BH (QT) 207 – Demon Sect Leader (9)

Chapter 207 – Demon Sect Leader (9)

Yan Jing Ze has been worried for a long time, worrying about the progress of his relationship with Yan Xiu.

When he first crossed over, Yan Xiu was lifeless and willing to do anything. No matter what he asked, he would not refuse, but it instead made him embarrassed to do anything.

So even if he sleeps with Yan Xiu every day, the two are sleeping with different quilts. Although he is close to Yan Xiu in front of others through his identity as “Master Jing”, he does not dare to confess in private.

He was afraid that Yan Xiu would be with him, not because of his heart, but because of his “command.”

Unfortunately, after doing this, his relationship with Yan Xiu froze, and there has been no progress, especially… Although Yan Xiu has learned a lot now, he still regards him as the master.

He believes that if he now makes any non-discriminatory request to Yan Xiu, Yan Xiu will still agree to it.

If he confessed, Yan Xiu would not hesitate to be with him.

These shadow guards are really brainwashed too seriously. He has lost all internal force, they also know that they have been treated unfairly before, but they have no intention of resisting. They still listen to his words, even some of them… How does he think they treat him as a father?

What should he do in this situation?

He wants to be Yan Xiu’s man, but he doesn’t want to be Yan Xiu’s father!

Yan Jing Ze was thinking about it when his heart moved and he suddenly got an idea.

However, this matter could only be done after he had arranged everything and they had left the Demon Sect.

The number of people who had gathered together and were ready to attack the Demon Sect was increasing, and also stepped closer to the Demon Sect.

At first, the right guardian wanted to work with minimum effort, but the righteous sects came fiercely, and many of them had a deep hatred with her. They ran after her and forced her to confront these righteous sects. In the end, many of her people died in their hands.

On this day, right guardian, Mu Rongrong fled back to the Demon Sect Headquarters in haste, but saw the disfigured left guardian Jiang Yang leisurely drinking tea.

“Jiang Yang, you are still in the mood to drink tea at this time!” Mu Rongrong frowned at Jiang Yang.

She is not loyal to the little leader, but she still has a sense of belonging to the Demon Sect. It is impossible to abandon the Demon Sect, naturally she will desperately protect the sect.

If there is no Demon Sect, what should she and her people do?

They all came to the Demon Sect because they couldn’t get along in the martial arts world!

“Could it be that if the Demon Sect is in danger, I can’t drink tea?” Jiang Yang looked at Mu Rongrong.

Mu Rongrong frowned slightly.

This is not wrong, but Jiang Yang said that at this time, and she always felt that something was wrong.

At this moment, a group of people suddenly appeared and surrounded her. The leader was actually Zhu Lianying, the Martial Arts Alliance Leader who wounded her before. Behind Zhu Lianying, there were many martial arts experts.

“Zhu Lianying!” Mu Rongrong’s expression changed drastically, “Jiang Yang, you have betrayed the Demon Sect!”

This is the Demon Sect Headquarters. Zhu Lianying has a high martial arts skill. It doesn’t matter if he sneaks in alone, how can he bring so many people in?

This is definitely the left guardian’s work!

Jiang Yang, the left guardian, didn’t say a word, and directly attacked Mu Rongrong.

The left guardian had long drugged some people in the sect, and Zhu Lianying, who was highly skilled in martial arts, helped. The right protector and her people were eventually beheaded by the sword.

At this moment, the only remnants of the Demon Sect are the Demon Sect Leader and the shadow guards around him!

Whenever Zhu Lianying thought that his lover Liu Zhiqing had been captured and imprisoned by the Demon Sect Leader, and even almost forced, he hated the Demon Sect Leader to the core and wanted to kill him immediately.

“The Sect Leader has always cherished his life and hid on the mountain a few days ago.” The disfigured Jiang Yang looked terrifying, but when he looked at Zhu Lianying, his eyes were gentle.

“We will attack the mountain immediately and kill the Demon Sect Leader!” Zhu Lianying said.

All the righteous martial artists shout loudly, rushing to the mountain together.

Everyone in the righteous martial arts sects has light body skills, and they climbed the mountain extremely fast. It didn’t take long before they surrounded the cave on the top of the mountain used to train shadow guards.

“Demon Sect demons, come and die!” Zhu Lianying and the martial arts people did not dare to enter easily, shouting loudly, but no matter how they shouted, there was no movement!

The left guardian suddenly felt that something was wrong, and opened the door of the cave with a palm, only to find that the cave has long been empty.

The leader of the Demon Sect unexpectedly ran away?

He didn’t resist, and left the Demon Sect family business and ran away?

The left guardian couldn’t believe it, Zhu Lianying and many martial arts people were equally annoyed and punched hard, with a sense of powerlessness when a heavy punch is thrown only to hit cotton.

It is said that the Demon Sect Leader is strong and there are countless shadow guards around him, so he does not resist…what on earth does he want to do?

After being stunned, Zhu Lianying suddenly had another terrifying guess—this Demon Sect Leader, could it be that he took advantage of their attack on the Demon Sect to attack their sects?

This time, the masters of their various sects came out, and among their own sects, only a few old and weak women and children were left. If the Demon Sect Leader brought many shadow guards forward, he could completely wipe out the rest of them.

Zhu Lianying thought of this possibility, and others also thought of it.

Their expressions changed drastically. The people who had just attacked the Demon Sect, before they could properly celebrate, hastily retreated and headed towards their own sects.

Everyone is very worried, afraid that when they go back, their own sects have already been bathed with blood. However, their sects are fine, not only their sects are fine, all the sects are all fine.

