BH (QT) 212.1 – Demon Sect Leader (14a)

Chapter 212.1 – Demon Sect Leader (14a)

Zhu Lianying felt that his speculation was a bit unbelievable, but the reality was in front of him.

After thinking about it, on this night, he brought the martial arts experts, and quietly approached and surrounded the Yan residence.

The mansion was huge and looked quiet, but as soon as they approached, there was a sound they had never heard before, fearing that it was a special alarm.

At the same time, more than a dozen people wearing black clothes and masks suddenly appeared on the wall of this house—Yan Jing Ze did not require the shadow guards to wear black clothes, but these shadow guards like to wear it. During the night watch, they will wear masks like before.

The actions of these more than a dozen people were quiet and uniform, and their strength was obviously not bad. Seeing them, Zhu Lianying’s first reaction was that these people were shadow guards.

“They are the shadow guards next to the Demon Sect Leader,” Left Guardian said.

The Left Guardian was injured in his early years, his appearance was ruined, and even his voice was hoarse. At this moment, he looked at the opposite side, and his eyes flashed with cold light: “The shadow guards of the Demon Sect Leader are the exclusive guards of the past Demon Sect Leaders, trained in cruel methods. They have lost their humanity, they do not speak, are not afraid of death, and are no different from vicious dogs… No, they are not as good as dogs. They are a group of living dead.”

The Left Guardian’s words were meant for all martial arts practitioners, his voice was not low, and those shadow guards could naturally hear it.

So as soon as his voice fell, a shadow guard on the fence said: “Damn old man, you’re worse than a dog, you’re the living dead!”

Most shadow guards don’t like to talk, but coincidentally, among the shadow guards on watch today, there was one who particularly liked to talk.

When he said so, other shadow guards also glared at the Left Guardian: “Traitor!”

“Running dog!”


Martial artists: “…” Where do these people look like the living dead? And where is the loss of humanity and inability to speak? Isn’t this quite sharp-tongued?

The Left Guardian was also taken aback when he heard the words of these shadow guards.

He has been hiding in the Demon Sect for many years, has secretly contacted those shadow guards, and even captured a shadow guard in his early years and severely tortured it… Shadow guards shouldn’t be like this!

Are these people really shadow guards?

Zhu Lianying glanced at the Left Guardian, released his internal force, and said loudly: “Demon Sect demons, come out and die!”

The house bought by the Demon Sect Leader was located in a relatively remote location, and the house next to it was still vacant… He leapt gently to the roof of that vacant mansion and looked solemnly at those shadow guards.

At the same time, several martial arts masters, as well as the Left Guardian and Liu Zhiqing, used light body skills to go to the roof, looking down at the ten or so shadow guards. Now, hundreds of martial arts practitioners have surrounded the mansion.

The Left Guardian calmed down, and then said: “It takes time and effort to cultivate shadow guards. There are almost 20 or 30 shadow guards around every Demon Sect Leader…”

However, as soon as his voice fell, sixty or seventy people suddenly jumped out of the residence in front of him, all of them jumping onto the roof of the main house.

Martial artists: “…” Didn’t you say there are only 20 or 30 shadow guards? There are 80 of them!

The Left Guardian: “…The strength of this leader is low, so the number of shadow guards around him far exceeds the previous leader!”

At this moment, a man walked out of the main house.

This person didn’t jump on the roof, he just looked exactly in the direction where the Left Guardian was, “Left Guardian? I was kind enough to spare your life, but I didn’t expect you to dare to come to me.”

The person’s voice was not loud, but the voice spread out clearly, and it blasted in everyone’s ears.

Many martial arts practitioners at the scene felt that their internal force was messed up because of this sound. And the rest of them, the low-powered people, they trembled all over when they heard this sound, and they actually suffered some internal injuries.

This move is comparable to the Shaolin Divine Arts, Lion’s Roar.

No, this is more powerful than the Lion’s Roar. The Lion’s Roar requires to form a huge energy first, and then yells out loudly. The Demon Sect Leader in front of them was just plain and calm, just like talking casually.

Regardless, his ability to do this is enough to prove his strength.

