BH (QT) 208 – Demon Sect Leader (10)

Chapter 208 – Demon Sect Leader (10)

Since the internal force is not enough, it is better to have amnesia.

Before, in order to raise a group of “children” well, he worked hard every day and was very tired. After the memory loss, he can relax a little, isn’t it good?

He can also climb the bed or something.

Yan Jing Ze specially arranged two not-so-smart maids by his side, and now listening to him ask “who am I”, these two maids told him all about his identity: “Master Jing, you are the person beside Master Yan. Master Yan loves you very much.”

Yan Jing Ze was very satisfied with them. These two maids were very useful, they acted exactly as he wanted.

However, as they were talking, Yan Xiu came back: “Jing Ze, I bought the roast goose and rice wine you wanted…”

“Young Master!” The two maids looked at Yan Xiu in surprise.

“Are you Young Master Yan?” Yan Jing Ze rushed towards Yan Xiu: “Young Master, you are finally back! I’m so scared!”

Yan Xiu was taken aback: “What’s the matter?” Although he was not there, the entire inn was reserved. It was full of shadow guards and merchants, so his master shouldn’t be in danger!

“Young Master Yan, Young Master Jing has forgotten everything before!” said a maid.

Yan Jing Ze looked at Yan Xiu, and said: “Young Master, I’ve lost my memory, I don’t remember anything, and I’m still a bit uncomfortable…”

The owner has amnesia? Before Yan Xiu understood what was going on, he heard that Yan Jing Ze said he was uncomfortable. He immediately investigated it and found that there was an internal force in Yan Jing Ze’s body that was rampaging uncontrollably.

Yan Xiu immediately looked at the two maids, and asked with a cold face, “What happened before? Explain it clearly!”

The two maids talked quickly, saying that Yan Jing Ze was meditating before, and suddenly fainted, and then forgot who he was when he woke up.

The master wanted to restore his internal force. He practiced hard, but ended up having a mistake and lost his memories? Yan Xiu speculated in this way.

“Young Master, what’s the matter with me? I can’t remember anything.” Yan Jing Ze is now afraid that Yan Xiu will reveal his identity and information… But it’s fine, he can just lose his memory again.

Isn’t it just acting? It doesn’t take much effort.

“You go out.” Yan Xiu looked at the two maids.

The two maids went out immediately, and Yan Xiu looked at Yan Jing Ze again: “I will help you sort out the internal force in your body.”

“Internal force? What is this thing?”

Yan Xiu didn’t say much and brought Yan Jing Ze to the bed. Using his own internal force to help Yan Jing Ze suppress the internal force in his body.

The internal force that was running around violently inside of Yan Jing Ze’s body finally became smooth under his suppression.

“I feel much more comfortable, thank you Young Master,” Yan Jing Ze smiled and looked at Yan Xiu.

“You really can’t remember?” Yan Xiu asked.

“Yes, but I feel close to the Young Master as soon as I see the Young Master,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Yan Xiu’s heart jumped “thump thump thump”.

“Young Master, you are really extraordinary. I like you very much,” Yan Jing Ze said again.

“You…” Yan Xiu looked at Yan Jing Ze and was about to say something when he heard the shadow guard’s secret signal.

The other shadow guards had already figured out the situation from the two maids, and came over to listen to the news.

“I’ll go out for a while,” Yan Xiu said.

“Young Master, you come back quickly. I don’t remember anything, I’m a little scared,” Yan Jing Ze said.

He pretended to be Master Jing, and he often acted like a baby in front of people. Now saying such words, it was convincing and he looks pitiful.

Yan Xiu was distressed.

Even when the master lost his internal force, he never said he was afraid. Now he says so…

How can he make the master not afraid?

What is he supposed to do?

Yan Xiu was messed up for a while, and he didn’t know what to do.

Although he had to pretend to be the leader before, but the master was always by his side, he was not very afraid. But now, his master has amnesia…

When Yan Xiu came outside, he saw other shadow guards besides himself.

“What’s wrong with the master?” the shadow guards asked.

“The master made a mistake while practicing and lost his memory,” Yan Xiu said.

“What are we going to do now?” The shadow guards were all dumbfounded.

Yan Jing Ze told them stories before. When reading the story book, he talked about amnesia, so they are not unfamiliar with amnesia, but they never thought that their master would have amnesia.

Yan Xiu also didn’t know what to do. But he calmed down at this moment, and he still wondered, if the master lost his memory, is it possible for him to be with the master?

Thinking of this possibility, Yan Xiu’s heart beat quickly.

“How about we tell the master everything and let the master decide?” Shadow Twelve suggested.

“No,” Yan Xiu refused without hesitation.

The shadow guards looked at Yan Xiu in confusion.

Yan Xiu used to be Shadow One. They listened to Yan Xiu’s words at that time. This year, the master always let them listen to Yan Xiu, and they even regarded Yan Xiu as the leader of their shadow guards.

