BH (QT) 213.1 – Demon Sect Leader (15a)

Chapter 213.1 – Demon Sect Leader (15a)

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Under the moonlight, the young man in brocade clothes lightly killed his former Demon Sect’s Left Guardian under his palm, then turned his head and smiled at himself…

Yan Xiu’s heartbeat speeded up suddenly.

Of course, his master is very handsome and beautiful.

It’s just that the master is so ruthless to the Left Guardian, surely, he won’t be merciful to his subordinates?

In addition, Liu Zhiqing has fallen into the hands of the master. After that, will he no longer need to exist?

Yan Xiu didn’t know how to react for a while, so he stood in a daze.

The strong people among the martial artists have already been tapped by Yan Jing Ze, and the rest are not to be feared. Yan Jing Ze said: “These people don’t need to be killed, just tap the acupuncture points and tie them up.”

“Yes, Master!” the shadow guards said together, their voices booming.

Their master’s strength has recovered, and they are all very happy now!

For a while, even the shadow guard who was used to the expressionless face showed a smile on his face.

Those martial arts people are different. At this time, each and every one of them are already very terrified, so much so that their livers and gallbladders are splitting.

Just a short while ago, they were happy that they could kill the Demon Sect Leader along with his shadow guards, but they didn’t expect the situation to change in the blink of an eye.

These masters, they unexpectedly all fell into the hands of the Demon Sect Leader!

Zhu Lianying’s face was full of disbelief.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t tap on his speech acupuncture points, he was able to speak. But it was not until this moment that he finally spoke with difficulty: “You are the Demon Sect Leader?”

“Yes.” Yan Jing Ze smiled at Zhu Lianying, looking particularly innocent.

“It’s impossible…” Zhu Lianying was in a daze.

Because of the Left Guardian, he knows the situation of the Demon Sect very well, and naturally he also knows such a person as “Master Jing”.

He had come to investigate secretly before, and he had also seen this “Master Jing”.

This person is obviously the male pet of the Demon Sect Leader, how can he become the Demon Sect Leader?

If he is the Demon Sect Leader, who is the leader before?

Even though Zhu Lianying couldn’t move his neck, his eyes still looked at Yan Xiu.

“Ah Xiu is my lover.” Yan Jing Ze explained to him.

Zhu Lianying’s expression changed when he heard this.

Before, he was surprised that the “Demon Sect Leader” looked like Liu Zhiqing, but now that Yan Jing Ze said so, he suddenly thought of a possibility—could it be that the “Ah Xiu” before is the stand-in that the Demon Sect Leader found after he lost Liu Zhiqing?

His beloved one was in someone’s mind… Zhu Lianying’s face is blue.

Today, not only will he die at the hands of the Demon Sect Leader, but he may even be robbed of his beloved… This is a big blow to him.

Zhu Lianying was very angry, on the other hand, Yan Xiu heard what Yan Jing Ze said, and the whole person trembled—the master actually called him “lover”?

Did he hear it wrong?

He thought a lot in his heart, but Yan Xiu’s face never showed any expression, which made people unable to see that he was actually distracted.

The surrounding shadow guards didn’t notice this at all. They looked at Yan Xiu with jealously, feeling sour.

Yan Xiu is too hateful, he let the master treat him as his lover!

How come they didn’t have such luck?

Yan Xiu regained consciousness abruptly, and felt the gaze of the shadow guards around him. He took a deep breath and looked at them coldly.

He didn’t know why his master said that, but he hadn’t flaunted how much his master favored him in front of these people these days, and at this moment, he still intended to maintain his beloved persona.

There was even a secret hope rising in his heart.

Maybe, the master really started to like him!

As Yan Xiu thought this, he heard those martial artists finally come back to their senses and cursed, “Demon Sect demon, you will die a horrible death!”

“You have done a lot of evil, sooner or later you will go to hell!”

“Demon Sect demon…”


Yan Xiu was annoyed and was about to act on them when he heard his master say, “Whoever curses me again, I will kill all his friends and relatives and slaughter his sect.”

Yan Jing Ze smiled when he said this, but his voice spread clearly, and the martial arts practitioners who had been tapped on the acupuncture points were shocked by the internal force.