The Demon Sect Leader, along with his shadow guards, had disappeared, completely without a trace.

Zhu Lianying got rid of the Demon Sect, and his prestige increased for a while, but he always felt uncomfortable in his heart. The other martial arts people also felt uncomfortably tight—where did the Demon Sect Leader go?

Jiangnan, Liangzhou Prefecture.

Recently, a large family has moved to Liangzhou Prefecture.

The master of the family, surnamed Yan, bought a big restaurant in Liangzhou Prefecture and opened a restaurant. In addition, he also bought a big mansion in Liangzhou and several hundred acres of land outside the city.

Many people are curious about this family. This family lives in seclusion, but the restaurant opened up in a blaze of glory.

The twelve or thirteen-year-old little servants who were working in the restaurant were very neat, just not very good at saying good things.

The chefs in the restaurant are a few young men in their twenties. Although taciturn, they are very quick, and they are experts in cooking and knife skills.

Everyone likes to eat something fresh. When this restaurant just opened, many people came to try it. After a long time, after feeling delicious, more people came…

More than half a month ago, Yan Jing Ze had already sent some shadow guards to Liangzhou Prefecture to open a restaurant after receiving news of the siege of the various martial arts sects to the Demon Sect.

In fact, he doesn’t need to open a restaurant. He can give these shadow guards a lifetime of food and clothing, but it is good to find something for these shadow guards, and it can also allow them to integrate into society faster, so this restaurant was opened.

Those younger shadow guards were arranged to go over first, and as for himself, he left a step later.

At first, it was Yan Xiu carrying him on his back, avoiding people and rushing on the road with light body skills, but after leaving the range of the Demon Sect, he asked Yan Xiu and the other shadow guards to change into ordinary clothes, intending to buy some more subordinates and goods, pretending to be a merchant caravan, and slowly headed for Liangzhou Prefecture.

The shadow guards are all in excellent shape. Although most of them look ordinary, they are very energetic compared with the people who are accustomed to hunched over at this time. They changed their clothes to look like ordinary people. And they look no different from ordinary people; at most they look a little colder.

Yan Jing Ze looked at them, feeling relieved in his heart.

These people are all raised by him little by little!

Seeing Yan Jing Ze looking at other shadow guards, Yan Xiu felt uncomfortable and felt that he was too much.

The master treats him better, he gets carried away, and even dares to meddle in his master’s affairs.

In addition, his heart also rose a feeling of uncertainty.

When he was still in the Demon Sect before, the master wanted him to pretend to be the leader for safety, and even be very close to him, but now that he has left the Demon Sect, shouldn’t their identities change back to normal?

If this is the case, the master will definitely not kiss him again in the future, and the things that make him blush and skip a heartbeat will never happen again.

However, this is also normal.

He is just a shadow guard, how can he make the master treat him differently? For a whole year, the master shared the bed with him, but never touched him again, which shows that the master didn’t like him.

The master was kind enough to teach them so many things to make them live like individuals, but he had thoughts that he shouldn’t have, coveting the master. He really deserved to die.

“Jing Ze, we have already left the Demon Sect. From now on I don’t have to pretend to be the leader, you…” Yan Xiu looked at his master: “Master, you will always be my master.”

Yan Jing Ze: “…” What the hell is this? He didn’t want to be the master of Yan Xiu at all!

“Yes Master, you don’t need to pretend to be Master Jing in the future.”

“Master, we will definitely protect you.”


Other shadow guards also said one after another.

This year, their master had to pretend to be “Master Jing”, not knowing how much wronged he had been, they were very angry.

However, the situation was critical at the time, and for the sake of the master’s safety, it was only possible.

But now it’s different. They have left the Demon Sect and intend to live a new life in anonymity. Will the master be able to be their master again?

“People outside are not called masters, they are all called young masters.” Shadow Twelve said: “Master, you will be our young master from now on.”

Yan Jing Ze stopped saying: “Don’t.”

Those shadow guards all looked at Yan Jing Ze in confusion.

Yan Jing Ze said: “On the way to Liangzhou Prefecture, there may be dangers. So now that Yan Xiu is not the sect master anymore, he will also continue to be everyone’s young master, and I will still be the young master by Yan Xiu’s side, Lord Jing.”


“Don’t call me master, call me Jing Ze,” Yan Jing Ze said and sighed secretly.

Yan Xiu and these shadow guards are really too loyal and too sincere.

Although he has treated them well this year, but to be honest, they have suffered before because of him, and there have been shadow guards who have lost their lives for him.

He was once worried that these shadow guards, after realizing what had happened to them, would join together and kill their “master” who had lost all internal force. As a result… none of these people had such a thought.

Right now, he doesn’t want to be the master again, but also wants to pierce the relationship with Yan Xiu… The things he planned, it’s time to carry out!

On this day, a caravan composed of shadow guards went to Liangzhou Prefecture.

Yan Jing Ze continued to be “Master Jing” and let Yan Xiu be the young master, but he did not treat himself badly… He bought two maids to serve him, and then told the two maids that he was Yan Xiu’s lover.

Both of these maids were born in poverty and couldn’t understand the matter of a man being a man’s lover, but they were still highly respectful to Yan Jing Ze.

On this day, the caravan stopped at an inn.

Yan Jing Ze returned to the room early to rest, and also sent Yan Xiu out to let him go shopping for himself.

When Yan Xiu was gone, he closed his eyes and meditated on the bed. After a while, he suddenly fell down.

“Master Jing, what’s wrong with you, Master Jing?” The two maids were taken aback and hurriedly went up to see him.

Yan Jing Ze woke up languidly and looked at them puzzledly: “Who am I? Where is this place?”

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