BH (QT) 216.2 – Educated Youth (1b)

Chapter 216.2 – Educated Youth (1b)

At this time, Gu Yulan came back.

The two sisters of the Gu family, the older one is called Gu Yulan and younger one is called Gu Yuxian. Looking at their names, they should be beautiful women, but in fact…

Gu Mingxiu’s stepfather is really not good-looking, and the two sisters are also unattractive.

Among them, Gu Yuxian is a little younger, and works at home raising children while studying in elementary school. Gu Yulan is a little older and does not like to study, she has already started working.

When she came back today, she carried a basket in her hand and she proudly showed it to her family: “Look, I went to pick up a lot of sweet potatoes after work!”

The sweet potatoes in her basket were quite big, and Gu Mingxiu frowned, “Why are they so big?”

Gu Yulan said: “I hid it secretly. When everyone left, I went back to get it…”

“Are you not afraid of being caught?” Gu Mingxiu frowned. Although these sweet potatoes will be divided later, but if discovered by others that someone hid it secretly, they will be criticized!

“I won’t be caught! And they all do this.” Gu Yulan looked at Gu Mingxiu: “Big Brother, you are just too honest!”

Gu Mingxiu was a little helpless. He felt that this was not good, but he didn’t know how to say it.

After eating, Gu Mingxiu went out: “I’m out.”

Gu Yulan said, “Brother, are you going to town? I’ll go with you.”

Gu Mingxiu immediately refused: “You stay at home.”

Gu Yulan, probably because she suffered hunger when she was a child, when she went out, she always wanted to take everything home. Her hands and feet were not clean. He didn’t dare to take her out because he was afraid that she would cause trouble and be beaten or arrested.

Gu Yulan rolled her eyes and stopped talking.

At night in the village, people are arranged to watch the night, not alone, but several people, to avoid someone stealing sweet potatoes or something.

When Gu Mingxiu went out, he didn’t go into the field, but went to the town.

The people in the town have public food to eat, and they have a very good life. They look down on the country people. They call the country people “country tortoise”, of course, the country people are not to be outdone, they call them “street tortoise”.

Gu Mingxiu is not hostile to the people in the town like some people in the village, but he does envy them.

The people in town have a great time.

When he arrived in the town, Gu Mingxiu went directly to the town’s material supply point to pick up sugar cane tips.

Recently, there was a good harvest of sweet potatoes and the sugar cane was also on the market.

Shangmu Village and nearby villages all grow sugarcane. After harvesting, part of it will be distributed in the village, part is sent to make sugar, and part will be sent to the nearby county town to supply the local residents.

And such local specialties do not need a ticket.

In the past few days, everyone in the town basically buys some sugar cane to eat. Unlike the country folks, they take the skin and eat it directly after washing. They often buy it home after the skin is peeled, and then they will also make people cut off the head and tail.

In this way, the top tip of the sugar cane with the leaves on it will be cut off and left on the ground, and this tip, someone will come to pick it up.

The tips of sugar cane are not sweet, but the children who lack snacks in the country will still pick them up and eat them. After they are finished, they can be dried and used as firewood.

Here is the plains, and the land that can be reclaimed is basically reclaimed. Anyway, there is no such thing as forest.

This has also caused a situation—the firewood in every household is often not enough to burn.

The Gu family uses their share of straw in the village and some mulberry strips, but this is not enough. For more firewood, after the rice is cut, Gu Mingxiu will go to the field to pull out the roots of the rice at night. And now, he will also come to the town to pick up sugar cane tips.

Gu Mingxiu picked up a lot in one go, bundled them up, and took them home.

When he got home, it was already very dark, but there were still many people in the village who had light coming out of their homes.

Because their village is near from the town, it is connected to the electricity. Of course, not many people are willing to use electricity.

As soon as Gu Mingxiu returned home, several children in the family rushed up. They chose the sugar cane tips they could eat.

Gu Yukang even shouted at the top of his lungs, “Sister! Sister!”

He couldn’t get it for himself, so he called out to others to help him.

Gu Yubao has never paid attention to Gu Yukang, this younger brother. Gu Yulan only eats for herself, so Gu Yuxian finds a piece of the tip, cleans it and tears off the skin with her mouth, and then feeds a little to the younger brother.

The sugar cane tips are not sweet at all. Gu Yukang took two bites and didn’t want it. Gu Yuxian started to eat it by herself.

At this time, Gu Mingxiu picked up two sugarcane tips that he had been optimistic about a long time ago, stood up and went out.

Gu Yubao frowned: “Where are you going, brother?”

“Maybe to catch the frogs.” Gu Yuxian said, “I will also go to catch tomorrow.”

Thinking of the frogs, Gu Yubao licked his lips, dropped the unsweetened sugar cane tip on his hand and went back to the room.

Gu Mingxiu did not catch the frog.

