BH (QT) 212.2 – Demon Sect Leader (14b)

Chapter 212.2 – Demon Sect Leader (14b)

Yan Xiu was no longer able to concentrate on fighting the enemy at this time, and the worry on his face was obvious. Those who watched this scene from a distance immediately realized that that young man was very important to him.

“The sect leader loves Young Master Jing very much,” the Left Guardian said again.

Before, whenever the Left Guardian said something, he would be proven wrong and be slapped in the face. But it was different at this moment—the next thing the “Demon Sect Leader” did next, it can be seen that he really loves Young Master Jing.

When Yan Xiu struck Zhu Lianying, he took a few steps back and shouted, “Twelve, quickly take Jing Ze away!”

As soon as his words fell, a shadow guard broke away from the battle group and came to take away Yan Jing Ze. The distracted Yan Xiu was about to be hit by Zhu Lianying.

“I didn’t expect that the Demon Sect Leader was still an infatuated person,” the Abbot said.

Standing on the roof, Liu Zhiqing was a little surprised to see this scene.

When he was once captured by the Demon Sect Leader, that sect leader looked like he was deeply in love with him, but in just a blink of an eye, a Young Master Jing came out.

The people of the Demon Sect really cannot be trusted.

When Liu Zhiqing thought this, the situation in the field suddenly changed.

Zhu Lianying took advantage of Yan Xiu’s distraction and was about to hit Yan Xiu. At this moment, Master Jing suddenly extended a hand and slapped towards Zhu Lianying…

Zhu Lianying was not touched by this hand, but Zhu Lianying unexpectedly took a few steps back.

This…internal force release knocked back Zhu Lianying?

What the hell is going on here?

The martial arts masters on the roof looked at this scene in shock, and they were all dumbfounded—didn’t you say that Young Master Jing was just the male pet of the Demon Sect Leader? Why did he seem even stronger than the Demon Sect Leader?

At this moment, Zhu Lianying feels even more unbelievable.

More than a year ago, when he first got the position of the leader of the martial arts alliance, his strength was much weaker than now, and he didn’t think he was so strong. But in this year or so, he encountered many things, and his strength was better than before, it was more than doubled.

Even a man who has been famous for decades, like the Shaolin Abbot, cannot compare to him. Now he is full of confidence in himself and has always felt that he is already the world’s number one master.

But now, what happened to him?

A young man casually slapped him, causing him to step back a few steps?

Who the hell is this person?

There were many people present who were as puzzled as Zhu Lianying. At this time, the young man struck again.

He was like a ghost, his figure flashed, he appeared beside Zhu Lianying, and he slapped him again. Zhu Lianying stepped back and spit out a mouthful of blood.

At this moment, this person stretched out another finger and directly tapped Zhu Lianying’s acupoint.

Zhu Lianying’s whole body was fixed there, he couldn’t move or do anything.

All this happened in a flash of lightning, after it happened, someone exclaimed: “Leader!”

As a result, before the words left their mouths, the man struck again.

He quickly wandered among the martial artists, wherever he passed, everyone was tapped in the acupuncture points.

The shadow guards cheered, and instead of fighting those who had been tapped, they started attacking those who were not tapped—the Master had explained not to kill those who had lost their mobility.

But now in this situation… the Master’s strength is restored?

No, the Master is now like this, not only is the strength restored, the Master has become much stronger!

The shadow guards were extremely pleasantly surprised.

At this moment, only Yan Xiu was different, the whole person was like falling into an ice cave.

He was already ready to fight to the death and to send his Master away, but at this time, the Master suddenly made a move.

Zhu Lianying, which he couldn’t beat at all, was easily subdued by his Master.

The Master is much stronger than before, which is not surprising, the Master is already omnipotent.

He’s afraid of one thing right now.

Since the Master’s strength has been restored, has his memory also been restored?

Does the Master remember what he has done these days?

He did something like that to the master, and he didn’t allow other shadow guards to tell the master of the master’s identity…Will the master punish him?


The master made him a sect master in the first place because he had to do so because of his own internal force problems.

For the master, to let a lowly shadow guard to pretend to be him, but he can only act as “Master Jing”, it is certainly not a pleasant thing. Now that the master’s strength is restored, he may not be able to live.

