BH (QT) 209 – Demon Sect Leader (11)

Chapter 209 – Demon Sect Leader (11)

Yan Jing Ze has always felt that he is a person with good self-control. If he hadn’t possessed excellent self-control, how could he endure it for a year?

But no matter how good his self-control is, if his beloved took the initiative, he can’t bear it, and can’t refuse it.

So, he did not refuse, making Yan Xiu overjoyed.

His master suddenly “lost his memories”, Yan Xiu also suspected the truth.

But the master has no reason to pretend to have amnesia at this time.

They haven’t gotten rid of the danger, even if the master wants to test them, it shouldn’t be this time.

In addition, some internal force that was rampant and uncontrollable appeared in the master’s body, which had already lost its internal force…

His master should have really lost his memory. This was confirmed when the master got under his quilt.

However, although the master lost his memory, it was caused by the wrong practice. It is very likely that the master will restore the memory tomorrow.

Now, the master does not reject him, he must seize the opportunity, otherwise… He is afraid that there will be no chance in the future.

Before, Yan Xiu had never dared to do this kind of thing, because he was afraid that his master would abandon him and change a shadow guard to pretend to be the leader… He didn’t want the master to kiss and hug others.

It’s different now.

When they arrive in Liangzhou Prefecture, the master will definitely restore his true identity. He could no longer have the honor of being affectionate with the master, so now he is naturally willing to go all out.

If the master wants to punish him because he did something like this to the master, he is ready, as long as the master doesn’t drive him away.

If the master wants to drive him away… he will try his best to stay.

Yan Xiu took the initiative to sit on top of Yan Jing Ze’s body, but it didn’t take long before Yan Jing Ze turned over and pinned him down.

The shadow guards lived in the next room, Yan Jing Ze was afraid that they would hear so he did not dare to move too much, and because of this, the actions became more and more gentle.

However, although the actions were gentle, the person who Yan Jing Ze had been thinking about for a year finally reached his own bed… Yan Jing Ze couldn’t stop for a while.

In the end, he felt that he was a bit too much, and it was really not good to toss people for so long.

But in the dark night, Yan Xiu looked at him with bright eyes, without any refusal at all, he couldn’t help but do whatever he wanted.

Yan Jing Ze was only excited when he saw Yan Xiu like this at first, but when everything was over, he suddenly thought of something.

He has always been surprised that after he lost his memory, Yan Xiu will take the initiative. At first, he thought that Yan Xiu wanted revenge, but soon knew it wasn’t, and he wondered if it could be… Yan Xiu wanted to relieve him.

But now, Yan Xiu is like this, obviously not.

Yan Jing Ze suddenly thought that Yan Xiu…may like himself.

Yan Jing Ze lay on top of Yan Xiu and suddenly asked, “Young Master, I like you so much. Do you like me?”

Yan Xiu was stunned, then said, “I like you.”

“When did you start to like me?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

Yan Xiu was silent, wondering whether he should say it. If he did, would he find it disgusting to be remembered by his master when he recovers his memory?

But the master asked him, so he still answered: “A long, long time ago, I liked you.”

“When was a long, long time ago? A year ago? Two years ago?” Yan Jing Ze smiled and kissed him.

Yan Xiu: “Still longer than that.”

Yan Jing Ze lay on Yan Xiu’s body, leaned his head against Yan Xiu’s head, and rested his chin on Yan Xiu’s shoulders, trying to relax himself as much as possible, but he felt uncomfortable in his heart.

Yan Xiu was already in love with the original owner a long, long time ago?

He thought that at that time, Yan Xiu had no emotions, but it turned out that it was not.

Also, no matter how brainwashed, Yan Xiu is also a human being, and a human being will have feelings.

In the original historical trajectory, he was abused by the original owner, injured by the original owner, and there was no good meat on his body. But he still accompanied the original owner.

At that time, the original owner left the Demon Sect with the shadow guards, and also asked the shadow guards to do some things. Those shadow guards contacted people, and were gradually “enlightened” like his current shadow guards. Among them, there were shadow guards who committed su*cide, but Yan Xiu never abandoned him. Because he loved the original owner, right?

