BH (QT) 217.1 – Educated Youth (2a)

Chapter 217.1 – Educated Youth (2a)

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In a very short period of time, all of the past memories of the original owner appeared in Yan Jing Ze’s mind. He even learned some of the things that would happen in the future, but those things were more or less blurred, so he couldn’t see the details.

Like him, the original owner is also called Yan Jing Ze.

He was born very fortunate, his father is very wealthy, his mother is a university professor. He has older brothers and older sisters, each of them is also very successful.

Since childhood, he has never suffered a little bit. In an era when many people cannot get enough food to eat, he eats and drinks well, and dresses well every day. He has no idea how comfortable his life is.

Of course, he also has shortcomings, he is lazy.

His brothers and sisters are becoming more successful one by one, but he does not want to study, thinking about eating, drinking, and having fun all day long.

He is the youngest child in the family, not only pampered by his parents, but also by his elder brothers and sisters. Everyone thinks that there is nothing wrong with him.

It’s not bad to live an ordinary, uneventful life, isn’t it?

But the world is unpredictable. Just a few years ago, something happened in his family. His parents and siblings were unable to protect themselves. For his safety, his father contacted an old comrade in arms and planned to send him to a village as an educated youth.

The poorer the place, the better it is to arrange for someone to take care of him sometimes.

But the original owner learned that the mountain was extremely poor and couldn’t go out to buy things, so he was immediately reluctant to do go. In desperation, the original owner’s father found connections and sent him to Shangmu Village.

One of the original owner’s sister-in-law is a person in this neighborhood, saying that the people here are good. The family was supposed to get him a helper, but here, the original owner’s father can’t find any connections, there is no way to entrust someone to take care of the original owner.

Shangmu Village is really good. The weather here is smooth and rainy. It is a land of fish and rice. As long as the original owner works hard here, he doesn’t need to be hungry.

But the original owner… he is not a person who will work hard.

Work is impossible, impossible for a lifetime!

The thing that the original owner is best at is to lie down and wait for someone to bring food and drink to the door.

Unfortunately, the people in Shangmu Village are not his parents, and no one will provide for him.

When the original owner came to Shangmu Village, he brought a lot of money and valuables with him. He did not have a bad life at first, but after the money ran out and his things were sold out, his life became more and more miserable.

He shamelessly went to borrow food and even cheated people to get something to eat.

In the village, he borrowed some rice in the east, borrowed eggs in the west, borrowed from the little girl from the east for some vegetables, and then asked the aunt in the west to help cook it…

In this era of scarce materials, the original owner actually has the ability to borrow from all the people in the village, cheating them all!

The original owner came from a big city. Although the villagers had conflicts with the “street people” in the nearby towns, they admired people in the big city from the bottom of their hearts, and they always felt that the original owner was different.

But the original owner was still able to beat everyone.

He borrowed from all the people in the village and borrowed a lot from the village (public storage). He didn’t return a grain of rice. Who would like him?

The girls who blushed when they saw him at the beginning, came to their senses when they realized that if they marry him, they might have debts on their backs as soon as they get married.

Of course, although the original owner is lazy, if there are only those things, in the eyes of Yan Jing Ze, he is not a scumbag.

Yan Jing Ze felt that the original owner was a scum because of what happened next.

It has been two years since the original owner came to Shangmu Village. Basically, everyone knows the original owner’s true face and no longer pays attention to him, but one person has been helping the original owner.

That person is Gu Mingxiu.

Gu Mingxiu has a lot of skills. After working hard, he still has the ability to try his best to find food after getting off work.

Go down the river to find snails and mussels, go to the ground to catch frogs and dig mud loaches. All year round, he can always find something to eat.

After he finds it, he will give some to the original owner.

The original owner’s family is a bookish family. Although he doesn’t like school, he has read a lot of casual books, and he is very clear about men and men’s things, not to mention that Gu Mingxiu has done so obviously… The original owner guessed that Gu Mingxiu liked him.

He was very contented and accepted Gu Mingxiu’s various things with peace of mind.

But Gu Mingxiu’s family has a bunch of younger brothers and sisters to raise, and there is not much that can be given to him, and there is not enough food and drink for him. He also looks down on Gu Mingxiu’s mud legs(peasant), and is unwilling to lower himself to please Gu Mingxiu to get a little more…

Well, he actually hinted at Gu Mingxiu, but Gu Mingxiu tried to find other food for him, he was unwilling to give his family’s food.

The original owner is very dissatisfied with this.

At this time, Gu Mingxiu’s second sister, Gu Yulan, stole the most valuable item in the hands of the original owner, a fountain pen.

This fountain pen was given to the original owner by the original owner’s mother. It was very expensive when she bought it. The original owner had no money to spend before and thought about selling it, but the people here did not know the value of the product and he could not sell it for a good price, so he was not willing to sell it.

Gu Yulan’s hands and feet are not clean, she likes to take advantage of others and steal things from them. Seeing that the original owner’s pen was good, she stole it.

The original owner actually saw it at the time, but didn’t stop it, because he thought of a good way.

On this day, the original owner did not go to work again, and kept thinking about things in the house. After calculating until the evening, Gu Mingxiu knocked on the door and delivered two sugar cane tips.

