angry, he explained: “I didn’t mean to lie to you. Whenever you see me, you will kneel. I feel so uncomfortable… Isn’t this the only way for you not to do this?”

Yan Xiu asked again: “Do you like me?”

“Of course, didn’t I say it a long time ago? I like you the most.”

“You have amnesia…”

“Didn’t you say you want me to regain my identity and continue to be your Master? I just want to be your man. I didn’t want to be your Master so I simply pretended to lose my memories.” Yan Jing Ze said, “You can’t be angry!” “

Yan Xiu was not angry at all, his heartbeat was getting faster and faster, almost jumping out of his chest.

He never thought that it turned out to be like this.

He was always worried that his master would not want him and would not like him, but in reality? The master has liked him a long time ago.

At this moment, Yan Xiu wanted to find someone to show off.

However, he doesn’t seem to need someone to show off anymore.

The surrounding shadow guards looked at him with jealousy as if they wanted to kill him.

Yan Xiu took a deep breath and saw Liu Zhiqing being picked up by a shadow guard.

He couldn’t help saying: “Then Liu Zhiqing…”

Yan Jing Ze said straightforwardly: “He looks like you, so I just took a few more glances.”

Is that how it is? It’s not because he looks like Liu Zhiqing so the master likes him, it’s because Liu Zhiqing looks like him so the master treats Liu Zhiqing differently?

Yan Xiu almost forgot to breathe.

Not far away, those martial arts practitioners listened to Yan Jing Ze and Yan Xiu talking over there, and they were speechless.

This Demon Sect Leader, how does his brain grow?

Didn’t all the past Demon Sect Leaders want to conquer martial arts world? He is so strong, how come he only wants to fall in love?

The object of his love, there is nothing remarkable… turned out to be just the shadow guard by his side.

However, they had to admit that even though they felt that the Demon Sect Leader was sick, they no longer wanted to kill the Demon Sect Leader.

This person… really didn’t do anything bad.

Judging by his appearance, they knew that he was not old, and they didn’t need to bully a child.

Well, they actually don’t have the ability to “bully” others, he is so strong!

It is said that Zhu Lianying is the number one master in the martial arts world. As a result, there are people beyond the mountain. They are younger than Zhu Lianying and stronger than Zhu Lianying. Compared with him, what is Zhu Lianying?

Those martial artists were captured by the shadow guards and were locked up. The shadow guards fed them the soft muscle powder that prevented them from running their internal force.

This medicine was specially brought on by Yan Jing Ze when he left the Demon Sect, and the quantity was large enough for these martial artists to drink for a long time.

After these martial artists had taken the medicine, ten shadow guards were in charge of guarding them, and the other shadow guards left.

The shadow guards responsible for guarding these martial arts figures were the ten shadow guards who were arranged by Yan Xiu to leave through the secret passage with Yan Jing Ze – they had not participated in the battle before, and were in the best of spirits.

When these martial arts practitioners came to besiege Yan Jing Ze and the others, it was already midnight, and after some tossing and turning, it was already bright.

The shadow guards didn’t wrong these martial artists, they opened the windows after dawn.

The room was very bright, allowing those martial artists to see clearly the appearance of the shadow guard guarding them.

Although these shadow guards have different appearances, they have almost the same temperament, which makes people feel that they are alike. At this moment, they look a little worried.

“I thought the Master had lost his memory before, and I haven’t done the classwork he assigned.”

“Me too…”

“Make up for it now?”

“Must make up!”


After these people finished talking, they didn’t know where they got some tables and chairs, and then they started writing.

Martial artists: “…” They thought that the “classwork” these people were talking about was martial arts training, but in the end… they started writing?

When Zhu Lianying, Shaolin Abbot, and the others looked at these shadow guards, they suddenly thought of what the Left Guardian had said before about the shadow guards.

The Left Guardian told them about how the shadow guards were trained, and also said that these shadow guards are not human.

Yesterday, they saw that these shadow guards looked normal. They thought that what the Left Guardian told them was a lie. Now it seems… the Left Guardian didn’t lie.

These shadow guards have changed, it is probably related to the Demon Sect Leader.

The Demon Sect Leader took the initiative to pretend to be a male pet, and his shadow guards changed their appearance. What’s so strange about it?

Now… they just want to know how much their ransom will be set.

Then, when will the Demon Sect Leader come to them and talk about this matter clearly?

Yan Jing Ze almost forgot these people.

Last night, he explained clearly to Yan Xiu, and after making sure that Yan Xiu was not angry because of his deceit, he took Yan Xiu back to the room and continued to do what he had not finished…

Then, he found that Yan Xiu was a little shy to play.

What a different kind of fun!

Yan Xiu: “…”

It is difficult for Yan Xiu to play.

The master actually liked him, and after realizing this, he began to worry.

After the master’s “amnesia”, he is too bold, will the master dislike him?

He deliberately made people conceal the identity of the master, will the master be angry?

He actually misunderstood the master, isn’t it wrong?

Yan Xiu thought a lot at the beginning, but later on, he didn’t think about anything.

He was really… so comfortable.

The next day, Yan Xiu woke up when the sun went three poles.

When he first woke up, he even suspected that everything was a dream last night, until he saw a bruise on his arm.

It was hit by Zhu Lianying, he didn’t dream last night.

The master actually liked him before he captured Liu Zhiqing back to the Demon Sect!

He didn’t feel it at all, nor did he notice…

But that’s not surprising.

At that time, he was muddled every day, and his memory was very unclear. He knew nothing except protecting his master.

He also had no idea what liking or love was.

Had it not been for the master to teach him little by little throughout the year, he would still be the shadow guard who didn’t understand or knew anything.

Why is the master so good?

He must not let the master be snatched away by others!

Yan Xiu looked at the sleeping master next to him, with strong emotions surging in his heart.

At this moment, he saw his master opened his eyes: “Ah Xiu, if you look at me like this, I won’t be able to hold back.”

Yan Xiu looked at Yan Jing Ze in confusion, his master… holding back where?

Yan Xiu looked so ignorant… Yan Jing Ze turned over, pinned him down, and then kissed Yan Xiu on the neck.

“Jing Ze…” Yan Xiu’s face flushed red.

Yan Jing Ze continued to kiss, and said after kissing: “I gave you a lot of marks. Don’t you like to show off? You can show off later.”

Yan Xiu: “…”

So, before, when he showed off to others that his master loved him very much, the master actually knew all about it?

Yan Xiu’s face turned redder.

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