It is a pity that the original owner never looked at Yan Xiu from beginning to end.

When he traversed and taught the shadow guards to learn things, many of them learned slowly, but Yan Xiu learned quickly.

He always thought that Yan Xiu didn’t understand feelings and didn’t like himself, but he actually thought wrong.

Yan Xiu has always liked him, as for why he didn’t show it… Yan Jing Ze stood in Yan Xiu’s place to think about it, and found that from the perspective of Yan Xiu, he really wouldn’t dare to confess.

He was the sect master, the master that Yan Xiu had always recognized, and without his initiative, how could Yan Xiu dare to confess?

The status of the two of them is too unequal, even if he has no internal force, they are still unequal.

So now that he has amnesia, and has no memories of the past, Yan Xiu dared to express his feelings with confidence.

Yan Jing Ze originally wanted to directly tell him that he did not have amnesia. After thinking about it, he didn’t say anything.

The amnesiac him and Yan Xiu together, Yan Xiu will be more comfortable, and they can also cultivate their feelings.

“Young Master, are you injured, do you want to take medicine?” Yan Jing Ze laughed and gave Yan Xiu a kiss again. He was very careful this time. Yan Xiu should not have been injured, but he was afraid that Yan Xiu would be uncomfortable.

Yan Xiu said: “No need…you call me Ah Xiu.”

“Ah Xiu.” Yan Jing Ze laughed: “Ah Xiu, I love you.”

Yan Xiu was stunned.

The master said he loves him?

His heart simply burst with joy that he hugged his master at once, but soon he realized that something was wrong.

The owner has amnesia, which is equivalent to only meeting him today, how could he love him.

Before, he took the initiative to have a relationship with the master, the master did not refuse, and now he says so… Is it because the master wants to please him as the “young master”?

Yan Xiu’s mood is particularly complicated, and suddenly feels a bit despicable.

But if he had to start all over again, he would still do it.

As soon as Yan Xiu stretched out his hand, he moved the Yan Jing Ze on his body to his side, letting Yan Jing Ze rest on his arm: “Aren’t you tired? Go to bed early.” The master said that he was tired before, and he still seduced the master, Yan Xiu spurned himself even more.

Yan Jing Ze: “…”

Yan Jing Ze took out the arm under his neck and put Yan Xiu in his arms.

He still prefers to hug others than to be hugged.

After hugging the person, Yan Jing Ze kissed him: “Go to sleep.”

Yan Xiu was held by Yan Jing Ze, and once again felt that he was dreaming.

He was so excited that he couldn’t sleep at all.

The person next to him did not fall asleep, and Yan Jing Ze couldn’t fall asleep either. In the end, the two of them lay together until dawn.

Yan Xiu was afraid that if he moved, Yan Jing Ze would let go of him, so he stayed motionless. Yan Jing Ze had the same idea, so…the two of them didn’t move all night.

By the next morning, Yan Jing Ze’s arm was a little numb.

Originally, he could relieve the discomfort on his arm as long as he exercised his internal force, but last night Yan Xiu stayed next to him so he did not dare to use his internal force…

Early in the morning, the two maids knocked on the door.

Yan Jing Ze, who had closed his eyes, opened his eyes together with Yan Xiu, and Yan Xiu said to the two maids: “Wait first.”

After Yan Xiu finished speaking, he quickly got up from the bed, put on his own clothes first, then took clothes for Yan Jing Ze, and went to clean up the bed…

Yan Jing Ze: “…” Yan Xiu is also too energetic, always making him feel that he is not working hard enough.

But his current character setting is an amnesiac person with no internal force… Yan Jing Ze slowly put on his clothes.

When he got dressed, Yan Xiu had already put away the sheets, and only then did the two maids come in.

As soon as the two maids came in, they smelled something wrong in the room.

They used to serve people in a big family. People who offended them were sold. Naturally, they know what this smell is. Then they looked at the sheets on the bed that were taken away… Their young master, did he toss Master Jing last night?