He wanted to go, but he was tired for a day today and he also went to town, he really did not have the energy.

In fact, his stomach is hungry right now—only eating sweet potatoes always makes him hungry very fast.

The sugar cane tips didn’t have any sweetness, but Gu Mingxiu was still a bit craving, but he didn’t eat it.

He went to the well to wash the two sugarcane tips in his hand, and then went to the Gu’s old house, where his father lived.

This house is now used as an elementary school, and at the same time, there is also an educated youth living in it, that is the lazy educated youth, Yan Jing Ze.

Gu Mingxiu thinks that the name Yan Jing Ze is particularly nice, and the educated youth is also particularly good-looking.

Since Yan Jing Ze came to the village, he has noticed this educated youth, and he likes this person from the bottom of his heart, and wants to make this person happy.

But he still secretly sends things to Yan Jing Ze.

He can’t take the food at home, but usually he finds something that can be sent, so he will always share it to the educated youth.

Today, the educated youth is sick again. Before going to work, he wanted to give something to the educated youth. Unfortunately, he had nothing to send, only the cane tips.

Even if he picked it up specially when he picked it up, compared to the sugar cane tips, this thing is a bit unsatisfactory.

In the past, when the educated youth was in Beijing, he must have been able to eat the complete sugar cane.

Thinking this way, Gu Mingxiu felt a little embarrassed.

But he still knocked gently on the door.

Yan Jing Ze transmigrated.

He woke up abruptly and suddenly found himself in a small house surrounded with broken walls with a strange smell.

It was already dark outside. The house was empty. He wanted to light a lamp but could not find one, and he was still very hungry…

Yan Jing Ze is speechless.

Where did he traverse?

It’s fine to traverse, and it’s fine if you don’t give him his previous memory. But why doesn’t he still have the memory of the original owner of this body?

How can he live?

If he goes out tomorrow, will he reveal himself and be caught directly by someone?

Yan Jing Ze became more and more entangled as he thought about it, and his stomach became more and more hungry.

However, he doesn’t know what the situation is now, and he simply doesn’t dare to go out and wander around. It’s dark everywhere, and he doesn’t know where he can go.

He could only lie helplessly in bed, intending to stay up until dawn.

At this moment, he suddenly heard a knock on the door.

The voice was very soft, but it was very obvious in the quiet night. Someone was looking for him?

Yan Jing Ze got off the wooden bed and fumbled forward.

The knocking stopped, and the person outside the door left?

Yan Jing Ze was a little anxious, he rushed to the door, fumbled for the bolt, and finally opened the door.

It took a lot of time to open the door, but Yan Jing Ze was ready to see no one outside, but when the door opened, he saw a person.

There was moonlight outside, allowing him to see what this person looked like.

This is a very handsome man in his twenties with sword eyebrows and starry eyes. When he saw this man, Yan Jing Ze felt his heartbeat speed up suddenly.

He can’t tell what it feels like, he only knows one thing—he likes this person!

He fell in love at first sight!

After traveling to a strange place, he fell in love at first sight with a complete stranger to him.

But he couldn’t control his feelings, just seeing the person in front of him, he felt that his heart no longer belonged to him.

“You…” Yan Jing Ze opened his mouth, but didn’t know what to say.

Gu Mingxiu knocked on the door and no one responded, and he became annoyed.

At this point, the sick educated youth may have already gone to sleep, he came to knock on the door like this, wouldn’t it disturb him?

He stopped knocking on the door and intended to leave the things in his hand at the door, but he was afraid that they would end up being taken away by someone. He was feeling torn when he saw it open and the educated youth came out.

The educated youth is taller than everyone in their village, and looks strong… they said it’s because the northerners are tall.

Gu Mingxiu opened his mouth: “Yan educated youth, I brought you something, I…”

“Do you want to come in and sit down?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

Gu Mingxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze in surprise.

The country people are all dirty and have lice. Before, they said that the educated youth would not let them in, but now he let him in?

As he was stunned, Gu Mingxiu saw the educated youth in front of him staggering. He held his hand on the door frame to stabilize his body.

Before, the educated youth said he was sick, he should be really sick!

Gu Mingxiu immediately stepped forward and held on to Yan Jing Ze: “Yan educated youth, are you okay?”

Yan Jing Ze took a deep breath, gritted his teeth and said, “I’m fine.”

He was really fine, he just got dizzy suddenly for a while.

And the reason why he got dizzy was because he got the memory of the original owner.

Yan Jing Ze gritted his teeth and was so angry—this original owner is really a scumbag!

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Ticket – you need tickets to buy food like meat, or milk, or things like fabrics, or bicycles, etc… It’s not enough if you only have money.

If you like this setting or want to know more about this era, I recommend this romance novel called Back to the Sixties: Farm, Get Wealthy & Raise the Cubs

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