The martial artists all look at the Left Guardian—this former Demon Sect guardian actually said that the Demon Sect Leader is weak. This internal force… is this called weak?

If this is weak, what are they?

Those martial artists are speechless.

If the Left Guardian hadn’t been disfigured and couldn’t change his face, his face would definitely be ugly at this time.

In the previous year, he and the Right Guardian had a lot of small actions. Naturally, the leader who has shadow guards can’t be ignorant, but this person just didn’t do anything. He stayed with a large group of shadow guards all day, behaving in a particularly timid manner.

He felt that the strength of this person was definitely not strong at the time.

But now… this person’s internal force is actually comparable to him.

Yan Xiu’s current strength is indeed comparable to the Left Guardian.

More than a year ago, although his strength was not bad, it was incomparable with the Left Guardian. If the shadow guards wanted to defeat the Left Guardian, at least five people besides Yan Xiu would be needed.

However, in the past year or so, their master insisted on instructing them in martial arts even when he himself had no more internal force. Nevertheless, the strength of all of them has been enhanced.

And the fastest one to increase his strength is undoubtedly Yan Xiu—Yan Jing Ze is with him all day, giving him the most guidance, and he has worked hard enough.

“Demon Sect demon, you still dare to speak arrogantly! Today, I must kill you for the sake of heaven!” Zhu Lianying said loudly.

Yan Xiu looked away from the Left Guardian and fell on Zhu Lianying, and he also saw Liu Zhiqing beside Zhu Lianying.

His eyes narrowed slightly, and anger burst into his heart.

Sometimes, he felt that he should be grateful to these two people, if it weren’t for these two people, his Master wouldn’t suddenly become so good.

But he also hated Liu Zhiqing.

Why can this person be loved by his Master, but he can’t get anything?

He can be treated differently from others by his Master, is also because… he looks like Liu Zhiqing.

If Liu Zhiqing dies, will the Master belong to him alone?

Of course, the most important thing now is not to hate Liu Zhiqing or kill Liu Zhiqing, but… he wants to delay the time so that the Master can escape.

Yan Xiu sneered: “Want to kill me? It’s not that easy!”

While talking to Zhu Lianying, Yan Xiu watched the people around him.

When he first learned that the residence was besieged, he didn’t want to escape, but wanted to kill all those who came to the door and disturbed the peaceful life of him and his Master.

But soon, he realized that he could not kill all these people.

There are too many people here and they are very strong. They are not their opponents.

Fortunately, this place, like Hell Mountain, has a secret passage.

He had already discussed with the shadow guards under his hand. He was responsible for stalling these people, while shadow two and shadow three and the other eight shadow guards who stayed with the Master, would lead him to escape through the secret passage.

When the Master is gone, they can also escape!

When Yan Xiu looked at Zhu Lianying and others, Zhu Lianying and others were also looking at him.

The moonlight tonight is good, and the martial artists are so sharp-eyed and can see the appearance of Yan Xiu clearly.

After seeing this clearly, everyone was taken aback.

The appearance of this Demon Sect Leader was actually fifty percent similar to Liu Zhiqing.

“Is he really the Demon Sect Leader?” someone asked.

The Left Gurdian said: “Although he didn’t wear a mask, but this voice… he is indeed the Demon Sect Leader.”

Zhu Lianying also said: “He is the Demon Sect Leader. This group of people has always been looking up to him, and Master Jing is very close to him.”

When Zhu Lianying inquired some information, he had already learned that the person at the head of the group looked somewhat similar to Liu Zhiqing.

It’s just that the Demon Sect Leader actually looks like Liu Zhiqing, which is a bit beyond his expectation—at the beginning, the Demon Sect Leader tied Liu Zhiqing and tried to force him.

He looks so similar to Liu Zhiqing, why on earth would he want to kidnap Liu Zhiqing? Does he… like his looks? Narcissism?

As long as Zhu Lianying thought of this, he felt a chill.

The Left Guardian and Zhu Lianying looked at a group of black-clothed shadow guards. With Yan Xiu’s brocade clothes, no one doubted Yan Xiu’s identity.

