BH (QT) 211.1 – Demon Sect Leader (13a)

Chapter 211.1 – Demon Sect Leader (13a)

A group of shadow guards gathered at the gate of the main courtyard, waiting for Yan Xiu to speak.

Yan Xiu looked at them and said blankly: “You should already know that the master has lost his memory.”

“Is there a way to cure the master?” a shadow guard asked.

“Ordinary doctors can’t cure the Master, but doctors who can cure the Master… The Sacred Valley of Medicine also sent people to attack the Demon Sect,” Yan Xiu said. Demon Sect’s enemies are all over the world, as for the Demon Sect’s poison doctor who likes to poison people casually, they don’t know if he is dead now.

“They should… not know the identity of the Master?”

“The Master said, there are traitors in the Demon Sect. Those traitors know Master Jing,” Yan Xiu said again. People in the righteous martial arts sects do not know that their master is the Demon Sect Leader. But they “know” that their master is person next to the Demon Sect Leader, Master Jing.

The shadow guards, each and every one of them, didn’t know what to do.

Before, the master told them to do this and that, but now the master has amnesia!

Yan Xiu looked at them and took a deep breath: “I’m looking for you, but there is actually another thing I want to tell you.”

“What are you going to say?” Shadow Two asked.

Yan Xiu’s face was expressionless: “The Master lost his internal force and now he lost his memory. He was always scared on the road. If he knew that he was the Demon Sect Leader and was hunted down by the righteous martial arts sects, he would definitely be more scared.”

“What should we do then?” the shadow guards asked one after another.

“Let’s not tell the Master about this for now,” Yan Xiu said: “We can tell the Master that he is also the Young Master of the family, but don’t tell him about the Demon Sect, so that he thinks he is an ordinary person and doesn’t need to be so scared.”

Yan Xiu never thought that one day he would even deceive others.

He also fooled these shadow guards in front of him who came from the same background as him.

The shadow guards other than Yan Xiu discussed, the shadow guards who followed Yan Jing Ze from the Demon Sect all the way here mentioned things like Yan Jing Ze feeling scared on the road.

“Would it not be good for us to deceive the Master?” a shadow guard asked.

“We just don’t say anything about the Demon Sect, it’s not deceiving the master.” Yan Xiu said: “This is for the sake of the master.”

Yan Xiu is right.

The shadow guards have only been taught by Yan Jing Ze for a year, all of them are still very simple, and what Yan Xiu said is justified and well-founded. They think Yan Xiu is right, and they agree with this.

But they also have other requirements: “Yan Xiu, now you don’t need to pretend to be the leader and protect the Master personally. We should take turns.”

Every night, Yan Xiu and Yan Jing Ze sleep together. Previously, Yan Jing Ze called this “Personal Protection”.

“You can beat me?” Yan Xiu looked at these people, releasing his internal force.

The other shadow guards were silent.

They really can’t beat Yan Xiu.

In the past, Yan Xiu was the strongest among them. This year, the Master taught them to practice other martial arts. Yan Xiu was also the best, and they couldn’t beat Yan Xiu.

At this time, Yan Xiu said again: “Moreover, the Master only likes me to serve him.”

“You’re talking nonsense! The Master obviously likes me to serve him too,” a shadow guard said.

Yan Xiu said: ” I’m not talking about the kind of service that you serve. When the Master was poisoned, I helped the Master detoxify. The Master likes me the most and only likes me.”

When Yan Xiu said so, he looked confident.

The other shadow guards were silent.

The shadow guards, especially those who came all the way here from the Demon Sect with Yan Jing Ze, are even more jealous and looked at Yan Xiu feeling depressed.

Previously in the Demon Sect, the Master kept the night watchman away from the master’s room at night, and they didn’t find anything strange about the Master and Yan Xiu. But along the way…

The soundproofing of some inns is not good. They heard some movement, and then they realized that the relationship between Yan Xiu and the Master turned out to be like this.

The shadow guards were exchanging information, and Yan Xiu said again: “The Master said, I am the most handsome, he likes me.”

