BH (QT) 210 – Demon Sect Leader (12)

Chapter 210 – Demon Sect Leader (12)

Fortunately, his current character is the amnesiac Master Jing!

Yan Jing Ze looked at Yan Xiu: “Ah Xiu, sit by my side!”

Yan Xiu, who was looking coldly at the other shadow guards, immediately came to Yan Jing Ze and sat down: “Jing Ze.”

“Ah Xiu, let’s eat together,” Yan Jing Ze smiled.

“Good,” Yan Xiu replied, replacing the food in front of Yan Jing Ze with his own.

As for the rest… he tried his best to eat as much as possible, don’t let the master eat!

Yan Xiu ate quickly and scanned the surrounding shadow guards triumphantly.

It’s a pity that he was expressionless all the year round, and the shadow guards were very slow, none of them noticed his smugness. One of them said, “It turns out that you like to eat these, Young Master. I will buy more in the future.”

Yan Jing Ze noticed the situation and wanted to laugh a little.

Before in the Demon Sect, Yan Xiu had always been wearing a mask, and it was not easy for him to see Yan Xiu’s emotions, but now… After learning that Yan Xiu had liked him a long time ago, he could suddenly see Yan Xiu’s many emotions.

After he saw it… He thought it was very interesting.

Yan Xiu is trying to eat all the breakfast that someone else bought for him and not let him eat it? In order to prevent Yan Xiu from eating too much and feel uncomfortable in his stomach, Yan Jing Ze quickly finished the breakfast that Yan Xiu had prepared for him: “I’m full.”

Yan Xiu ate the half of the bun left in his hand: “I’m full too!”

After breakfast, Yan Jing Ze got into the carriage.

The shadow guards, including Yan Xiu, all ride horses, but he has been riding in a carriage. The shadow guards always feel that he is particularly weak and dare not let him ride a horse.

Of course, he also likes to ride in the carriage… He doesn’t like to be outside in the sun and rain.

Moreover, during their time in the Demon Sect, the shadow guards were basically masked, and Yan Xiu had always been wearing a mask, no one else knew them but many people knew his face. Now they are not far from where the Demon Sect is, it is better to be careful.

But when they arrive at Liangzhou Prefecture in Jiangnan, they don’t have to worry about it.

The Demon Sect has been destroyed, and that place is still Jiangnan, who can recognize him?

Yan Jing Ze got into the carriage and found that the carriage’s stool was covered with quilts.

The two maids who rode with him in the carriage also asked him for credit: “Master Jing, you were tired last night. It is better to sit in a softer place.”

Yan Jing Ze: “…”

Yan Jing Ze looked out of the carriage, Yan Xiu was already on the horse at this time, full of vigor.

“Ah Xiu, can you get into the carriage and talk with me?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

Yan Xiu got into the carriage without hesitation: “Jing Ze, what are you going to say?”

“Just chat and talk about our previous things.” Yan Jing Ze stepped aside and let Yan Xiu sit down.

Yan Xiu was tossed by him last night for two hours, it is better not to ride a horse.

“Good,” Yan Xiu agreed. He sat next to Yan Jing Ze, but didn’t know what to talk about, and finally said, “Are your arms sore? Let me knead it for you?” He slept on Yan Jing Ze’s arm yesterday for half a night.

“It’s not sore, but I want you to knead it for me,” Yan Jing Ze laughed.

Yan Xiu’s hand trembled, and then immediately grabbed Yan Jing Ze’s arm.

Those two maids were dumbfounded again—what in the world is going on? Even if you want to knead, you should knead the waist, right? Why do you knead the arms?

“Ah Xiu, you are so kind to me.” Yan Jing Ze was boasting about Xiu along the way.

The shadow guard driving the carriage outside and the shadow guard hiding under the car both heard Yan Jing Ze’s words, and they felt a bit sour.

They can also knead his arms, why didn’t the master ask them to do it?

They are depressed, but Yan Jing Ze is equally depressed.

Those shadow guards, each and every one of them, can’t wait to all lie on top of his carriage, he almost lost his privacy.

Originally, Yan Jing Ze intended to walk slowly and have fun on the road, but now he wants to go quickly.

When they get to Liangzhou Prefecture, he will arrange a little more for these shadow guards to keep them busy, so that they would have no time to stare at him!

The carriage is a bit shaken, but the seats are padded with quilts, which makes people feel much better…

Yan Jing Ze pulled Yan Xiu to talk in the carriage, and after a day’s rest, when it was getting dark, they stopped in a village.

The shadow guards spent money to rent a house in the village, and Yan Xiu rushed to arrange the room for Yan Jing Ze to live in. Then he let Yan Jing Ze rest in the house, while he fetched water and started washing last night’s bed sheets.

Yan Jing Ze felt that he was really not working hard enough. Yan Xiu was very energetic all day, and even after he settled down, he still ran to wash the sheets.

But those two maids were very envious of Yan Jing Ze: “Master Jing, Young Master really loves you.” How can ordinary men do such things? Their own wife gave birth to a child and soiled the sheets, and they were unwilling to help wash it, and asked the wife who had just given birth to wash it.

