BH (QT) 203 – Demon Sect Leader (5)

Chapter 203 – Demon Sect Leader (5)

In Yan Jing Ze’s yard, there is a room for him to bathe in. There is not only a bathtub but also a thermal bath. Of course, the original owner usually uses the bathtub.

The servant brought a bucket of hot water and filled the entire tub.

Wearing the mask of the Demon Sect Leader and wearing the costume of the Demon Sect Leader, Yan Xiu looked at the steaming bathtub, and then went to look at Yan Jing Ze.

He proposed to take a bath because once when he was protecting his master, he said he was dirty and smelly.

So afterwards, as long as he rests, he will wash himself clean.

But he always fetched a few buckets of water from the well, rubbed and washed himself. He had never used the bathtub.

And the master hasn’t bathed yet, and according to the past situation, the master will also take a bath.

“Ah Xiu, hurry up and wash, I’ll rub your back,” Yan Jing Ze smiled.

“Jing Ze, you…” Yan Xiu was a little anxious, obviously he wanted to say something, but couldn’t say it.

Yan Jing Ze said: “I will wash when you’re done.”

Yan Xiu was stunned, only then he began to take off his clothes.

He has no fat on his body, only countless scars.

Yan Jing Ze, who was holding a towel and rolling up his sleeves to give him a bath, originally had some messy thoughts in his mind. Seeing his body like this, those thoughts were gone.

He wiped Yan Xiu’s back earnestly, and briefly rinsed his body with the hot water left by the servant, and then returned to the room with Yan Xiu.

He wants to take it slowly.

Yan Jing Ze’s bed was large enough for two people to sleep. Yan Jing Ze asked Yan Xiu to lie down, and then he saw Yan Xiu lying down motionless.

Probably he had never slept in a bed like this before. He looked very stiff and unaccustomed.

Yan Jing Ze, who wanted to climb on the bed, had a pause.

Although he wanted Yan Xiu to make changes, he also wanted to cultivate relationships with the person he liked, and naturally planned to sleep together.

But Yan Xiu is like this, is it really okay for them to sleep together?

If he does this, will it make Yan Xiu rest poorly? Or maybe he’s actually forcing Yan Xiu?

Many thoughts flashed in Yan Jing Ze’s mind, in the end, he covered Yan Xiu with a quilt. He laid down next to Yan Xiu and covered himself with another quilt.

Whether it’s sleeping in a bed or staying with him, it’s best for Yan Xiu to get used to it.

He wants Yan Xiu to have his own ego, but he doesn’t want Yan Xiu to like others in the future.

This person must belong to him alone… He is still selfish after all.

There was no free time today. But now that Yan Jing Ze is lying on the bed, he started sorting out the memory of the original owner, thinking about what to do in the future.

To be honest, although Zhu Lianying changed the medicine and used it on him, Yan Jing Ze did not hate Zhu Lianying.

After all, it was the original owner who kidnapped Liu Zhiqing first. You can’t really blame anyone; it was the original owner who was in the wrong first.

Therefore, he did not intend to trouble Zhu Lianying like the original owner.

As for the Demon Sect… Most of the members of the Demon Sect are not good things, and he doesn’t want to be the leader of this sect anymore.

According to the original owner’s memory, in another year, those famous righteous sects will attack the Demon Sect. He might as well prepare early, die and disappear after a year, and take these shadow guards to let them live their own lives.

As for why he has to wait for a year… it takes time to transfer property, purchase an industry that can house so many people, etc.

He also wants these shadow guards to learn how to contact people.

Otherwise… this group of people are similar to children, and he does not want to live with a group of children!

Yan Jing Ze thought about it and fell asleep slowly.

Yan Xiu lay beside Yan Jing Ze, his heart felt full, but inexplicably a little uncomfortable.

Although he didn’t understand many things, he also knew about men and women, and also knew what the master wanted to do when he gave Liu Zhiqing medicine.

As a shadow guard, he always haunts at night, and occasionally leaves his master’s courtyard. Naturally, he can see that certain sect members perform male and female love affairs.

He had never thought of this before, but ever since he was with his master last night, he looked forward to his master being this close to him again for good.

