BH (QT) 205 – Demon Sect Leader (7)

Chapter 205 – Demon Sect Leader (7)

Yan Jing Ze is very active, and the shadow guards are also very obedient, so the work of educating the shadow guards is going smoothly.

No, he can’t say it went smoothly.

These shadow guards are very serious in attending classes, but they were deliberately trained not to use their brains before, and over time, they also do not use their brains. Learning is very slow, most of them don’t even know anything about the world outside the Demon Sect.

After all, the only thing they need to do is to protect the master.

Yan Jing Ze first found enlightenment books to teach them to read, but found that they were slow to remember and had a hard time comprehending. So, he decided not to teach them how to read, but started to tell them stories.

He only had the memory of the original owner, so he first told them about the various things in the original owner’s memory.

All kinds of grievances and hatreds in the martial arts world, the origins of the Demon Sect people… Regardless of whether they can understand it or not, he told them everything. And when speaking, he also adds some of his own ideas by the way.

For example, it is not appropriate to kill people at will.

Every morning, he would tell stories to the shadow guards, and in the afternoon, he would switch to other things.

He will arrange some small tasks for the shadow guards to do.

For example, let them take the silver and buy something to eat, or buy some interesting gadgets.

For example, let them secretly go to the farmhouse down the mountain, observe how those people live, and then come back and tell him.

In short, it is necessary for these shadow guards to contact and observe people.

There are many ordinary people living near the Demon Sect, and there are also Demon Sect people, or relatives of them.

The shadow guards of the leader suddenly ran out to buy all kinds of things. Naturally, he couldn’t hide it from others, and it is inevitable that some people come to see the “leader” to inquire about the news.

At that time, the “Master Jing” played by Yan Jing Ze was on the stage!

Yan Jing Ze said confidently that this was all he asked the shadow guards to do.

As the favorite of the Demon Sect Leader, he asked the shadow guards to run errands to buy some gadgets, what’s wrong with that?

Demon Sect people: “…” The Sect Leader really dotes on this Master Jing too much!

They heard that Master Jing was kidnapped by the shadow guards for the Sect Leader. Does he hate the shadow guards, so he always thinks about ways to toss those shadow guards who don’t know anything?

One month passed in the blink of an eye.

During this month, Yan Jing Ze was very busy.

He tells stories to a group of “children” who don’t understand anything in the morning. After assigning tasks to them in the afternoon, he starts to read cheat books. In the evening, he will practice martial arts.

However, even though he is busy, Yan Jing Ze is still in a good mood, because the progress of those shadow guards is really great.

At first, the things they bought back for Yan Jing Ze were often the wrong items, or they simply came back empty-handed. And they still didn’t know how to explain what they did when they went down the mountain, but a month passed… they were able to buy the right things, and speak more neatly.

That afternoon, Yan Jing Ze leaned in Yan Xiu’s arms again, reading the cheat books.

Because of the right guardian of the Demon Sect, the Demon Sect Leader doesn’t have to work much, but there are still many things. At least every two or three days, he will meet with members, and occasionally there will be unexpected situations that he needs to deal with.

Therefore, other shadow guards can go down the mountain, but Yan Xiu can’t.

However, Yan Jing Ze would say more to him. When the shadow guards came back to explain the mission, he was also listening with him, so he, like the other shadow guards, began to have a little personality.

The cheat books are not long, Yan Jing Ze quickly finished reading one. Upon seeing this, Yan Xiu immediately handed over another one, while looking at Yan Jing Ze distressedly.

He knew that these were all martial arts cheats, and his master had read many cheats every day recently. It must be that after his internal force was gone, he wanted to practice again.

But the master hasn’t practiced… Is there something wrong?

It’s all Liu Zhiqing’s fault, if it weren’t for him, how could the master lose his internal force?

A wave of anger arose in Yan Xiu’s heart.

Yes, anger.

He now knows that people have emotions, and of all people, the one he hates the most is Liu Zhiqing.

The master was so kind to him, and yet he ran away with someone else!

He especially wants to kill this person, but the master likes him so he definitely can’t kill…

Maybe someday, the master will get him back again.

Yan Xiu felt a little distracted for a while. At this time, a shadow guard came back.

The black-clad and masked Shadow Twelve came in over the wall, took off his mask cloth, knelt down on one knee in front of Yan Jing Ze, and took out a hair crown: “Master Jing, I have a hair crown.”

The shadow guards look all the same. If they are masked, it is difficult for Yan Jing Ze to tell who is who, and this is unfair to them. He asked them to take off their mask cloths while they were in his courtyard.

As for kneeling down… Yan Jing Ze hopes that they will not kneel down, but this makes these shadow guards very uncomfortable, and it can also let people outside see the problem. Yan Jing Ze simply let them kneel down first and then slowly change later.

“Twelve, you came back so fast,” Yan Jing Ze smiled, and took over the hair crown.

The hair crown bought by Shadow Twelve is made of copper, which is very ugly, but it is indeed a hair crown, not something else: “Awesome, this is exactly what I want! How do you buy it?”

“I… I went down the mountain and arrived in town…” Shadow Twelve stumblingly said of his own experience.

Recently, the shadow guards go down the mountain to buy things every day.

