BH (QT) 206 – Demon Sect Leader (8)

Chapter 206 – Demon Sect Leader (8)

The next day, Yan Jing Ze took Yan Xiu and many shadow guards and left the Demon Sect Headquarters in a grand procession.

In fact, it can’t be said that it is grand, many shadow guards are hidden, and only those young shadow guards are following him, although there are many, but not that many.

Seeing this situation, there must be some news circulating inside the Demon Sect – the Leader went out and even the little shadow guards who had not finished training yet had to be brought. Really afraid of death…

And what happened next also verified this.

They thought that after their leader left the Demon Sect, he would go to harm the righteous martial arts sects. As a result…their leader, with so many shadow guards, stayed in the domain of the Demon Sect and didn’t dare to leave!

Moreover, he stayed for half a month just in the small town under the Demon Sect Mountain!

In the past half month, he also took his little lover, and one by one gave trouble to those who sold rubbish to the shadow guards at high prices!

Although their leader took his little lover into the shop, he sat on the stool brought by the shadow guard and didn’t talk. It was his little lover who was looking for trouble with the shopkeepers who cheated those shadow guards. But him acting like this also makes people speechless—is he spoiling his little lover too much, or is there something wrong with his brain? The leader of the dignified Demon Sect even does this kind of thing!

After analyzing it, the right guardian felt that he should be spoiling his little lover too much.

Perhaps, that Master Jing used to live at the bottom of the hierarchy, but now that he has achieved his ambition, he has begun to show off his power…

The shops that dared to pit the shadow guards were basically opened by the Demon Sect people. As soon as the leader entered, the shopkeepers immediately sent gifts to apologize, but he didn’t accept the gifts and had to tell people clearly… Obviously, he wants to rely on the leader as the backer to show off his power everywhere.

This person is really stupid, and the little leader who favors such a person is also not smart.

However, these two people don’t do anything else, they really cherish life…

The Demon Sect’s territory is not large, but in that piece of land, they have not walked far for five months!

Yan Jing Ze really cherishes his life and cherishes the life of the shadow guards.

He didn’t want the shadow guards to be injured, so he didn’t go far.

Anyway, he just wanted these shadow guards to learn to be a normal person. There is still a small city in the sphere of influence of the Demon Sect, which is enough to use.

Yan Jing Ze first took the shadow guards, who had been pitted, to reason with people, so that they could learn. And then took the large group to leave the town to some other places, and finally lived in that small city for more than three months.

He asked the shadow guards to observe the outside world every day, and also bought a lot of story books and such to tell them stories… These shadow guards are becoming more and more like individuals, and there are even some shadow guards that reveal something unique about them.

For example, since Shadow Twelve heard him tell a ghost story, he began to be afraid of ghosts, and would sleep with other shadow guards.

For example, Shadow Thirty-Nine especially likes to cook, and he can make meals comparable to a master chef.

For example, Shadow Seventy-Eight is especially good at counting, and he is fast at everything.

What makes Yan Jing Ze most happy is the change in Yan Xiu.

When outside, Yan Xiu has always shown himself as the leader, and very often, it is up to Yan Xiu to figure out how to talk to people and how to do it. Under such circumstances, Yan Xiu grows up quickly.

Among the many shadow guards, Yan Xiu is definitely the one that has changed the most!

He also learns things quickly, Yan Jing Ze privately taught him to read and recognize characters, he can always learn quickly.

Seeing this situation, Yan Jing Ze was sad and proud.

His Ah Xiu is very good and he is smart. If he hadn’t become a shadow guard, he would have had a bright future.

Yan Jing Ze stayed outside for five months before returning to the Demon Sect.

And by this time, it had been six months since he crossed over.

When he returned to the Demon Sect, he resumed teaching the shadow guards to recognize characters. These shadow guards learned much faster than before. Of course, not every shadow guard learned fast, some shadow guards couldn’t learn much at all. So much so that they make up lessons in private with tears in their eyes every day.

Kinda cute…

Of course, Yan Jing Ze has not forgotten to do other things besides teaching these shadow guards.

In addition to the shadow guards under the original owner, there are still a few trustworthy cronies. He asked one of the people who had been greatly favored by the original owner’s father to take his money. He bought a lot of properties all over the north and south. And after those shadow guards became a bit more normal, let those shadow guards transfer out all the gold and silver jewelry in the secret room at the top of the Hell Mountain.

In the blink of an eye, it has been a year since Yan Jing Ze crossed over.

By now, the entire Demon Sect know the person named Master Jing.

Who doesn’t know that the leader is very fond of Master Jing and obeys whatever the other asks? Even the shadow guards are divided into some followers to follow Master Jing!

Seeing this situation, many people wanted to send people to the leader, but unfortunately, the leader didn’t want them. He only spoils Master Jing and allows Master Jing to be arrogant and domineering in the Demon Sect…

However, the people of the Demon Sect recently have no time to deal with Master Jing and the leader.

Those sects who prided themselves on being righteous and noble, led by the Martial Arts Alliance Master Zhu Lianying, came towards the Demon Sect!