It hurt a little and wasn’t as comfortable as others said, but he always liked it when his master held him close.

Unfortunately, the master did not do that.

Also, the master likes Master Liu.

Under his body was soft bedding, and beside him lay his master. Everything that happened today was a dream for him.

Yan Xiu is afraid that if he wakes up after sleeping, he will have nothing.

He didn’t sleep all night.

Early the next morning, Yan Jing Ze got up, and then took Yan Xiu to the kitchen.

The subordinates in the courtyard of Yan Jing Ze were preparing breakfast. When they saw Yan Jing Ze and Yan Xiu coming over, they all knelt towards Yan Xiu: “Subordinates greet the Sect Leader.”

“Master, you were alright before, but then you suddenly ate the medicine, maybe these people eat inside and out…” Yan Jing Ze grabbed one of Yan Xiu’s arm and said to Yan Xiu.

Although he is a little taller, but because of his slender figure, he still looks like a simple teenager at this time. The way he said it was like acting like a baby.

When those servants heard what Yan Jing Ze said, they were taken aback, and they knelt down and begged the Leader for forgiveness.

“Kick them all out,” Yan Xiu said coldly.

Before going out in the morning, the master had discussed with him, and for the safety of the master, these servants had to be driven away.

As soon as Yan Xiu’s words fell, a dozen shadow guards suddenly appeared, and threw all of them out of the yard one by one.

Not long after the people were thrown out, the left and right guardians both asked to see him together.

“Ah Xiu, the left guardian is in collusion with outsiders, and the right guardian covets the position of the leader. He must want to kill me quickly. You must protect me.” Yan Jing Ze was leaning on Yan Xiu’s body.

“Jing Ze, I, I must protect you.” Yan Xiu said: “I’ll kill them.”

“No, their martial arts skills are unfathomable, and there are many people around them. Don’t act rashly,” Yan Jing Ze said.

The shadow guards’ martial arts skills are indeed good, but the previous masters have guarded them. The martial arts skills given to them for practice are very ordinary. Yan Xiu is definitely not an opponent of the left and right guardians.

Of course, a su*cide attack by all of the shadow guards could definitely take out the left and right guardians, but he didn’t have to do that.

“Yes(formal),” Yan Xiu said.

“You will say ‘good’ from now on.” Yan Jing Ze said: “Use a softer voice and just say ‘I listen to you in everything’.”

When Yan Xiu looked at the person beside him, his voice unconsciously softened: “I listen to you in everything.”

“Very good, like a Sect Leader who is fascinated by me,” Yan Jing Ze laughed.

Yan Xiu looked at him unclearly, but he could feel that Yan Jing Ze was very happy, since Yan Jing Ze was very happy… Then what he did was correct, right?

He must play the role of the leader properly and protect the master.

The left and right guardians soon came in.

The Demon Sect members are not good things, and the left and right guardians are naturally not good people.

The right guardian’s name is Mu Rongrong. She is in her forties this year. She is a woman, but no one dares to underestimate her. She herself is very different from most women at this time. She is ambitious and loves rights. Many Demon Sect members are obedient to her.

She colluded with the previous Martial Arts Leader and murdered some martial arts families and sects. She and the father of the original owner were mainly responsible for it. So, when the father of the original owner died, she always wanted to kill the original owner and take his place.

And the left guardian? This person was framed in his early years, and ruined his appearance. He used all kinds of calculations, and exterminated a number of people, even the infants and children were not spared. Later, he was chased and hunted down by people in the martial arts world, so he fled to the Demon Sect. He was not easy to mess with, and eventually he managed to reach the position of left guardian.

But while he has hatred to return, he also has gratitude to return. So, he saved Zhu Lianying in his early years, and now he is also helping Zhu Lianying. To Yan Jing Ze, the Demon Sect Leader… he does not take him seriously.

The original owner tied Liu Zhiqing and was going to give Liu Zhiqing medicine, but Liu Zhiqing was rescued by Zhu Lianying. The left guardian secretly helped with this matter and knew what happened clearly. The right guardian didn’t know it at first, but she found out about it yesterday.