They naturally think so too since this person in front of them is so powerful, if he is not the Demon Sect Leader, who would he be?

At this moment, from among those martial artists, a young man in his twenties suddenly rushed out, wielding a large sword and rushing towards Yan Xiu: “Demon Sect demon, return my father’s life!”

When he swung his sword, he swept up a gust of strong wind, which shows that although he is young, his strength is not bad.

Just before he got close to Yan Xiu, a shadow guard quietly stepped forward and fought with him, and after a short while, he then fell behind.

Yan Jing Ze’s older shadow guards are all comparable to firs-class experts in the martial arts world!

Seeing that the young man with the sword was about to die under the shadow guard’s sword, the young man’s seniors followed and rescued the young man. At the same time, the battle between the two sides was on the verge of breaking out.

“Kill these demons!”

“Get rid of the evil in the martial world!”

“Demon Cult Demons, give me your life!”


The martial artists shouted and attacked together. Zhu Lianying did not delay and rushed directly towards Yan Xiu.

Zhu Lianying is only in his early twenties, he is not only a martial arts genius, but also has many adventures. His martial arts is above many martial arts masters, and he is deservedly the strongest in the righteous martial arts world.

Naturally, he was also stronger than Yan Xiu.

But after he fought with Yan Xiu, he couldn’t win for a while.

Yan Xiu knew very well that if he blocked these people for a little while longer, his Master would be safer. Thinking that the Master is behind him… he showed his strength by 120 percent.

In addition, he has always had an inexplicable mood towards Zhu Lianying… When he shot, it was all killer moves.

His attack is very strange, and there are shadow guards beside him to help. For a while, he was actually tied with Zhu Lianying.

On the roof not far away, the Left Guardian and some older martial arts masters were looking at the battlefield.

The Shaolin Abbot said: “Amitabha Buddha. The Demon Sect Leader is very strong, he must not be let go today, otherwise it will become a major disaster in time.”

“Indeed,” said another man, “the shadow guards around this Demon Sect Leader should not be underestimated. Today, we must catch them all at once!”

Although the Demon Sect Leader was not as strong as Zhu Lianying, he was already no worse than them old guys, and he was still so young.

If they let him go, in a few years, his strength is likely to surpass them. By then, no one except Zhu Lianying will be able to kill him, but Zhu Lianying does not have three heads and six arms. If this Demon Sect demon hides, Zhu Lianying may also not be able to find him, then… the martial arts world is in danger!

“Left Guardian actually said that he is weak… Heh!” someone else sneered. This person hated the Demon Sect, and he had no affection for the Left Guardian who abandoned the dark side and often went against the left guardian. This time, he was full of mockery.

The Left Guardian’s eyes turned cold, but he didn’t say anything in the end, and went to see the battlefield again.

At this time, the battle between the martial arts practitioners and those shadow guards had become increasingly fierce.

Whether it is the shadow guards or the martial artists, there are many people, and they can help each other. Therefore, there have been no casualties in a short period of time, but if this continues, it may be possible.

There are more of them than those shadow guards, and they, the masters, have yet to make a move. They will definitely be able to kill all those shadow guards in the end.

But if those shadow guards fight back to the death, they will probably suffer casualties.

“Amitabha Buddha. Several masters, it’s time for us to make our move,” the Shaolin Abbot said.

The Abbot was about to make a move just as he spoke, but at that moment, from that main house, another person unexpectedly came out.

It was a young man who was dressed in fine brocade clothes and looked very handsome.

The sudden appearance of this teenager caused the Shaolin Abbot to pause: “Who is that person?”

“The Demon Sect’s male pet, the famous Master Jing,” the Left Guardian said.

He only saw the appearance of the leader today, but he had known Master Jing a long time ago.

They didn’t expect that with all the fighting and killing going on outside, this Mr. Jing would dare to come out…

“What are you coming out for? Get out of here, quickly!” Yan Xiu yelled in a panic.

After discovering that there were so many martial artists coming that they were not necessarily a match, he explained to a few shadow guards and told them to take the master and leave through the secret passage.

However, the Master did not leave, and he even came out!

What exactly is going on?

Did those shadow guards betray the Master?

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