The left and right guardians, and many experts of the Demon Sect who just got this news, went to find the Demon Sect Leader. After that, the Demon Sect also called all the members outside the headquarters back.

In the Demon Sect Hall, Yan Xiu was sitting in the main seat, and many experts of the Demon Sect were standing under him, reporting the situation of those in martial artists.

“Sect Leader, there are a lot of people who came to die. There are more than 40 sects and more than 20 noble families mixed in…”

“I can’t wait to kill those people!”

“We must make sure that they will never recover!”

“Righ Guardian, you lead the men forward to intercept.” Yan Xiu suddenly said: “Left Guardian, you are responsible for defense!”

Yan Xiu made some other arrangements, turned around and left.

Watching him go, the left and right guardians looked at each other, then looked away, and calculated separately.

Intercept? The right guardian would not be so foolish as to let her own manpower depleted.

Defending in the Demon Sect? The left guardian has already abandoned the darkness to the light and will only monitor the robbery.

Yan Xiu strode to his yard, feeling a lot of emotions rolling in his heart.

He knew the thoughts and tricks of the left and right guardians. His master helped him analyze the two people, and they themselves have also found out some information.

He did not care that these two were up to no good. His master had said that he would take this opportunity to take them to leave the Demon Sect completely, but his heart was still full of dissatisfaction.

Those damned guys, how dare they betray their master!

A year ago, Yan Xiu was at a loss. He was separated from the whole world. The only thing that made him feel that he was connected to this world was his master.

But at this moment, the fog cleared, and he understood a lot of things.

For example, his own emotions, and his own feelings.

He loves his master, not only the love of a subordinate to his master, but also another kind of love.

Before he actually knew about “love”, he had already fallen in love with his master.

That’s why, at that time, he would desperately want to be the master’s personal shadow guard, and he would insist on vigil for the master every day, not wanting other shadow guards to intervene.

After the master asked to bring back Liu Zhiqing, he also felt that he didn’t like Liu Zhiqing from the beginning.

The other shadow guards didn’t care about Liu Zhiqing, but he would have a particularly hard time as long as his master was near Liu Zhiqing.

He was even more uncomfortable that day after his master decided to give medicine to Liu Zhiqing and let them, the shadow guards, go far away.

At that time, it was clearly his turn to rest, but he just wouldn’t rest, he hadn’t eaten anything, and he just kept staring at his master’s room.

He was the first to see Zhu Lianying sneak in. At that time, he actually had a chance to stop Zhu Lianying. And if he had fought to the death, Zhu Lianying might not have had the chance to take Liu Zhiqing away.

But he didn’t do that, he went to see his master.

He was happy that his master brought him to bed, but the master liked Liu Zhiqing, so he let him go again and told him to go out.

He should have left, he could have caught someone back for his master, he could have let the other shadow guards go with his master, he had many choices.

But he didn’t choose anything, he was even bold and took the initiative to hug his master.

He wanted to be with his master.

Only at that time, he didn’t understand.

There is a great benefit to not knowing and understanding. Now that he understands, he feels even more uncomfortable.

If he doesn’t understand, even if the owner likes others in the future and wants to do that kind of thing with others, he will feel a little uncomfortable at best, but now…

He even has a terrible thought now that he hopes that the master will never regain his internal force.

In this way, wouldn’t the master depend on him for the rest of his life?

“Jing Ze.” Yan Xiu returned to his residence and immediately said what happened today.

“Same as I thought.” Yan Jing Ze said: “Are all our things packed?”

“It’s packed!” A lot of voices came from the corners of the room, and all the shadow guards answered together.

“In a few days, we will be able to leave, and then we will open a restaurant!” Yan Jing Ze smiled.

When Yan Xiu saw his smile, he felt his heart jumped quickly: “Jing Ze, the righteous martial artists who came this time are led by Zhu Lianying, and Liu Zhiqing is among them. Should we catch them and force them to find out what medicine they gave you?”

Yan Jing Ze was stunned, and then said: “No.” He is not poisoned at all, his internal force is good, not only that… Now that he runs the eighth stage of “Netherworld Divine Art”, he can’t add much internal force to himself.

This means that he has cultivated to the eighth level of “Netherworld Divine Art”.

Yan Jing Ze feels that when he goes to the martial arts world, he can be a crab and walk sideways, but he has no time to think about it now. What he wants to do now is to pierce the relationship with Yan Xiu.

“Jing Ze, they poisoned you, this sin is unforgivable…”

“I don’t blame them, I did the wrong thing first,” Yan Jing Ze said, the original owner shouldn’t have kidnapped Liu Zhiqing!

Alas, it is better for him to think about other things, such as how to change the relationship with Yan Xiu.

This year, he teased Yan Xiu with all kinds of things, and Yan Xiu was not moved. He respected him as the leader… really heartbreaking!

Yan Xiu clenched his fists when he heard Yan Jing Ze’s words.

His master likes Liu Zhiqing so much? Even if Liu Zhiqing made him lose his internal force, he doesn’t care about it?

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walking sideways like a crab – walking arrogantly / acting tyrannically / because crabs never walk in a straight manner

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