Both of them didn’t come here yesterday, because they were afraid that the leader thought they were watching a joke. Today, they are taking advantage of the fact that Yan Jing Ze drove the subordinates away.

The new leader of theirs focused on Liu Zhiqing before, but now that Liu Zhiqing is gone, they don’t know what the reaction is, they both want to see it.

The left and right guardians entered the yard, and from a distance, they saw the new leader with a mask sitting on the stone table in the courtyard.

There was also a young man sitting next to the new sect leader, with a seemingly lazy appearance.

This boy appeared suddenly yesterday, and they were not surprised that such a person appeared.

This person is most likely found by those shadow guards to give to the little sect leader to cure the poison.

Speaking of it, they still have to provide for the little sect leader, because the shadow guards around the little sect leader, that group of lunatics, are not easy to mess with.

“Subordinates greet the leader.” The left and right guardians saw Yan Jing Ze and said together.

“Hm,” Yan Xiu replied, learning the way his master used to be.

“Sect Master, I heard that you drove all your subordinates away? Why is that?” The right guardian asked, his gaze falling on Yan Xiu.

“What else could be the reason? They actually caused the sect leader to be poisoned, not killing them is already the sect leader’s benevolence,” Yan Jing Ze interjected.

The right guardian frowned slightly, she least liked this kind of person who sold his body, especially this person who was bold enough to interrupt…

The left guardian is quite calm: “Then, the sect leader wants to change some waiters?”

“No need, aren’t there waiters around the sect leader? Those who brought me here are quite powerful,” Yan Jing Ze coldly snorted.

As soon as he said this, the left and right guardians became more and more sure that he was captured by the shadow guards.

The Demon Sect also wanted to eat and drink. There are actually many villages and towns near Hell Mountain, and people from the martial arts world come from time to time. It is not difficult for the shadow guards to catch individuals and return.

At this time, listening to this young man’s words, he would probably feel resentful towards those shadow guards, servants, and the like.

Of course, driving the servants away should still be that little sect leader’s intention… Is he afraid of being poisoned?

“Sect Leader, the shadow guards are responsible for the sect leader’s safety and security, how can they do things like serving people?”

“My business, you don’t need to worry about it!” Yan Xiu said, a momentum suddenly rose on his body, and he slapped the stone table. Under the impact of internal force, the stone table directly shattered.

Something happened to his master, and all his internal force was lost. This matter should not be known to others, so he showed his strength as the master.

The left and right guardians were shocked.

They had never seen the new leader’s strength before, but now… Although their new leader is not as strong as the old leader, he is not bad.

In addition, there are a group of shadow guards beside him… They probably need to take a longer plan.

It would be nice if they could buy a few shadow guards, but those shadow guards can’t be bought.

“Our Demon Sect, how dare you let people sneak in, and come and go as they please…” Yan Xiu looked at the left and right guardians coldly, with anger rolling in his eyes.

The left and right guardians were looked at by him, and their hearts were shocked. For a while, they couldn’t say anything.

Yan Xiu said again: “Get out!”

The tone of his speech was very similar to the original owner. The left and right guardians hurriedly left without any doubts.

After leaving, the two looked at each other and saw the same thing in each other’s eyes—that little bastard is probably not as easy to deal with as they thought.

On the other side, after the left and right guardians left, Yan Jing Ze kissed Yan Xiu’s chin: “Ah Xiu, you are awesome!”

Yan Xiu, who had just broken the stone table with one hand, froze.

Yan Jing Ze said again: “Let’s go, I’ll make you some food.”

The servants were all driven away, and today, these shadow guards’ food will be prepared by him.

The original owner had never cooked before, but in order to please Liu Zhiqing, the original owner had watched the kitchen cook food for Liu Zhiqing. Yan Jing Ze felt…he could try it himself.

In any case, what he makes is better than the pig food made by these shadow guards!

Even if his cooking is the same as the pig food made by these shadow guards, these people can definitely eat it!

Yan Jing Ze thought so, and kissed Yan Xiu’s neck again.

Yan Xiu, who had been kissed twice in a row, was stunned again.

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eating inside and eating outside – servants who accept bribes from people outside to spy on their masters

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