In fact, it is good not to live.

It’s also a good thing to die in the hands of the master.

Yan Xiu stood in place and did not move.

At this time, Shadow Two, Shadow Three, and the other shadow guards who had previously accompanied Yan Jing Ze also came out, facing Yan Xiu: “Yan Xiu, the Master has recovered!”

At first, Shadow Two and Shadow Three followed Yan Xiu’s order to protect Yan Jing Ze in the house. But it didn’t take long for some more shadow guards to come in, bringing Yan Xiu’s second order to take Yan Jing Ze out through the secret passage.

Upon hearing this order, they knew that the situation outside was critical, and immediately took their master to escape. But the master was unwilling to escape, and stopped their movements, and said he wanted to go out and see.

They couldn’t let the master take risks, they all planned to force the master to leave. As a result…

They were about to tap the master’s acupuncture points, but the master, in turn, tapped their acupuncture points.

When the master tapped their acupuncture points, they were all defenseless, and when they were all tapped, they heard the master say: “My memory and strength have been restored.”

The master left after speaking. They were surprised, happy, and worried, and then they found that their acupoints were suddenly unlocked, and when they went out… the martial artists outside had already been mostly cleaned up by the master.

Shadow Two and Shadow Three was too happy and called out to the master.

Yan Xiu’s heart sank again when he heard what they said.

These days, he takes the initiative every night and wants to “squeeze” the master clean so that the master has no time to find others. Now that the master has recovered, considering what he has done, he must feel very disgusted with him.

He didn’t want his master to feel disgusted with him at all.

But things have come to this…

Yan Xiu did not say a word and looked at Yan Jing Ze who was not far away.

Yan Jing Ze could feel Yan Xiu’s focused gaze, and he was in a good mood for a while.

Yan Xiu looked at him without blinking, did he think he was particularly handsome? In this case, should he be more handsome?

Yan Jing Ze tapped their acupuncture points faster.

At this time, those martial arts masters, who had not done anything before, have rushed in front of Yan Jing Ze—seeing Yan Jing Ze knock back Zhu Lianying, the Shaolin Abbot and others on the roof were all startled, and then jumped off from the roof without hesitation.

However… each and every one of them, their strength is not as good as Zhu Lianying.

The past Demon Sect Leaders basically only need to practice “Netherworld Divine Art” to the seventh level, and they are already well-deserved martial arts masters. Zhu Lianying’s current strength is almost equal to those who practiced “Netherworld Divine Art” to the seventh level.

The Left Guardian, Yan Xiu, Shaolin Abbot, and others are almost in the sixth level.

Even Yan Jing Ze’s father, the previous Demon Sect Leader, and even the previous Demon Sect Leaders, they also only practiced the “Netherworld Divine Art” to the sixth level, and the strength was about the same as that of Yan Xiu.

However, Yan Jing Ze has already practiced “Netherworld Divine Art” to the eighth level. Not only has it reached the eighth level, but he has also studied the ninth level.

In addition, his control over his internal force is very strong, and the average person simply can’t match it.

The Shaolin Abbot, Liu Zhiqing, and others are naturally not his opponents.

“They called you Master. You…” the Left Guardian was tapped at the acupuncture point, but he was still able to speak. At this time, he looked at Yan Jing Ze in shock.

Yan Jing Ze smiled and said: “Yes, I am the Demon Sect Leader.”

After speaking, Yan Jing Ze smiled at the Left Guardian, and in the Left Guardian’s incredulous eyes, he slapped the Left Guardian’s head, and directly slapped the Left Guardian to death.

The Left Guardian also did a lot of bad things in the Demon Sect.

Before, Yan Jing Ze felt that there were so many evil people in the Demon Sect that he couldn’t kill. He also thought that he was their leader and it was not good for him to kill them. So, he didn’t do anything and just let the righteous martial arts sects put the Demon Sect into an end.

But now, the Left Guardian bumped himself into his hands… Of course, he had to kill him.

After killing, Yan Jing Ze smiled and turned his head and looked at Yan Xiu: “Ah Xiu, am I handsome?”

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