Among the various cheats collected by Demon Sect, Shaolin’s Lion’s Roar is included. Yan Jing Ze used the modified version of Lion’s Roar.

Putting the internal force into the sound to hurt people, just a word can make people suffer internal injuries… He thought it looked particularly cool, so he studied it specially, and taught it to Yan Xiu.

Yan Xiu used it once before, and now he has used it himself. After using it, those martial arts practitioners didn’t dare to speak, they just looked at himself in shock and anger. Yan Jing Ze was in a good mood.

He is so powerful, everyone is scared.

Thinking this way, Yan Jing Ze went to look at Yan Xiu again.

Yan Xiu still looked at him intently, as if he could do anything.

Really, they’re in public and Yan Xiu still looks at him like that, making him especially want to grab him and kiss him.

They were halfway done doing it before, shouldn’t they get rid of these people quickly, and then proceed to the other half right away?

Yan Jing Ze coughed lightly, and went to see Zhu Lianying and the others.

These martial artists still have a lot of backbone. If Yan Jing Ze only threatens to kill them, they will continue to scold him, but he said that anyone who dares to scold him he will kill his relatives and friends and slaughter his sect… These martial artists did not dare to scold him anymore. They just looked at Yan Jing Ze angrily.

Yan Jing Ze said: “You people are really… I plan to quit the martial arts, wash my hands in the golden basin, and become an ordinary rich man. You actually came to my door to die and disturb my peaceful life.”

Zhu Lianying was taken aback.

Yan Jing Ze said again: “You have hatred with the Demon Sect, but you have no hatred with me. I took over as the Demon Sect Leader for more than a year, I’ve been quiet since I took over and never come to trouble you. Why do you have to trouble me? Do you want to die so badly?”

Yan Jing Ze finished speaking and sighed.

Zhu Lianying felt that what he said was wrong, but couldn’t say anything to refute it.

The Demon Sect Leader in front of him, really did not do anything to harm the martial arts world.

He is so strong, but when they besieged the Demon Sect before, he took the initiative to avoid them, and didn’t come to trouble them at all, as if he did not have any malicious intent towards them.

For a while, Zhu Lianying regretted it a little, regretted coming here to siege this mansion.

Those martial arts practitioners regret it even more—had they known that this man was so strong, they would definitely not come here to die.

“I have always been good to people, and as a result, you have to push me like this… Isn’t this forcing my hand?” Yan Jing Ze said again: “For example, this Left Guardian, he betrayed me, I knew it a long time ago, but I still let him go. But he repeatedly troubled me, I’m not so good-tempered. Speaking of which, he has killed more people and done more evil things than I have.”

Yan Jing Ze’s words were correct. After hearing this, the martial arts practitioners who were present were a little affected and regretted it even more.

Who wants to die? Especially when doing this, they may also drag their own sects.

“Don’t confuse the crowd with deceitful words! How can you be kind to others? Previously, you captured Zhiqing…” Zhu Lianying said angrily.

Yan Jing Ze said: “Although I let someone capture him up, I didn’t do anything to him. Didn’t I let you save him in the end?”

“You were poisoned at the time, you couldn’t do what you wanted…” This person had been drugged at the time, so he could only watch him take Liu Zhiqing away.

Yan Jing Ze laughed: “Couldn’t do what I wanted? You think my shadow guards can’t find out if you change the medicine? Moreover, at that time, if I really wanted to make a move on you and let the shadow guards chase after you, even if you could escape, Liu Zhiqing could not escape, right?”

Zhu Lianying was stunned again.

The strength of the shadow guards next to the Demon Sect Leader was far stronger than he thought.

At that time, if this person asked the shadow guards to chase him down, it would really be difficult for him to take Liu Zhiqing and leave safely.

“Why did you do that?” Zhu Lianying was puzzled.

“I captured Liu Zhiqing because I wanted to make my Ah Xiu jealous. At that time, you gave me the medicine, and I took the opportunity to cultivate relationships with Ah Xiu. Of course, I didn’t bother to pay attention to you,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“You…” Zhu Lianying opened his eyes wide and looked at Yan Jing Ze in disbelief.

