BH (QT) 211.2 – Demon Sect Leader (13b)

Chapter 211.2 – Demon Sect Leader (13b)

Shadow guards often like to hide in the dark, but sometimes they come out again, and change shifts silently. These two maids must have been frightened.

Out of sympathy, Yan Jing Ze sent the two maids away.

This was because he didn’t need them anymore—since he settled in Liangzhou, the laundry was completely covered by Yan Xiu, and no one was allowed to do it at all. There was a shadow guard who was rushing to do it before, and he was beaten by Yan Xiu.

Secondly… Without these two maids, those shadow guards would be a little more comfortable.

After all the people in the house, except for the shadow guards, have left, the shadow guards are indeed much more comfortable.

Yan Jing Ze often saw them hanging upside down on the beams, chatting happily, and people suddenly appearing in front of him, secretly giving him something.

Seriously, he would be scared to death by them if he really lost his memories.

But this kind of life is pretty good.

Yan Jing Ze has been an uncle at home for a month. When he got up that morning, he said to Yan Xiu who was happily tidying up the bed sheets: “Ah Xiu, shall we go shopping?”

“Good,” Yan Xiu agreed. Whatever the Master wants, he will let the Master do!

If the Master has a happy time, is it possible that in the future, when he recovers his memory, he will not drive him away?

Yan Xiu accompanied Yan Jing Ze, wandering around the city of Liangzhou, and finally entered their own restaurant.

The restaurant run by the shadow guards is very crowded.

Although the restaurant’s waiters are a little cold and don’t know how to greet people, the act of serving people is very neat. They remember clearly what the guests want, and they will never make a mistake.

In this world, there are people who like to be fawned over and listen to good words when they eat, but there are also those who like to eat quietly. These unique waiters have won the favor of many people.

And then there is the restaurant’s food.

The cook in this restaurant is really good, and that knife skill can only be achieved with decades of training!

Moreover, many restaurant cooks, once the number of guests increases, the taste of the food may not be so good, but the restaurant cooks here are different.

Not only did they serve the food quickly, the taste was also very good.

As soon as Yan Jing Ze entered the restaurant, he heard someone talking about his restaurant and complimenting the cooks.

His shadow guards, of course, are very good, very powerful, such masters of martial arts, it must be very easy for them to be a cook!

“Jing Ze, what do you want to eat?”

“Let them serve up ten signature dishes, each with a smaller portion,” Yan Jing Ze said. His own restaurant has such an advantage, you can serve multiple dishes in smaller quantities.

“Master Jing, wait, it’ll be served soon!” The little shadow guard, who hadn’t graduated yet and had been saved by Yan Jing Ze, came to dress up as a waiter. He ran away quickly and came back soon, looking at Yan Jing Ze with bright eyes.

Yan Jing Ze also felt that there were two shadow guards hidden above the box he was staying in. Seven or eight shadow guards were in the next box, and other shadow guards were coming over.

These guys can be said to be pervasive…

Yan Jing Ze felt it, and Yan Xiu also discovered it.

He shouldn’t have brought his Master here!

They obviously should go to eat somewhere else!

However, in order to protect the Master, they will take a few shadow guards wherever they go. In fact, the difference is not big…

Yan Xiu was a little depressed.

Yan Jing Ze looked at Yan Xiu’s depressed look, and began to think about taking Yan Xiu out for a stroll.

In fact, he has been with these shadow guards, which is not conducive to the growth of these shadow guards, isn’t it?

Well, he actually wanted to leave not because he wanted these shadow guards to grow up, but because he wanted to have a two-person world with Yan Xiu.

But he can’t just leave these shadow guards behind, just because they are still with him after he lost his internal power and memory loss, he will first settle them down.

Yan Jing Ze was thinking about what was going on, and suddenly there was a noise from downstairs.

“The food in your store is too dirty!”

“There are flies in this dish!”

“Let your boss come out!”

Seven or eight big guys who are not easy to provoke at first glance are making a lot of noise downstairs.

What ‘there are flies in the dish’, it should be the reason they found casually. The current situation…it is estimated that some local forces are looking for trouble.

This restaurant has a good business, and it must be in the way of others.

It is also possible that the local gang wants to grab this restaurant.

There is a reason why Yan Jing Ze would think so, these few big men downstairs obviously all know a little bit of martial arts.

There are many little shadow guards who work as restaurant waiters.