“The master has lost his memory and is now very scared. If you tell him everything, you may scare him more,” Yan Xiu said.

Although a martial artist has clear ears and eyes, but if he doesn’t use his internal force to listen carefully, his ear power is just a little better than that of ordinary people.

Therefore, when Yan Jing Ze just “lost his memories”, they did not hear what the two maids had said to him.

But they learned about the amnesia from the mouths of the two maids. Before, they had deliberately listened outside the door, they heard the dialogue between Yan Jing Ze and Yan Xiu, and they also heard the word “scared”.

The Demon Sect has been destroyed, and they are actually still running for their lives. If the master knows about this, he will definitely be more afraid, so it is best not to tell the master about this.

“Then wait until we get to Liangzhou Prefecture, and then tell the master about this?” Shadow Two asked.

“Yes.” Yan Xiu nodded.

“We want to see the master,” the shadow guards said.

Yan Xiu couldn’t refuse, and led those people into the room.

When Yan Jing Ze saw them, he immediately ran towards Yan Xiu and hugged Yan Xiu: “Young Master, you are finally back… Who are they?”

“They are the people who protect us,” Yan Xiu said.

The shadow guards stepped forward one after another: “Master Jing, I am Shadow Two…”

“I am Shadow Twelve!”


There are too many of these shadow guards, don’t know how long they will be introduced one by one… Yan Jing Ze shrank next to Yan Xiu and yawned: “Young Master, I want to sleep.”

When the shadow guards who wanted to introduce themselves saw this, they could only leave: “Master Jing, you go to bed early.”

“Take a good rest.”

“Don’t be afraid, we will protect you!”

Yan Jing Ze: “…” These shadow guards are too easy to fool. He said that he had amnesia so casually, did they believe it?

He felt that Yan Xiu was very clever, but as a result, Yan Xiu also believed it?

The shadow guards left soon, and Yan Xiu hurried to make the bed at this time: “Jing Ze, you go to bed.”

For a year, Yan Jing Ze lived with Yan Xiu, at first, he made the bed and folded the blanket, but was later snatched by Yan Xiu.

At this time, Yan Xiu made the bed very quickly, and took out two quilts like before.

Yan Jing Ze: “…”

“Jing Ze, you sleep inside,” Yan Xiu looked at Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze slept on the quilt inside, Yan Xiu saw it, and lay down on the quilt outside, and then put out the candles—when they settled in this inn, it was almost dark, and now it was already pitch-black outside.

It was dark all around, Yan Xiu was lying on the bed, and many thoughts flashed in his mind.

Previously, Shadow Twelve proposed to tell the master everything about the master, but he refused, this is his selfishness.

The master had amnesia, he was very worried, but besides worrying, he had some other thoughts—is it possible for him to make the amnesiac master like him?

When Yan Xiu thought of this, he felt the person next to him move and get into his quilt: “Young Master, I’m a little scared.”

Yan Xiu only felt that something suddenly exploded in his mind, and he was completely flustered.

Yan Jing Ze always wants to be sticky, flesh to flesh, with his favorite person, but he also feels satisfied this way.

Before, when he didn’t have “amnesia”, he was holding himself a lot, and he couldn’t do things like drilling into Yan Xiu’s quilt. He was also afraid that if he really did such a thing, Yan Xiu would think he wanted to do it and automatically offer himself.

It’s different now, he has amnesia. He got under the quilt because of fear. Yan Xiu would definitely not misunderstand him.

Just… Isn’t he a bit despicable like this? Not sure if Yan Xiu likes himself, he just made a move on Yan Xiu…

Yan Jing Ze was thinking so, and suddenly felt Yan Xiu beside him hugged himself: “Do you want to do it?”

Yan Jing Ze: “!!!” Yan Xiu suddenly asked this, what does this mean? Could it be that Yan Xiu had been holding a grudge against him for forcing him in the first place and wanted to take revenge?

While Yan Jing Ze thought this, Yan Xiu had already given up.

He used to be afraid that his master would be disgusted with himself and did not dare to do anything, but now…

The master has lost his memory. If he serves the master well, is it possible that the master will like him?

He actually didn’t know how to please the master, but he remembered that the master also had this thought, but the master would rather use his hands than use him…

“Young Master…” Yan Jing Ze called out, and began to wonder why Yan Xiu said this.

In the past, Yan Xiu was not like this at all. Once he lost his memory, Yan Xiu took the initiative…

“Do you want me?” Yan Xiu asked again, climbing onto Yan Jing Ze.

Of course, Yan Jing Ze wanted him, and he felt excited.

Yan Xiu felt the changes in Yan Jing Ze’s body, and resolutely kissed Yan Jing Ze’s mouth.

He wanted to do this a long time ago, but unfortunately, he didn’t dare to do it before. Now… Maybe after today, he will lose the opportunity.

Happiness came too suddenly, and Yan Jing Ze was stunned.

Then he encountered happier things.

Yan Xiu didn’t want to retaliate, but took the initiative to serve him in his bed…

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