BH (QT) 204 – Demon Sect Leader (6)

Chapter 204 – Demon Sect Leader (6)

The shadow guards really don’t have high requirements for food. Although Yan Jing Ze has no cooking skills, there is no problem in cooking the food.

Today is the first time he cooks. In order not to make a mistake, he made congee.

He put the white rice intended for him to eat into two large pots, the kitchen killed and chopped a chicken, and boiled over high heat…

When the water is about to dry, put some water, slowly the rice becomes porridge, then throw in some vegetables, season with salt, and you can eat.

The ingredients used by Yan Jing Ze were all exclusive for him, the leader, which is so much better than the food that the shadow guards usually eat. So, the porridge is very fragrant, and there are still those food prepared earlier in the kitchen by those servants who were driven away…

A group of people ate comfortably and had a full meal.

Yan Jing Ze also noticed that those shadow guards chewed all the chicken bones… This was because they had good teeth, and they didn’t even know that they had to spit bones.

After eating and drinking enough, Yan Jing Ze proposed to go to the place to train the shadow guard.

The Demon Sect is located at the foot of Hell Mountain. After all, the foot of the mountain is more suitable for people to live in than the top of the mountain.

But the place where the previous leaders of the Demon Sect trained the shadow guards is on the top of the mountain.

Yan Jing Ze “lost all his internal force”, so Yan Xiu carried him and ran up the mountain, and behind them was a long string of shadow guards.

After a short while, they came to the top of the mountain.

On the top of the Hell Mountain, there is a huge natural stone cave. It is usually used as a place for the training of shadow guards by the sect. Under special circumstances, it will also become a place for the sect to retreat.

Therefore, every time the original owner came here to see his shadow guards, his mood was not very good.

Yan Jing Ze came here and his mood is also not good. The original owner was disgusted with this place, but Yan Jing Ze only felt distressed for the people here.

The one responsible for training the shadow guards is the old shadow guard left behind by the previous leader.

Most shadow guards will kill themselves after their master dies, but there are also some shadow guards who have been responsible for training new shadow guards because of the master’s order, so they can’t die.

But for them, being alive does not make them happy, but makes them painful.

“Young Master.” The ten old shadow guards knelt before Yan Jing Ze. Their eyes were the same hollow and numb, as if they were covered with a thick layer of gray mist.

They did not show any doubts about the fact that Yan Xiu wore the costume of the master of the Demon Sect and a mask belonging to Yan Jing Ze, but they accurately knelt in front of Yan Jing Ze.

“Get up,” Yan Jing Ze said. By the way, he used the words he used to fool his shadow guards, and then took them out to fool these people again.

These shadow guards, to be honest, are very stupid and foolish, which were deliberately raised to be like this.

If not, how can they be guaranteed 100% loyalty?

Therefore, even if his internal force is good, even if he is actually deceiving these people, these people will have no doubts, and no one will even come to verify.

For them, what the master says is what counts.

Whatever the master tells them to do, they will do.

Yan Jing Ze said that he had no internal strength and needed to practice again. He had to let all the shadow guards follow him and learn. Those old shadow guards all agreed.

Because of this, Yan Jing Ze saw his third batch of shadow guards.

These shadow guards are all twelve or thirteen years old, and now there are fifty people in total—the shadow guards have a high mortality rate during training, but mainly die before the age of ten.

By the time the age of ten or so, they had already developed some martial arts and would not die easily.

At this moment, these twelve or thirteen-year-old boys were released from the cage by the old shadow guard and knelt in front of Yan Jing Ze, looking at Yan Jing Ze religiously.

Yan Jing Ze took a deep breath and told them to smash the cage they were living in first, and then clean this stone cave.

The shadow guards were all at a loss, but they obediently followed suit and went to work, even the ten old shadow guards—before the original owner’s father died, if they were told to be loyal to Yan Jing Ze, they would do as they were told.

“When it is cleaned up, you will chop some wood back and make stools, tables and chairs…” Yan Jing Ze assigned them tasks and said that everyone in the future will follow him to read and recognize words.

“Yes, Master.”

“Call me Master Jing,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“Master Jing!” The shadow guards’ voices were neat and unified.

The shadow guards had a lot to do. When Yan Jing Ze finished his orders, he went to a secret room here.

As the place for retreat of the Demon Sect, there are treasures left by the previous Demon Sect Leaders here, as well as various martial arts secrets scavenged by the previous Demon Sect Leaders.

Not only that, the stone cave used to train the shadow guards had a secret passage leading down the mountain.

Yan Jing Ze did not take Yan Xiu and entered the secret room alone, then he saw countless gold and silver jewelry, as well as the bookshelf next to him, which is full of various secret books.

It’s a pity, whether it’s treasures or cheats, they all carry blood.

Yan Jing Ze closed the door of the secret room and tried to use light body skill first.