How can the original owner appreciate this kind of thing! However, he treated Gu Mingxiu with a rare pleasant face, and let Gu Mingxiu enter the house.

Then the original owner told Gu Mingxiu that Gu Mingxiu’s sister had stolen his pen and said that he was going to call the police.

The original owner also talked about some other things Gu Yulan did, such as stealing pencils from classmates when she was studying in elementary school here, or stealing food from the village. The original owner had nothing to do, always observing others, so he knew more than others in the village.

The original owner threatened Gu Mingxiu with these things and asked Gu Mingxiu to give him food and provide for him.

Gu Mingxiu had no choice but to listen to the original owner.

It’s just that Gu Mingxiu was already struggling to provide for his four younger siblings by himself, but now he has to support the original owner. How can he raise him?

Especially, except for Gu Yuxian, the other three of Gu Mingxiu’s younger siblings are not easy to handle.

That Gu Yubao kept asking for good food and drink on the excuse of studying and refusing to work.

Gu Yulan has stopped studying and will go to work, but she is only thirteen years old. She is still a girl. She takes few work points and can’t help the family. Moreover, she has always been selfish, if she gets a good food to eat, it will only enter her mouth. She refused to do housework and would not be considerate to Gu Mingxiu at all.

As for the youngest Gu Yukang… this child is a bit silly. Other children of this age can follow the family to pick up rice ears and pick up sweet potato roots. He is still peeing his pants all day, and frail and sick.

And sometimes, the more foolish he is, the more he doesn’t know how to restrain himself. If he has a slight displeasure, he can cry to the sky, forcing people to comply with him.

Nowadays, the outside world is not peaceful, and Shangmu Village also has many regulations.

For example, when raising chickens, according to regulations, each person can only raise half a chicken.

A family of four can only raise two chickens, and eight people can only raise four chickens. The Gu family of five people can barely raise three chickens.

Chickens need food, they don’t lay eggs if they don’t eat enough. Even if Gu Mingxiu and Gu Yuxian change their way to find grass-seed and earthworms or something for the chickens to eat, three chickens often lay only one egg a day.

This egg was basically eaten by Gu Yubao. Occasionally, one more chicken was placed in Gu Yukang’s mouth, but since the original owner came… the original owner requested to eat eggs every day.

Gu Mingxiu could only agree to prevent Gu Yulan from going to jail, but Gu Yubao was unwilling, even if Gu Mingxiu said the reason, he kept making trouble.

When the original owner saw this, he was afraid that Gu Mingxiu would not be willing to support himself, so he continued to threaten Gu Mingxiu, saying that he knew that Gu Mingxiu liked him. And that if Gu Mingxiu did not provide him with food and drink, he would have to publicize it.

Gu Mingxiu could only continue to provide for the original owner.

And this completely annoyed Gu Yubao.

Gu Yubao overheard the conversation between the original owner and Gu Mingxiu, and felt that there was something fishy between the original owner and Gu Mingxiu. He wrote a letter to anonymously report the original owner’s homosexuality, and taught his youngest brother to say that Gu Mingxiu was shameless and kissed with Yan Jing Ze.

Gu Yukang really said it for an egg that Gu Yubao gave, and talked about it everywhere.

Gu Yukang is not only a child, but also a fool. Others always think that what he said is true, plus an anonymous report letter…

The people in Shangmu Village were stunned!

The original owner and Gu Mingxiu actually didn’t have anything, they only had to insist that they were innocent, others also had no evidence—the country folks these days did not understand about men and men’s affairs.

As a result, the original owner realized that Gu Mingxiu could not support himself and had a new idea, saying that Gu Mingxiu was gay and liked him, moreover, he even tried to force him.

He also took this opportunity to threaten the people dealing with this matter, saying that if they do not give him a little benefit, he would publicize the matter that someone in Shangmu Village was gay and even tried to force an educated youth.

At that time, there was an educated youth who went to the countryside and was bullied by the villagers. The incident was a big mess. People above issued a document to prevent the educated youths from being bullied. The original owner had read many books and talked about it…

Moreover, even if the original owner’s parents were in trouble, they still have some connections. The original owner was posing as a normal educated youth, those people don’t care about him, but if something happens to him, those people will still help.

The people in Shangmu Village, as well as the people in the towns and villages here, were afraid that the original owner would make the matter big, and coupled with the pressure from the people above, they quickly dealt with the matter.

The original owner relied on this matter to threaten people and eventually became a worker in the town’s fertilizer factory. What about Gu Mingxiu? He was convicted of the crime and was actually taken to be shot.

Before Gu Mingxiu was taken away, he looked incredulous.

The report letter was found to be written by his eldest younger brother. His youngest brother said everywhere in the village that he did something with Yan Jing Ze. Gu Yulan was afraid that she might be pulled because of the stolen pen, so she also insisted that he liked Yan Jing Ze and gave Yan Jing Ze food.

In the whole family, only Gu Yuxian helped Gu Mingxiu speak, but how could that help?

Gu Mingxiu suffered for twenty-one years, did not live a good life, and in the end, died in a bullet.

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