Master Jing just lost his memory yesterday, and the young master didn’t let him take a break? Isn’t it too much?

The way the two maids looked at Yan Xiu changed.

Yan Xiu was completely unaware of this. In this journey, even though Yan Jing Ze slept in an inn, he brought all the sheets and quilts he used, and he put them all in a box.

The two maids who felt that Yan Xiu was too bad to Master Jing were stunned again.

Although their young master is not considerate of others, he is very kind to Young Master Jing. If it were someone else’s family, which young master would go and do these things?

Yan Xiu still didn’t know what they thought, he put the things in place, and he looked at Yan Jing Ze again: “Jing Ze, are you tired? Do you want to take a day off?”

“No, let’s continue,” Yan Jing Ze said. With his current internal force, even if he doesn’t sleep for a few days, he won’t feel tired.

And even if he wants to feel tired, it shouldn’t be him who is tired… Obviously, it should be Yan Xiu who is tired!

“Good.” Yan Xiu said. Looking at Yan Jing Ze, Yan Xiu’s gaze was incomparably tender.

Yan Jing Ze likes to be looked at by the person he loves, it just so happens that he has put his hair up and asked, “Ah Xiu, do I look good?”

“Good-looking.” Yan Xiu didn’t hesitate—his master is definitely the best-looking person in the world!

“Master Jing, you are the best looking!”

“Yes, the best looking!”

“The best looking in the martial arts world!”

Several high-ranking, strong shadow guards suddenly squeezed in and praised him one after another. Because there is really no literary talent, they will only say “best looking” over and over again.

Yan Jing Ze: “…” He still wanted to tease Yan Xiu, but these guys blocked Yan Xiu!

“Master Jing, do you remember the past?” these shadow guards asked again.

“No,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“It’s okay, if you can’t think of it, then don’t think of it.”

“Master Jing, there are buns and vermicelli soup that you like for breakfast.”

“Master Jing, I will clean your carriage for you.”

These shadow guards continued to surround Yan Jing Ze and show their devotion.

They used to only know how to act according to orders, and after being taught by Yan Jing Ze and understanding a lot of things, they learned to “fight for favor” in front of Yan Jing Ze.

Unfortunately, they can’t compete with Yan Xiu no matter how much they fight before, but now their master has lost his memory!

Maybe if they put in more effort, their master could be as good to them as he was to Yan Xiu?

The eyes of the shadow guards were shining brightly as they went with Yan Jing Ze downstairs to have breakfast.

When he got downstairs, Yan Jing Ze chose a place to sit down, but Yan Xiu went to get Yan Jing Ze buns and served vermicelli soup.

Before in the Demon Sect, the master always made him play the leader. In order to let him get used to it, even when there are no outsiders, he has to carry the shelf. Now that he has left the Demon Sect… He can finally take care of the master like the other shadow guards.

Yan Xiu was a little happy.

However, as soon as he came out with his breakfast, he found that Yan Jing Ze was already full of food, many of which were not provided by the inn.

Yan Xiu looked at the shadow guards coldly.

Those shadow guards were still more respectful to Yan Xiu, the leader of the shadow guards, and greeted him in the process: “Young Master, come and eat.”

But after greeting the “Young Master”, they went to look at Yan Jing Ze again: “Young Master Jing, you can taste them and eat whatever you like.”

“I just bought this bun and it’s still warm.”

“If you want to eat something else, I’ll buy it right away!”

In addition to the shadow guards on the surface, there are also some shadow guards hiding on the beams of the inn or in the corners, looking at Yan Jing Ze without blinking their eyes.

Yan Jing Ze: “…” He actually wanted to eat what Yan Xiu gave him.

Before, Yan Jing Ze didn’t think there was anything wrong with these shadow guards following him, but now he realized something was wrong.

These people who can hide in particular, always follow him around and treat him as “father”, really disturbing his love life!

He suspected that he and Yan Xiu did not pierce the relationship for so long because these people are always around.

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