He said before that he had no internal force, and everyone was convinced. In fact, there is another reason, that is, he is not used to using internal force.

A martial artist usually uses internal force even in walking, but after he traversed, except for when he was so excited that he broke the bed, he never used his internal force.

It’s not that he cannot use internal force, but he’s not used to using internal force.

Yan Jing Ze used light body skill and investigated the secret passage.

This secret passage has been unused for many years, the air inside is turbid, and the exit is flooded, but it can still be used after cleaning.

In addition, he had the memory of the original owner, he used his martial arts skill with internal force very smoothly. He even feels that his control of internal force is stronger than that of the original owner.

After investigating the secret passage, Yan Jing Ze took out the Netherworld Divine Art secret book practiced by the original owner, and planned to practice it.

The strength of the original owner is still too bad, he needs to work hard to cultivate.

This set of techniques is very powerful, but easy to go off the rails, because the method of practicing it is very complex.

And every time you raise a level, the method of running internal force becomes a little more complicated.

It is tiring to control the internal force to walk around in the body, not to mention that the practice needs to be run countless times, plus a slight difference is prone to errors… It is not surprising that the original owner only practiced to the fourth level.

Yan Jing Ze started to look at the Netherworld Divine Art from the beginning, and while reading it, he ran his inner force at the same time.

The first run was done, then the second run was done, then the third, then the fourth…

Yan Jing Ze was in fourth level so he had to run the internal force in his body a few more times. Then upgraded to the fifth level, and the result was smooth.

He let the internal force run through the body several times, tried the sixth level, and it was not a problem, and then the seventh and eighth levels.

His internal strength kept growing, Yan Jing Ze discovered that people who practice martial arts can directly practice the next level as long as they have strong enough control over their internal force.

It’s just that the more you get to the next level, the more internal force you increase with each exercise, and you must have a strong control over the internal strength in order to continue to exercise. People who are not strong enough naturally dare not try it lightly.

But he can.

Yan Jing Ze directly flipped back and saw the ninth chapter of the cheat book.

There is nothing.

It is said that the Netherworld Divine Art has nine layers, but in fact there are only eight layers.

Of course, now only eight is enough!

Yan Jing Ze can feel that every time he runs his internal force, his internal force will be enhanced a bit, and if this continues, it won’t take long for him to become a great master of his generation.

He is a martial arts genius!

Yan Jing Ze’s heart was full of pride. He went to the place where the cheat books were kept next to him, hoping to choose a few better martial arts for the shadow guards.

The techniques these shadow guards practice nowadays are quick and easy, but they also hurt the body.

Yan Jing Ze took a cheat book and began to read it. After reading a few pages, he suddenly realized that something was wrong.

When he read “Netherworld Divine Art” just now, he found that he had memorized the entire secret book, but he didn’t think much about it at the time. After all, he didn’t know how many times the original owner had read the book, so he was familiar with it.

But now, the secret book in his hand hadn’t been read by the original owner, he only read it once and memorized all of it.

He… doesn’t forget?

He really is a genius!

Yan Jing Ze had the urge to read all the cheats, but in the end, he still resisted it—he should go cooking.

The old and young shadow guards, there are a total of more than ninety, waiting to be fed!

Maybe before teaching the shadow guards how to read, he has to teach them how to cook, otherwise…his time may be spent on cooking for people.

Yan Jing Ze left the secret room and saw that the place originally used to train shadow guards had been cleaned up.

There is no shortage of ingredients, and pots and pans here, but the cave is dark and damp, and the old shadow guards will not go down the mountain every day to get ingredients. The hoarded rice is moldy and the meat is not fresh…

“You all follow me down the mountain,” Yan Jing Ze took more than 30 people up the mountain and more than 90 people down the mountain. After returning to his courtyard, he packed up the big pots and directed these shadow guards to cook and eat.

This time, he made congee again, with vegetables and eggs in the congee, but besides that, he also cooked a large piece of beef.

These shadow guards drank the congee while taking the beef cooked in plain water and dipping it in the soy sauce to eat it, and each of them ate to their heart’s content.

Yan Jing Ze also noticed that after eating, their eyes became more fanatical when they saw him.

The previous leaders let the shadow guards recognize the master just by occasionally giving something delicious. He does this now, undoubtedly making these people more loyal.

But he wants these people to be more normal, but he also wants the loyalty of these people, so it’s good.

Yan Jing Ze told some of them to go down, let the Demon Sect bring him fresh food every day, and let the shadow guards go to the outside kitchen to see how others cook, and went to bed early.

He is not actually sleeping, but cultivating.

In this world, power is respected. If he can cultivate to become the world’s number one expert, he doesn’t need to fear anyone, and in the future, he can walk across the entire martial arts world.

And while it wasn’t easy for him, it wasn’t particularly difficult, all that was lacking was time.

After all, he’s a martial arts genius!

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