The person in front of him, could it be that he took the initiative to drink the medicine, so that he could have a good time with that Ah Xiu…

Zhu Lianying suddenly thought that Young Master Jing had suddenly appeared after Liu Zhiqing was taken away by him. They all thought that this person was the one captured by the shadow guards to detoxify the Demon Sect Leader but in fact, this person was Demon Sect Leader.

Instead of being a proper Demon Sect Leader, he pretended to be another person’s male pet. This shows that he definitely loves that person to the bone.

But even though he thought so, he always felt that there was something wrong—this person really didn’t like Liu Zhiqing?

“Ah Xiu used to be my shadow guard, I love him, but he only regards me as his Master. So, I captured Liu Zhiqing to arouse him.” Yan Jing Ze smiled.

“Amitabha Buddha… Donor, don’t talk nonsense. Something probably went wrong during your cultivation and that’s why you had to have someone pretend to be you, right?” the Shaolin Abbot suddenly said, looking at Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze laughed: “I have already practiced “Netherworld Divine Art” to the eighth level, what can go wrong? But I did lie to Ah Xiu, lied to him that I had no internal force, and asked him to pretend to be the Demon Sect Leader—I, I don’t want him to be a shadow guard, I want us to be more equal.”

Yan Jing Ze said a few words, he washed himself innocent.

At this moment, he has become a white lotus that has grown out of the silt and remains unstained, or a white lotus that does not care about others for love.

He couldn’t help it.

He did not intend to kill these people.

For one thing, there may be people with integrity among these people, but most of them are indeed righteous people. They have never done any bad things. They are completely different from the Demon Sect’s group of people who are used to bullying men and women. He shouldn’t kill them.

Secondly… These people have elders, seniors, and family members behind them. If he really kills them, in the future, he will probably become the enemy of the entire martial arts world, there will always be people seeking revenge.

In this case, it is better for him not to kill them.

But if he doesn’t kill these people and just let them go, these people might come to him again.

After threatening these people and then letting them go, all these people may sneak back in to come after him.

People in the martial arts world are always full of interest in “eliminating the evil.”

He is not afraid of these people, but he is afraid for the shadow guards under his hands.

And… with so many shadow guards under him, these people may still have families and businesses in the future. He can protect them, but he can’t protect these people’s children, and future generations.

If he can, it’s better not to become enemies with martial arts practitioners.

As for how to avoid enmity… He hasn’t done anything before, so why should these people trouble him, right?

Thinking this way, Yan Jing Ze looked at Yan Xiu affectionately.

He doesn’t have to pretend to be so affectionate, he really loves Yan Xiu.

Previously, the Shaolin Abbot thought that Yan Jing Ze might have had problems with his martial arts, so Yan Xiu pretended to be the Demon Sect Leader. At this time, he also dispelled his suspicion. After all, this person is still pretending to be a male pet during the day.

He has shadow guards who are loyal to him, has the ability to leave Hell Mountain, and can defeat so many of them martial arts masters, yet he was willing to pretend to be a male pet, what is it if not true love?

The Shaolin Abbot took the initiative to ask for peace at this time: “The donor has a kind heart, and we have misunderstood you. From now on, we will definitely stop bothering you… Can the donor let us go?”

Zhu Lianying’s heart moved when he heard the Shaolin Abbot’s words.

The person in front of him has never killed any of them, he probably didn’t want to kill them…

However, instead of waiting for Zhu Lianying and Shaolin Abbot to bow their heads, Yan Jing Ze said, “No.”

“What is the donor’s request?” the Shaolin Abbot asked again.

“Sign a contract with me, you will not trouble me in the future. And then have someone send a ransom, and I will let you go.” Yan Jing Ze said: “You guys are fighting and killing, and you have damaged my yard. You have to pay for it.”

He didn’t intend to kill these people, and he planned to let them go, but he didn’t want to let them go so easily.

He didn’t care about these people attacking the Demon Sect, but they came here… Hah!

His and Yan Xiu’s beautiful night life were ruined by them, they must give compensation!

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