At first, the shop owners didn’t dare to fool these shadow guards at all, but later discovered that these shadow guards were not picky in buying things, and did not bargain, and gradually began to fool people. So, when the shadow guards buy things, they spend more money but get some rubbish.

For example, this copper hair crown, Shadow Twelve bought it for the same price of a silver hair crown.

“Twelve is very good,” Yan Jing Ze smiled and praised Shadow Twelve. “It’s a pity that you met a bad guy, and the price they sold you was expensive.”

Shadow Twelve was very guilty: “I…I…”

“It’s okay, it’s someone else’s fault, not yours,” Yan Jing Ze said, and began to tell him the difference between copper and silver.

Yan Xiu stared at Shadow Twelve.

In addition to wanting to kill Liu Zhiqing recently, he has always been displeased with these shadow guards, especially when they came to Yan Jing Ze to hand in their tasks.

Shadow Twelve was stared at by Yan Xiu and couldn’t help but shiver, but still knelt firmly in front of Yan Jing Ze, listening to Yan Jing Ze speak.

He had never thought that the master could be so good… He wanted to talk to the master all the time.

“Demon Sect demons, die!” A person suddenly appeared with a sword, even afraid that others wouldn’t know so he shouted…

Yan Jing Ze was shocked, and then saw dozens of shadow guards appear together, directly piercing the person into hedgehogs.

Shadow Twelve and Yan Xiu took a step slower, and they were still a little depressed when they were unable to do anything.

Yan Jing Ze: “…” The scene was very bloody, and he was also helpless.

This was the first time he saw a dead person since he had traversed, but in the memory of the original owner, there were many such cases.

He can make the shadow guards not kill innocent people, but this kind of threat to him…

He can’t let these shadow guards show mercy to those who attack them. If the shadow guards show mercy, what should they do if they are injured?

But this person is really miserable… The shadow guards around the original owner are the strongest in history. He also brought the fifty shadow guards who hadn’t graduated yet to his side, and there were a total of more than ninety shadow guards.

Moreover, in order for these shadow guards to learn from him during the day, he also asked them to watch the night with only twenty people every night, ten people to watch until midnight, ten people to watch the rest of the night… In this way, even if 30 shadow guards are arranged every day to go out for missions, at least 60 shadow guards will follow him.

He’s actually completely protected.

Yan Jing Ze feels that his three views are still relatively positive, but it is probably because he has the memory of the original owner, and the original owner is not a good thing, the seeing someone die in front of him, he can’t feel too much.

But this matter also had some effect on him.

The right guardian chased the “assassin” in, and saw that Master Jing, whom their leader had recently captured, was acting like a baby to their leader: “Ah Xiu, it’s terrible, a lot of blood… This place is too dangerous and I can’t live here anymore. I, I want to go outside to live a few days.”

He should also bring Yan Xiu and those shadow guards around the domain of the Demon Sect!

It can also allow Yan Xiu to contact more people.

In addition, he has to buy assets and transfer his gold and silver jewelry… He is also very busy!

“Good,” Yan Xiu agreed without thinking about it.

Right guardian: “…” This Master Jing had a really great influence on their leader.

But she wouldn’t stop it either.

The wind is rising on the other side of the righteous sects, everyone wants to make a move on the Demon Sect. So, it’s good to let this little sect leader go out and attract the attention of the righteous sects.

Looking at the situation today, there are more shadow guards around this person than she thought. She can’t rush to take action, but she looks forward to this little sect leader being hunted down and killed after he goes out.

The right guardian’s eyes flickered, and at this moment, she listened to the “Master Jing” saying: “A bloody smell is really unpleasant. You seem to be the right guardian? Throw this person out quickly.”

Right guardian: “…”

The right guardian asked the people around her to take the assassin’s corpse away. As soon as she left, Yan Xiu immediately looked at Yan Jing Ze: “Jing Ze, I will immediately let the shadow guards practice the bloodless killing method!”

If the master doesn’t like the smell of blood, they can kill without seeing blood!

He has met people who use needles as weapons before… Or else he will practice needles too?

Yan Jing Ze: “…”

Yan Jing Ze kissed Yan Xiu again: “I am not afraid of seeing blood, I just find a reason to take you guys out for a walk.”

The master did this for them? All the shadow guards looked at Yan Jing Ze together, and there was light in their eyes, shining brightly.

They now understand some things, but they are still ignorant. They just feel that their master is too kind to them. Even if they were asked to die for the master immediately, they are also willing.

Yan Jing Ze saw the thoughts of these shadow guards, and felt a little helpless for a while.

But he didn’t pursue it either: “Go, go to eat.”

“Yes!” The shadow guards responded and hurriedly went to make congee.

Probably because the food that Yan Jing Ze first made for them was congee, they now like to make congee.

But before, Yan Jing Ze chopped up the chicken and threw the congee directly into the pot, but they were different.

After Yan Jing Ze mentioned that chicken bones could not be eaten, they would shave all the chicken meat and put it in a pot to cook porridge.

In the kitchen, a dozen shadow guards set up seven or eight pots and started cooking.

There was a burst of light and sword shadows, and only the skeleton was left in their hands…

The knife skills of these shadow guards are so good, maybe they can open a restaurant in the future?

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