They are not very emotional at first, and they have been trained by Yan Jing Ze, so they don’t get angry easily. At this time, a little shadow guard opened a pair of dark eyes and looked at these big guys: “The food in our shop is absolutely clean, there will be no flies.”

“Then what is this?” a big man pointed to the fly soaked in the soup.

“This is the dead fly you brought and put in the dish.” The little shadow guard said: “I saw it.”

Those big guys were taken aback, and then said: “Nonsense, how could I put flies in my dishes? And if you see it, why don’t you say it?”

“I thought you were going to eat flies,” the little shadow guard said seriously.

“You son of a b*tch!” The big guys got angry, cursing and swearing, and finally added, “I ate flies in your store! What are you guys going to do?”

The little shadow guard recalled what Yan Jing Ze said before: “I will let the kitchen give you another one?” The Master told them to endure a little if they meet unreasonable guests.

“Give me a new one and you want me to forget about it? No way!” One of these big guys suddenly punched the table using internal force, and directly punched a hole in the wooden table. At the same time, the food on the table all fell to the ground.

After smashing the table, the man said: “Our Black Dragon Gang is not easy to provoke!”

The little shadow guard had no expression before and looked particularly calm, but at this time, anger flashed in his dark eyes: “You broke our table, you have to pay for it!”

“Pay for it? Heh! Boy, call your boss and ask him to give me five thousand taels. And I’ll forget what happened today,” the leader said.

The Black Dragon Gang is a local gang in Liangzhou. The merchants in Liangzhou will give them offerings, but this restaurant just doesn’t give it.

The Black Dragon Gang had been observing this restaurant for some time, and found that this restaurant should not have a backstage, which is why they made the move.

In fact, they don’t necessarily have to pay five thousand taels, but since this restaurant has a good business, they must give them more!

“The Master said, you will pay for it if you break something,” the little shadow guard said seriously.

“Huh?” The members of the Black Dragon Gang didn’t hear clearly. At this moment, the shop’s little waiter in front of them, who was only twelve or thirteen years old, suddenly rushed towards them, at an incredible speed.

Wait, how can the speed of this shop’s little waiter be so fast? Does he know light body skills?

The members of the Black Dragon Gang were all dumbfounded. When they were dumbfounded, one by one, their acupuncture points had all been tapped.

The little shadow guard tapped their acupuncture points and said seriously: “You must pay for it, work if you don’t have money.”

The Black Dragon Gang who had been tapped on the acupuncture points remained motionless and could not move.

Those guests who saw the Black Dragon Gang came to find trouble, had already planned to leave secretly, and stopped at this time.

What did they see? They unexpectedly saw a half-grown child immobilized all seven or eight members of the Black Dragon Gang!

The little shadow guard looked at the guests: “Excuse me, I’m disturbing everyone’s meal. Don’t worry, we will take care of it soon.”

After he finished speaking, he dragged two big men with him and left.

There were a lot of waiters in this restaurant, and three more came out soon, dragging away all the big men, and they quickly cleaned up the broken table and the mess on the ground.

The guests who originally planned to leave secretly: “…” They dare not leave secretly!

Wait, this restaurant seems to have a big background. Those waiters are also legendary people in the martial arts world… Suddenly, they feel that eating here is particularly honorable.

Yan Jing Ze heard everything downstairs.

He didn’t know what to say for a while.

These shadow guards are a bit too high-profile…

Are they not afraid of those righteous martial arts sects coming to the door?

But it seems that even if they come here, it doesn’t matter.

It’s not a big deal, just leave here or just have a fight.

He is very strong now, and he is not afraid of those martial artists. He chose to leave from the Demon Sect before, it is not because he is afraid of them, but simply because he doesn’t want to fight with them.

After all… he considers himself a righteous man.

Yan Jing Ze turned around and continued to eat and drink.

Like Yan Jing Ze, Yan Xiu felt something was wrong.

But even if he had studied for a year, he didn’t understand the whole martial arts world. In addition, he felt that Yan Jing Ze’s idea of opening a restaurant was definitely correct, so he didn’t bother figuring out what was going on.

Until the night half a month later, the shadow guards on watch blew their whistles.

The sharp whistle sounded across the night sky, and all the shadow guards instantly awoke.

Yan Jing Ze was pressing Yan Xiu, who had been very enthusiastic lately for night exercises, when he suddenly heard the whistle, his movements stopped abruptly.