As he said, he pulled open his collar a little.

He only pulled a little bit, but the shadow guards could already see the traces on it, and their eyes blazed with even more jealousy while looking at Yan Xiu.

However, they are indeed inferior to Yan Xiu.

The Master boasted that Yan Xiu was handsome more than once, and Yan Xiu was indeed the most handsom among them. And… everyone who had been following the Master could see that Yan Xiu looked like Liu Zhiqing.

Compared to them, the Master definitely prefers Yan Xiu.

The shadow guards approved Yan Xiu’s words.

Yan Xiu breathed a sigh of relief when he saw this.

The marks on his neck were asked by him to get from the Master last night, just to let these people know that the Master was his… It really worked.

However, he can let these people not tell the Master about the Demon Sect, but he can’t stop these people from approaching the Master… Yan Xiu’s eyes swept across these people coldly.

He acted confidently, but in fact his heart was particularly unsure, afraid that someone would take advantage of his Master’s memory loss and seduce him like he did.

He must take good care of the Master and not let the Master be snatched away by these people!

He can also take the initiative at night.

He used to listen to two women talking in private, saying that she would pester her man at night, so that he couldn’t think about other women.

Yan Xiu thought so, his eyes darkened a little bit.

Everyone discussed good things, and Yan Xiu went back to the room.

Yan Jing Ze was lying on the bed, “sleeping” very well, Yan Xiu looked at him, bowed his head and kissed him.

Yan Jing Ze: “…”

Previously, when Yan Xiu tapped his sleeping point before, Yan Jing Ze actually felt it was very strange.

He knew that Yan Xiu liked him and would not hurt him, so he didn’t understand why Yan Xiu wanted to do this.

It turned out to be because he was worried that he would be afraid and wanted to explain to the shadow guards.

Yan Jing Ze listened to Yan Xiu confidently saying “the Master likes me”, feeling that Yan Xiu is too cute.

Now Yan Xiu secretly kisses him while he is “sleeping”.

Yan Jing Ze lay flat and let the kisses come.

Yan Xiu really kissed him for a long time. After a long time, Yan Xiu stopped and unlocked his sleeping point.

Yan Jing Ze “woke up” after a while, and then saw Yan Xiu sitting on the side of the bed looking at himself.

Yan Xiu said: “Jing Ze, I have something to tell you.”

“What?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

Yan Xiu said: “You are not my male pet. We grew up as childhood sweethearts. You are also a Young Master. You left your family in order to be with me…”

Yan Xiu is serious, but Yan Jing Ze feels that the plot he is talking about is a bit familiar.

When he was in the Demon Sect, he once told Yan Xiu a love story about a man and a man falling in love, which moved the world. The plot is like this…

“It turned out to be so, no wonder you were so kind to me,” Yan Jing Ze “believed” directly.

His acting skills are really clumsy, but Yan Xiu has no doubts at all.

Yan Jing Ze sighed secretly.

He thought he was a simple man, but after spending a lot of time with these shadow guards… he suddenly realized he wasn’t simple at all.

How come these guys are so easy to fool!

Forget it, let him watch them more…

Yan Jing Ze directly accepted his new identity.

As for the two maids bought on the road by Yan Jing Ze, they feel more and more strange about this family.

Oh, Young Master Yan and Young Master Jing are not weird. After learning that they were childhood sweethearts, the two maids suddenly realized—no wonder Young Master Yan not only fetched water and meals for Young Master Jing, but also washed the sheets by himself every day. They are childhood sweethearts!

What they find strange is actually those who followed.

These people all look a little bit like each other, in addition, each and every one of them are cold and frigid. They always feel that there will suddenly be a few people missing around them, and suddenly a few more people will be around them.

Sometimes when they do things with these people, they will find that… these people seem to have changed their faces.

Did they encounter something unclean?

The two maids were trembling with fright.

Yan Jing Ze, who overheard the two maids chanting “Grandpa Ghost, don’t come to me” by accident: “…”

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So, I will be cutting these chapters in half now. They are too long. I will cut them in half until chapter… 220.

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