“Young Master loves me the most.” Yan Jing Ze laughed, but as soon as his voice fell, a shadow guard appeared: “Master Jing, do you have any clothes to wash? I will wash it for you?”

“Master Jing, I can help you wash the quilt.”

“I can also wash!”

Yan Jing Ze refused them without hesitation.

At this time, the two maids had already begun to look at Yan Jing Ze with astonishment.

This Young Master Jing, in their opinion, although good-looking, but he was not top-notch. Why did those bodyguards come to please Young Master Jing one by one?

You know, this is a man!

Has the world changed? Are men into men now?

And aren’t these bodyguards a little bold? Young Master Jing is a Young Master Yan’s person, and they even want to help him wash his clothes!

Yan Jing Ze didn’t know that in the eyes of the two maids, he had become a beauty who brings calamity that had bewitched many people.

That night, he held Yan Xiu and worked hard.

Then the next day, he found that Yan Xiu was more energetic, and he was full of enthusiasm for everything.

Worthy of being a martial artist, his physical strength is really good!

Yan Jing Ze embraced Yan Xiu and danced every night. The time flew by, and not long after, they arrived at Liangzhou Prefecture.

There are no martial arts sects in Liangzhou Prefecture. There are many ordinary people, and everyone’s life is generally rich, and the streets are very lively.

The architecture and customs here are very different from the North where the Demon Sect is located. Since entering the city, the shadow guards have been dazzled, and they don’t pay much attention to Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze was very satisfied with this. He was sitting in the carriage, leaning on Yan Xiu to pretend to sleep, but in fact he was practicing secretly.

After he practiced “Netherworld Divine Art” to the eighth level, his internal force did not improve any further. Now he wanted to study a ninth level to continue to practice.

It’s not easy to come up with a brand-new method of internal force cultivation, but Yan Jing Ze still has confidence in himself.

Others can make one to eight layers, and he can definitely make the ninth, tenth, or even eleventh and twelve layers.

As for how to do it… Of course, he needs to experiment!

Most people will definitely have problems if they let their internal forces wander around in their own bodies, and it is easy to fall into qi deviation, but Yan Jing Ze is really not afraid.

His control of internal force is too strong, and he can immediately pull his messy internal force back to the right path after he finds something wrong, so he doesn’t have to worry about anything happening.

Even if Yan Xiu found out… Yan Xiu would only think that there was something wrong with the internal force running around in his body.

Yan Jing Ze was very leisurely, but Yan Xiu, who was leaning on him, became more and more tense, his muscles tightened.

They have already arrived at Liangzhou Prefecture, and others will definitely tell the master about his own identity.

Those days before were the happiest days of his life.

Although there were other shadow guards always bothering them, the master was inseparable from him, and they were always together and affectionate every night. This is a life he never even dared to think about.

But now, all this is about to end.

Even if the master still has amnesia, after knowing his identity, he will definitely not want to be with him again!

Now he not only doesn’t want the master to restore his memory, but also doesn’t want the master to know everything in the past. For example, he is not really different from other shadow guards, they are just people who are responsible for protecting their master.

He shouldn’t have such a treacherous thought, but he couldn’t restrain it.

Such a happy life, he did not want to let go, he wanted it to last for a long, long time.

He even wanted to take his master away from other people.

But this will not work.

The master now has no internal force. If he is alone, he is worried that he will not be able to protect the master.

Then what should he do?

The “Caravan” stopped at the entrance of a mansion, Yan Xiu looked at Yan Jing Ze who seemed to be waking up in his arms, and reached out and tapped on his sleeping acupuncture point.

Yan Jing Ze was taken aback.

After discovering that Yan Xiu actually liked himself, he became more and more able to see Yan Xiu’s feelings for him.

He casually kissed Yan Xiu, and Yan Xiu can be happy for half a day. He obviously loved him deeply, and also put him first in everything.

This kind of Yan Xiu, logically speaking, will not betray him no matter what.

As a result… Yan Xiu tapped his sleeping point?

What exactly does Yan Xiu want to do?

Yan Jing Ze was a little curious and began to pretend to sleep.

As for why he pretended to be sleeping… it’s a little awkward. When Yan Xiu tapped his sleeping acupuncture point, he was controlling his internal force to run around in the body, so Yan Xiu’s acupuncture point was completely useless to him.

When Yan Xiu tapped on Yan Jing Ze’s sleep acupuncture point, he carried Yan Jing Ze and got off the carriage.

When the surrounding shadow guards looked over, he made a “quiet” gesture, indicating that Yan Jing Ze was asleep.

All the shadow guards stopped talking, and everyone walked neatly towards the master’s room in the mansion where the master would live.

The shadow guards who came earlier had already clean it up. Yan Xiu put Yan Jing Ze on the bed and looked at the other shadow guards: “The Master has lost his memory. He has been restless these days, and he can’t sleep well at night. He finally fell asleep. Let’s not disturb him, go outside and talk.”

He has to convince these people to conceal the identity of the master!

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