This sound… According to the memory of the original owner, is this an enemy attack?

An enemy is coming?

Yan Jing Ze stopped his movements, and the original Yan Xiu who was pestering him was more decisive—Yan Xiu pushed him away and got up to put on his clothes: “Jing Ze, you wait here, don’t go out.”

After he finished speaking, he yelled in an uneasy voice: “Shadow Two, Shadow Three, you protect Jing Ze!”

Aside from him, Shadow Two and Shadow Three are the strongest in shadow guards. With them by Yan Jing Ze’s side, he can rest assured, as for himself… he wants to go outside to see what’s going on.

Yan Xiu rushed out quickly.

Yan Jing Ze: “…” He doesn’t know what he should say now. He is suddenly interrupted when he is halfway through, he is really pissed.

At the same time, he once again felt that he did not work hard enough—Yan Xiu ran so fast!

However, even though he had thought a lot in his mind, Yan Jing Ze also put on his clothes at the same time. When Shadow Two and Shadow Three came in, he had already buckled his belt and became a handsome Master Jing.

At the same time, Yan Jing Ze understood what was going on outside—he heard a voice coming from outside: “Demon Sect demons, come out and die!”

Yan Jing Ze: “…” He previously left Hell Mountain early in order to avoid being surrounded by the righteous martial arts sects like the original owner, but now… he is surrounded.

The sound outside is very noisy, Yan Jing Ze can be sure that there should be a lot of people besieging them.

The number of people who came is indeed very large. And this is also because previously, the people from the righteous martial arts sects left Hell Mountain in a hurry and went to their own sect.

These people returned to their own sect and found that their sect was fine and was not attacked by the missing Demon Sect Leader. But they were not at ease, so they gathered together again, wanting to find the Demon Sect Leader.

In any case, if they didn’t find the Demon Sect Leader, it would be difficult for them to relax. They were always afraid that this person would suddenly appear with his shadow guards.

Zhu Lianying, the leader of the Martial Arts Alliance, still hated the Demon Sect Leader. So the martial arts conference was held again to discuss the search for the Demon Sect Leader.

No one has seen the appearance of the Demon Sect Leader. It is actually difficult to find, but Zhu Lianying, this person, his luck has always been very good.

His whole family was destroyed, but he was saved by the Left Guardian. He could find martial arts secrets when he fell off a cliff. The person he saved turned out to be a long-lost martial arts expert…

Basically, if he wants to do something, he can definitely succeed.

At this moment, he was looking for the master of the martial arts sect, and suddenly he heard a discussion, saying that he saw a man who looked like Liu Zhiqing in a caravan going south.

Liu Zhiqing was his lover, so he asked a few more questions, and finally learned that there was a “Master Jing” in this group.

Hearing the words “Master Jing”, he suddenly had doubts. At this time, he suddenly received a letter from the Flying Pigeon of the Black Dragon Gang.

He inadvertently passed by the Black Dragon Gang and was entertained by the Black Dragon Gang leader. Now, the Black Dragon Gang leader told him that a group of masters came to Liangzhou and opened a restaurant. This group beat them during the day. Moreover, they still came to the door at night and stole a lot of money from the Black Dragon Gang…

The leader of the Black Dragon Gang knew that he was already the leader of the Martial Arts Alliance, and begged him to do the right thing.

He doesn’t know why, Zhu Lianying felt that something was wrong as soon as he saw this pigeon letter.

The place where the martial arts conference was held was not far from Liangzhou. Zhu Lianying immediately sent someone to investigate and waited for the results of the investigation to come out… He suddenly realized that the person who opened the restaurant in Liangzhou might be the Demon Sect Leader.

The Demon Sect Leader went to open a restaurant? What exactly is going on?

Zhu Lianying was dumbfounded, but still brought the martial arts masters who participated in the martial arts conference to Liangzhou Prefecture.

At first, their large forces did not enter the city. Only Zhu Lianying and the left guardian had advanced into the city and made a secret investigation. This investigation… The left guardian saw Master Jing from a distance and immediately recognized him…

This Master Jing from Liangzhou Prefecture is the Master Jing of the Demon Sect!

In that case, the Young Master Yan next to him should be the Demon Sect Leader, and the subordinates around them…are the shadow-guards of the Demon Sect?

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